Tom Facchine – al-Raghib al-Isfahani #18 – Justice

Tom Facchine
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So Bburago, so he told us we want to reform ourselves. If we want to purify ourselves to get to the level of Hanifa or theta alpha, then we have to subject ourselves to education so that we develop wisdom, we have to subject ourselves and train ourselves upon restraint so that we develop the capacity for generosity, we have to subject ourselves and train ourselves with patients so that we develop the capacity for courage, bravery, contentment, and forbearance. And then finally, we have to habituate ourselves to justice so that we develop a sense. And what the author means by this is that when you move through life, kind of with a lens, where you are focusing on the just on being

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fair on giving everyone their rights, then this is a transferable skill that is going to enable you to have access towards all creation, okay. And this is why the Prophet alayhi salatu salam said that all of the Creation makes is still felt right, it asks a lot to forgive the island hotel, shortfill bath, and he said, even the fish in the sea, right, because if you are concerned about justice, then you are going to care about what happens to those fish, right? You're going to care if somebody is dumping chemicals in the lake, you're gonna care if somebody is you know, there's microplastics that are getting into their lungs and everything like this, you're going to care about, you know, the

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rivers and the oceans and the forest and you're going to care about your family and your neighbors and your Muslims, right? It's basically putting on your radar, your duty to all of these different parts of creation. Whereas before the life of Allah, the life of of heedlessness, you're only thinking about yourself, you're only thinking about your, your muscle ha your desire, what do I want? What do I want to do today? How am I going to spend my time my free time? Right? How am I going to make myself happy, somebody who has an eye for justice, they're going to start looking around for other people and what they need, whether it's your spouse, whether it's your children,

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whether it's your extended relatives, your parents, and once you've done that enough, and once you've trained yourself enough, that sort of unlocks the capacity, to have SN towards them, to have excellence towards them. Because you've lost yourself in the process, lost yourself in a certain sense of the word like you've actually found your True Self which is this Khalifa, which is the servant this, you know, almost managerial role, but you've lost yourself in the sense that you're no longer just making all of your decisions based off of what's good for you. You are very, very sensitive to what's best for everybody. And you're going to strive to have excellence towards

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everybody else.

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