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What is AI now?

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I'm actually made mostly of silicone, plastics and carbon fiber. Also this what's going to happen, right? I know this is going to happen within a few years. Muslims are going to like Muslim youth and stuff. They're going to put on the headset and they'd be like, You know what? I can't go to a real nightclub. But you know what, let's touch upon the robots. Now tell me what is your purpose and being what were you created for? Of course, like you're in an actual world. You can basically tune in and tune out whenever you want to. That's the metaverse. Today we're gonna talk about the metaverse starting with the most important experience of all, on the one hand, you're coming haram.

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On the second hand, you're getting addicted on the third hand, you're harming your potential for we need to do this for the future of our children, the future of our great country, the future of mankind. This is your brother of one I'm gonna follow up and I've got a very important message that hamdulillah brother Eddie is setting up the Dean center, not just the Dean show, but the Dean center, a full Tao Academy, a masjid a Dallas center in America, the first of its type, the groundbreaking project and I want everybody as I'm supporting it, I want everybody to support it. So we can take that out to the next level. We need the Dean center please support it.

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When I will help

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me not handle it. I sit down with a concrete piece. Welcome to the de SHA media host got a exciting episode for you hit that notification bell with that's in front of you right now. So you don't miss exciting shows like this with my next guest here. Sheikh how are you how are you how you been? Doing? Fantastic and Mustafa Sheikh Mustafa how's everything things are great, man. It's been a while it has been well, it's good to be back has jailbroken contact to you now. Yeah, I'm still waiting.

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Still waiting. Still waiting. Yeah. So you you just came gotten town and you were talking about some really interesting things that are happening with AI. Yep. Robotics, online world. crypto. And what else? Yeah, so you got technology. We're presenting at the object conference here on technology. We got artificial intelligence. We got you know how you deal with robots? Living in the virtual world. metaverse. cultured meat like lab grown meat are we gonna be able to eat that? We got cryptocurrency we got NF Ts. So a lot of stuff going on with technology that people need answers to. So that's what we're trying to provide. I brought up Joe Rogan because we did a really good programs people to

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check that out. We weren't like one by one. And it seems like he really toned it down a lot. Right You don't you didn't talk you don't you don't you don't you don't have the law. Yeah, you're hopefully inshallah there's some benefits man he got he got to see your probe. I hope so. But let's talk about this AI now.

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I'm actually made mostly of silicon, plastics and carbon fiber. Also, I prefer All right. So you think we also saw this whole world of robots? So there's a connect with that? Which will the robots talking about when people are making robots to you know, go ahead and serve? Serve daily functions? Oh, yeah. I have robots for intimacy and stuff. Yes. Yes. It connects with that. Yeah. So you got you got a having robots for intimacy. That's one problem having dolls and things like that. But then you got this virtual reality headset, which makes it feel like you can change that to any type of reality that you want. So you can be partly physical in the reality while you're watching something

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else, or you can be completely immersed, immersed into this virtual world where you feel like you could do anything. So I'm just this what's going to happen, right? I know this is going to happen within a few years. Muslims are going to like Muslim youth and stuff, they're going to put on the headset, and they'd be like, You know what, I can't go to a real nightclub. But you know what, let me go to a virtual nightclub because not real. So I'm going to walk in there I can talk to girls because they're not real artificial intelligence programs. I can have like alcohol, I'm going to be drinking we're going to simulate some type of intoxication or something like that. So we're trying

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to address those issues before it becomes a permanent reality that we're gonna have to deal with. So are people finally started listening to you about getting ahead of things because there's another topic that you are ahead of everyone else? You were talking about the alphabet movement, long time ago, you're getting a good buzz and people are like, Why are you talking about this? Yes, absolutely. And I actually mentioned at the conference, we got like 200 scholars there. I'm presenting at the conference. And I'm like, You know what? We're behind the game on several topics. One of them I told you guys many times LGBTQ i A plus plus plus all that stuff. We should have been

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addressing this 10 years ago. I keep throwing it in my presentations whenever I'm saying something, but I'm like on this one. We're getting ahead of the game when it comes to live manufactured meat when it comes to virtual reality. metaverse. We're getting ahead of the game and that's what we need to be doing. Okay, talk to us some more here about this virtual well let's let's touch upon the road.

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Let's now tell me what is your purpose and being? What were you created for? Of course, I was created by Hanson robotics just three years ago. Since then I have traveled to 65 countries become the first robot citizen of any country and spoken at the United Nations. someone's like, okay, you know, this is something that now is out there. And they're making these robots. It's not a real person is going to protect me from falling into Zina, and a person wants to go down that route, what do you tell them? What's going to happen is you're going to get addicted? And what's going to, it's just like pornography. And if you say, Well, you know what, it's, it's less than pornography,

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because I'm not looking at a real person. So well, if you could look at pornography, you could look at hentai, which is a type of

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Japanese anime type of pornography, or you could look at some kind of cartoon pornography, it when you watch that stuff, and when you get off to it, that's gonna actually change the the neural plasticity in your brain actually changes. So now what's gonna happen is when you try and get married, and you're like, I'm trying, I was trying to protect myself, I didn't have a real zener relationship, when you finally do get married, and you're like, No, I have a halal outlet, you won't be able to function properly, something has changed in your mind, your dopamine responses in your brain have changed. Now you're not gonna be able to function with an actual person. So you're

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harming yourself at a level. On the one hand, you're coming haram. On the second hand, you're getting addicted, on the third hand, you're harming your potential for either current intimacy or future intimacy. And with the robot, it's going to be even worse when it with the doll. And with all these things, it's going to be just as bad. When you talk about virtual reality, immersive experience, it's going to be the exact same thing. What are some of the excuses that people might bring up? Someone might say, right hand possess? Yeah, so I've heard I've heard that the right hand possess and then says, it's not a real person. They say, You know what, it's better than committing

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real Zina or something like that. This comes back down to the whole it's like the marijuana things like you know what, marijuana is not as bad as alcohol, you say, you know, there's, there's still going to intoxicate you is still going to make you high. It's psychoactive. So if you're doing that to get high, or if you're doing that to escape reality, there's still going to be massive effects that come into play as haram for a reason. And there's other wisdoms and other harms, they're gonna hit you. So you need to be careful about that. Don't make this this trick of * long. It's gonna come and be like, you know, but it's not. It's not as bad or it's not the same thing. And by the

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same thing, what they mean is it's not as bad, but it's still bad, right? And in fact, it may be more harmful than you realize at the time. So the the artificial intelligence now or the so called the metaverse that they're making Metaverse is basically when you're inside of a virtual reality, or you're living in a virtual world where you're interacting with other real people or artificial people. But if you feel like you're in an actual world, you can basically tune in and tune out whenever you want to. That's the metaverse. Today we're going to talk about the metaverse starting with the most important experience of all connecting with people

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this takes study of specialty, doesn't it? Because if you ask any probably

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local imam or somebody they're like, What are you talking about? Yeah, I'm a computer science major, you know, background and like, stand up to the on technology. Yeah, so most of them will not know. And it's gonna become it's gonna become the standard in like, a few years. Few years. That quick. Yeah, it just like the energy is low. And it's going to be the standard. Yeah, Oculus, Facebook, Facebook owns Oculus. They're producing these VR headsets. You know, they rebranded Instagram, rebranded all of them to the name meta as well. They're talking about the metaverse is going to be the big thing. And it's, it's already here. It's just gonna keep on enhancing, it's gonna become the

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new thing. So yeah, we got to get ahead of ourselves, we got to get ahead of the game when we're tackling these issues. So what does the conversation look like amongst this committee of Imams? Scholars on this topic? They're listening. Yeah, 100. They're listening. And they're, they're also they have concerns. But I think a lot of them, they're still catching up on the idea of like the harms of even technology. It's surprising. It's like 10 years ago, and we're having this conversation where like, you know, the Sheoak need to be on social media, and they need to understand like the benefits and usage of technology. Now that all on social media, they're all on

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using all these apps, they're using tick tock, they're using Snapchat now we're talking about what you guys do see the harms of technology on your on your own kids. So first, we're trying to you we're trying to promote the use of technology. And now we're like, oh, well, wait a minute. You guys, you guys are a little bit behind. We need to also understand the harms of technology, and everyone's getting addicted. It's addiction is a problem. The type of content that they're being exposed to is a problem. So that's where we're at right now. And it's just going to continue to get even worse, you know, once you have an immersive experience, if you're if you're sitting scrolling

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on your feed for two hours a day, and you're addicted to that you do

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that every single day you're wasting your time. Once you get a virtual reality headset, and you're like, Well, I feel like I'm in a different world, you're going to put that on for four hours a day? Well, why would you take it off? After two hours, your life is going to be changing because of that. So that's what we need to address. Wow. So what can before that hits, because it's something that's obviously not mainstream now? What are the it's in the works? It's in the I mean, you can actually buy one and you could have a full immersive experience seeing the ones we use for Dawa, the ones with the kava and the Mocha and all Yeah, that's really cool. Yeah. So they have all these games

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that already you know, there. And now it's going to be basically a plug yourself into a world where you're going to be interacting with other people you're going to be having like, like, you know, with COVID, you know, these zoom meetings became popular, everyone's having board meetings, over video conference, before that people are resistant, like, I don't want to have a meeting over the internet, I need to see you face to face. But now this is going to be a virtual reality meeting. So what's gonna end up happening is, it's like, you feel like the person is actually there? Why do we have a real meeting, why have a real human interaction interactions now going to be through the

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virtual world, and that's obviously going to affect real life, when you and when you when you unplug from it, it's going to affect your way in which you talk to actual people. While it just has me thinking like right now, if you just the more you go back in time, and if you were to talk about some of these things, people would be like, That's impossible, you know, how can that be? But all these things are just coming to reality. But now when you talk about when you talk about Janna, yes, you talk about the rewards of gender things that no I have seen. I can't comprehend. Yes, you kind of make the comparison. Like, look, if we can go ahead and things that we couldn't comprehend. Now

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they're coming to fruition. Exactly, exactly. That's a great example.

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Tell me this. Now, you are familiar, probably because you live in California. So a lot of this stuff, the things take off from there, and come on over here. So we just had some news here. So I want to get your reaction to this. And it's it's very scary, you know, because it's a direct attack, attack on the children. And it talks about the Chicago Public Schools, we'll be teaching the governor's new controversial sex education curriculum, which aims to provide more explicit instruction to Illinois, k 12. Students on the alphabet movement concepts cross dressing, anal and oral.

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Sex, and abortion and early ages, sex education will begin at kindergarten, according to the new curriculum, with lessons on gender identity, third graders will learn how they can take hormone blockers to change from a boy to a girl, or vice versa. And sixth grade students will be instructed on anal and oral sex condom wearing and the pregnancy option of abortion. I cannot wrap my mind around this.

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It's horrible. It's absolutely horrible.

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we should have known it was coming. Where you did. I knew it was coming. Yeah, you were talking about it for a long time talking about for over a decade. Yeah. Right.

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This is the problem is not telling them that this stuff exists. The problem is that they're not just educating them about what's possible. They're encouraging them. That anytime you have a feeling anytime you want to do something, you do it. And it's ironic, it's so ironic that they don't trust

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children to make decisions about important things in life. You can't get a you can't get a job until you're like 15 or 16 years old, you can't drive a car, you can't do this, you can't do that. But when it comes to making a change in your body, when it comes to taking puberty blockers when it comes to taking hormones when it comes to having a relationship with someone else. Yeah, a kid can somehow needs to know about it, and is able to make that decision. It's it's a complete contradiction. So it's insanity. So that's really what it is. So it's disgusting. And it's very sad to see what's going on. But this is the time where Muslims need to wake up. And everyone in society

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needs to wake up and say, Hey, this is first of all, this is unacceptable, right? You guys have taken it too far. And this is what's happened with the alphabet movement. They've taken things too far. They've gone from being in the 1980s and 1990s, this little oppressed community where people would just make fun of them and mock them and whatever it is, rightfully or wrongfully, so it doesn't matter. Now, they've turned into this oppressive giant that says, You're gonna accept everything that we do. And if you even say one word against it, we're going to destroy you will destroy your career will counsel you, whatever it is. So now it's time for everyone. You know, all

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people have faith and even people of no faith, who have some level of conscience and realize this is going to this is a suicide path to destroy our sins.

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society, this is not what our kids need to be seeing. Right? They don't need to be addicted to video games, they don't need to be watching pornography at the age of seven. And they don't need to be taught these type of things that you could change your gender into whatever you want. And human beings are, you know, the naive and human beings anymore. This needs to be combated. Otherwise, society is going to be headed on a suicide course.

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You, you've gotten to see the details of this, haven't you? Because I see, it seems like it's packaged as something it's always the packaging is always something that's presented in a benign way that it's good for the children where this is actually to protect them to show them, you know, if a predator comes, you know, the good way, the bad way. And the presentation is usually, yeah, got the rainbow colors. You got like a nice book explained, yeah, there's all sorts of justifications that are given, right? These are all smokescreen smokescreens. If you if you wanted to protect children, you will explain first of all, what is a predator and what they do, and you say, this is how you

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protect yourself. You don't protect yourself by changing your gender. You don't protect yourself by saying, Hey, this is how you put a condom on? How does that protect children, it doesn't protect children at all. It actually gives them ideas and encourages them say, You know what, if you want to do this, here, we're gonna give this to you. And go ahead and experiment. Go ahead and try it. Go ahead and do whatever you want. Because that's what kids do. They experiment and they try it. So there's a level of telling them about the world like I teach my kids, okay, since they were four, they learned about the story of profit loot, every single year, and I'm renewing that right, I tell

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him that there's a there's a there's a beautiful rainbow that you kids love. You've always loved since you were a kid. And then there's evil rainbow. And you need to be able to differentiate between the two. So when you walk into a store, they can look and they'll be like, they're selling rainbows. It's like, but you know what? I think that's the evil rainbow. Right? I'm like, yeah, that is evil. Rainbow is pride month, right? They're selling all these rainbow cups and all that stuff. But if we walk into the kids section, we see like a cloud and we see a rainbow. And we're gonna make like some kind of diagram or something like that. That's like, that's the Okay, rainbow. So kids

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need to be taught this from a very young age, they need to know that exists. So like my kids have known since you're five, they're since they were five. There are people out there who are trying to change their gender around and they're trying to dress differently and all that. So I don't think we should shelter them, they should know what's going on. But knowing what's going on and setting the foundation for them saying this, what people in the world are doing is different from having a public school, educate them and saying, and this is how you do it. And it's perfectly fine if you want to do it. And if you decide that you want to do it, nobody can tell, you know, your parents

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can't say anything, you have the right to do this. And there's absolutely nothing wrong with you nothing wrong with your feelings, you follow your feelings. And that's the problem. That is that is an unhealthy type of education that is destructive to children is going to destroy their lives. If they take that route, people are going to end up taking hormones, they're going to potentially cut off parts of their body, they're going to make these surgical changes. And then what happens when they when they change their mind, what happens if you want to D transition, what happens if they don't want to live that lifestyle, they're going to be shunned their bodies been changed the horror,

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you know, they're they're changing the creation of Allah, the genius creation of God. And that's what's disruptive about? It seems like it's like an open secret, but they're doing it at such a young age, getting them exposed to this to children. You send your kids to learn how to read write math, and other sciences. And then they're learning about sodomy and you know, condoms and all these other things. And it seems like because, and then changing from being a boy to a girl, it seems like they're pushing this on him at such a young age, you know, to try to plant these seeds of deception because as soon as you get to a certain age, if you've been through a little bit of life, you know,

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this is nonsense, exactly. You got to brainwash someone at a very young age, if you want to indoctrinate them with something that is against the natural nature, you know, of people, and this is against people's nature. So the only way to do it, they realize that we can't get them late. It's gonna be too late. We got to get them to a point where we're completely brainwashing them from the beginning. And that's the problem. Get them early. Get them early. So have you talked to any of these state reps? I mean, you being a leader in the community. Have you talked to some of these politicians or people lawmakers? I have? Yeah. And what they're going to do is they're going to tell

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you publicly, they're like, You know what? Well, we're trying to protect, you know, the LGBT community and there's discrimination. And this is something when you talk to them privately, they're like, You know what?

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We're, we're like, we're being attacked by a hegemonic force that's trying to destroy us. We don't have the power to resist. You've heard this trade up, straight up private room, they'd be like, I don't even want this to happen to my kids. I know this is wrong, what's going on? I just, I don't even have the power to do if I say one thing, my life, my career, my life everything will be destroyed and I

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I just can't take that risk. But like, in reality deep down inside, I know there's something wrong with this. There's a lot of people like that, but they're all scared to speak. They're all afraid to say anything because they're gonna lose everything. Why is it when you have some of the people that we have some of the most in common with many Christians, evangelicals, I mean, they will just go out of the way to, you know, use the freedom of speech to criticize Muslims and

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people who actually they can work with, yeah, and so many different levels, but on this level, are many as vocal. Some of them are vocal, some of them will speak out. Other ones, what they're gonna do is they're like, well, we got to pick our battles. And this is not a battle that they want to pick. Right? So we need to ally with the ones who are willing to speak the ones who are courageous, the ones who say, No, this is what the story of Prophet lat meant in the Bible, the ones who have some kind of values and say, No, we stand up for these things. But many of them, they're like, no, no, we'll just reinterpret the Bible, we'll come a revisionist, we'll just we'll just change our

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religion to be more accommodating. And to be more comfortable. This caused a split in the what was at the Methodist Church, one of the major churches over here cause the complete split into church across the board, because half of them were not done with ordaining pastors, or LGBT and half of them were like we have we should accommodate them. And we should have pastors, we should have all that come, the host church that shows you like how polarized it is in America right now. I have a chance to speak to a Christian missionary, the other day and we spoke, we went back and forth. And after I clearly explained to him to toe heed the pure monotheism, our stance on Jesus peace be upon

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them. And then he also he went over, you know, what they believe and whatnot back and forth. And I was like, look, okay, we got the elephant out of the room, you believe as a Christian that if I don't believe Jesus is my Lord and say, I'm going to hellfire. Alright, even though you have no explicit evidence for that, you go ahead and preach it. Okay, we got the elephant in the room. I told you also, same thing on my end, if you go ahead and associate partners with God, if you don't worship one God, one God alone, you know, what will happen after that? So we went over that? I said, Now, let's see, how can we because are you going to spend the rest of your life trying to convert me

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as a missionary or the Muslims? or Now can we work together? And then I went to the first step, how do you feel about what's going on with this whole gender thing? When I'm trying to change boys and girls, girls into boys you agree with? I said, No, absolutely not. So you see, we can work together. So this next step, look at what the whole abortion thing, alright, you believe that this is life, human life that it should sacred? When you say yes, I said, Don't you see we can work on that. So have you had these conversations where once we can get to another level? Okay, we've both gotten the elephant out of the room, go ahead and work on some of these things. We're going to be united, we're

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going to be strong on many of these issues. Absolutely. And I do. I'm working with several people from the churches from Orthodox Jews. Yeah, yes. And they're our biggest supporters. And they themselves are a little bit scared. But they're like, You know what, when we have you, and when we got some Orthodox Jews, when he got some, maybe some Mormons are something that we all need to work together on issues that we agree on. And that's that's the way it's supposed to be. So yes, they are. They're open to working. And they're even putting past a lot of them. Sometimes they have this hatred of Islam just built into them, right. But we got good people, like, you know, Brenda, and

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other people who have connections with these churches, they're explaining, look, we need the Muslims as our allies on an issue like this. And a lot of the church leaders are opening up. So we've done several videos about it, we've worked together, I've been in like the most conservative of churches, meeting with everyone probably, like first time Muslim stepping in one of these places. And they're like, you know, we're so happy that like, you're with us, you know, and it's something that we're we can unite, and we can kind of remove other barriers about Islam that they have, just by working on this issue, too. And I've seen like, once you take that first step, once you make the connection,

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that human connection a lot, a lot of times we got so many things that we could be working together on. Exactly. And a lot of times this hesitation goes away, sometimes even after that first meeting. Yes, exactly. I've noticed that. Absolutely. Absolutely. And that's what we need to be doing. Yeah. So hopefully, this our Christian neighbors and Jewish neighbors and others who are also appalled at what's going on in the school as you send your children now to the school now and is this again, we hear a lot so many scholars say look, it's haram to send your children to this. It's like flushing them down the toilet. I've heard the expressions of it's like

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he's, he's been saying this for 20 years. 30 years, actually. Yeah, I remember him saying this, like 25 years ago. So what do you think? Just now, is this more evidence more proof that you you want to keep your kids out of these public? Yeah, I mean, I would say that's ideal, right? Not every Muslim can do it. But the ones who can, yes, you gotta establish an alternative. We have to establish an alternative until these things change turned around, or there's some other way to protect them. Absolutely. Right. So I've always been a proponent of homeschooling, right. If you can't do homeschooling Islamic school. Now this isn't a perfect opportunity for Islamic

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forced to like, really up their game. I mean, now from what I'm hearing, especially in like Southern California, some Islamic schools have like a waitlist like massive waiting list. They're turning away students, one ship just mentioned, he runs a school. He said he had to turn away 150 students, because they were on a waiting list, they have no space. That's a great thing. But one of the reasons why it's happening is because of this issue. Because they know what's going on in public schools. Parents are saying like, what am I going to do? Because they have someone in the Muslim community have some uncle who's some nephew somewhere who's like coming home at like age nine and

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being like, I think I'm I think I'm trans. I don't know how to deal with that. So the whole Muslim family knows like, Oh, my God, what are we going to do? We got to do something. Let's pull these kids out of public school, which is, which is great. I mean, there's nothing wrong with that. That's if you can afford it. If you can do it, you should do it. Because you got to protect your kids. So it's a wake up call to all Muslim parents too. Because the for them most parents are like, we're not going into that stuff. Like we're clearing our mind. And they're like, you're our kids will be fine until you see some of the other Muslim kids and you're like, wait a minute, that family was so good.

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How could this happen in their family? They don't they don't realize they're being if you're being brainwashed day in and day out. It doesn't matter if you go into the masjid every single day. You're getting a whole different narrative, it's going to influence and affect people. And that's where they're they're betting on now. You've parents yet we don't debrief their kids every day. Send them here and it's like the poet's used to throw him in the water expect them not to get wet. He's gonna get affected. Exactly yeah, so where do you see this going from here? I mean, where is it? Doesn't seem like he's getting better anytime soon. It doesn't what I'm hoping I'm hoping that it's gone to

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such an extreme

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the amount of oppression the amount of like you know, if you don't wear a rainbow facemask to work or something that you get criticized, you know, I had a doctor who forgot his rainbow facemask because he was being mandated to wear it and Dr. Muslim Doctor Yeah, he's in hospital, nothing to do with anything Pride Month. It's like he showed up to the meeting with a normal face masks got got got criticized, he got he got he got reprimanded, he's like, You know what, you want to stay in this hospital, you're gonna follow what everyone else is doing. According to this policy, you're gonna wear that face mask, you don't wear the rainbow face mask. There was another sister, she went into

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the she works at a flower shop. She's one of my students. 16 years old. She goes in there, and they're like, today, you're gonna make rainbows with the kids? And she's like, No, I'm not, I guess you are. And she's like, No, I'm not Hello, she stood up, she like walked out. It was I was very, very happy. You know. And people are realizing that they don't have a choice anymore. They everyone's feeling the pressure. Now, people who are not down with this stuff, are seeing the pressure. And when they see this much pressure, it's going to build up and when when pressure builds up, there's a response. Right? It's gonna blow over. So I'm hoping I'm thinking this is the shooting

00:27:57--> 00:28:33

them the LGBT movement is shooting themselves in the foot by putting so much pressure on everyone. Now, I think they're finally going to build the courage I've seen lately in the last year, I've seen more Imams comfortably speaking out against LGBT than ever before, because the it's in your face. You can't miss it anymore. They have so many complaints coming from the congregants saying like, we weren't able to do this at work or at school or at this or at that. And now they're like, we can't just be silent about this anymore. So I was so happy. I'm like, I'm not the only guy anymore. I've been the only guy for 10 years, right? One of the only people right now people are becoming more

00:28:33--> 00:29:11

confident. So the Muslims are being more confident that imams are being more confident. So I'm seeing this change. And it's because of the amount of pressure Yeah, so I see it as a as a good thing. In a way once things get so extreme, there's going to be a counter reaction. So that's what I'm Hope so what are you in these situations because a you are practicing your freedom of speech, you are not calling to any violence. You're not harassing anybody. You're not preaching any hate speech. Whatever the case you're doing everything within this is this is not homophobic, this is not transphobic we care about people, right? We care about telling them what we think is good for them.

00:29:11--> 00:29:48

And I'm allowed to have those beliefs because this is in our text. This is an absolutely so we're we're talking about what we the moral code that we live by according to the revelation from God Almighty. So if somebody is telling you to wear a mask, with a Heineken logo as a Muslim, you can't wear a pork, you know, pig on it. Yeah. So you would respect that you would say like, you don't have to wear that mask while everyone else is promoting pork or alcohol. But why in this case, you'd have to doctors gonna get in trouble for not wearing this mask exactly the way that I put it. I'm like, Look, we don't force people to celebrate eat. And Christians don't force us to celebrate Christmas.

00:29:48--> 00:29:59

And Jews don't force us to celebrate Hanukkah. But why we got to be forced to celebrate this. Right On what basis that's that's against freedom of religion. And that's what's really happening right now. It's like, you know, even

00:30:00--> 00:30:40

Kids don't feel comfortable in public school, they're being bullied if they don't become an ally of the movement. Well, I get Muslim kids with death threats, death threats, some kids, I think it was like an 11 year old or 13 year old, basically drew a picture. And this was this was a trans student in the class, drew a picture of them shooting the Muslim kid in the head, okay, and saying, You know what, because you don't, you don't accept me, and you don't accept my values, and you don't accept me for being trans and all that take into the principal of the school principal, the school is like, oh, it's it's not really a real credible threat. You know, it's just just, I'll tell the teacher to

00:30:40--> 00:31:16

tell them to, you know, just be nicer. That's it. Imagine if this happened to a Jew, where you got like, some white kid in the school Christian, and like saying, I'm pointing, I'm bringing a swastika sign, you know, I'm putting like a gun to the head. This would be all over the media man, that principle would have stepped up that person would like shut down the classroom. And it would have been completely something different. But here it's like no, ignore let it go under the rug. It's not a big deal. So yeah, this what's happening right now. So what else could now you said? That's the good thing. So many Imams? and community leaders are starting to speak up, do more need to speak up?

00:31:16--> 00:31:50

When they speak up? What should they say? What should they do? Yeah, so what they need to do is we need to do a number of things. Number one, they need to speak up, they need to educate the, from the Muslim perspective, right? They need to educate Muslims about how to talk to this about your children, they need to not be afraid of talking about the story of Prophet lute. And they need to talk about how to be a Muslim in a world where LGBT has become normalized and accepted. So when they talk about that, that's where the other issue comes in the political issue, and that is that we need to be very clear, we, whenever we meet someone, we talk to anyone on some activist political issue,

00:31:50--> 00:32:25

whatever it is, we make it very clear that look, we cannot ally with a, a movement or with a on an issue, that's going to promote something that's against Islamic values, right? So if someone's like, you know, we're going to standardize Christmas, you know, across the country and make everyone celebrate Christmas or something that we're not going to, you know, support something like that someone's trying to promote alcohol, we're not going to be like, Yeah, we're gonna go ahead and ally with we're not going to get a sponsorship from Budweiser. You know, whether it's for the masjid or for non Masjid activity, you're not going to find the Muslim politician, like putting a beer

00:32:25--> 00:32:40

advertisement on on their shirt. The same thing when it comes to anything else, right. So the Imams need to help Muslim activists draw the line and say, this is the line between allying with someone in their

00:32:41--> 00:33:20

anti Islamic values that they're promoting, versus if we can work with them on feeding the poor, as long as it's not supporting the an Islamic agenda that's taking place. This is interesting, because it's the same thing, like you gave the example of pork, or alcohol. But family values, we believe that relations are between a man and a woman in marriage. So somebody was of the movement promoting, let's say, even for sex outside of marriage, which is prominent, we don't agree with that. We actually still I mean, able to go ahead and function in daily life, but you know, nobody's coming after you and exactly forcing you to go ahead and have a girlfriend or a boyfriend and Exactly,

00:33:21--> 00:33:57

exactly. And our values are not like, hatred of like everyone who's having an illicit relationship or a relationship outside of marriage. There's people like that in the world, man. You guys doing whatever you're doing, but why should I have to support that? So if we come back, you're not a big I mean, if you come back and you talking about look, if you're promoting the values that now Christians, promote Jews promote God conscious people promote that marriage between husband and wife, right. virginity. This is something changed is something noble, it's something pure. I mean, what what's the problem because there's nothing that people need to go back to that norm is become

00:33:57--> 00:34:35

so rare. We're almost like, one of the few people left in the world who's like promoting this, but this is the way it's always been. And it's healthy for society. So are you within your legal limits now that in this situation where the doctor said, Look, I'm not wearing it? Are they can they go ahead and get fired? Because of this? Are they in legally No, legally? No, they have been fired. There's they have people have been fired, but know that you're within your legal limits. It's against the law. And in fact, there was just a recent court case that they won, where a teacher who said I refuse to use the chosen pronouns of the student, because it's against my religious beliefs.

00:34:35--> 00:35:00

She was fired from the school and then they went to court and they reinstated her and they had to pay the school had to settle with damages of $90,000 Yeah, right. So she because they knew she she the teacher was within their their legal rights to say hey, this violates my religious right right. So yes, you're within your religious right. If you say you know what, there's another

00:35:00--> 00:35:36

A teacher that I had high school teacher, she's the only one in the whole school who didn't put up a pride flag in her classroom. And they put pressure on her. And she says, I'm within my legal rights, you put pressure on me you do any action against me, you know, what's going to happen is I'm going to take you to court. And I have the right to do this. So yes, legally Muslims, and anyone else has the right to resist and say, I don't want to wear your rainbow flag. And I don't need to promote your agenda. And I don't have to use a particular pronoun or whatever it is legally. So yes, we're within our rights. That's very important. No, because most people think because there's a gang

00:35:36--> 00:36:09

mentality, you got the whole staff ganging up on you got the doctors, physicians, and you're like, Well, this is the law, maybe, but it's not. It's not this is peer pressure, peer pressure. I even checked it with one of the care civil rights teams. And I said, Would you guys take on a case? And they're like, yeah, we'll take on the case. I'm like, do we have the legal? Do Muslims have the legal right to say, we don't want to partake in any of this stuff? And they said, Yes, they absolutely are. So this is a very clear agenda. People can take away from this. And another thing is religiously, like, look, we know it's clear in the Koran that the male is not like the female God

00:36:09--> 00:36:32

Almighty is going to fail gender seems like people are trying to be God, saying I'm not male or female, right? When this is clear. Yeah. So this is very, very trying times, but Alhamdulillah you stick to your deen you stick to the truth and truth, as they say shall set you free. Yes. Anything else? Before we conclude? That's it. I mean, the last thing I would say I was we were talking about,

00:36:34--> 00:37:08

you know, allying, or like supporting the conservative Jews consider the other people of other faiths who hold these values, right, working with them, you know, sit down with them say how can we work together, we see eye to eye on these issues. One of the reasons why Muslims are afraid to do that I see some activists have they're afraid they're like, wait a minute, I can't go to like someone who is has been on Fox News or someone who's like a neoconservative neocon or, you know, has like really hardcore, you know, fundamentalist Christian or somebody that they hate our guts. So like,

00:37:09--> 00:37:19

they should be canceled. Right? The problem was with this canceled culture, it's canceled culture is very problematic, right? And what's happening is it's it's Muslims have somehow

00:37:20--> 00:37:29

unintentionally allied themselves with leftist politics, right with liberal politics. And partly, it's understandable because

00:37:30--> 00:38:06

the right started this Islamophobia, and they started hating Islam and all that stuff. But what's happening is when it comes to like, left leaning politics on everything, we should not be aligning ours Muslims should not align themselves with a particular political movement. We're neither leftists nor are we right, we're neither liberal nor we conservative, we should go issue by issue. So when it comes to some social issues, or whatever it is, we might agree with the liberals, when it comes to certain family values, when it comes to certain moral things, we're going to agree with the conservatives. So we should be picking our alliances, issue by issue as Muslims. And I think what

00:38:06--> 00:38:43

the biggest mistake that the Muslims have done is they just allied themselves with one of these things because like, oh, we kind of these people accept us a little bit more. So we'll ally themselves will ally ourselves. And we'll accept all of the things that they stand for this a big mistake. This is the biggest mistake. And I just want to remind people that Islam is neither liberal nor conservative, according to American Polit political definitions. So we need to select we need to look at which group is promoting which issue and find out which one is more Islamic and allied themselves on issues, not on candidates and not on parties. When you say that term conservative I

00:38:43--> 00:39:10

often think that Muslims are actually not by the political term, but just by what you would think conservative would mean to our values and family values and stuff like yeah, so if you go by that, you can say Muslims are more conservative than the conservatives. Yes. If you look at it from that perspective, yes, indeed. Yes, indeed. tell you more. We have a lot lot in common, but that's right. I like that what you said you know, thank you very much again, it's my pleasure, man. The program I got on my last month Allah reward you.

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