Haifaa Younis – Parents – The Exception – Treat Them Well

Haifaa Younis
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a disturbing interview where a man talks about his parents' behavior, including his mother and his father. He describes the pressure they put on their bodies and the consequences they may have on their children. He also mentions a lie and the option of parents apologizing.
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I was finally in Santa Fe one day he hosts now.

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We have enjoined on the human being in San BYD treat your parents with excellence. This verse they say it was revealed because of Sodom interview us. Are you already? Sad interview of course. Right. He was in Makkah,

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the only child.

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Very well known, very loved mother, only that baby.

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He loves her. And she loves him. Imagine only one child. He became a Muslim. She went crazy.

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And he really loves her.

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Because she, how did she tested him? She said, I am not going to eat or drink and you will see me dying till you get back out of this craziness of yours.

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You looked at her and set your alarm May Allah forgive me and you? Nobody said this to me. And you know, mother came to you and says, you stop praying or otherwise I'd kill myself. She's he said, one law here on me. By Allah mom. You know how much I love you.

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If you had 100 souls, and I see each one of them leaving. He saw her actually three days she didn't eat and drink so she literally was fainting.

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Look at the faith, and he said one lie. If I see 100 times what I am seeing, I am not going to change.

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Still, Allah told him three times one

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or saw him laughing dunya model three them one.

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If they treat you bad is not an excuse that we treat them bad. This is only for two parents by the way. Everybody else if they treat you bad you have the option of responding the same way except parents

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