Golden Age to Decadence And Disunity

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From The Islamic Golden Age to Decadence And Disunity

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There was a time not too far from a kotoba, where kotoba was the service center of learning where the largest library in the rest of Europe had 600 books every year just from kotoba. They had 600 books being churned out several 100 years, several 100 years before streetlights came to Paris and London. They had street lights in Cordova, the largest library in the world was the Baitul hikma in Baghdad, the second largest library, the world was in Kosova Maamoun, the leader in both DOD and the Muslim leader in Spain, they had people all over the world, seeking to find books, so they could enlighten their people. So so people would read. So people would become, you know, enlightened,

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quiet as me the great God. He was amazing geography and many other things, astronomy, etc. He left the quad Jimmy kingdom, and he moved to both because of the facilities that they had the entirety of Europe, listen to exaggeration, I studied Islamic Spain in great detail. The entirety of Europe would come to Spain, they will learn Arabic, so they could learn from their scientists which the Muslim that advanced you look today. You look at the Muslim world, you look at the Muslims here, you look at the Muslims who are practicing, the only thing that you can talk about is Oh, bro, you know what, you know Salah your Salah is not right. What do you when you came on the street yesterday? Are

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you telling us 100 years of history total this year the scholarship or you are our Salah is all right, fasting, a pro you know, you know that's not according to the way what you read. You try to tell me for 1200 years, the greatest caliphate in the world didn't know how to pray the Salah, which he told me and my mother didn't know how to pray Salah he lived in Medina he was the imam who dal Hijrah Imam told me he says that there will be a scholar that people would beat the backs of the camel to seek knowledge from so if you want to be an ADA for the famous will had this I swear by Allah that was my Malik. I know bro, his arms were broken. He didn't know how to pray. Salah didn't

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know anything what you're talking about. Barack Obama and he for a week usually the same things he was talking about something had these domains, domain stablished domains asked him to be the chief judge. He refused herbicides, asked him to be the chief judge of the entire kingdom. He refused because he refused he died in prison.

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He didn't know how to pray salah.