Tom Facchine – 99 Names of Allah #49 Al-Mateen

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of strong and refined possession, which is the ability to hold a sword and protect others. They use Abraham Lincoln as an example of how strong and refined possession is. The speaker also discusses the importance of protecting one's possession for fear and trust and how it can lead to pride and loyalty.
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Salam Alaikum tonight's name is Al Mateen. Allah Tala is Al Mateen. And Mateen is a lot like we, except it's a little bit more intense. So alcohol we meant that Allah is the strongest. And maintaining means that Allah is so incredibly, extraordinarily strong.

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Strength is one of the things that Allah tells us in the Quran

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is how you can tell what is a true God, and what's not what's truly worth your worship, and your hope and your fear and your trust and what's not.

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And he tells us this in a story of Abraham, Allah, He said, Maybe you remember the story. Abraham is very sad that his people worship idols. And so he gets an idea. One day, he waits for everyone in the village to leave, it's their eat, it's their holiday,

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he pretends to be sick. When everyone has left, he goes to the temple where they have all of these idols, and he takes an axe and he destroys all of the idols except for one of them. He actually takes the axe that he used, and he hangs it around the neck of the big idol.

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To make it look like maybe the big idol is the one that destroyed the rest of the items. As you can imagine, Abraham's people come back and they are very upset. They are extremely angry, and they immediately start to suspect that it was Abraham's fault.

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Abraham is a little bit tricky, though. He says to them, Why don't you ask the big idol that's still there. He's there holding the axe.

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Ask him what happened?

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There, this Trix them for a minute.

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But then they realize, wait a second, Abraham, these idols can't talk.

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They can't defend themselves. There's no way the biggest idol could have destroyed the others because it can't do anything like that.

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And so Abraham then has them, he caught them. He says to them, if they can't destroy the if they can't destroy other idols, and they can't even protect themselves, or speak or talk to anybody, then why are you worshiping them?

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The fact that they can't protect themselves, they don't have the strength

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to defend themselves, disqualifies them from any sort of worship, or servitude, or anything like that.

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In fact, if something can't defend itself, it requires something else it's needy. Depends on something else to keep it safe.

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So Allah has no Mateen he doesn't need anybody to keep him safe. A law keeps everything is safe.

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And the fans everybody

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and no one can hurt Allah in any way at all. That's what makes him and Mateen and that's all for tonight. I said I'm on a coma after law here. We're gonna get

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