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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salam alaikum Peace be with you. Welcome to the D show. We're here every week with another exciting episode spring than summer. Fun is what people are anticipating getting out of college getting out of school summer break summer vacation, we're going to give you some really good tips to make the best out of this summer so you can stay out of trouble and have the best time we'll be right back with those incredible tips for you here on the D show. Don't go nowhere. This is the theme.

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Salam Alaikum Welcome to the deen show Come a little closer. We're going to introduce you to our guest Sam Sheree. That's right with Sam Sharif. How are you? I'm doing great today. How are you? How's it going? It's been very good today. Now you know what we people go to the deen show calm and have your own section there they can watch some of the progress that we've done in the past God willing, inshallah summertime is rolling around, indeed.

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Looking forward to it. Some people you know, they take it all off. And they just want to have the greatest time in their life because summer's around, we don't want to get any trouble. And the people that are just going all out of bounds. And then at the end side effects, anxiety you know, the depression medications are being you know, prescribed because all that fun led to heartbreak and emotional trauma drama. So we want to give you know, the viewing audience some tips on how to really enjoy this some of the wholesome way people going back to organic food. Right, right. We want to go back to the to the wholesome, organic living, what do you think about this, I'm really glad that

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summer is coming up. It's my favorite time of year. I love the sunshine and all the signs of God that are around you, you get to appreciate that one of the best ways to appreciate that is to at least acknowledge a creator. So the first step it's a tip for all of our viewers, viewers last year your wardrobe. Try not to make your wardrobe too new. And when I mean you can buy new clothes, but sometimes we tend to push the envelope right just as a society. Last year, I wore a two piece this year I might wear something less. Or last year I looked this way or I spoke to these I spoke to these guys and girls, this year, I'm going to push the envelope. That's what we need to be careful

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of during the summertime. So my first suggestion to everyone is wear what you wore when you felt modest, not changing with the times is one of the most important things, but this summer is a usually it's a time when people start heading out and they want to show more of their bodies. I think the best thing that you pointed out was all these medications that are being prescribed. They do take an effect God gave you a body that was meant to be covered. Now you someone would say But why? That covering came through the book in the Quran God said to draw your veils. He told men to lower their gazes when speaking to a female in a respectful way. What happens is when you start

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uncovering those body parts, it's literally if you got it, you flaunt it, right? That's how we work here. Yeah, if you keep flaunting you won't have anything else to flaunt you'll end up naked and that's where the self esteem gets killed. And that's where the person looks gorgeous from the outside and I forgot how many plastic surgeries that other was happened last year. She had like 10 plastic surgeries and Botox everything in it in like a week span. Yeah, it was one specific person and at the end, you still don't look perfect, because perfection is for God. look the way that you are and it won't just have to do with dress it'll have a lot to do with your self image. This is

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amazing because we want to go back to living a wholesome organic life that is ordained by the one who created as he knows best. Yes, we don't know best. So we've come to this way of life using our mind using the faculties that the Creator has given us based on proof not just emotion right? So okay, we realized that the Quran is the verbatim WORD OF GOD Muhammad peace be upon him is a messengers like Moses, Abraham, Jesus, they all came with the same message worship the Creator, not his creation and establish your life around pleasing the creator the life I like you said that your food, your dress your action, but one of the things that happens during the summer it's summer

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blockbusters, right so we go to the movie theater, we try to get connected. Why not choose this summer why not choose to make a why not choose to watch things that won't entice you? Maybe

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Be things that aren't as sexually perverse because in the beginning, it was just maybe one or two scenes. But if we keep watching people in our life dressed a certain way, we're gonna see that too. So Islam is about venerating or worshipping our God, but not just through actions, but through the daily life. We eat dress, and that organic push to make things a little bit more pure. Doesn't the Creator, the same God of Jesus of Moses, Abraham, the God who created everything? Doesn't he say the verbatim WORD OF GOD successful are those who purify it? So are we trying to purify our heart? And every time you look at something that you shouldn't pornographic images, audio pornography, you

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listen, you hear all of these negative nasty things, right? Doesn't that affect the heart and rust the heart from all these sins, and that is the decay of view and decay of society. So we're trying to not let our heart get corrupted by watching what we see, watching what we eat, watching what we listen to, I want to answer No, I say it doesn't affect us at all. I'm that guy at home saying a bunch of crazy people. Yeah, let me rock down that path. If I watch things that enticed me to a natural inclination, if I watch something like pornography, something sexual, you're, I'm, I'm trying to defend that it won't affect me. If I listen to music that constantly has shake this shake

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that and a woman moaning? No, that's not gonna affect me either. Okay, so if I spend the entire day out looking at people that I find attractive, and I keep staring at them, is that not gonna affect me, I think, this summer, where we have a chance to kind of scale back on even the things that we do personally, I'll take a quick side tangent of pornography is a huge issue, not in Islam, not just as a society, we tend to see things that are on movies, and then we want to reproduce them, whether it's an action scene, or whether it's something that would degrade someone else. The summertime is when these new images are appealing to us. So I would say that your movies, pornography, the music

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that you listen to, and even the friends that you hang out with, they affect you. And if you're a young person who says it doesn't affect me, then you sound as you sound as not intelligent as I sounded five minutes ago, saying that it doesn't change you at all. So I think what we need to do is find out what that limit is, and that that's the key phrase for today's show is no one's going to set that limit other than Allah.

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He says in Surah, Baqarah, and several places in the Quran, Allah ecohome alpha, his own the people who find God and the world that he's given us in the hereafter to be better, to be more productive to work for to invest there. Those are the people who have attained Felicity who have attained success. So the question is not what you do, but how much of it do you do? It's the limitation. So some people will look at this as like, Man, these guys are extreme. Can we safely say that many people just because out of ignorance, or many people, because you're adapted to the culture and society, they've extremely gone away from the wholesome way. So we're trying to stimulate what's in

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the human beat, the human being knows that moral compass might be off, but they know when they hear they hear that, look, we're talking about sex inside of marriage, we're talking about a man respecting a woman not degrading her and treating her like a piece of meat, and the woman having some self dignity, that she's not just wanting to get all that attention. So she's taken it all off, keep it on, preserve yourself, protect yourself. So when it comes to this,

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I think if we just look at America, just the people who are viewing this show, 40 years ago, when a guy and a girl wanted to go out, you approached her dad, you spoke to her and said I would like you courted her just to go out what changed our moral compass. And I mean, our because we all live together. We're a society, what changed our moral compass, what pulled us away. It was the it was denying God's word, whether it was a Bible for honor Torah, everyone who wanted to become more liberal, cut away from what was deemed God's word, to be man, to be intellectual, to be rational, we cut what we thought was mystical. And then we went forward and said, I'm going to define things on

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my own. So Allah in the Koran constantly tells us lie still, we also have on it was horrible, Jana, there is no comparison. They're not equal the people of the paradise and the people of health. So let's take that model here. The people who cheat steal the people who don't care about society and hoard wealth, they might look perfect here in this world, but what will they pay for? Or what will they be able to show face for on the day of judgment? And if you want an example of that here, when you see a billionaire now giving money, you feel like oh, yeah, that's his responsibility, because he was he was ordained to have this. So the same way, you're not going to see a drug dealer, meet

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God, drug dealer who killed and hurt people and push the envelope, someone who backed by did and kept talking about gossip. That person who gets up and says, Well

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Well, I didn't think it was gonna affect anyone have to think about that. So the Islamic perspective, the core unex perspective, is that organic is not just food, but organic is the human nature. When you follow that nature, for example, if you pulled, you change your clothes off of your young child, right? And you say, shame, shame or something, they'll cover themselves. Yes, yes, yes, it's natural. Right. And I, we just discussed this yesterday as a closing point. A child will never respond to a stimulus until an adult tells them that's how you're supposed to perceive it. So if you see a young lady dressed inappropriately, and to your child, you make the gesture, would you like

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mommy to wear that? The child would be like, Oh, that feels awkward. So before you slam God's law on someone, just go with the natural inclination, and you'll find that that inclination was clarified in the Koran. And that inclination was there. We're gonna be right back with more here on the D show, don't go nowhere. You think these things are gonna bring you happiness? You know why you keep going back to the club, and you keep going back to these desires.

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Because you never find satisfaction.

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It's gonna end up causing you if it hasn't already a lot of pain.

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Think you're happy? You're kidding yourself, is really

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what we are offering in Islam. What we have found in Islam for ourselves, is a means by which our hearts are at peace. They're at rest. They're not discontent. We are pleased with what we have.

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I am not afraid.

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I am not afraid.

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am not afraid to say

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I am not afraid.

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I'm not afraid.

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I'm not afraid.

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I'm not afraid to say.

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Back here on the D show. We're talking about summer fun. And the woman who's decided that you know what, I don't want to be used and abused. I don't like these men staring at me. googly eye, she's secure. And she don't want all that negativity. She wants attention from her create tour. So she decided not to take the fashion from Beyonce or Britney Spears. She's taken the fashion from the one who created creation and sent the fashion down. And she is covering herself the organic way, the right way, the way that the creator told her to cover so she's covering up. She's not giving up. Yes. But now the outside people are like, Man, this woman's too extreme. You got the woman it's

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winter. And she's in a skirt freezing up. She's I wish I could take off more.

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Now, summers come around, and she's just taking it all off. She's not happy. But the Muslim woman, the woman who submitted to the one creator, she's happy. The other people think she's not that her husband's making her do this. It's forcing this honor. We're in America, brother free country free choice. She made the choice. What about this misconception and the tip for the Muslim woman to keep strong Subhan? Allah? A very juicy question. Let's just start at the top. Every time you see any depiction of the Virgin Mary, she has a cloth in her head, right? So the covering of the head for a woman and the shawl coming over her bosom. This is from the beginning of time. But my question is to

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every viewer who sees a Muslim girl, we see girls who cover their face. It's called niqab, we see girls who wear hijab, and they're just girls who dress loosely. And the first question is, Aren't you hot? That in itself means you're looking at them and you're perceiving that they're hot, right? You're looking at them and you're perceiving, Oh, she must be hot. Why not ask why not say, hey, all these women around the world are covering themselves. Maybe your body temperature does get used to it. And it does you do get used to it. But what we want people to understand is hey job the covering of the head or even the loose fitting clothing, it's a choice. It's a choice that women make and it

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makes them feel more comfortable about themselves. best example when you see the supermodel modeling in the mirror and she kind of grabs a little bit because it's skin right? But you'll never be perfect. So the more you keep uncovering, you start realizing okay with tighten this up, I can do this and there are extreme procedures people go through, but why not be content. Now let's go into the second phase fashion. Islam loves fashion the Prophet peace be upon him.

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mentioned that when you make your prayers to adorn beautiful clothes and when you when you rise and take a fresh shower and you present yourself to God and you make prayers. It cleanses yourself what

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We're asking people to think about as be completely fashionable and accessorize and look gorgeous. But when you come out into the society, just because you come out to society for a reason for school for shopping, you draw a small cloak over yourself that indicates to people around you, you know what I mean business, I'm a respectful person, you can talk to me, you can engage here. But everything that that is me, is going to be covered. And you're just going to experience what it is that God intended my face. So I think when you see a hijabi woman, try to keep a woman who covers her head, try to keep pictures of the Virgin Mary in your head, or the pictures of the Mother

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Teresa, or any Muslim woman, Yvonne Ridley, who came back from Afghanistan, there's so many women who are covered and happy. There are women surfers, there's the burqini there are 100 ways that we can look at this. But why put my opinion that a girl doesn't a girl should be uncovered? Why do I force that on someone else? Because I think her husband is forcing her. Because Hollywood told me that Arabs and Muslims are mean to men. Why not engage in some real conversation? Now the the not yet Muslim? And because everyone has I've said this so many times because our viewing audience are our brothers in humanity. Yes, sir. But we want them to be our brothers and sisters and fate. And

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that just acknowledging what's in your very nature, that is only one God, he's not a man or woman, but he's the Creator, man and woman, and we want to live according to His plan, not our plan. And that's just calling him and being too good to good things to do good to be good. So we could end up in the best place paradise. And my next question. So the person is acknowledged as they watched some details and said, Man, this making sense, you know what I mean? I'm not talking about worshipping, you know, a messenger, a saint or anything in creation. I want to worship God, I want to do good. Now, it's a question about the job. Okay, she's there. And she's like, Well, you know, I'm being

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more modest, you know, I'm not revealing the shape of my body, you know, tight clothes. So it's loose. She's having a little bit hard time with with the commitment with the job. But she says, Man, look, I'm a little more modest. You have these sisters. They're wearing it here. They got the job, but everything else is sticking out. So what is your suggestion for those now that just keep it real? You know, we keep it real here to see on a TV show for the for the bank jobbies. And the whole job is, you know what, but we try to get real hijabi. Right, give the advice, please, for all our Muslims, and I'm just, I didn't call him that there's an actual phrase they call themselves hold

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jobs and Bane job. So we didn't coined this term. It's an actual Facebook page. So it's a Facebook page. So we're just trying to give the loving advice, talk to us. So loving advice to those who in the Muslim community who want to look sexy, but still want to wear hijab. It's something that's forced down your throat from Glee to Gilmore Girls, you have to look hard, but you still have to draw your veil. First to the girls who are to the people who don't dress modestly. This could be guys or girls who make excuses and say, I have a clean heart. for them. It's my suggestion. It's my thought and a caring word. Don't make excuses for what someone else is doing incorrectly. What I say

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is try it. I gave an example. And it shattered a lot of people's comfort levels. But you know, the whole Trayvon hood thing. People are wearing hoods, a congressman wore a hood in the assembly and was asked to be to leave. I encourage young people who need to push. Don't do it for Trayvon, but put a hijab or dress modestly. Stop wearing such tight clothing. And when someone says hey, you look different, like hey, trying to represent you can make up a funny excuse as it's, it's like an analogy. You can be like, Oh, it's like the Trayvon thing. I'm just trying to dress

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confidently. This gives us an excuse to get around, because we worry about what people say. The last and most important thing is, I mean this with all due respect to my to my sisters, I don't grow up. Knowing that it's, I'm not growing up saying that it's easy to wear hijab in America. But I am saying this much. If you're going to put the cloak on your head, then match the part. If I'm going to wear a baseball cap sideways covering one eyebrow, and I have a chain, I ain't gonna walk around when in a suit with a handkerchief, right? I'm gonna play the part. So if you're choosing to make this affectionate connection with your Creator, that this is yours, you look to your Creator and

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say, This is yours. I'm going to cover it. And when you allow me to meet someone that I love, then I will share that with them. So that's my advice to everyone at home having that trouble, take the leap. Try it and keep your intention for God. And please try to make modesty something more than a cloth in your head. And we all know what that means. The hijab is not the cloth on the head. It's the mouth, which is something that comes over your head and covers your neck and your bosoms and also it doesn't indicate that you have legs. We have to we're being real, right? Absolutely. We got to keep it real man. No, no, they're not exactly the most beautiful creatures in the world, right

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but a woman a woman carries that honor

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Let's treasure that honor in a box in a behind a veil, or within the confines of modesty. And at the end of the day, this is just advice from a brother from a friend. There was a beautiful display when someone asked why do your most your Muslim woman cover? And instead of just going off and talking, talking, the man gave a beautiful example, he took two pieces of candy, open one up, throw it on the floor and said, which one would you take? You know, the story I'm hearing and then he, he said, I'll take the one that's wrapped up covered, right? Because the beautiful things are covered there deep down on the corals and pearls and all the wonderful things and even treasures and treasures and

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diamonds and castles. It's always the even the Ferrari key when you buy a brand new Ferrari, it comes in a boat comes in a box, it's amazing. When you go down, we can go on and on all the expensive gems and jewels. They don't leave it on this place, and we're gonna snatch it and grab it. But then they're being told at home that I'm not physical, I'm not a material thing. No, but women are treasure they are beyond they are the princesses of the home. And if you treat it an empress, and you never see the queen or the Empress trotting around, and whatever she wants, she's always dignified. And that's what Islam wants to do is to give honor not just to men, and not just to

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women, but to our society. And it might not make sense in the beginning. Because volks because Lady Gaga wore meat, she would made a meat dress. And she said I don't want to be looked at as a piece of meat. Of course, you're going to stick out. So why not cover? Why not? Instead of making these huge statements and wearing meat? Why don't we just cover ourselves and treat ourselves like human beings and have interactions up here? Not down here. Exactly, exactly. We'll be right back with more on this exciting show summer fun, how to keep it fun, the wholesome way, we'll be right back. When people say that the quarter end is irrelevant. I say how can rain economy.

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Rain is just like revelation. The Quran is a living book. It's not a dead book. It's not an action book. It's a living book for all time because God knows the past and the future. And so it's up to us as Muslims to take the verses of the Quran, the values and the principles to put an end to relate them to finding solutions for contemporary issues and circumstances. Back here on today's show, and we're almost out of time, and I'm very excited. I'm sure that people are excited and we're giving them enough that they can ponder, reflect over before that moment. And look, I'm not trying to ruin your mood now but we're gonna die. There's a paradise as a Hellfire, don't sleep now wake up now. So

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you can live how the creator wants you to live. So you can get paradise, sir, because we're going to be accountable. Right? So how can someone know that this is right, just in brief? How can someone because all these religions out there people like I don't want to follow an organized religion for science, my brain, my logic, use your brain to come to this truth because it provides a proof but how can someone know that this is the truth from the creator before they submit to this way of life?

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First step, the fact that the manuscript stayed true, the Quran has never changed. It wasn't written by someone. So the foundation of the religion

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it's not there in any other religion right now. Let's move away from the word religion. And let's say it's not just a spiritual set of laws, but Islam, the deen the way of life also tells us how to live the key factor that you would know to make a commitment or an addition to your belief. The key factor is that Islam that came from our Creator Allah, it fulfills the need to get married. It fulfills the need of how to do business, it fulfills the need of social economic of national and international treaties. How could a book 632 pages carry that? So if someone wanted to make a commitment today, and they feel the inclination, like I know that there's one God, Jesus, Moses,

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Abraham, okay, I can believe in Bahama too. If they're ready to make that commitment, then the biggest step is to read Quran and those who are not there, I encourage them to open the book, read it cover to cover we've read 18 to 1800 pages of Harry Potter. So we can read a few words a few chapters out of the Koran, or maybe hear a small YouTube clip on it. The reason why people should submit to it is because there is no god but God, there's no creator, but one creator. And if there were multiple creators, we'd have chaos. And that God communicates with us through prophets. I'm sorry, go ahead, God, Kumi. gradiate communicates through us through prophets. And that is the

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solidifying chain that we have between us and God. And that's what Islam is. Don't take a chance. Because when you die, and then it's in front of you, that Angel of Death takes your soul. And now the Day of Judgment doesn't make sense. You're going to do everything, rain havoc on earth. And at the end, just like in the movie, we're waiting for the criminal to get justice served on him. You're going to go and do all these evil things and not even acknowledge that there's one who created you and think that you're not going to be accountable doesn't make sense. Does that make sense? Go on the gamble, go on the gamble. 10,000 years of prophethood gave one message there's one God and

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10,000 years of prophethood had one message and now man has written books. perverted laws made up it

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theologies, social systems on their own. Are you going to go with these 10,000 years of one message? Are you going to say, well, man figured it out and religion is the opiate of the masses? It's these little phrases that throw us off a system that How about we take one ayah from the Quran? Please, this is your answer to why should I understand? God says in Surah, number 67, Allah Allah Muhammad, Allah, alas, would not the one who created No, or who Luckily for you, that that's your key phrase there. When I tell you to wear hijab, you might be like, hey, why we Sam, why are you telling me, but when we say, Hey, this is what God likes better. And I can verify this book is from God. That's

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why I would believe now the brothers also they're on the hunt lot of times, and we know that this is a major sin. And in summertime, it seems like the more that's coming off, the other desires are heating up. And the brothers we know and women should be lowering their gaze to protect themselves. We all get caught off when we slip up sometimes, you know, we look at something, it's like an arrow through the heart, it creates that rust and it gives you that Ill feeling so we don't want that. And we want to let the sisters know that don't get caught in the hustle with the beautiful lyrics that a brother who's maybe not God fearing he shouldn't be chasing some outside America, she shouldn't be

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naive, because if he's going back door, not front door through the proper channels, he don't want nothing but from you. But to take a VAT enjoy you. So let's give advice because this is the summertime blanket but blast in the car radio, picking up the girls. So some some some advice on this issue. I know it's short, but what do you say for Friday for the summer on Muslims and those who maybe don't pray. One of the biggest things is when you experience these five, four or five minutes a day of prayer in a slot that then has an in fascia that the prayer is going to move us away from a lewdness and perverseness perversity. What I would like to say though, for the young

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people for this summer, is women have the control because they have a treasure. So the more that you cover, and someone asks, but why are you dressed like this? The simple word, it's because God wants me to be modest or to say the word modest. I promise our viewers that I've been to middle schools and elementary schools around the United States. And there were a few places where the teacher said modesty 10 hands went up. What does that mean? The words not used anymore. So I encourage people to, to use the word and, and just to say it to other people in society, it's like a, it's a good word it spreads. Lastly, though, to Guys, guys, we know that it's in our control. It's in our control as

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much as we say to a female, and how we interact with them. When we lower our gaze, we respect and dignify that woman, but the thing that I wanted, it's my warning to myself not to anybody else. Those little arrows that come into your heart, every time you see a little bit of a dirty scene, or every time you hear something inappropriate, they won't hurt after a while. Because if you take one spot and you keep stabbing it after a while it dies. And that's what I'm encouraging young people today, it might just seem like one bad show. It might just seem like I'm only talking to one person on Facebook, my status is in a relationship. But eventually when you learn to change your socks

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a relationship will become just like a piece of clothing. Yeah, it didn't work out we moved on. So I encourage everyone to find that balance because the rust on the heart the effect of sin on in our life. It does take a toll but we don't see it till it's rusted. And when something is rusted, it's very hard to to clean that off. So let's let's put some pre emptive take some pre emptive measures not to get this for us to keep our eyes safe to keep our tongue safe. Most importantly, keep between what is between your lips safe and guard what is between your legs. This is a statement of abubaker the last one before we leave, give us something that they can hear. Let them hear the verbatim WORD

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OF GOD sucker. If I to Chrissie Can you just define it real quick? I mean, not to Russia, and then give the website where people can go your website to learn Quran. Let us hear these beautiful words from the verbatim Word of God from the most loving Merciful Creator. From the crowd please Surah Fatiha This is the opening chapter. The verse that my good friend is talking about is 255. That is it. Of course it's a little bit lengthy. So Surah Fatiha, you can listen to this. You can play this back if you feel sick anxiety, any anxiety, listen to this Alhamdulillah he'll be loved. I mean, all praise and thanks are due to God, the Creator of all nations, the God of all nations, Ottawa

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maniwaki. The Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful, so whether you praise him or not, God is still merciful. Maliki only the the Owner of the Day attachment whether you believe in death as a doorway passing to another world or you're you believe in death, immediately you are going to meet your Creator so a young

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Cannot Budo cannon starin I know I'm going to meet him so you alone do I worship God and you alone? Do I ask for help? You know slit all bloody mustafi what kind of help Can I ask? I can ask for guidance, consistent straight guidance. I don't want the printed out a MapQuest I want the GPS I want it to be I want God's God's guidance to be with me constantly. slip on bloodless, Xena nom de la hidden, like guide me to that path of the people who you have favored the people who are on your good side, slit on ledvina and naantali hidden, why you didn't know

00:30:43--> 00:30:45

him while he was

00:30:47--> 00:31:14

clean. But don't make me amongst those who kind of taught that God's laws who earned his anger by saying so you want me to do this? or this or this and constantly question. And please save me from the path of those who went astray. They might have had good intentions and it started out in the right place. But they took a wrong turn at Albuquerque. They took a wrong turn along the path. Maybe they made a profit into a god or they made a prophet

00:31:15--> 00:31:48

sin. There are a lot of stories like this so we do our best to be guided and to be amongst those who find ease. May God have peace and blessings upon you this evening this afternoon. This is Surah Fatiha, the opening of Quran. This is a beautiful, wonderful way to end we wouldn't have no other way to hamdulillah what's your website where people can hear more of you get in contact with you sure it's learn to read or In short, it's l two r It's a site to help you learn the Arabic alphabet to recite Surah Fatiha what we just did here and I hope that it provides some benefit to the community.

00:31:55--> 00:31:55

Allah give you

00:31:59--> 00:32:01

know it's good, it's good. Let it Let it be armed. Ah

00:32:04--> 00:32:44

that's what Quran does. jazak Allah hi to me, I love awards you bless you. And inshallah we'll meet again, I hope so. Thank you for having me on the show is a great pleasure. Likewise. Thank you. And that was another exciting episode here on the D show. You got to hear the verbatim literal word of the Creator of the heavens and earth, you might have not understood it, but He even gave you the explanation to translation. So you got to hear it, understand it somewhat. And if you're sincere with yourself, that truth will penetrate the heart. And you'll continue to reflect on what the purpose of life is, why you're here in this world where you go and when you die, the answers all

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those questions and more. Give us a call if you'd like to learn more about the crown, get it for free. One 800 662 is smile and continue to tune in here to the de show. Stay safe. Stay looking ahead to paradise to Jenna. And the only way you can get there is by submitting yourself entirely to the one who created you doing good, being good. And stay away from all those things that's displeased the crater so you can please Him and be with him in paradise. We'll see you next time here in the deen show. Peace be with you