Tom Facchine – al-Raghib al-Isfahani #47 – Fruits of Labor

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of success in building a successful business, citing various examples such as hunting, success, and staying true to oneself. They stress the need for a personalized approach to success and guidance, as well as the importance of seeing and achieving success in order to achieve goals. The speaker also mentions the importance of listening to others' successes and progress to improve one's own success and progress.
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Success is one of the other blessings that Ross for Hani mentions as something that is a key ingredient when it comes to developing virtue and developing an ethical, selfless, in line with the Sharia. And what he means by success is the harmony or the confluence between the effort that we put forth, and the results that we get. So hypothetically, hypothetically, the best person in the world maybe should be able to just keep on putting forth effort, effort, effort, effort, and never ever see any results. And they'll still be as devoted and as fervent and as kind of artists in their pursuit of righteousness and truth and et cetera. But in reality, the author says that all of us for

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hunting says that we need to see some sort of results like people are such that to have some degree of success to be able to set goals and incrementally work towards goals and see the fruits of your labor. And see progress is something that is extremely important to the ability to develop virtue and the ability to live ethically. And this is something that afflicts a lot of people because sometimes people get psyched out, or they're used to certain mental habits of only seeing what they're not doing, or only seeing how much further they have to go, as opposed to marking their successes and seeing well, okay, yeah, I've got 170 pages of the book left, that's a lot. But I did

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30 Today, right. And so this is one of kind of the tricks, you know, in these sort of self help books that people tell you to record, actually your successes, if you have this sort of struggle, where you are selling yourself short, and you're kind of dwelling on the things that you haven't done, as opposed to the things that you do do then start to record, start to actually take account for the things that you have accomplished, the steps that you've taken towards it, because that's actually going to help you meet your goal. And it's going to help you continue to walk and persevere, you won't feel like giving up. Because you actually feel like you're you're moving

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forward. Most people, if they don't feel like they're moving forward, then eventually, they're going to give up. And you know, so there's different types of success. And there's a lot of different words and concepts in the Arabic language that are used to get success. So one of them is he died, and there's different they marked different types of success. So the most important one is guidance. And that's he that right? And this is something that only comes from ALLAH SubhanA wa, tada, right, somebody can believe in the right things, right? They can know the right things. But is it truly internalized? Does a person actually realize that the person can sit and read the Koran? They can

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read the Hadith, they can read all the books, whatever, but who's actually going to give her die? Right? Can that person produce their own die? Can we produce this own feeling of faith? If it was that easy, then every single one of us would have it right? But it's not possible he die only comes from Allah, right? This is something that only Allah can grant people, right, as part of his 12 feet, we will say this sort of this success, the matching up between the effort that you're putting forth and the actual results that you're seeking, rushed is another type of of success or another type of guidance. And we could translate that as something that has to do more with instruction or

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direction. And so this is something that, you know, Rush sometimes can come from within, it's something that you can sort of take a little bit more into your own hands more directing our attention to the the effort that you're putting forth, as opposed to the results that we're getting. Test deed. Perseverance is another ingredient here. And this is something that is a gift that Allah subhanaw taala gives, right? How many of us start something that's good, but then we don't follow through, right? It's after Ramadan, you said, Okay, I'm gonna read a page of court and a day for the rest of the year. Okay. Wow, we get to the next read and we're done. We haven't finished it.

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Alright, test deed. Perseverance is a gift from Allah subhanaw taala. Yes, it has to do with our effort. Yes, it has to do with our decisions and our habits and you know, our abilities, but it's also something that's a gift from the last panel to audit. And finally, no straw and to eat, right, this sort of aid. This is another thing that allows founders Allah gives us So, you know, if we're thinking about, okay, I want to wake up for tagit every night and pray, okay, the, you know, Allah subhanaw taala can help you maybe you forget to set your alarm, okay, but maybe you wake up anyway, that happens. Sometimes this is a sort of necessity. This is a type of help from the last panel data

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that it didn't come from you, right, you didn't do anything to get it. It's just from a loss of power data. So we're dependent upon a lot of success, and all these different types of success and guidance. And so this is something that we need to be courting as much as possible and making dua for and trying to obtain as much as possible, because we need to see these sorts of things and we need to be able to mark our success and mark our progress if we're ever going to achieve our goals.

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