Tom Facchine – Fix Your Doubts

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of fixing doubts and resolving them through research and actions. They also mention that people need different ways to strengthen their faith, such as praying more and finding out what one wants to pursue. The speaker emphasizes the need for people to start with something familiar to them and use it to strengthen their strengths.
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There's a lot of ways to strengthen your faith. And some of them depend on the person. When it comes to if there's somebody who has doubts, that's one of the main things, right? If you're traveling on a boat, doesn't matter how hard you paddle, if the boats got a big hole in the bottom, you're not going anywhere. Right? If you've got doubts, that's a huge hole on your boat, you got to fix those doubts, you've got to do the research, put in the time, ask people make connections, do what you have to do to resolve them, you know, that's at least going to keep you floating above water. Other people, you know, again, it depends on their kind of makeup, some people are super intellectual,

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they are more into the academic side of things. That person might benefit more from being approached with,

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from developing themselves in their knowledge, right, of the religion getting into,

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you know, different books and studying.

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Other people aren't like that other people are very social. So they need to have they need to build relationships, they need strong mentors, right? Maybe they can't sit down with a book, and read, a lot of people are like that. But if you're able to be friends with a person who can sit down and read,

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you've benefited the same, right? And you've learned what you've learned through

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a style of learning that is more easy for you. Other people, you know, are constituted differently. Some people they need experience. So you need to throw yourself into the worship, you need to throw yourself into the service of other people. It's not just some people think that I want to strengthen my faith, I just need to pray more. i Yeah, of course, praying more is good. No one's gonna tell you to not pray more. But with Islam, there are so many different types of worship. And they're not substitutable. Right? They all do different work on the soul.

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So maybe you're like the seller with your prayers. But maybe there's lots of volunteering that you can do in your community, soup, kitchens, homeless, shelter, all these sorts of things. It's a different type of worship. If you have the right intention, let's go in to do a different type of work on your soul. Giving money, right, or pushing yourself in charity, or trying to even just apply your charity more intentionally, instead of just throwing money at a cause. Maybe you're trying to, you know, get people in your community together to fund a capital project for the masjid or to fund a a halfway house for Muslim prisoners when they come out of jail or you're trying to fund a women's

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shelter for abused Muslim limit. Right? Like that's like next level stuff. That's more than just throwing your money towards something. So people are different. So everybody needs everything. At the end of the day, it's not like you can just focus on one and never ever focus on the others. But it might make sense for people to start with something that's more familiar to them and something that kind of plays to their strengths, until they're in a position where they can push themselves in different new ways.

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