A Carmelite MONK CONVERTS to ISLAM & Bobby’s Perspective

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I have a friend that

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probably the closest to your story that I've ever heard he was a Carmelite monk, actually.

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And he, right before he was ordained, he converted to Islam is from Philadelphia. And, you know, also went through some things as, as a young person, st life, stuff like that, but got got out of it through the monastery. And, you know, he went, he was in the Vatican, and he went to it was in a monastery in Spain and a monastery in Minnesota. And his, you know, came back to Philadelphia, and then he encountered a Muslim on the street one day, and they had a conversation. And actually, the content of the conversation is a little bit interesting. The person said, Show me a direct quote from Jesus, that He has got. And so he starts quoting him scripture scripture, you know, but it's

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all the narrative voice. He said, No, no, no, that's not a direct quote, I want a direct quote, out of Jesus's mouth, that I am God worship me. And he went back to his room in the monastery, and it kind of bothered him. Eventually, he had his correspondence with this person, and he accepted, he accepted a psalm. But his, his parents completely disowned him, just in the in a in a similar way, but, but he was living with them. And so he was kicked out of his home.

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He had to find some place to stay, he stayed in a mess, Jean, some brothers put them up. And eventually he eventually he got married to Philadelphia has a large Palestinian community, he married a Palestinian woman, his first son, he named Mohammed,

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his mother refused to say the name.

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Because of obviously, the religious antagonisms, he would say, your son, right, like, you know what, and it would bother him to know it. But the reason I'm telling the story is not just for the similarities is that after years went by,

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I think his his father ended up passing away and so and so he didn't have the opportunity, but his mother actually accepted us now. This woman Oh, that's the amazing thing is that there's no there's no telling I lost pounds, Allah controls the hearts. And things might take time. And I know that you're going through it, and I can't, you know, I can imagine a little bit of your pain because it's very real for all of our converts.

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But Allah subhanaw taala has a plan, and he's testing you. And there's no sort of shelf life or expiration date on this thing. We don't know where it's gonna end up. It might not be right away. It might take a long time, but inshallah there might be there might be something good that comes out of it. Yeah, that took that took years going from somebody who said, you know, you're not welcome here anymore. I don't want to see you again. I'm not even going to say the name of Your Son, which is really her grandson to accepting Islam and dying on us. I think she passed away that I think she died on us now. So we ask Allah for selfie confer and for patients a lot controls the hearts and we

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ask a lot to guide to guide your parents and to something better