Dunya Gains Distract You From Akhirah Gains, Until You Visit The Graveyard

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Allah says Al Hakim Mata Katha people you're competing Allah says you're competing with each other

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in worldly competition worldly attainment

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everybody is competing with each other got one house the two houses. My cousin's got, you know, a new car I need a new car. My neighbors got a nice car. You know my children's friends have got this I need to buy this or my children or every girl had come with the Gotham had tells you tomorrow Tarbell. Allah says that the district you're competing with each other for the dunya distracts you from what? From the gate of the dunya distracts you from the gate of the archaea,

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Hunter zoo to more of a qabil

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until you reach your graves

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until you reach your graves.

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And as the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said three things go with a person to his grave. He goes through his grave family wealth and actions. But the Messenger of Allah said the dunya the fact the family all remain behind they go leave you 1015 minutes your gun your desk they read that word thank God. They'll visit your grave for a month for two months for three months for a year. And then it'd be every two months every three months and then you'll be forgotten.