Tom Facchine – al-Raghib al-Isfahani #74 – They Knocked Me Over In The Prophets Masjid

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of purifying one's behavior and avoiding embarrassment in learning. They stress the need to define and experience one's success in learning, and to avoid embarrassment. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of purifying one's behavior and avoiding embarrassment in learning.
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Next all what else? Rouhani answer is a really, really interesting and important section he talks about the essential characteristics for students. And the first is just like we said about prioritizing different types of knowledge. Etiquette comes first manners comes first, right? And so the first essential characteristic for anybody who wants to learn anything is purifying the self of poor etiquette. And that can look like a lot of different things. It can look like haste, okay, people want to become a scholar overnight, or they want to do it in a year. You know, this type of person needs to understand that you can't be hasty when it comes to seeking knowledge, whether it's

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the Koran or whether it's anything, it is a lake that is formed to drop by drop, it's a mountain that is formed pebble by pebble. And so that's actually really the whole point because it takes discipline and you're customizing the self to being disciplined and doing something. So eliminating the sense of haste. Jealousy is another important thing we discussed that before. Very, very essential to read the self of jealousy. You need to be the biggest cheerleader of your colleagues of your fellow students, you need to define and experience your success in their success. If you do Allah will put blessing on what you do. If you don't, then who knows. I mean, the stuff that you

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might be learning might actually be against you on the Day of Judgment, you can't prevent other people or obstruct them or belittle them or anything like this. No, you're supposed to engender an environment of mutual aid and mutual support and mutual encouragement and you should not be discouraging to other people. So one time in Medina, we would sit between Maghrib and Isha for Sheikh Abdullah and feeties Tafseer lessons, and there was a certain Sheikh who had a lesson after that, and to his students who start to gather around, okay, no problem, they wouldn't necessarily pay a lot of attention to to shake up the last lesson, which is fine, okay, no problem. But they

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were so eager, let's say to put it in a nice way to get a spot in the front row for the following lesson that they would do things that were very rude, right, and one particular time because I would always be humbled upfront for shake up those lessons. And then like, as soon as the event went off, and we're getting prepared to pray and literally, I'm standing up and they're rushing to reserve their spot with their bag or whatever, seriously, they actually knocked me over like I fell backward onto the floor and the Prophet smashed machine. Okay, where's the the hidden? Well, Ana at the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Okay, if there was blessing in this type of thing the

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Prophet SAW I said, I'm would have praised it. And yet we find that he prays the opposite, you know, he prays to the to the companion, that when it came to meeting him on a salatu salam, that he went home first and he cleaned himself up first and he took his time and then he said that these are two qualities that Allah loves him forbearance and like taking your time, not being hasty, right, not rushing, and these sorts of things, and that was for meeting the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, but what about trying to sit in a sheiks lesson, right, regardless of the other sorts of things that went on, and there were lots of other things that went on. So purifying yourself and purifying your

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etiquette is an extremely, extremely important thing that the student should not fall prey to the west west or the devilish satanic suggestion that they need to be so aggressive, right with every thing that they're pursuing, or else it's going to fall away from them. They're not going to benefit. No, we believe in Baraka, we believe in Allah's blessing. And so if you do the little things, right, and a little things, in fact, are actually quite big things. If you take care of your etiquette, if you're humble if you are forbearing. If you have your attitude of collaboration and encouragement with your fellow students, then Allah Spano thought was going to put much more

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blessing in your studies than if you come at it with haste or with jealousy or aggression.

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