Tom Facchine – Don’t Expect Anything From Anyone

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses a trap that keeps people waiting for a response from others, and how it shows the need for discipline and motivation to do the right thing. They also mention a shay supposed to get people to expect something, but people do not want to get spit in their faces. The speaker emphasizes the importance of being prepared for potential events and the need for people to act with their behavior.
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Sheikh Abdullah used to tell us you know, if you walk into a room and nobody stands up, you should be happy, because we shouldn't expect anything from anybody. And the fact if you're able to muster that happiness, like you're not upset, you're not like offended, you're not like taken aback that it actually shows that your hearts in a really good place, because it shows that you're doing things for the right reasons. And then you're sincere, many of us, it's hard to muster the discipline, or the energy or the motivation to do the right thing. If we're able to muster the energy and the motivation and discipline to do the right thing. Well, there's another trap waiting for us, which is

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that is that the shaytaan tries to get us to expect something in return, right? You hold the door for somebody and somebody gives you a dirty look, then you're gonna say, I don't want to hold the door open for them again, what am I doing it for? Well, who are you doing it for? Are you doing it for a law? Are you doing it so that you get treated in a certain way? Okay, you go into any of these countries, you know, that are hit by famine or whatever, and you give you build wells, you take pictures of yourself, and a lot of folks abroad, you know, like they there's a sensitive sort of relationship between people from inside and outside, you might have somebody that says to you, hey,

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go home, what are you doing here? I don't want you in my country go leave. What are you going to? How are you going to react? You're going to be like, well, well, I'm not going to go here again. And I'm not going to put my money in these sorts of things. And they should be grateful. No, you should be ready to give someone money and then spit in your face. Nobody wants to get spit in the face. Okay, but it would show your sincerity. You can't expect anything from anybody. And if you're expecting something from somebody, you're not expecting anything from Allah. Like sometimes you get people in the comments, you know, say really, really nasty things. You know, I'm gonna love even if

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every single comment in this on this video or any of the other videos we did were death threats to me, my family, like whatever, I'm still gonna do the videos. I'm not doing it so that people will be like, Oh my god, I'm telling me so cool. No, like it's about it. You know, like we have as I got to pay on the on the film that we went and we studied and we tried and we strived for you know, and and that's all it's about. I hope that this puts something in the afterlife, right? And I don't care, you know about anybody's reaction or response or if somebody's offended, or they're misunderstand, I mean, that's not licensed for me to act like a jerk. You know, I have to, you know, do the right

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thing. But if I'm reasonably sure that I've put something forward, that's good. I got to make sure it's only for Allah. I've only got to care what Allah thinks, not what anybody else thinks.

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