Tom Facchine – 99 Names of Allah #88 Al-Mubeen

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The transcript describes the history and characteristics of the title Al mobi, a book and a song about Islam. It describes how Allah's sub consistently spoke and how he loves the speaker, and how he made the Earth spin and brought everything back to life. The title also describes the characteristics of Al mobi, including its title and its origin, as a book and song.
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Salam aleikum. Tonight's name is Al mobi. Allah azza wa jal is llbean. Al mo bien means that Allah subhanho wa Taala is clear, is obvious, is manifest, there's no denying Allah subhanho wa taala. When we walk outside, and It's spring now and we hear the birds chirping in the morning, and we see the entire earth being brought back to life, the trees start to grow new leaves.

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And the flowers start to bloom and the bees start to move around, and the butterflies all of these things.

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Allah, it's obvious that a lot is behind them all.

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How complex everything is, how beautiful. Everything is, how consistent everything happens year after year. It all points back to Allah, and his knowledge, and his wisdom and his power.

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And his other amazing qualities, his wisdom and his care, His love for us. If we look, and we look carefully, and we realize that what we're looking at,

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will actually see that Allah loves us. It's obvious. It's more been a loss of power to Allah made for us a sun

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and He made the Earth Spin so that

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we would have both night and day can you imagine? If you had only daylight 24 hours of just sun,

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you wouldn't be able to sleep. Things would probably get too hot to live.

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What if the opposite were true? What if Allah made it so that all we had was night we were like moles living underground, everything was in the dark.

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It would be very, very hard to leave our homes to go about and do our things to go grocery shopping would be extremely difficult.

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Allah subhanaw taala is and mobian If you look around you if you look inside of you, you look at the hands that you have, and your nose for smelling and your tongue for tasting and your mouth and lips for speaking. It's all a miracle.

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It all points back to Allah azza wa jal, his existence, his wisdom, his knowledge, his ability and his love.

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That's all for tonight. So don't worry going off to La

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