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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salaam Alaikum Peace be with you 100 allow praises to the Creator of the heavens and earth brought you back again, you're watching the D show. And I'm Eddie, your host. And my next guest will be with us in a second when we come back, he's going to be talking about how the Bible. That's right. The Bible led him to this way of life that's practiced by over 1.5 billion people from all across the globe. That's right, the Bible led him to Islam. And we're going to find out how is this possible? So for our Christian neighbors, friends, Jewish Brethren, all the people who are out there who read this book, the Bible, how does someone read the Bible and become a

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Muslim? It's possible and we're going to learn about this person start when we come back, sit tight, don't go nowhere.

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This is the

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this is the

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Salam Alaikum Peace be with you.

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Abdul Malik, bla bla bla bla, Melvin, how are you? hamdulillah?

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Arabic? I did? What was that?

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Al Hamdulillah your praise be to our praise be to Allah. Now is this something that you can find in the Bible? All Praise be to Allah? Not exactly. There is a there is parts of the Bible that gives Praise to Allah. That is correct. Okay. So when we say Allah, are we talking about some God who we time when we say a lot, we said this word twice. Now, when we talk about a lot of we simply talking about

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the one the one God with no partners, no male, no female snow partners.

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We're talking about the one who holds can hold the heaven in the earth in his hands, who is has not been seen by man, the one who is the Merciful, the Most Gracious, the one who will call us all to the Day of Judgment. Now, I opened up the show, and it's probably got a lot of people's attention. So they were gonna tune out, possibly some people just tuned in. So for the people that are still with us, they want to know how the Bible leads you to Islam. How is that possible? So give us a little bit introduction to this, you know, and then we can really dwell into the topic as soon as

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it I grew up as a Catholic, I was a an altar boy, in in the Catholic Church, going to church, six o'clock in the morning, sometimes the only one going to church and in front of me was mostly elderly, at six o'clock in the morning. So I went through pretty close to the church. All my life was in the military. in Great Falls, Montana. Who

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is that one of the Who are you in the army? No, I was in the Air Force. If you heard this, this shout, who are maybe not in the Air Force, okay. So I was in Air Force, pretty close, again, pretty close to the church,

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learning the Bible and teaching the Bible to kids there had an opportunity to become a minister. For an AMA church in Great Falls, Montana, I decided not to have too many days of contemplation and scary moments I decided not to.

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While I was in the military, I studied many of the different religions, Hinduism, Rastafari and I chain Confucius,

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Baptist, Catholic, Protestant, Episcopalian and so forth.

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But one thing I never found in reading the Bible, where Jesus said, I am God. And I think that's a definite we need to hear that. Because just as I was asked you, what's your name? And you tell me your name is let's say your name is Dean. I said, No, I continue to call you, Dean. That's not your name. You'll get very angry with me. Yes. So that's a very important thing. So what will be even more important was for Jesus to tell us who he was. So if he was God, he would have said, I am God. But he never made that statement, nor can you go through the Bible and find out where he said he had any attributes of God. That is, the Merciful, they all know are the forgiver

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everything that Jesus talked about, he said, I do because of the will of my Father. He did nothing up on his own. He never said I am God, know that he called himself

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God, nor did he ask of people to worship Him, you will find nowhere in their ways it asked of anyone to worship Him. One of the apostles came to him and said, and asked him, How should we pray. And he simply said, Our Father, as Muslims know, you know, when we translate it into our father, our Father in from an Arabic point of view is the rub, the Sustainer and cherish of All the Worlds. And he that was the prayer he told that that individual to pray to the one in heaven. And also in that prayer, it talks about

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asking him for the forgiveness of your sins, giving him your daily bread, leading you on the right path. So nowhere will you find in the Bible where Jesus is telling anyone to worship him instead of the one that has sent him. So as you go through it, and you you begin to try and understand it better, you will see that Jesus talks about one of the greatest commandments, the first commandment. And on two occasions, individuals came to him one will was a lawyer, and another man say, What shall I do to have eternal life? What shall I do to have eternal life, the same formula that exists for all of us from Adam, all the way to now, the same form he said, if you want to have eternal life,

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keep the commandments. And one of the most important commandments is the first four commandment, Thou shall not have no other God, but one God.

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That is the core of what we do as Muslims, Thou shall not have no other God, but one God. So a lot of times you hear Muslim, c'est la Ilaha in the law, that means there is no God, but one God. So many of these examples that I that I, I drew upon are they are very, although they are very simple. They they constitute

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all that exists for us that there is only one creator. So for example, if you read the first four commandments, it talks about iniquity being brought in the third and fourth generation of them that hate God, when he talks about hate, it means worshipping other than Him. And we can see that in our life today, we can see how our generations over time is getting worse and worse and worse, because we are worshipping other than our Creator, is this now equivalent when you say worshipping other than the Creator, for people who go out of their, their love for Jesus, they end up elevating him to Gods that are making a god next to God? Is this equivalent to that what you're talking about his or

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his mother, Jesus peace, be upon him told that they will worship him use this leap? The teachings of men, nowhere that Jesus tell anyone to worship him instead of the one that had sent him. So how do we in opening the Bible? You have a book called The Bible led me to Islam. So how does the Bible lead you to Islam? I think from from the mini, the simple things, you know, as I began to study about Islam, I wanted a book that compiled everything into one, because you can read some things from the dead, you can read from from other authors. But when I started compiling all of this, and it slowly moved me, the first and first thing was that clearly, Jesus never said, I am God, that's

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clear, we got that that was clear that was right off the bat. So that continued, and he never said, I am God. So those things moved me away from saying that Jesus is God, because I do believe those to be very important in terms of Jesus saying who he is to us. Also, he never said I, he is the Son of God, as a Christian, practicing Christianity, knowing Christianity coming from a background of Christianity, did you before believe these things that he was God, one in a trinity? Son of God? Absolutely. I think, you know, that was the the religion that my mom and dad gave to me. And hamdulillah it was, it was it was a platform. But you know, just like you and others out there, who

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may decide well, what university I want to go to, what kind of way do I want to live in life? What what kind of wife do I want to have, you know, we make all these choices. But a lot of times we we don't make the choices for religion, we simply carry our parents religious with us. I think that we have to take that backpack off, I call it the backpack of religion, and put it in front of us and go ahead and read the Torah. Go ahead and read the Bible, go ahead and read the Quran, and make that choice of your own without being without things being passed down from you, you know, this new knowledge now, back in the 50s, there was no there was no cure for cancer. But now there is a cure

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for cancer. So we want to be able to do we want to be able to share this with everybody. We didn't have that knowledge back then. So let me share this with you right now. We're gonna take a break. And this is really exciting. You haven't, we're learning a lot and we're gonna sit back and be back for more here on the D show so tight.

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With good deeds, will find that good reads would

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clear out your mind in your heart of hatred

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and prevent

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notions, racism and nationalism, because you cannot have anything inside of you. That's like that against people and still be successful.

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Back here on the deen show with Abdul Malik, Abdul Malik, thank you for being with us. Thank you. And tell us now you're practicing Christianity. You're going through, you know, the the, you know, the normal

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worship practices going to church on Sunday. You know, you were teaching the Bible also. Yes, I was I was a Bible study, I was teaching Bible studies to two kids. Okay, so you knew the Bible quite well. I knew it quite well, at what point in your life? Did you start to question the beliefs that were passed down and talk to you?

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I don't know if there's any particular point our time it was, it was a it was many of the brothers who were in the Air Force with me, we'd sit down quite often, and talk about the Bible, just have a healthy dialogue have a healthy dialogue. And most of us did not believe at that time that Jesus was God. It was just a matter of, we were all in what we call him kind of a neutral ground. Yeah, we were simply trying to, to we didn't believe that he was God, because some of the things that and biblically

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it depended upon the faith of an individual in order for Jesus to heal them. Well, from Allah can do whatever he wants to do, regardless of one faith or not, he doesn't need that component in order for him to do what he wants to do. So many of the things that Jesus spoke about himself, we spoke about Allah.

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All those things was was a combination of things, just things that kind of continued to move you toward.

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You know it. For example, there's one in the Bible that says Pray without ceasing. Yes, it's in things first, Thessalonians is pray without ceasing. Now, you could, it's possible, you can do that just simply with your tongue. But when I met this Muslim brother, in 1985, when he showed me things on how to go to bed at night, and be in a state of worship, when he told me, he taught me how to how to perform well do the same as

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this is all a part of being in the state of worship. How you know, when I enter a room, or when I exit a room, or when I'm in the presence of

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non Muslims are a presence of one of a women. Uh, when I putting on my clothes, he was able to show me how I can be in a state of a bad state of worship 24 hours a day without having to keep the remembrance on my tongue. So when I met this brother, his name is fuzzy Senate. He's from Bahrain, when I met him, him and I were in the Air Force together. And he had a he had,

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we were in the room. And he, his bit was here, and mine was here. And one morning, if you don't mind me to go into this one morning, I heard him making some noise over there at the sink are a little a little rude. So I kind of looked up and I saw him. And then he took his foot and put it inside of the sink. And I said to myself, well, that's the way he washed. That's the way he wash. So that day, when I came back from my lunch, I saw him on the ground, prostrating in the room. So I came and got my stuff, and I left. And then the next day, he stayed away that night, the next day, I came in for lunch also, and I saw him do the same thing. So that evening, I asked him, I said, I said, What are

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you doing there? He said, he said, time I'm praying, I asked him who you're praying to.

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He said, I'm praying to

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God, I say what God, he said, the one God. And then I asked him, I said, Well, what religion are you?

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He said, I am Muslim.

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And then I asked, I said,

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you know, Louis Farrakhan, you thought it was the nation now. I thought it was the nation. Yeah. I said, you know, Louis Farrakhan? He said, No, I said, you know, Malcolm X,

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he said, No. And I said, Well, what kind of Muslim are you? He said, I'm the old Muslim. So this gentleman was able to teach me the how tos everything that the Bible told us the what? Islam tells you the how tos, like for example, on your father and your mother, yes, it clearly says Honor your father and your mother and the, the the fifth commandment. But Islam tells you how to do that. Lay the law there is no god but one God. Islam tells you how to do that. Pray without ceasing. Islam tells you how to do that.

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treating your neighbors correctly, Islam tells you how to do that. So

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When I met this brother, I was able to bring all these things together through the religion of Islam because it gave me It gave me the how tos Islam gave me the How to the Bible gave me the fundamentals. Islam gave me the how tos. So bringing those two together.

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I believe the Bible led me to Islam. So do you see now that you have consciously chosen to submit to the One God? That's what a Muslim is? practicing Islam submission to the one guy that's how you get peace? Do you see that? remnants of it? In the Bible? You do? Do people if they're looking if they're those who are Christian, those who follow the first five books? And then the Old Testament and New Testament? Is this an extension? Now? Is this the final completion of all the revelations? And how can people if they're also confused about the Trinity, if they're also confused of you know, of their religion, and things just don't make sense. And they want to make sense of it all. And if

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they're still not ready to, you know, let go of what they have. Can they dig a little deeper? And then will it lead them to where it led you? Why can't you know hamdulillah we all know that he Daya this this nature to become Muslim or to seek Islam comes from Allah. Yes. They just have to be willing. They just have to be willing to be open. And Allah, Allah, Allah lead them. They are listening to us today. They can simply said, I said this when I met Fonzie, I knew

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there was

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there was five things about him. That intrigued me. One,

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he was 26 years old, 26 years old. And he was a virgin,

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too. He was an athlete, a superior athlete. And I know, coming up in America, an athlete and 26 years old, Virgin, they don't go together. So you know, if you have if you're an athlete, you definitely don't have to either kiss or touch one. But he wasn't backpack. If he if you had to fight he could. Yeah, so there was nothing, you know, wrong with him. He had brotherhood and he

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was religious. One thing he taught me, because he showed me the spirit of the law. We were watching TV one evening.

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And he happened to see a cleavage of a woman. And he did this.

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He turned his head like that. When I saw that, that told me that Islam, because the Bible teaches you the spirit of it. So every time he saw he saw a woman, not dressed properly, he turned his head like that, that taught me something that was Islam in action that was Islam in action. So I figured that Fonzie should have been on The Oprah Winfrey Show, because there was would be no one like him. Who would show those kinds of attributes here in America. Amazing. Amazing. Let's, before we move a little bit forward, tell us because you made a bold statement, you said Jesus never claimed to be God never call people to worship. And so a few passages that people and I'm sure you've heard these

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before, he's I in the father one. Yeah. surely, surely, we I in the father one, not not in terms of not in terms of,

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you know,

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like, like the egg having three parts or like the tree having three parts, not in relation to that one in what there was he was supposed to do. He simply come to do the will of the Father. So what he was supposed to do is the oneness of that, not so much one in terms of being together three in one and so forth. No, in what he was told to come and do. That was the oneness of it. Now someone says, You know what, I don't believe that Jesus is God. But he said, because it's in the Bible that no one comes to the Father except through me. So I just pray through Jesus because he's the son of God. Yeah. Know that I, that you heard that? Yes. That's based on belief. Yeah, you have to know as

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Muslims, we believe in Jesus. So that's accepting him coming here on Earth. There are others who do not believe that Jesus came here on Earth. For example, I mentioned earlier about how do we pray, Jesus told an individual how to pray, he said, Our Father,

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Who is in heaven, Give us this day, our daily bread and forgive us our sins. So all that we can ask for is written inside of that, that prayer there very similar prayer to soil Fatiha, which we have with Bismillah R Rahman Rahim, In the name of Allah, most Gracious, Most Merciful. So you have to be willing, you know, there's a lot of things out there that can prevent one I had one one brother over in Saudi Arabia, 35 year old man, after hearing about Islam, he called his father and asked his father, could he become Muslim? Because there are a lot of things that can prevent us from becoming Muslim, exterior even more. Now, there are a lot of things out there that would prevent someone from

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from becoming Muslim just because of the propaganda. But if you read about Islam, and let me get back to this brother, the father told him son, if that's what you want to do, go ahead and do it. So there's a lot of external things we have to kind of read ourselves up with and

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And, for example, when I did the Shahada, my Shahada. I was at a stoplight in Denver, Colorado and I said, Oh Allah, I don't know, Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. But it follows he knows him, then teach him to me. So I give the same thing to our audience today. Yes, they may have heard new things today. Go ahead and say, oh, Allah, if what these brothers are saying, is the truth, guide me to the right path. And the law will take care of that. Now someone's a little bit timid, of using the word Allah, we know that law is not a moon guy. So he's not a man or woman. He's the creator of all that is this. He's the one God and didn't Jesus in Aramaic. Did he say aloha? aloha? aloha? That is

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correct. So if they don't want to use this word, they're a little timid. How else could they call upon the creator? Oh, god, oh, god, oh, god. But if they got a mental picture of him like old man, you know that with a big beard. And that doesn't work? No, because no one has seen this shape, not heard his voice. That's clearly written in the Bible. No one has seen his shape. not heard his voice. So I think it's sincerity. It's all about sincerity inside of your heart. If you simply say, in reference, you know, you make the prayer because God knows Allah knows the prayer that you're going to pray. Okay. So make that prayer. And ask him if what we're saying today is the right thing.

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Bring me closer to it. And with that, we're going to take another break. And we'll be right back with more here on the dean Show.

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I'm not afraid.

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I'm not afraid.

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I'm not afraid.

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Back here on the show, with my guests, Melvin. Melvin. That's right. And we're almost out of time. I want to ask you a few more questions. You have a book called The Bible led me to Islam. That's correct. So we talked about that also, you have a

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explanation of Islam and as you know, in a path is called Islam. So simple thumb so so can you go ahead and for those people who also have watched some of our shows, and you know, they're really interested in what we have to say they like what Islam is about. They like this, this way of life that causes people to just worship God to just worship the creator and to do good deeds, righteous deeds, it calls people to accountability, their judgment, paradise, the wonderful rewards eternity in the most wonderful places that you can be that terrifies Hellfire accountability. So how do you explain Islam to those people? without all the confusion, making it very simple? I tell them as you

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mentioned, Aramaic Lee, Jesus, if he was saying the god he would say Aloha, if he would say the God, one, alarm means the god to Islam is simply the religion of submission. Three, a Muslim is simply one who submit. Those are three things that we basically say, Islam is not nothing new. the frustration of the prayer, the frustration as we prostrate on the ground, we we know in the Bible, Jesus fell to his face. Many times you look through the New Testament, you will see they that they say they fell between their knees. So the prostration isn't nothing new. We know that Jesus when he met his companions, he would say, peace be with you, as brothers as Muslim Brothers say assalamu

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Aleikum we know that that's not new. Also we the the the pollution, the cleanliness that we do, we know that Moses did that the call to prayer that we give calling people to prayer, we know that Moses used to do it with a horn, that there is Islam is not nothing new Jesus peace be upon him did not eat pork. So my Christian brothers are out there who are eating pork, you know, to be more Christ, like you definitely got to get rid of it. So many things like that simple things that should just just be shattered falsehood in our mind, to allow us to say, okay, for example, he said,

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we need to love the Lord thy God with all thy strength with all thy soul with all that might with all that in mind that's Islam that's lead in now in the law having no other partners having no one not money, not desires, not lust, not home, not work, no other no other creator. But Allah. Couple more points tell us now a person has put their whole hope and ambition and their their dream now is to go to Paradise. And they've been told since childhood, that you know what, Jesus He died for your sins. So now they're stuck here. They don't want to let this go because they feel like they're gonna sacrifice paradise for that. What do you got to talk to Tom, if you want to have eternal life, keep

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the commandments. One of the very first commandments you need to have is that shall not have no other God but one God. Jesus said that on more than one occasion, if you want to have eternal

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Analyze, keep the commandments, the foremost one, that the foremost one is the first for that shall not have no other God but one God. That is the way you get that is the same formula that exists from beginning to end. That's the formula from Adam all the way to nowadays us. That's the formula. If you want to have eternal life, keep the commandments. The greatest commandment is law, a law in the law, there is no God. But one God. The people also now they hear a lot of negative, there's a lot of false urban disintegration by the media people feel that look, you know, Islam is about, you know, blowing things up and people getting blown up and terrorism and terrorizing What do you say about

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That's not Islam, I wouldn't bring my kids up in it. If that was Islam, I wouldn't raise my kids as Muslim.

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And I was raised in the, in the southern part of Louisiana, where everybody raised me if I did something wrong down the street, my name was with me. And then when I get home, my father would with me. So I would not

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want my kids to be raised in something other than what is correct. Are you an Arab now, so you still America and what you know, when you become a Muslim, you become an indo Pak,

00:26:16--> 00:26:17

you become a nurse.

00:26:19--> 00:26:20

And I am an African American.

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And I'm a Muslim. That's it. That's it, you got to get dipped in a pool, you got to do some no crazy rituals. You don't have to do that. It's just a testimony of the tongue. Because Allah knows his sincerity. I work with inmates. And I tell inmates, you can fool me, but you can't fool God. So if you say, I bear witness that there is no god worthy of worship except Allah, then you have to be sincere about that. And that you can't fool a lot. And it's best for you not to play around with God, because he can you don't want his wrath to be upon you. Last closing comments and suggestions where people could get in contact with you to read some of your books. And also for that person,

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that's right there they again, you know, they like what we have to say they're confused with all the other beliefs that have been brought up into, and they just, you know, the family, friends, you know, the social environment. They're a little bit you know, nervous now, they want to take that step, that leap of faith, but they just need a little bit encouragement. Talk to us right there. I say, I say brothers, you know, you you know, what's in your heart, brothers and sisters, you know, what's in your heart? And you know, as as well as I know, you cannot tell if you've never been to New York, and someone asked you how is New York, you cannot tell him New York is bad simply because

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you heard it on television, it's best for you to go ahead and read about it.

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The best thing I can ask you to do is go to the nearest mustard. That's what the brother falls he did to me. He took me to the mustard in Denver, Colorado. And I asked the questions I needed to ask, that's the thing you want to do. The analogy I gave you can't deny something, or condemn something you don't have understanding of. Okay, best thing I give you an example. My father thought I was an Iranian terrorist. Because I became Muslim in 1985. And the only thing was going on at the time was Terry Anderson, being taken hostage. But over the years, my father noticed that him and I became closer. The last words that my father said before he died was Give me water Melvin. So only Allah

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knows that. But what I say to you is just, you know, read, as you did to pursue your degree, what wife where you want to live, okay, what kind of job you want, what kind of salary you want to make, have gone out and take the books, but the books in front of you and read him. read the Quran, don't be afraid of it. When you read the Quran. Don't read it, like you read the Bible. Read it. So Allah can lift things up for you. Because if you read it, like you read the Bible, you will not understand it, because it doesn't have a chronological order to it. It's a revelation. So that's what I would say to the brothers too. Don't say something that you have no knowledge of go ahead and seek it. And

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then ask Allah, ask God to lead you to the right path. If what we are talking about today is the truth. Thank you very much. God Almighty, the creator law, thank you very much reward you. Thank you. Thank you. And thank you for sitting tight to another episode of the deen show great advice from somebody who was there. And he's here now and he read the Bible and the Bible led him to this beautiful way of life, this way of life that brings peace and contentment to one's life. satisfaction, happiness and eternity in paradise living. For God, living your life to be the best human being that you can be.

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read this book, The verbatim Word of God you get it for free one 800 662 Islam, give us a call. Pick up your copy, and come back here to the deen show every week. And until next time, peace be unto you.