Mohammad Elshinawy – The Muslims Mindset on Money

Mohammad Elshinawy
AI: Summary © The Prophet sallah's history is discussed, including the importance of pursuing wealth and not just getting rid of greed. The challenges of achieving wealth and the importance of personal well being are also emphasized. The speaker emphasizes the need for a positive experience and finding one's own values to make one's life more pleasant. The use of money in society, including real estate purchases, is also discussed, along with the negative impact of wealth on people's well-being and personal well-being.
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my brothers and sisters when Islam was beginning to enter people into its blessing it fold in waves at the culmination of the lifetime of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Tribes at a time people were now becoming Muslim. Some of the tribes were concerned that they would upset the superpowers of the world. And so they said, Yeah, Rasul Allah, we'd love to follow you. We'd love to become Muslim. We'd love to pledge allegiance to you, but Rome and Persia are going to eat us alive.

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And so he said to them, become Muslim for I promise you, either Halakhah Kisara fella kiss rabada, who among the promises he gave was that if Kisara which is the title of whoever was the emperor of Persia at the time, this is a title like President czar Emperor Kisara, the Kisara of Persia dies, there will not be no more kissers after him.

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And as incredible as that was because this was the single greatest superpower of the time. And it had a consecutive line of 38 kilometres 38 Emperor's yet that 38th One.

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Yes, the jury the third was his name was the last and final Emperor just as he told some Allahu Allahu alayhi wa sallam it would be.

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But the Prophet alayhi salatu salam had died before then and Abu Bakr had led for a short while and handed off to Omar. And then Omar led the armies that liberated the world from the oppressive regime that was assassinated Persia.

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They won an outstanding victory in Al qadisiya, and then they marched up to El Medina in the capital city, which is where the palace was, and the Persians actually used to call their palace, the White House. So when they entered the Great White House, the palace, they marched in, they found that everybody had deserted it. They were devastated so severely called the SIA. They didn't put up a fight for the capital city and they fled the city. So the Muslims marched right in, and they arrive at the treasure vault of the Great White Palace. The Sahaba some context, most of them had never even seen the ocean in their life. You're entering into the treasure vault of the richest man on the

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planet. You can imagine the gold and the silk and the silver and the rubies and the gems and the trophies and the weapons and the relics from the east to the west collected in this one place. What did they do? Upon entering it? Sad NaVi walk us Radi Allahu Allah great. So Javi said, move it all to the side so we can pray.

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And they enter into Salah, the salah of victory, Salah to the fact that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would always offer in gratitude to Allah whenever he granted him victory and triumph over the aggressors,

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and he recited in that salah, and this could not be random. The verses about a previous tyrant named Pharaoh,

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who also in an instant cease to be the Pharaoh. In surah dokkan he recited cam Tara Kuhlman, Jannetty noir or Yun consider how much they left behind of meadows and Gardens and Rivers and springs fountains reverse was a roar in Wanaka I mean Kareem and various crops right there in front of them, and splendid residences. One I met in Cannes, ofI, halfa, Keihin and luxuries that they had enjoyed so much.

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Can Zadie cow Rosner have Coleman 14. And just like that, we awarded it we allowed it that kingdom of Pharaoh to be inherited by new people. And likewise, this kingdom of Persia, just like that gets inherited by new people. So he recognized he made the connection he was not deceived, and tantalized by the glitter of this chamber. And they prayed with these verses, and then sent it all to Omar, the Khalifa of the time in Medina, or Omar sees it delivered, and he begins to weep.

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And he says people that can deliver a treasure of this magnitude intact, are truly trustworthy people.

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The integrity of these people that actually brought this to me without taking from it, but he wept for another reason. He said, The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was better than me and never saw prosperity like this. And Abu Bakr was better than me and never saw prosperity like this. And so I fear that this could be a means of my destruction. You see, he he feared

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This would activate his greed and his Gotha his heedlessness, because Allah azza wa jal said further mana su Matthew Kira will be here for Tatiana Ali him abueva Cooley che.

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Once they forgot our reminder after reminder we opened up for them previous peoples, the gates everything we opened up for them more opportunities when they became heedless, had either fairy Hoby man who to whom Beltre until they became deluded by what they collect of this world, we take them suddenly. So rumor felt feared this would be the beginning of the end for him. That's what he was afraid of. Because you know, as I leave Nebuta They've also said Radi Allahu Anhu. Money doesn't always change people. Money reveals them. Money exposes them, many people have the heart of frown have the heart of Kowloon, they just never had a way to express it or act on it. So when the

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opportunity came, then we discovered who they were. Some people are like this. So I'm gonna fear this wasn't just sad. It was almost they were on the same page, and it was an alpha as well. Now alpha is a great example because he was of the wealthiest Muslims and financiers of Muslim causes of the Sahaba us God's treasure chest on Earth, as they used to call him in Earth man, not the Allahumma. One time, they

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saw Him now making Tawaf around the Kaaba and all seven dwarfs. He was saying nothing but Allahumma, Guinea Shahana, FC, oh, Allah protect me from the greed of my soul. And they said, Why don't you say anything else? Like it's all you said, like there's other things to be said there, right? But he couldn't get off of this. He just wanted this. He was so focused on this, he didn't think to say anything else for seven full ups. And so he said, If I could just be protected from the greed of my soul, I will not steal, I will not fornicator I will not oppress the his from his humility, of course and his vigilance. That's the idea. He was vigilant because he understood that whenever the

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desire for more greed becomes uncapped, unrestrained, anything is possible. What is a thief, someone that cannot hold themselves to the fact that I can't have more right now or through this avenue? So they steal, they cheat or otherwise, right? What is a fornicator? Someone that cannot restrain themselves to the fact that I'm limited to this option of waiting for marriage or my current marriage or whatever it may be? What is an oppressor someone that is incapable of restraining the one to the greed to do more or to do more now, in avenging themselves beyond limits? That's what it is. So he noticed that the greed to be protected from it would be everything.

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Because Allah azza wa jal also said in the Quran, woman, you are sure Hanif see if I were like one of your own, whoever could just be shielded from the greed of their soul. These are the ones that succeed.

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You know, why this is important, because there's something unique, a unique balance, as always, right, that exists in the Islamic lifestyle. Islam does not say, you know,

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money's fine, you know, live it up and chase it by any means and spend it on yourself entirely and all of that. But Islam also doesn't say money is evil, as some tradition see, and greed is inherently evil, and automatically a bad thing. And you're supposed to want to be poor and seek poverty. You know, if Islam taught poverty,

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that would actually be easy, because it doesn't take much effort to be poor just don't do anything. Right. The challenge is that Islam told us, You have to pursue wealth, not just that it's natural and fine to have greed, so long as it doesn't dictate your life. You should seek out I don't mean greed. Live up your greed to the fullest. No, but you shouldn't be seeking out wealth, because money is how the the wheels of life turn, right? You need money for so many things. So you got to pursue wealth, without wealth, polluting your heart. That's the problem. Like that's the real challenge here. How do I collect money without being corrupted by money?

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The love of money is inborn. Allah azza wa jal says, a boon al Maleh who've been Gemma, you love wealth, you human beings, normally, ordinarily, greatly intensely. And this becomes further complicated because we live in the End of Times, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said his ummah, in particular will be challenged by wealth in unprecedented ways unlike any other nation. He said, Every nation has its unique trial and the unique trial of my OMA will be wealth will be money, and it's something you can observe. Like all of us, the poorest man in the messenger today is still more comfortable. materialistically speaking wealth wise than 99.9% of human history, the

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vehicles you ride, do you think there's a

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As in the presidents and the Emperor's and the monarchs ever had anything like this, even if you're not driving it just to ride it,

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you know, this idea of traveling a month journey in a few short hours, this idea of having a climate control digitized on your wall that you don't even have to get up to anymore, you can just use your smartphone to prepare the house even before you get there. Right? The no one has ever had this. So the person here who's you know, hand to mouth or month to month or just getting by your being buried in student debt is still enjoying luxury that never existed before. That's not wrong. It's not haram.

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But it's an intoxicating, it's dangerous. It requires more and more vigilance. How do I not get diluted by this become self serving because of this after I've tasted this, he said, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam near a mailman who saw the fee or the Roger is solid, How excellent is good money. I mean, I'm only getting it from the right places. And I'm always spending it where I need to be spending it.

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Those are the two good money right in the hands of a good man. How do I stay a good man, when it's coming my way. That's the challenge. May Allah Azza did allow us to live up to that challenge to rise to that challenge, as our Dean calls us to. And notice, you know, he said sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the hands of a good man, a righteous man. He didn't say in the heart, because that's the trick. The trick is to get you need it in your hand. Without its reaching your heart without it seeping into an infiltrate in your heart. One of the early Muslims or later generations, but still a prior scholar was asked what went wrong in the Ummah, the momentum of the Ummah, the progress of the

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OMA the strength of the Ummah, the contributions to the world of the OMA, he said the dunya was in our hands, we understood we needed it. And we were wielding it and harnessing it in the right directions for the good causes. He said, But and it wasn't in our heart.

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That's actually why you're able to send it in the right places, because you can let go some of it when you need to. It was in our hands, he said, but wasn't in our heart. But then it started getting into our heart the ills of prosperity, the sense of entitlement, the greed flaring, naturally, then it got into our heart, so Allah pulled it from our hands.

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And you know, this is not just that the world is in a worse place, when they accept wealth as their master, not as their slave. You know, wealth is an excellent slave, it serves you well, that's why Allah created it. It is to serve you and to serve right ends. But when it becomes your master, you are obedient and subservient to it. The world is not just the worst place but your life is more far more miserable. The reason and we can never overstate this, we can never say this enough times. The reason most people live miserable lives today, and even more so in wealthier countries is because they have the pill has been slipped. They've drank the Kool Aid as they say, they've inhaled this,

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you know, notion of

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the purpose of life is happiness, not true. You can be content with life if you stop assuming you're gonna be happy all the time. But the purpose of life is happiness, a lie. And the path to happiness is wealth. Another lie. Once you you lock in here, you become the most miserable person on earth. Then Billa you drown in what you thought was milk and honey. Some of you maybe remember the the dream that the men went to I shared with you and Ramadan went to that scholar of like, I dove into a well grabbed on to the rope line on top and the snake on what does this dream mean? Because like there's mice eating the rope, and then there's like some honey on the side of the Well, I would keep

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tasting. You said yeah, you're distracted from your survival in an insane way. Like how can any rational person do this be distracted by taste testing some honey? That is the example because this dunya is sweet. And there's nothing wrong with calling it pleasant than sweet, but sweet to test us, right?

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If this world were unappealing, how would that be a test? I'm naturally uninterested, naturally averse to it. But the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam memorize this, he said in dunya hold on Hadera this world is sweet and lush, green, fresh, lush, enticing. It is sweet and lush. We're in Allah Hi Musa Khalifa comfy her for now we don't care for time alone. And Allah will each give give you each your turn in it. Mr. Cleaver comes in. I'll call off right. We'll each your turn. Now you're gone. Now the next one now they're gone. Now the next one. Each of you will have your turn in it and he is watching. How will you act? How will you interact with it? How will you deal with it?

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May we be of the best of those and the exceptions among those who deal best with the trial of wealth which will be the trial of this OMA until the end of time Allahumma Amin Akula

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Holy Cow stuff from La la mala.

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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Milena V about that shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa Hola, Shadi Gladware, shadow and Mohammed and Aveda, who want to be you who are sort of

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what remains to be said, my brothers and sisters,

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is that if a person can maintain that vigilance that they get through the clarity of the Quran, gifts and the biographies of the early Muslims gift to us, then they will look as to what am I supposed to be doing with wealth? Where can it come from and where should it go?

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That is when you will correctly identify how to harness it for your personal well being that's a part of it as well. But also societal well being. You know, personal well being is fine. The Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam said

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that happiness can be found in four places. He doesn't mean only four places. He said, having a good wife having a good ride, having a spacious house, having a good neighbor, which means the right neighborhood, right? So to seek these things to make life more pleasant is not a wrong thing. But at what expense? Right? He nearly didn't have any of that. And he's Salatu was Salam, except for the good wife, of course, right. But he had the most pleasant life because he wasn't dependent on it but he enjoyed the halal that was freely made available to him of this world when it wasn't at the expense of an opportunity to please Allah and serve our purpose. Even you know the great so heavy as

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I'm closing out here, I have to mention sad Nova that was of the wealthier companions. When the Muslims first came to Medina, Radi Allahu Han. It's reported about him that he said, Oh, Allah, you know that a little bit of money is no good for me.

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And I don't function well that way.

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In other words, I can't live as austere as like simple, crude, minimalist of a lifestyle as someone else. So just don't subject me to that. That's fine. That's part of him being optimistic about being the best version of himself through being honest with himself. I'm honest, here's what I need, so I can be the best side I can. And the Prophet alayhi salatu salam approved of this, because when I will book us to do to try to donate all his money for the sake of Allah, he accepted it when others like Karibuni Malik tried to do what he told No, not you don't try to pull that off. It's gonna backfire. So harnessing it for your own personal well, being is fine, but not at the expense of your

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dean, and are too expensive everyone else. We all know what the needs of the Omar who's going to spend on the education who's going to spend on the institution who's going to spend on these automatic on the wide causes and global causes. People that have the right money mindset that Islam gave to every last Muslim, even investment, you know, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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taught Zakia Zakia is not just to remove the greed from your heart which is important and to filter out your money from you know, blemishes, unethical earnings, but also to spread in society warned that we're taking care of each other, that the money is not due lettin Boehner Lavinia income the verse says, Only circulated among the rich with you now there's a trickle down effect, the rich can get richer, but not at the expense of ignoring the poor, or O'Meara the Allahu unused to even see picture this, it tells you to be unwell Ilya tamma letter Kudo has sadaqa make sure you invest the wealth of the orphans. Like imagine someone whose parents die and you're holding their money until

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they become able to manage their own finances, their money invested for them why? So it does not diminish due to charity, like every year, you're going to take two and a half percent out of their money for them, right? Because that's the pours right in their money. So if it's going to sort of like dwindle, also invest it to make it grow as well. So that's a means of growing your wealth to circulate it and making sure society gets from it as well, keeping that money in circulation. And the last example I'll give was the prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam. When he said plant the tree.

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And anyone who eats from it human animal bird, even those who steal from it, the guy who thinks it's like free range or something and takes an apple or what even what's stolen from it, it will be written for a Muslim as charity. The scholar said he's encouraging you through ethical means, of course, he's encouraging you to buy real estate, because you're not allowed to plant the tree on land you don't own right. So the proliferation of good causes requires money.

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And you can enjoy that money. But don't sit there superficially thinking what do I need to be worrying about in terms of where I'm getting it from and what I'm spending it to? May Allah inspire us all to live right by this code? May Allah azza wa jal help us pass this test? May Allah azza wa jal grant us from this world that which will ease our journey towards him and better our

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Standing in front of him

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