Tom Facchine – Holding On To The Rope of Allah

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of holding onto a rope of a lot for a better experience, where one is focused on faith and passion, while the other is focused on settling for their identity and embracing change. The importance of holding onto the rope of Islam is highlighted, as it allows them to transform themselves and achieve their goals.
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Holding on to the rope of a lot has a couple of dimensions to it. One of them is the trust aspect. It's a whole paradigm. Where do you go when your backs up against the wall? Where do you go when everybody else has failed the right the whole world seems like they're against you, you know, you lose your job, your relationships are imploding, you're constantly stressed, you can barely sort of focus in your prayers because everything seems to be caving down around you. Where do you reach? What do you go to? All right, holding on to the rope of Allah, that's, that's what that's there for, right is that you're going to take refuge, Allah says, will stay novice, somebody will salah, right?

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Take refuge, not just in patience, but also the prayer. And Allah says elsewhere is that that's going to be hard, except for people who are pious. And so where do you go? Do you just, you know, do you stop your prayers? Do you take off your hijab, right? When the going gets referred, you turn to Allah a favorable either Allah Flee to Allah. And that's what it means to hold on to the rope of a lot. And it also means that, you know, it's also the Koran, right, not just about the sort of, there's one dimension, that sort of the intellectual or the Reliance or the trust upon a laspo data, seeking refuge in him turning over everything to him. And there's the there's the other dimension,

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which is actually allowing the Koran to transform you, right, allowing Islam to transform you, we call it a slam for a reason. It's submission, right? So if you're holding on to the rope of Allah, which is you know, the guidance that Allah has sent, then you are prioritizing that thing over you, whoever you think you are, right? Your identity, oh, I'm this and I'm like this and I'm like that you're willing to change, you know, like, okay, yeah, maybe I came into this world with this influence or that sort of temperament or this sort of, you know, identity, identity or personality trait or a quirk or something like that. But you know, the rope of Allah is more important. And so

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I'm going to hold on to that and I'm going to try to comport myself and try to mold myself to the standard of how we're supposed to be in the Quran and the Sunnah.

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