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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the meaning of La ilaha ill born in Arabic, which refers to Jesus Christ's holy name. La ilaha ill born means "has nothing to do" and is important for all worship, including religion. Practicing Islam in front of oneself is crucial for achieving goals in Islam, and learning the Moore's Law is important to strengthen one's behavior. The importance of acceptance and clarity in one's actions is emphasized.
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Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Welcome to another episode of the power of victory. We've looked at the virtue or we looked at some of the virtues of the four phrases that every Muslim is commanded to frequent in his Vicar. sapan Allah Alhamdulillah La ilaha illa Allah, Allahu Akbar, and in sha Allah to Allah today in this episode, we're going to look at some of the meanings of these words. What does it mean for us to say Subhana Allah Alhamdulillah La ilaha illa Allah and Allahu Akbar. Let's begin by looking at the word or the phrase which enters a person into Islam, La ilaha illAllah. Let's look at what it means to say that

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what La ilaha illAllah actually contains and then some of the meanings which are contained within La ilaha illa Allah because by doing this inshallah to Allah, we will develop an understanding for what it is and why it's so important for us to frequent and to frequently say la ilaha illAllah in our Vicar, there are many, many virtues of law in a high law, and in fact, the virtues are too many to mention, but in this episode inshallah, we want to just focus upon the meaning of La ilaha illAllah. La Ilaha. Illallah is made up of four words, the first is law, followed by inner heart followed by, followed by lawful gelada Allah subhanaw taala. So, La ilaha illAllah la Of course, in Arabic means

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in that means, except, and Allah azza wa jal means, of course, Allah So, what does this word Illa mean? This word Isla, very, very, very clearly in the Koran and in the Arabic language refers to that which is worshipped

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anything which is worshipped. Now if you imagine all of the different things that are worshipped, the stars are worship, the sun is worship, the moon is worshipped, idols of worship, trees of worship, angels of worship, graves or worship stones are worshipped. Many, many, many different things are worshipped besides a lot. The pious are worshipped the living in the dead. The leaders of the church and of the synagogues will worship besides Allah, the people who passed away who were the pious people were worshipped besides Allah, and so on and so forth. Many, many, many things, the prophets, the angels, many, many, many things will worship besides Allah, and all of these when they

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are worshipped besides Allah, anything which is worshipped is called an ILA. Now, the statement therefore, la isla, means that there is no God. There is no God in Lola, except for Allah. So there is no object of worship, except for Allah. So in the first part of La Ilaha, Illallah, we negate everything that is worship besides Allah, we say, we, as a Muslim are going to make this statement to you, that we deny and we reject, and we disbelieve in every single thing that is worshipped besides Allah. So if you worship a prophet, we don't accept it. If you worship an angel, we don't accept it. If you worship the sun, we don't accept it. If you worship the moon, we don't accept it.

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If you worship the stars, or the trees or the graves, or you worship the animals, or you worship whatever it is that you worship, if it's anything which is worship besides Allah, we disbelieve in this worship of yours.

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But not only do we disbelieve in it, because if we just believed in all worship, we would be atheist. We wouldn't believe in anything in Lola except Allah. So not only do we disbelieve in all of the worship that is done to other than Allah, but we worship Allah azza wa jal alone, and we don't worship anyone besides Allah subhanho wa Taala. So Allah is the only one that we worship subhanho wa Taala. And we deny the worship of everything else, and we affirm his worship. If we deny worship, and we don't affirm his worship, then that means we're atheist, if we affirm his worship, and we don't deny the worship of other things, that makes us a polytheist. That makes us a

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polytheist people who worship others besides Allah, because of course, Quraysh the people of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam they used to worship Allah what an insult

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Human Holocaust similarity was out there who learned a lot if you ask them who created the heavens and the earth, they will say Allah. Allah created the heavens of the earth. They used to worship Allah. They used to perform the Hajj. But they didn't use to worship Allah alone.

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Alone. So this is why we not only do we disbelieve in everything that is worship besides Allah, but we worship Allah azza wa jal alone. So we have two parts. we deny everything that is worship, besides alone, we worship a lot, a lot. But there's something else. This statement La Ilaha Illa life we say there is nothing worthy of worship except Allah, then this statement doesn't ring true. It doesn't ring true in reality, because in reality, there are lots of things that are worshipped besides a lot of people worship all kinds of things. So we need to understand something. And that is we need to understand in truth, or truthfully or deservedly, nothing is truthfully worshipped

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besides Allah, nothing should be worshipped besides Allah, nothing deserves to be worshipped x besides Allah, so there is no god worthy of worship except Allah, that is our understanding of La ilaha illa Allah Of course, that's how a person enters into Islam, and La ilaha illAllah. It's not a vicar that you just say, La ilaha illAllah La Ilaha Illa la la, la la, it's something that you live. And that's because La Ilaha Illa light has conditions. The first condition of La Ilaha Illa. Allah is Allah in knowledge, you have to know what it means. You can't just say that in a high in a la like some of the art some of the people who call people to Islam, what they used to do is just to go

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up to somebody and say to them, c'est la ilaha illAllah. And the person doesn't know what it means just says okay, like in a halal I said, Congratulations, you've become a Muslim. No, you haven't become a Muslim, you haven't because you can't become a Muslim until you know, what La ilaha illAllah actually means you understand the implications of La ilaha illAllah. The next condition of La ilaha illAllah is eliakim, that you are certain about it, you can't say la ilaha illa LA to hedge your bets that you know, like or I'll say la ilaha illAllah. If it's true Alhamdulillah. If it's not true, I don't lose anything out, you have to be certain about it. You have to accept it. You have to

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have an qaboun you have to accept what it entails. You can't just simply say la ilaha illa Allah and then continue to worship idols and to believe that he says the son of Allah and to believe that all of the things that that people believe you can't do that. When you say that in a halal law, you have to accept what that it's going to entail that you leave everything that is worshipped besides a lot and you worship Allah azza wa jal alone. So you have to have knowledge, you have to have certainty. You have to have acceptance. You have to submit yourself to Allah and to his laws. This is what we call an internet. You have to submit yourself to Allah to His laws. And that's what a Muslim is for

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s&m I use the word Islam as somebody who submits themselves surrenders themselves to Allah azza wa jal. This is the meaning of Islam. So you submit yourself and you surrender yourself to Allah, to the laws of Allah to what Allah is declared to be allowed to analyze declared to be Hold on. You submit yourself to the religion of Allah, because you recognize that once you know and you have certainty, and you accept the meaning of La ilaha illAllah, you must submit yourself to that. And you must submit yourself to the religion of Islam and to enter and there is no religion, which is acceptable to Allah, in Edina in the light, and Islam, the religion which is acceptable to allies,

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Islam, there is no other religion which is acceptable to Allah other than Islam. Allah will not accept any other religion from anyone. After the coming of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Allah will only accept the religion of Islam. That's it. So you submit.

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And then you have to have truthfulness. You have to be truthful in what you say the munaf yakun. The hypocrites they used to say that in a halal Allah, they used to say la ilaha illa, La La ilaha illAllah. But when they said it, they were lying about what they meant. So they actually kept disbelief inside of their hearts. And they showed belief on their actions in their tongue. But inside of the heart, there was no belief. So you have to be truthful, when you say that either in the law, you can't say it because you want to achieve something from the dhonielle because it has to be truthful, and you have to be sincere, you have to have a glass. And that means you can't say that

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ilaha illAllah because it's going to make your mom and dad happy. You can't say la ilaha illAllah because you can get married to that Muslim girl that you want to marry. You can't say la ilaha illAllah because it is going to bring you some sort of benefit or some sort of status in the eyes of the people or because you want to get a job in a Muslim country or whatever it is. La ilaha illAllah you have to sit with a glass with sincerity for it to be accepted. Now that doesn't mean that a person can't go from this to the other. So we get some people who they become Muslim for the sake of marriage. They become Muslim for the sake of the job they become Muslim for the same

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of the dunya. And yet they change. And even taymiyah. Or him Allah, he mentioned about some of the companions, that when they first entered into Islam, their reasons for entering into Islam, perhaps were not purely simply to do with a class or to do with sincerity for a lot, so gel. But the sun did not set upon the day, until Allah and His Messenger were more beloved to them than the dunya. And what was in it, and we saw this on the day of effect. On the day of the conquest of Makkah, some of the companions, they became Muslim on the conquest of Makkah, they saw the army, they became Muslim. As soon as they had become Muslim, even if they become Muslim, because of the Army or to save

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themselves, or whatever it may be, within minutes, within hours, their whole perspective had changed. And they had developed that sincerity. So you can develop sincerity for yourself. You can even if you became Muslim, for the wrong reason, you can become Muslim further, you can change your reason and become Muslim for the right reason. So you have to be sincere, even if that means you change yourself. And every Muslim has to question their sincerity just because you think that you become Muslim for the right reason, you still are that you were born Muslim, and you hold it inside of yourself. The shaytaan comes to you and changes your opinions, and tries to twist your sincerity.

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So you have to be sincere for a lot as well. And then you have to have love of a Lost Planet Allah. And this is the last condition you have to have the level of loss.

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You have to have absolute love of Allah and the love of Allah has to be that thing which guides you and from the people of those who take Gods besides Allah, they love them like they love Allah, but those who believe are strong enough for Allah. So this is our statement now in in reality the whole of Islam comes back to this and we could talk about it for episode after episode but this is just a brief understanding. So the next time you say la ilaha illAllah you really mean and you really practice it and you live it because being a Muslim is about living La ilaha illAllah not just mentioning that in a halal law and once you understand it and then you use it in your liquor and you

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say la ilaha illa Allah then you will get inshallah the full reward for your liquor and Remembrance because you understand what it means and you act upon it. That's all we have time for in this episode, in a future episode inshallah to Allah, we're going to be talking about the other words the other phrases we've talked about Subhana Allah and Al hamdu Lillah Allahu Akbar and La hawla wala quwata illa until then Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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Leave me

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Don't leave me.

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Montana umino below Yo, yo grim Chara, who will believe in Allah in the Day of Judgment, you must honor your neighbor, even they are not yet Muslim.

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You should help them

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because everything that is good for us is good for other people.

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And that's how Islam spread by good example,

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was rotten Hashanah, not just my column speech, no, but by good example.

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Alhamdulillah with the mercy of Allah, when my mother was bedridden,

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each time we have the opportunity to talk to her about Islam, I talk to her. But of course, at the end of the day, we know he Daya belongs to Allah.

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But we never give up

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on anybody.

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I keep on talking to him, especially to elderly people. We must tell them that if they accept Islam, there's nothing for them to lose. But they have a lot to gain. Because only in the teaching of Islam. When a person a Muslim passed away, his or her soul will be praised by the Muslim around the whole world.

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Every Muslim who makes Allah everyday will pray for all Muslim who are leaving and who have passed away.

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That means a billion of Muslim is praying for the soul of the Muslim every single day. So there's nothing for them to worry and hamdulillah when my mom was bedridden, I talked to her I talked to I always make her happy, make her smile. And I invite her to Islam. And she makes the Shahada shadow Allah illallah wa shadow under Muhammad Rasul Allah

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The same good news I heard from bradish she Abdur Rahim green that all of you are familiar with him.

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Last year when I was performing hash in MK I had a good news that no, the father became a Muslim and then the father passed away as a Muslim Machame this is the thing that we want all the brother and sister who are Muslim, who are revered from Kufa to Eman, please. You must be proud of yourself to be a Muslim and show good example to your family wherever you are. Don't be afraid to be a practicing Muslim in front of your family. Because our people who are not yet Muslim is because they do not know anything about Islam.

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And because nobody is showing them good example.

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So May Allah Subhana Allah give us a strain

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and give us the man and summer of course, we cannot force anybody but we can try our best to show them good example. prove to them that I am a better person than before.

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Meaning before you're Muslim, you have a different lifestyle. Different behavior now you're Muslim, so you are changing to have the Islamic corrector Islamic adapt, I give you example.

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Being a Chinese family raising your wives between children and pattern is common. Your mom Michelle you yourself your mom, your dad may shout at me shout back to yours father maybe

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by after become mostly not even Alliance it. Political lahoma of wallet and her Huma wakulla, Houma colon, Karima

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and Muslim you're not supposed to raise up your voice above the whites of your panel, whether it's a mother or father, or anybody who's elderly than you.

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You must be humble and show kindness to them.

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You cannot even say oh,

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I don't like you can even say that even what they want you to do is wrong. But you must reply with wisdom.

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with Colin lie in Kowloon Hansen, Karima Mom, I'm sorry, I can do this. That I'm sorry. Even the way I shot you, you don't shop back at them. This is the Islamia

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we believe brothers sister insha Allah if we follow the Islamic corrector

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in sha Allah with the will of Allah, a lot of our sibling, family member who are not yet Muslim, inshallah, at least they will love Islam, they will respect them. Even they're not yet a Muslim.

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And of course, at the end of the day we know Allah hedaya come from Allah, not from you, not from me. Even our prophets Allah who love his uncle

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of polyps, so much bigger the anchor is a very good man who give him all the support he needs.

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He never give up on his uncle until the last minute and they'll allow say to the prophet in naka

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de man

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while Aquino Maria de Masha, oh Mohammed,

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you cannot give guidance to whom ever your life

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guidance belongs to Allah. He gives to those who hate us.

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So our duty brothers and sisters be everywhere.

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Always remember, we are not alone.

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We are just like the companions of the Prophet,

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who once upon a time were pagan mushrikeen. And they become a Muslim. The same go to us once upon a time we have begun free think.

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But hamdulillah now we become Muslim. And now we must think for our family who are not yet Muslim feel for them. Because without the right feeling we cannot get close to them.

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Muslim is like a salesman, a die. It's like a sales almost in my diary and we are like a salesman. We got to

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promote our proto Islam have the best product insha Allah. I believe that when you understand Islam, and when you become a practicing Muslim, you can represent Islam better. And may Allah help us And may Allah strengthen or Eamon Armenia, Aruba, alameen will be retrofitted Raka Juana

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Radha Nene subhana wa Madame de Chateau de

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kawakubo la salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.