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Come and see what everyone's talking about

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a Salaam Alaikum and welcome to the deen Show. I'm your host. And today, we're going to be giving you

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the top five reasons proofs is backing up a little bit. You've already gotten sick of all the Hollywood and Bollywood, the rated R movies and go into the nightclubs and you've obtained so much money or you couldn't make the money or you got a position you lost the girl you lost it all. So the drama dilemmas of life and you said there's got to be more, there's got to be a purpose to life. So you you went from this Islam to that Islam, you studied all the world religions, and now you finally came to Islam. And the bedrock of Islam is calling you to you want to accept Islam, and hopefully God willing, at the end of the show, you're going to accept Islam, you already accept what's in your

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very nature intrinsically embedded in you that there's only one guy, not Four, three, and one, one and three, and God being a man and the sun and all these other things, God everywhere and you and me, and we're all God, this all this nonsense, blah, the things just don't make sense. It's not adding up. One is one and you keep it at one, and you only worship the one who created you to save God or Jesus Moses, Abraham in the last and final messenger, Prophet Muhammad peace be upon them. They all worship the one God. And that's the first part of accepting Islam, that you negate all the false gods, you say that there's no god except the one God, the Creator of all that exists in

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Arabic, Allah, Jesus spoke Aramaic Aramaic, he said, Aloha. And then you testify the same way that you would during Jesus's time if you were living, that Jesus was the Messenger of God during Moses time that Moses is the messenger of God. And now during our time, there is no god except the one true God, the Creator of all that exists, and Muhammad is the Messenger, the final profit set by God, no more messages to come by how do you know that he was indeed a messenger? That's what we're going to be covering. In this week's show. We're going to be giving you the top five proofs that he indeed was after the show, you can take that step, the necessary step that you need to take to

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become one who submits to God I must say, when we come back here and again show sit tight.

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Salam Alaikum Peace be with you. Around I got me peace be unto you too. And we're wishing peace upon each others. We start with peace. You know, but many people don't have peace. They're frustrated like they got money. But peace is something that you can't buy you cannot buy a six pack of peace so how do you get peace a peace of mind is when you're actually a trinkle with one that's all been one one God and that's what God Almighty actually mentioned that this is what the peace out of a victory lap took my inner group by the remembrance of God Almighty that your heart is at ease and certainly inshallah you will find peace with Islam so when you when you know the purpose of life, you know why

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you've been created where you came from? Where you go when you die? And is this how you can have that peace? This is of course answering these questions. Yes, God Almighty actually gives you the answer the questions he's the only one that gives you the answer the questions before you're tested. And he tells you when and where and now and so on. Nobody else on the face of the earth doesn't tell you the answer to the questions for your tests and so on they as a matter of fact he can seal it but God Almighty is most merciful Most Beneficent and clubs there's so much that he tells us here's what you're gonna be tested on. And here are the answers to the questions so panela so he tells you a

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molecule general in scenario dude I have not created the gin and the ends except to worship Me and how worship me of course is that you'll live your whole life according to the core elements and the one that created you for the simple fact that if you buy a car you get with a manual and it tells us what to do here's what not to do so if somebody created the car or the invented a car what happens if it tells you to put the gas here the oil here and that water here he says no, I don't think you know what you're talking about. This put the gas here the water again oil here how far the car is gonna run? Not very far. So we're supposed to go back to our own manual, our own creator that knows

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what's best for us follow Islam you'll find peace in this life in the hereafter. We know that Islam.

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total submission to the One God the same way of life all the messengers of God. The Quran is the written word of God. We know these facts. It's not fiction and Islam provides all the rational logical proofs for anyone who takes a scientific analytical approach and prays to the One God not to a man or woman but the creator men and women that God will guide them and through looking at all these proofs

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They will come to know that this is indeed from the Creator of the heavens and earth. So I'm very excited because we're going to get into the top five proofs starting from 54321, that the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him was indeed a messenger of God. The first part is pretty easy, because it's in their very nature to only worship the One God not to worship a man or the sun or anything in creation, they can understand that coming from all these other religions that you know, mix God, what is creation, make a man to God and worshiping a woman or man or this or that the sun worshipping things that came into existence, God didn't come into existence, he's the sole creator,

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so we only worship him. But now the other part is, was Prophet Mohammed a messenger of God. So we want to give these evidences, and we're going to go in chronological order from 54321. So at the end, God willing, we're going to have some people saying the Shahada, they're going to inshallah do what's in their very nature testify to this truth. So let us start with number five of the five proves that Muhammad peace be upon him was indeed like, Jesus was Moses, Abraham, they were all messengers, and he was the last and final messenger. Start with number five, please. Number five. First of all, if you put somebody on the stand, of course, Prophet Mohammed Salah, so let's not

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understand that we're just talking hypothetically. Now, just to prove a case. If somebody goes to court, we have to call on the witnesses. So let's call on the witnesses, but we're not going to call witnesses Do you think we call the witnesses first is his enemies? Oh, so we're not calling his mother or you know, they call his father or as best friends, people who know we're calling his enemy right person? Go ahead. Yeah, let's start with the enemies because he revealed, the true one says even your staunch enemies will testify for you. So what was he known for? these enemies actually used to call them sad that I mean, the trustworthy one, the truthful one, amazingly enough, even in

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Hercules when that we was the time that caught one of the people from his tribe, because he saw a vision and but there would be a messenger coming from that. So he actually talked to him. Some of the people told them, he says, Do you have anyone that coming from his tribe, or anyone that come in close to him that was in touch with him, they found out was Sophia was at the time of the merchant economist is to sit here, and he told them that these people from your own tribe, they will sit behind you, and they will tell me if you're actually not telling me the truth.

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And of course, Sophia Jelani was not a Muslim, then. But of course, it was one of the I tried the audible tribe, and the Animal Society. He said, he didn't want it, they didn't like him, then he started to look for certain faults, he couldn't find anything. He says, Well, he does. 123 and they were all good. As he tries to do good that he asked him some questions. He asked him certain questions, he says, anyone in the Arab peninsula called for being a prophet before? He says, No. Did anyone make this claim before nobody made that claim before? So the king says, if it was you, maybe it was imitating someone? So he says, Did his own lineage or the ancestors or fathers or forefathers

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actually workings of these areas? He said, No, is if he was he would have been claiming his own kingdom back? Yes. And he says, and so on. He said, what what type of people they're actually following this is the the poor is the such where that the profits, and he says to the increase, or the decreases the increase is associated the profits. He says, do the people do it because they're forced or that because of the love it says, because they've got they're convinced, as such as profit. These were the people that are not actually Muslim, this man was his enemy could have lied. And he could have done but he was actually telling the truth, because there was none. He found a

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very minor thing he says, but we will see in the future, it wasn't there yet. He says this, the only thing that I can actually look for now that people actually that did that. And we will talk about the few things a little bit later, I want to jump the gun here. But that's the first just to quickly cover a few things because the time will not allow us to go into more details. Now let's find some more witnesses. We taken some of his enemies that actually used to call them that they used to trust him with the most wildly important decision we'll we'll talk about a little bit later. Everyone knew that he did not lie. So when he says that he did he was you know to be alliances? No, he says what

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law he by God, he would not lie. He would not be truthful people on lie upon Allah upon God Almighty. If he was known to be truthful, how could he be being truthful with people and not being truthful with with God Almighty other witnesses to take that one to Tibet, he says that now himself Prophet Mohammed Salah uncertain miracles he's done like he said a whole army with very little food he heard he actually was heard some of the some of the animals he the the moon when it's split, and these people actually saw these things. Even in in China and India, the done that they've seen the mood split, it wasn't the people that actually that the had magic or spills over the people that

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were there because others actually saw these things. When he had

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A beautiful way to, to say that the dates were actually were overflowing that things and so many others in the water actually came from underneath and the rivers have run on water two points the whole army has actually had to endure Rasul Allah at that time. He says, I testify that I'm a messenger of God. Above all of the testimonies is Allah God Almighty him services will love yesterday in a colossal, God Almighty testifies that you are His messengers. So these are just some a sample of the testimonies that the people come and stand and say, Who is this man, and he is a messenger, but lost knowledge in the field. So before we go to break, the first man was Hercules, he

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was a known figure in history that people can go check that this is a man who existed. And there were people at that time that we have a chain of narrations that are testifying to what you just said, Absolutely. And Abu sufian is the one that actually testified to that. And then him testify himself by all these miracles that he did. And we're not flaunting about these miracle but those miracles were witnessed by hundreds of his companions that we have a chain of narrations to. Absolutely and then God Almighty himself in the verbatim Word of God is testifying to this in a book that's tamper free tamper proof has been preserved. We have it today. Everyone wants to take a look

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at number five, that is number five, the testimony so we recapping is not only number five, we got four more to go Don't go nowhere. Okay, you put your dream home and you've got your dream car, but you're gonna get old and things are gonna happen to you in your life. And then what have you got, at the end of the day, it's an empty dream that has no real Foundation, we all gonna die and we're gonna meet our Lord and He is going to judge us. It becomes an obligation for each single human being to find out what the Quran is. Islam is telling us to stay away from things which are bad for your person and bad for the society.

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killing of innocent human being,

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human life is precious.

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Back here on the deen show, with Shaykh Allah, and we're talking about the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. We believe, as over 1.5 billion people do that he indeed, he wasn't a son of God, the right hand of God, he didn't have divinity. We don't worship Mohammed, but he was indeed a messenger of God the same way Jesus, Moses, Abraham, they all were messengers of God, and they brought the same message, worship the Creator, not his creation, and follow the messengers. So go ahead and continue with number four of the top five that indeed proves that Muhammad peace be upon him was deed a messenger of God, take it away. Number four. Number four is what we're talking about the

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message, what was his message? So you have to cross reference, what was he calling for? Was he calling people to say worship Me? Give me all your money. Vote for me, or anything else? No, his machines was very simple. Worship the one and only God, because people right there and then they actually had 360 idols that used to worship for 13 years in Mecca, the Mecca and era. He simply says kulula illa Illa letter flowers say there's only one God so you may prosper. You take that simple message that there's only one God and you cross reference it with every other prophets and messengers before him, you will find out actually falls in line with every prophet and messenger.

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There's only one God worship Him do this to go to heaven. And don't do this so you can stay away from the hellfire. So we ask people, what is it exactly that you don't like about this message? But what makes him not a messenger? If you simply tells people to worship God Almighty, nothing, absolutely nothing in it for him. As a matter of fact, people came up to him and he said, Listen stop saying there's only one God who will kill you that didn't work. or stop saying there's one God if you're if you're after money will make you the richest man in life. That didn't work. And people came in as a it's tough saying there's only one God if women you after we'll give you all the women

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you want? Absolutely not. They're trying to bribe them now. Women with money with power shouldn't accept none of it. None. And he says if you want to be our gang, we will make your game if it's power, your after we will give you the power. If it's Voodoo that you have, we will give you the best Exorcist if it's an illness that you have. We'll get you the best doctors. He listened as you will see later on how he listened is Are you finished even though the perfect addition is weak, we understand that but the zero is not dealt with accordingly to the account or the rulings. So it says if you put the sun in my right hand and the moon in my left hand, I will not stop saying there's

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only one God or die for it. So it wasn't after his own whims and desires as a matter of fact, he died as a poor man made peace and blessings of God Almighty beyond to him and he could have been the richest man he could have had everything and of course, people have so many things to accuse or abuse inshallah hopefully we can give you that the knowledge of the proper way of who Prophet Muhammad May peace be upon him was so the number four is for the simple fact that is the message what is this message is the for the simple fact that is only one God. it coincides with everybody else before him. About fact comes back and rectifies what was

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misinterpreted or diverted or led astray before him go back to the original The message was very simple. There's only one God worship Him. And that coincides and with in line with every prophet and messenger and make sense, and he's received it, of course from the Archangel Gabriel for the message was very simple, straightforward. There's only one God, which makes him a prophet. Five, four, take it away with three, go ahead. Number three. Now, we talked about the message. Now let's cross reference. Now what is the actual message? The message came from the Quran. So the Quran because every prophet and messenger has a miracle,

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to prove their leader, His Messenger than the prophet and so on. So we take a look at the Quran in itself, for every prophet as the messenger so like we say, Moses May peace be upon him had the

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the miracle of the staff because of the time that people liked magic and so on, however, and as allies, let me peace be upon him, Jesus made peace be upon him. I also had the miracle of medicine, because at that time, it pertained to these types of people. And they were into that type of thing. Yes. But when God Almighty challenged the Arabs, because the language was their strength, they actually used to teach people poetry. And he says, A man came up to me says, I can't remember how many records how many units of prayer to do. So the man came up to him, he says, Listen, I'll give you a poem. He will understand he said,

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to metadata.

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For them for the three then four, then do it. He got it for a poetry and they were challenged with their own because they were used to boast about how eloquent they are, and the and the genius of the language and the science of the language that they had under Bill. So God Almighty said, actually, that there's here is this book that is going to be in your own language. Elif Lam, Meem Elif lambing, these are the letters that this book is made of their legal GitHub, here's the book, who the limits are in guidance, those who are piety are conscious of God. So God Almighty challenge them in their own field, that God Almighty actually told them in that Koran, which is a live language, we

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have the original, we never lost it. It was memorized, written at the time of the life of Prophet Mohammed Salah Salem, no one can deny the fact that we do not differ upon it. And we have the miracles that we talked about the scientific miracles of that, and so many others. And we heard this from Sheikh Ali the scenes Yolanda Haida wants to prove to you from this fact that we actually memorize is preserved, as Allah has God Almighty, has promised to preserve the Quran. He said that if all denominations are always of life, for all religions agreed to throw all the scriptures, all the divine scriptures in the ocean,

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to just get rid of them, get rid of them. We all agreed to get rid of all the divine scriptures, which is the only one book that will come back to life and immediately

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the only answer is the Quran. Because we memorize it off by heart, no one can differ upon it. And this is something that we do from the from the very early stages and whether you speak Arabic or not. The people actually memorize the Quran, so no one can actually defy that. The actual miracle of the Quran in itself that has that

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news from what the past, how to live your life in the present, and what will come in future. And that message we talked about the oneness of God Almighty is actually one third of the Quran, one third of the Quran. So when the people say that what is the message of the Quran, the oneness of God is one third of it. And when people say that this score and it comes from Satanic Verses, amazingly enough, when I have these people coming into the center when I have these tours, I tell them Okay, let's go with that. Let's go with the idea that what are the secrets you got from that? It's a you know, Satanic Verses you've heard, okay, Satan is the author of the Quran says it's interesting,

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because in the Quran, it says, when you read the current welfare state as belemnite chanology, when you recite the Quran, seek refuge in God from Satan the rejected Can you imagine, Satan is the author of the book says, hmm, before you read my book, seek refuge in God for me, and I forgot to mention a few things. If you follow me, you go straight to help. Oh, yes, I am your worst enemy. Go ahead, buy my book.

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Imagine imagine that's the case, when people actually say that these are Satanic Verses, or the other ones. It says that is Mohammed that wrote the book. Amazing. Don't you know that actually, Prophet Mohammed May peace be upon him did not know how to read or write. Surprise. Interestingly enough, that Prophet Mohammed maybe did not know how to read or write me. Who me was that actually comes from the Mother, the word whom he was taught by that nature, primal instinct. He was not taught, and these people accuse him for actually taking over from others. As a matter of fact, we know that the Bible has been translated on the 18th century. It wasn't at the time of the Prophet

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Muhammad peace bottom, just in case that people think that he was actually trying to copy wholesale from the Bible, and not to mention that his verses, there is

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Very challenging versus those who talked about it before, and the ad in itself.

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The Quran itself has a challenge, a challenge the people that stand the test of time, there was a challenge at the time of the revolution, that God Almighty says, believe it or not to the uncle of Prophet Mohammed peace, but um, that he will not go to he will not become a Muslim.

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Even then he knew that for years while he was alive, he could have simply said, Well, guess what, I want to become a Muslim, what do you think? Now? He didn't. And of course, there are other ones other miracles of the Quran that actually is justified, this is all wrong. The word right there, the Roman were actually beaten. It says the government says, Well, we better develop instead of liberland. And after they've been defeated, they will be victorious. People that are sinning a few, a few days, a few years. So these were miracles on hand, there are testifies, and again, God Almighty gave the people a challenge. As we mentioned previously, he says, Listen, if you want to

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prove this book is not from God, Almighty, you do this, if you do this father's book under God. And he will tell you, He will give you another chance, he will never be able to do this with the Quran, since you will never be able to do this. But that will not let you be away from the quiet since this is one verse, or one chapter or two chapters and that stand the test still stands up till now. This is God Almighty, the creator speaking, absolutely offering a challenge to mankind. Right, so we went from 543 we got two and one left. Don't go nowhere. Right? We give you the five top reasons why probably Muhammad peace be upon his deed, indeed, a messenger from the Creator of the heavens, enter

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sit tight, deaf and the Day of Judgment, the mercy of Allah, these are the things that finally made me realize there is no time to delay anymore. I want you to take my Shahada right.

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Now, really, the essence of spirituality is to become more sincere to less fun to play with. So it is very, very scary, but it brings you back to reality there is a life which is everlasting. And you have to make a conscious decision of which group of people do you want to be the people, or the people have held a low?

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Back here on the de show top five reasons why Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him is indeed a messenger of God, there is no god worthy of worship except the one God the one creator, all that exists. As we said, if you're living during Jesus's time, he was a messenger of God, you had to testify that he was your teacher, a messenger teaching you how to get close to God, you didn't worship him or pray to Him, nor did you do that to any of the messengers, right? So we don't worship Mohammed. But indeed, we follow his teachings the same way we'd have followed Jesus as Moses Abraham's teaching, but he's the last and final messenger, so we're giving you the proofs. So you

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will know that he is indeed a messenger of guy where from 543, please take it away with number two. Okay, speaking of that much, it's even profitable. Amazon says, Let the Tony do not boast about me, but say about me that I am do not say that I am the Son of God or God incarnate or divine or so on. I am a human being just like you. The difference is I receive revelations now, where the topic we're talking about now, number four is a flap, moral conduct behavior etickets matters. God Almighty testifies in the Quran, he says, gives them this beautiful Medal of Honor. Is what in that Allah Allah, Allah Navin, indeed, you are there best of moral conduct behaviors, because we have to walk

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the talk. Every human being is a there's a measuring stick. And God Almighty says that he is the best of moral conduct. As a matter of fact, he says I'm sent to complete the best of moral conduct and so on. One of the reasons that we have to do this cross references so cross it from the book, when God Almighty testifies that he his, his message was this, the Quran says do these things is all about enjoying good and forbidding evil, how to be the best human beings that even so the some of the scholars says that the act of worship in the Quran actually to give you a better moral conduct, and for example, the last thing is actually to talk about the taco give you a taco and the Salah is

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words of evil. There's a guy is to teach you to give the award to heal you from the illness of the hoarding the silver and gold the illness of the heart and being Hajji teaches you patience. So you understand that every aspect of our worship is to become a better human being. So Prophet, Mohammed Salim is the best of creations. So you walk the talk, and how was it then, if when Prophet Mohammed May peace be upon him? When people wanted to kill him, even though they did not believe in his message, they still trusted with him with the most worldly possession the most expensive one, even though that he wanted the knew about it. You and I are asking you brothers and sisters out there

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now. Put yourself in that position. If somebody wants to kill you, but you have something of their own. What would you do? I'm pretty sure you say you don't know what you're trying to do. You want to mess with me and so on. Now, I've confiscated your stuff, but it wasn't for Prophet Mohammed Salah.

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Listen, because he was the best of creation. He says, Yeah, he is because he says, You stay here. But when you wake up in the morning, you give them back their rightful owners and he taught us, let us do not betray this will betray you, be good to those who are bad to you give those who deprive you reach for those who cut you off, and so on. As a matter of fact, he was a lead in so many moral conduct and ethics, that he had a young girl that he wanted to come and join them in a to, to witness a war. And he actually after the war, he was looking for someone, this young girl is actually narrating this prophetic tradition. And he says, as if he was looking for me and he had

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this pelada this beautiful necklace, as the spoils of war. And she ran she ran teams is here I am Here I am a messenger of Allah, his little Salah, and he said that he put that on her on her own. He says, By Allah, I will never take this necklace from my own neck anymore. And she put in her will that she wanted to be buried with this necklace. And on Judgement day she wants to run to him. He says, Yeah, Rasul Allah Omen civil law is a sort of, can you remember me, I am the one that you put this necklace, this necklace, you see how we actually talk to the young, how he he actually had a young boy called or weighed, and he had a bird called the waves. And he actually used to lock them

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higher on my house and away this bird. The one thing is I'm crying, he stayed with him what happened, his method the way and the way that bird died, he stayed with him to leave him with a smile on his face as Islam with a tear in his eyes. I understand there's so much to share on the comes to a flock. But even though when a man promised to meet him, at a certain time, because he wanted to keep a covenant, and be truthful to others, after two days, he waited for him is his attack, Danny, I waited for you and so many others, we cannot comprehend the amount of moral conduct that Prophet Mohammed May peace be upon him was known for how to deal with human beings, not only

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human beings, even animals, and every others may best job 5432 and we're almost coming to an end. Let's take it away with the number one proof evidence that indeed Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, was a mighty messenger of God. So we said the proof the proof is in the pudding. So we say the fruit of this whole thing. So when we talk about you know, the testimony of people, when we talk about the message when we talk about the Quran, when he will talk about the more conductors he walked the talk of everything. So now what is the outcome, the fruit, this whole thing? Look at it started with one human being this whole omastar with one Prophet Mohammed, maybe someone

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is now 1.5 or 1.7 billion Muslims around the world, saying there's only one God declaring this being good staying away from evil, declaring, enjoying good, forbidding evil, trying to change their life to a better dude living their life, according to modesty, humbleness, and all these beauty of the teaching of Islam, how to help one another how to have the humanity being Come on a straight path, the unity, the oneness, and regardless of people of color, creed and face You are my brother in in humanity, as we mentioned earlier allows upon our Taliban. So look at the fruit of this look at the fruit of Muslims and we say that we understand that we're no we're no angels were human beings just

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like everybody else. But I'm talking about those who practice Islam, those who actually live and walk the talk, Lake Prophet Mohammed maybe spawn him when he shot maybe May God be pleased with her, when she was asked about how was he, he was a walk in Quran. So now how would change the human being those who actually used to kill one another are now being bonded. The fruit of that is the Quran and the messenger of Prophet Mohammed may be upon him. And of course, every history will testify that no migration has taken place without bloodshed, the only migration that did not take bloodshed, with the migrants from Mecca that went to Medina to end slavery and help one another. And that's another

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topic on its own. It's gonna take another hour to explain, but I'm not gonna go into details. But you see how God Almighty changed and the message of the fruit. For those people that used to go one other now become bosom buddies, those who actually used to drink alcohol, fornicated, married different woman and all women that wants to have any intimate relations with anyone and claim that child to be that man now has changed and restricted certain things. give away the slavery, turning this whole humanity around to be the best of human beings, to be truthful and honest, get rid of we have the usury and all these moral context is the fruit of Islam from the Quran and Sunnah. And not

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in a nutshell, there's so much to share. But just to give you an example, for the 123, and four and five is the proof is in the pudding. As you will see those who actually established Islam in their life, the best of human beings accordingly, even in the Bible mentioned, you will know that from the fruit. And that is the best the teaching was. Thank you very much. We're out of time. But just go ahead and talk about this for hours and hours. We only had a little bit of time and you explained this so eloquently. Thank you so much. May Allah the Creator of the heavens, Earth rewards you, the two of you. Thank you for having me. Thank you

00:30:00 --> 00:30:38

Once again for tuning into the deen show. Islam is not about terrifying or terrorizing people. Islam is not what all the hype has been created about to go ahead and establish in justice. Islam is about bringing justice bringing peace into human beings life. And you got to hear all these wonderful proofs to provide you the human being who's searching for the purpose of life. There is a day of judgment, we all be accountable for what we did on this life. And at the end, there's a paradise and there's an hellfire. And everything has been laid out the blueprint has been sent with this last and final messenger who was sent to all of mankind as a mercy to the world as a mercy to the world that

00:30:38 --> 00:31:15

if you follow his teachings, as we said, the same way, if you were to follow Jesus's teachings, he was the way the truth and the light, but not in no way did he ever claim that he was God, the Son of God, and all this other stuff. No, they all call people to worship the one God. So when you sit back and you analyze all these proofs with an open mind, a humble heart, you will indeed see that indeed, this is from the Creator of the heavens and earth, and how you can be successful is by living this truth. And we hope that now that you've gotten to learn more, and you can call the number on the screen, one 800 662 Islam, if you want to accept Islam, if you want to join the family of over 1.5

00:31:15 --> 00:31:26

billion people worldwide, and until next time, peace be unto you. And if we're going to worship something, I figured I might as well worship the creator instead of any of the creations.

00:31:27 --> 00:31:45

Now it upon investigating the villages I remember finding out the meaning of what Islam is, well Muslim is those who surrender their self to God is a Muslim. Those who cement submit to God, God's will that Islam was pure. It was just you just pray to god you create

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I'm not afraid.

00:31:57 --> 00:31:58

I'm not afraid.

In this episode of TheDeenShow the guest Shaykh Alaa ElSayed will be giving the viewers 5 proofs for people to know that Muhammad pbuh was indeed a Messager of God and the seal of the prophets.

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