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Speaker 1 warns the audience not to waste their time in a "ball game" and mentions that friends who invite them to join the club may be partying and drinking alcohol. They also remind viewers of their true purpose in life and tell them not to waste their time in a "ball game" or in a "ball game" situation. Speaker 1 also references a "ball game" in a "ball game" situation.

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clubs still going to the club. Don't waste my time. Time people who are still partying and playing those tracks that puts you in a lala land. Tell them Don't waste my time. friends who are inviting you to get back to getting pimped, by shaped on to the alcohol to the drinks to the party to the drugs to the moral decay and corruption things that corrupt the heart, mind, body and soul. Tell them Don't waste my time. Time to the Kim Kardashians and the DJ Khalid's tell him I don't want to be part of it. Don't waste my time. Or you got friends who remind you of your true purpose in life. Your Creator when you mess up, they remind you of the Hereafter they remind you of when it's time

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for Salah when it's time for prayer, or they're trying to get you out of a job into some tawdry dress, tell them don't waste my time. Time. Jenna's on my mind God.

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Now my brothers and sisters