Jealousy – hasad – destroyed them

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The speaker discusses the danger of jealousy and how it can lead to crisis. They also criticize Microsoft's advertisement for "the family of the god" and its portrayal of the "has been revealed" message. The speaker warns of the danger of becoming unhappy with what Allah has given someone else and the potential consequences of being jealous.

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Allah speaks about a certain quality that's very dangerous, and we need to protect ourselves from it. And we need to talk about it and we need to be protected from it as well. What is this quality? In verse number? 54 of Surah Nisa, Allah speaks about jealousy and what it does. Don't allow yourself to be jealous of others. thank Allah for bestowing upon others his favor. The most you could do is to ask Allah to give you a similar favor, but never ask Allah to extinguish a favor. He's given someone else just because you want it. That's not fair. That will bring about a crisis that you wouldn't have imagined. Subhana Allah so Allah is telling you don't be jealous of others.

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And the way he's worded it he says, um, yeah, so Doonan, NASA Allah.

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Allah whom he probably

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Tina, Eva him Al Kitab al hikma.

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Monica now Lima are they jealous of what Allah has bestowed some from his virtue? Subhana Allah? Are they jealous of what Allah has bestowed others from his virtue? Allah says, You know what? We have bestowed the family of Ibrahim with revelation with wisdom. And we have given them a lot in terms of material wealth to Subhana Allah, we've given them kingdom. So Allah made them rulers, Allah made them prophets. Allah gave them so much so Hon, Allah Allah, Allah says, Don't be jealous of that. Never. Don't be jealous when Allah has given someone else wealth, when Allah has given someone else good health, good looks, a lovely family, when Allah has given someone else power or authority when

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Allah has given someone else piety don't ever be jealous. Do you know why?

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Who gave them? Allah gave them by you being jealous you automatically become become unhappy with what Allah has chosen for someone. So you're unhappy with Allah, that's what it is. And if you're unhappy with Allah, you have plunged yourself into the biggest possible crisis. This is why Allah subhanho wa Taala says to us through the lips of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in a hadith he says to us, in NASA Daya Kunal has an ad Kamata, Kuru, narrow hubbub jealousy will eat away your good deeds even if you have good deeds. In the same way that the fire eats away the dry log Subhana Allah you know how, if they were dry logs to Hana la v. Fire would consume the logs with a cracker

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con, you had logs but they're gone. Allah says your good deeds are like dry logs and jealousy is like fire. And that fire will consume the dry logs with a cracker and it will go so don't be jealous because in that case, you have destroyed your relationship with Allah by being jealous of what Allah has given someone else. Remember, always Allah is the giver.