Your Life, Your Story

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Some people can tell the stories of their life by good friends that walk into their lives at the point of their need, friends who rescued them when they went public. Some people can tell the stories of their life by the enemies who made them to run inside songs. Some people can tell stories of their lives by benefactors who brought happiness their ways. Or by cruel people who prove their wings when they were about to fly. We had a lot of stories to tell in our lives, the lucky people amongst us can remember the stories of how they help other people to grow.

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So people can remember how to have a falling bird to move back this nest. Some you can remember how they offer shoulder for somebody else to cry when the person was sad. Some people are lucky, because remember how to remove a heavy burden from somebody's neck, they can remember how they rescue someone from drowning in the reverse of life. Those who are lucky amongst us can remember all the good things that they've ever done for somebody else in this world. And what a beautiful story that is. Some stories are full of nostalgia of yesterday's good days, vasavi details of woods of today. Some people can remember, those days when we saw those, these paintings were very fun. Those days

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when things were very nice. Some can remember all of those ones. And they compared to today, and they shake their heads that things are so bad. Now.

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Conversely, some people can remember all of the troubles and the struggles they had had in the past, compared to the ease and success that they enjoy today, they are gonna lose this one I used to suffer, gonna lose this one I used to be in trouble gonna lose this one I used to own a lot of debt. And now Alhamdulillah I'm not like that, again, everybody has their own stories to tell. In fact, you have used things and things have used you.

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You have happened to things and things have happened to you. You have got marks, you've got gas, you have been hot, you have felt pain, you have been bruised from fresh wounds, to drive scars, you have been broken, you have been God, you you have had to bleed at the point in time, you have had boys, you will have had discharges of purulent food and blood.

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You have suffered pain before you have had high fever, your nose had run, your stomach had run, your head had ached and your heart has ached, viruses have locked you down.

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Viruses have put you under siege. Yet you have survived.

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At the point.

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When you look at the stories of your life,

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between you and the mirror,

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he doesn't seem to be clear enough who actually is looking at me.

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Because sometimes you wonder, are you the one actually looking at the mirror, or it's the mural that's actually looking at you.

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And sometimes you look into the mural, you can't even recognize when you seen that mural again, because so many things have changed. Things are not the way you walk the world before

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is a story of a life, that of a battlefield.

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on the playground.

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If you were to summarize the story of your life so far,

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have you been fighting battles? Or have you been playing? As it's been easy? Assuming hard stories of your life as even that of horror,

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or that of horror?

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stories of your life as being awful? Or assuming awesome stories of your life, as you've been in long series of tragedy?

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Or as in committee?

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stories of your life? Is it twisted and broken? Or is it healing and who?

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How has your life been so far? If you were to put a title on your life so far, what is going to be the title of your life

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was going to be the title of your life? This is a question that nobody can answer for you.

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Everybody can answer for the

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So, if what you get is summary of the stories of your life now, from the day you were born up to this moment, what's going to be the title