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I said I'm Nico How you guys doing? I do Tate has just been seen walking into the courthouse with a book what is his book that he's holding in his hand?

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Feel pretty good

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okay, by now everyone has figured out what the book is. The news media is reporting on this book. Now before I go further, let's start with a person that got to spend some time with Andrew Tate. I believe his name is Aiden, he happens to be a Jew. Let's hear what he has to say about this very same book that Andrew Tate is holding in his hands walking into the courthouse with like, bro, I'm Jewish. And the Quran is like has a lot of truth to the Quran, bro. Like, a lot of stuff that I really like. Like, like standby, like, the Quran is beautiful. And I haven't really studied the Holy Bible like that, but the crime itself is I don't know,

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the new thing.

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So I don't I don't know nothing about the crime. So educate me is a crime like, Okay, can I because there's a lot of a lot of stuff. The Koran has applies. They did like a lot, a lot, bro. That's I watched videos on it, and I read up on stuff and people discuss it and break it down. Because I don't really understand, you know, now we're going to do is just help you give you just kind of a gist of what this book actually is that Andrew take, keeps quoting on his Twitter feed. And now he's confidently holding in his hand walking in the courthouse with it for the whole world to see now want to make a disclaimer before we get into some really exciting things about the book. Now I don't

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want to get into much of the hypocrisy around this whole circus. I just want to make things clear about the book, what The Book says what's in the book. And the book is clear on these issues. Islam is clear on these issues on these issues that people keep bringing up from when the man had hair on his head, or the majority of them were way before Islam when he was actually an atheist, because I used to be an atheist. And when you're an atheist, you believe that religion causes more problems and it fix it and you realize that religion is actually the cure for most of the problems in the world. And God lessness is the problem in the world. So that is something I will apologize for them

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that I was wrong about because I was atheistic. And now as a Muslim, I understand that's absolutely not the case. Because all these things are of crystal clear. There. There are as we say haram prohibited forbidden in Islam. And as he grows in Islam, submission to the Creator, not the creation, step by step, end up leaving off more and more of these things that go against it. Now let's look at some of these tweets to agitate keeps quoting from the verbatim words of God Almighty Allah, from the Quran that he's holding in his hand. This is a verse from the Quran. They plot and plan and Allah God Almighty, two plants, but the best of planners is Allah. Remember, anytime you

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hear the word Allah, this is simply the name of the Creator of the heavens and earth in Arabic, Semitic language, Allah does not burden his soul beyond what it can bear. Some beautiful, beautiful verse, no matter what you're going through in life, God Almighty did not is not going to test you with something that you cannot bear. And he only tests you for you to go ahead and learn to go ahead and be an explanation for your sins. There are much there's much wisdom in these tests and trials that we go through as human beings, especially as those who are believers who believe in the pure monotheism, believe in the Creator of the heavens in the earth, as stated in authentic saying of the

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last amount of messages sent to mankind, Prophet Muhammad, who said, all the affairs for the believer are good. This is only for the believer

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that when good comes to him, he says that hamdulillah all praise to the Most High, up above. And when he's hit with a calamity like this one, he's still saying she's still saying Alhamdulillah and they're patient, and this is good for him. Now the verse that he's tweeted, truth has come and falsehood has vanished falsehood surely bound to vanish. Now, what's the main message about the Creator of the heavens and earth, that this was revealed in this Quran, which was revealed over a span of 23 years, the book didn't just fall from the sky, it was revealed piecemeal to the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him over a span of 23 years and compiled as we have it today.

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It's a living miracle. If anyone is sincere, humble hearted, open minded, and they put this book to the test, seeking the guidance from the creditor heavens and earth wanting to know what the purpose of life is why we're here, why we were created, where we go when we die. This Quran has all the answers. It has all the answers that are crucial questions you should be asking, most importantly, who is this creator and God Almighty himself defines himself in the Quran in this chapter long.

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Solomon, linearly though Allah mula, what a miracle loco for

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here we see that the Creator is not his creation. He's not a man. He doesn't have sons and daughters. He doesn't sleep, eat, go to the bathroom, he's unique, and he is absolutely one. This is the pure monotheism and on

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that there is a moral code that is established. And from there the Quran talks about paradise to hellfire. It paints a clear lucid description of what's waiting for those. Those who believe in one God live a morally upright life when they make a mistake they turn they repent to the crater of alone, alone. They don't go into a confession box they don't worship a human being. They don't worship messengers and saints No, they worship one God directly alone that goes with your very nature that makes sense, doesn't it? And the Quran connects you with the hereafter gives you a blueprint for this life helps you be the best version of yourself in this life has your eyes set on

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the prize, which is Janna paradise, it shows you clearly how to pass the test of this life and avoid the Hellfire in all these things a pornography webcam business, debauchery, immorality, all these things if a person continues, consists with these things, this is how someone can end up in the hellfire. So no Muslim wants to be indulging in webcam business, and pornography, drinking drugs, all these things that society has actually allowed but Islam has the strictest on it and cuts this off this evil from the root Now you're probably thinking how can I know you're telling me this? How could that how can I be sure 100% that the Quran is from who you're telling me it's not like all

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these other manmade religions where there's evidence in the Quran, you want scientific miracles facts, it's in the Quran prophecies there in the Quran. embryo in the grand cannot be based on scientific knowledge in the seventh seventh century.

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could not have known these facts about human development in the seventh century, because most of them were not discovered until the 20th century, these facts could only have been revealed to Muhammad, but the one No one knows all about us things. And when you read the book, it doesn't add up, that a man living in a desert peace and blessings be upon a problem Muhammad could have known these things, there is no way possible, too many to list and a short video. And this is just to entice you to form an investigation to look closer into the book that agitate is holding for the whole world to see. Now I want you to look at this little graph here. And you can see this

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illustrates all the prophets and messengers that God Almighty Allah sent throughout time, and they all came with the same message, calling humanity to worship one and only one god that there's nothing worthy of worship, except that one God, and you were to obey the messengers that were sent at that time, they were calling people away from paganism, from idolatry, from falling your lust, passions and desires. And you can see what happens when a person is living a life, a life away from God, a godless life, what happens to them, they indulge in all of these evil things now, and you see now where it can get you. That's my brothers and sisters. Take an example from this, stay far away

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from any of these things. This is a great example from my brother here, who was an atheist at that time, he didn't know any better. And this is the majority of people, young people, this is what they're doing porn is a multi billion dollar industry, bigger than football, basketball, all the sports, everything combined together, Islam cuts it off at the root, alcohol, gambling, all of these things, destroying homes, destroying society, Islam cuts it off from the root. So people like Andrew 10 others who are living at one time, a godless life. This is the kind of things that's flaunted in front of them, of course, they're going to explore and you see that the downhill spiral you see the

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kinds of things that can come back and haunt you. So those prophets and messengers in the diagram, they all came with the same message submit your will to the Creator, heavens and earth, live a morally upright life. And at the end, your prize is paradise Jana, and you avoid the hellfire. And all of that led him to the final messenger who came after Moses who came after Jesus peace blessing be upon him who was a messenger, one of the mightiest messengers, and the final messengers, Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him. And he bought the living miracle, which is what agitate was carrying with him into the courthouse, the Koran brothers and sisters and humanity at large. I

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wanted to just go ahead and give you something that will entice you to look more into the book I can go on but I wanted to keep this short and I kind of in my excitement I just went over the time. So let's cut it here. If you guys want a free copy of this very, this very book the

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go ahead to visit the D And we'll get it out to you. And we'll see you next time. Subscribe if you haven't already hit that notification bells to get other videos like this. Helping to you understand the most misunderstood way of

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Life yet the fastest growing that brings peace, contentment, happiness to the hearts and is the solution to all of these ills in society. All of these ills with the webcam and the pornography and the gambling and the alcohol and the debauchery. Islam solves it all to the destruction of the family. All of these things Islam solves it all. See you next time until then Peace be with you as salam aleikum