Tom Facchine – A Great Time To Give Zakat – Ramadan 2022

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of gratitude to cat owners for keeping track of their schedule and helping them maximize their rewards. They also mention the significant economic mechanisms that involve transferring wealth from a cat to the people around them. The speaker emphasizes the importance of being accountable to oneself and not being caught in the system.
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One of the virtues of Ramadan is that it is an excellent time to give to cat. And many people, because it can be hard to keep track of the lunar calendar, if you're not living in a place that follows the Hijri calendar, it can be hard to keep track of when yours a cat is due. And so some people they just pay there's a cat and Ramadan, because it's an easy way to keep track of everything. And this is actually a really good idea. You're maximizing your rewards, you're giving your cat away, when you're fasting when you're hungry, when you're kind of maybe tempted to feel more stingy about the things that you have, as a cat is one of those pillars of Islam, Allah is

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telling us that this is an essential component of what it looks like to be grateful to me. And what it looks like to have a relationship with me, as a cat is one of the most

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significant socio economic mechanisms that we have in Islam. And it's significant because it's a mechanism of redistribution of wealth, right? The people who have

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it takes a certain amount from them, and it gives it to the people who need it. And this is something that is radical, but it makes a lot of sense. We don't believe in Islam, that you have 100%, right upon all of your wealth and what you have, Allah says, No, there is Huck, there's a right or a duty on that wealth to the poor people. How much it's actually very little, if you compare the rate of the cat to your income tax, or to the other taxes, sales tax, you know, on cash and in currency and things like that. It's a mere 2.5%. Compare that with 6% sales tax 7% sales tax, or even worse, you know, income tax. It's a very, very modest amount. And the other interesting

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thing about a cat is that it is similar to fasting in that it develops the same sense of Maha Sabha, it develops the same sense of personal accountability and integrity. No one else is going to know we don't have a big long list or a roster of people are checking up on you they owe that you pay here's a cat, you forgot, stop for love. We're going to kick you out of the nest. You know, it's just like fasting, you're alone with yourself, no one else is watching. No one else is going to know no one else is going to know if you pay yours a cat or not. Right? You can always make up an excuse and lie and say Oh, I gave it to this charity or that charity abroad to do this. No one's going to know. No

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one's going to ask for the receipts. So it develops as a cat just like fasting just like Ramadan develops this ability to be accountable to Allah subhanaw taala to do the right thing, when no one else is looking

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