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brand new poll that show that more and more Americans are rethinking what happened on 911. And increasingly, more people are saying they do not believe the government's version of events.

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greetings of peace, welcome to the D show, subscribe if you haven't already. Now, it's a very sad reality that whenever 911 is mentioned, somehow Islam and Muslims has to get brought up, or people in the back of their mind, you're thinking, Okay, Islam had something to do with it, motivating Muslims? Hell no.

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When you study, and this is what really triggered me to really get out there and try to educate people on the purpose of life on Islam. And I'll clear these misconceptions because the more I started to study Islam, I saw that it promoted peace, justice, love and mercy. All of the opposite things that many of these radical

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hate fear mongering individuals who are out there spewing this crazy stuff that have nothing to do with Islam. But now they're over. Look, check it out. My next guest. He goes even further, and says Muslims had nothing to do with 911. And candidly, wouldn't only fringe people still question what happened on 911? Well, perhaps not. Today, we're gonna release to you results of a brand new poll that show that more and more Americans are rethinking what happened on 911. Along with three get this 2000 architects and engineers have cited evidence proving that the buildings were out of control. Plus architects and engineers and 911 family members. Now there are more than 1500

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architects and engineers who say that it could not have been brought down by office fires. They are backed by 911 family members who are calling for an independent, unbiased investigation. That's what we're going to be talking about at this week's show. Now, my question to you is it is it wrong to ask questions and want answers to these questions? That's what we're going to be talking about on this week's exciting show. Don't go anywhere. We'll be right back.

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This is the

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this is the thing.

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This is

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Enver Masood, peace be with you. How are you, sir? Thank you, peace be with you, too. You have dedicated your whole life to this cause? Well, at least since 1990. Since 1990, you've dedicated the majority of your time you put everything almost on the line. I mean, this is to go against the grain. Yeah, I was

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fully employed as a salaried engineer. How do you excellent job, I have quit that to go into consulting. And because of my outspokenness, the consulting opportunities became fewer. So since 1990, till about the present, this is what I've been doing. What's the first thing that you will say to someone who will say that people who are asking questions about this are crazy and deranged? Have you ever been confronted like this? Oh, yeah. The first thing I get is it's a conspiracy conspiracy theories. The definition of a conspiracy is when two or more people acting in concert knowingly commit an offense or or a crime, all right. misdemeanor, a felony and offense. That is the

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definition of a conspiracy. Was this a conspiracy? Absolutely. Yes, it was. And most people need to go to jail for treason. Are you

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know, because I don't have a conspiracy theory, the government does. The government's are counter 911 is itself a conspiracy theory. The only problem with that is the facts don't support the government's theory. I have

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facts that contradict that. And I've challenged the chairman of the commission personally and 911 commission lied to the public. I mean, you cannot be that stupid. You cannot be that stupid.

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Now, do we going back to the since you mentioned the commission, weren't there people like Lee Hamilton, who was the head of the Commission, who said that this was set up from the beginning to fail? So there are all kinds of reasons we thought we were set up to fail. We got started late.

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We had a very short timeframe. Indeed, we had to get it extended. We did not

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have enough money, they were afraid they were afraid we're gonna hang somebody

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that we would point the finger. Lee and I write in a book that

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we think the commission in many ways was set up to fail.

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Because we had

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not enough money.

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We didn't have enough time.

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We've been appointed by the most partisan people in Washington.

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Yes, they've written it was set up to fail. And there was another Commissioner, I forget his name from Georgia who resigned, saying it's a scam?

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Have you talked to the 911 family members? I'm a family member trying to find out the answers to the murder of 3000 plus people.

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The bottom line is that it needs to be investigated properly.

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Please look at architects and engineers, people all around the world scientists, all around the world are questioning this. And there's some deep deep explaining to do.

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We will never heal this country will never ever, ever forget that day. We have tech demand a new investigation. I want justice here.

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And others, there's some like What is it now? 3000. Plus, scientists, engineers, architects who are asking questions also took some kind of consciousness raising on my part before I was willing to look at the possibilities. And really you need to go where the evidence leads. As an engineer and I have three degrees in engineering. I signed that petition for architects and engineers for 911 truth some time ago, because the American people absolutely need the truth of 911. Look at the evidence. In fact, I'll say this very categorically, any reasonable person who looks at the evidence that has been brought forward has got to come away with the feeling that something has to be done. A real

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investigation has to be put forward. But who want the truth? Yes, the 3000. about that. Yeah, I've actually appeared on one talk with Richard Gage, show architects and engineers at another with one of the members of pilots for 911 truth who was military pilot. And we have no disagreement, although I must say Richard gage does not talk about the Pentagon I do.

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What motivated motivated you to dedicate so much time to this? Well, one, I did have time between consulting assignments. Second, I'm an engineer who is always curious about big multidisciplinary problems. The first problem was when I was working in Oklahoma gas electric, I want to go into the details. But I solved that. Then at the Department of Energy, I managed the US national power grid study. I had 26, teams, 150, multi disciplinary folks working on it. So I always enjoyed large, multidisciplinary problems. And I didn't approach this to solve 911. It just turned out that I uncovered one thing which led to something else. And over seven, eight years, I wrote this book,

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what are you trying to accomplish?

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Just get to the truth. Without truth. There's no justice. And without justice, there's no peace. One thing I can say for sure, without a shadow of a doubt, that because Islam has somehow been brought into this, so this is what we as Muslims take strong exception to Islam doesn't condone, but it condemns acts like this. This is was a sad and tragic incident. This has nothing to do with Islam. But now we're going even deeper. You're saying that hold on, you know, because somehow they've also said, and Muslims, we have to take accountability. Let's say there are some deranged Muslims out there some people who are not practicing Islam properly. So you have a fringe element. But now

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you're going on top of that and saying, look, it wasn't even Muslims who did had anything to do with it. Now, the first thing let me cite one statistics, and this is from the government since 911. Why is our news media foaming at the mouth when it comes to stories about Islamic terrorists, but not white guy terrorists? It's not because Muslims are a bigger threat. In fact, between 1980 and 2005 94% of all the attempted or successful terrorist attacks on US soil are not carried out by Islamic radicals, but instead by non Muslims, mostly white guys.

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So then why the obsession

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killing of innocent human beings

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human life is precious. So inside the US there are more Muslim Americans killed by non Muslims in this country. Do they blow people up?

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Yes, all Christians, everyday people walk into post office. I mean, people walk into post offices, they walk into schools. That's what Columbine is. I mean, I could do this all day long, there's so there are so many more examples of Christians, and I happen to be a Christian. That's back to this notion of you're idealizing Christianity in my mind to my read. There's so many more examples of Christians who do that, then you can ever give me examples of Muslims who have done that, inside this country where you live and work. And most of them, there are more Americans killed by bathtub accidents and deer, these strings beestings. So, of course, they're

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Muslims that are producing all kinds of horrible acts. But many of them aren't inspired by the US or actually cultivated by the US. Are you aware that the Taliban when the US was still in there fighting the Russians, they sent textbooks to the to Afghanistan where the ABC that you're used to with A for apple B for something banana, was replaced by all weapons and ammunition. And those textbooks were prepared here in the US and sent to Afghanistan.

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So much of the violence, it's not to say there was never violence, but much of it has been exacerbated by the policy of the West. There's a a fireman, right now that we're gonna take a clip and show, as I said, I had 32 years there, and I was also a trained fire marshal, a fire marshal is considered an expert witness in court. He's like a forensic detective. He has the power to administer the oath, take testimony and issue a subpoena. That's a lot of power. It was there was an explosion, the building did come down in complete classical, controlled demolition, it came down on its own footprint. There's no question about that. As a matter of fact, Richard Gage, from

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architects and engineers has completely handled that from his area of expertise. never in the history of a world never in the history of high rise skyscrapers has ever a skyscraper ever come down because of fire. And I'm talking massive fire. And you know, the reason why, because fire does not burn by itself, had enough to compromise and melt steel.

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What we had in the World Trade Center, and I saw myself was molten lava, like pockets of molten steel. All right, I spent the night on a pile searching for bodies. And I saw that with my own eyes. So who are you gonna believe but you're gonna believe a bunch of government bureaucrats or my fellow brothers, which I lost 343 guys that day, this fireman that the people just got to sees one of the head fireman's. I don't know how many years he's been on the job. And there's many like him. He's saying that this was a controlled demolition.

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What are your thoughts on? Oh, yeah, I'm no demolition expert. But just as an engineer seeing how the buildings come, you are also a certified engineer. Yeah, I have electrical and industrial engineering degrees. There's no way that building can collapse like that, without excellent explosives of some kind. The plane hits. So we're about two thirds of the way up on the tower, the towers,

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you would expect some part of the towers took fall a fall off. But you wouldn't expect a sudden collapse a symmetric collapse. And you wouldn't expect the building below the point of impact to collapse. Hold it right there. We're going to take a break. That's the first question. I'm sure people are asking. How if if, who caused this now that you needed to demo the place, that means that it would have to be set up prior? Is that correct? So that's the first question and you got a lot more.

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We're gonna be right back with more with and verb Massoud here on the D show. Don't go anywhere. Subscribe right now.

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Back here on the D show. First question. Could we say safe to say who set up the demo? Well, we don't know. We know they're there. The buildings were. The security systems had been turned off for some time prior to 911 that folks were coming in and out of the building and that others don't know who they were. So somebody set up the explosives. We don't know who did it. How about there is an interesting Hispanic gentleman, William Rodriguez, a janitor in the Twin Towers for almost 20 years and 911 survivor who saved hundreds of lives on September 11. by unlocking door after door for firefighters and dragging out at least a dozen people with

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His own bare hands. Known as the last man out before the World Trade Center collapsed, his unlikely story had the media glued to him like bees to honey, who was the janitor? Have you met him? rodri? Ivan corresponded with him Rodriguez, Yes, he was. He lives in many awards, and he was with was it Clinton and Clinton, that must have been quite an honor for you. It was an experience that definitely and at that time, I was basically loaded to go into politics because they said, this is the guy that we need to get the Latino vote. And I was playing the whole game of politics because I was doing the activism. And to the moment that I started to ask questions about what really happened

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on 911. And you may remember the whole thing about the 911 Commission to be formed and basically became very active to get it basically started. And what a surprise I was one of the persons that testify for the 911 Commission on my testimony doesn't appear on the final report, and they were honoring him and why bush honored bush honored him. But then somehow the story took a twist no longer sweetheart of American broadcasts, William now talks mostly to foreign outlets. The reason his version of 911 differed from the official scenario. It was the first high tech.

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It was the first high tech play No, hello, that was an explosion before 911 before the play hit the tower. Well, he was like the last survivor who he was the last survivor. He was in the he says beat basement be one when he heard a loud explosion, but it was below him. And he thought the generator had blown up. And then a few seconds later, he heard he describes a loud bang at the top. So apparently, before whatever struck the top of the tower, there had been an explosion below him.

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And, yes, we've corresponded. I don't know that he's changed the story at all. No.

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So that's the first thing. And then you have also, let's go back to these, how many is it now of architects and engineers for 911? Truth? architects and engineers, who say that it could not have been brought down by office fires, they are backed by 911 family members who are calling for an independent, unbiased investigation scientifically, you know, this is not possible. The there scientists or engineers as an engineer, and I have three degrees in engineering. I signed that petition for architects and engineers for 911 truth some time ago, because the American people absolutely need the truth of 911 stare pilots, their military intelligence personnel, there's all

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kinds of, you know, off the top of your head, some of the names of these are big figures, you know, well, presidential candidates, look at the evidence. In fact, I'll say this very categorically, any reasonable person who looks at the evidence that has been brought forward, has got to come away with the feeling that something has to be done. A real investigation has to be put forward. So Mr. Bowman, who was headed up the so called Star Wars program under President Reagan, he questioned it. He was a presidential candidate a few years ago.

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Wesley Clark, whom I met and I actually handed him this book, I met him at George Washington, George Georgetown University. He questions What happened?

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So, Richard gage of architects and engineers, it's a large group, there's Balsamo of the pilots for 911. Truth. They all question that I've corresponded with all of these people. How about the the, the people who have

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lost loved ones, the family members, and a family member trying to find out the answers to the murder of 3000 plus people. He's looked at architects and engineers, people all around the world scientists, all around the world are questioning this. We will never heal this country will never ever, ever forget that day. We have to demand a new investigation. I want justice here.

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Are they a part of this? questioning Also, many of them they are and but it's so hard to get hold of them? It's there. Their names aren't really available. I don't have their phone. I've tried to get hold with them to find out what the what happened to their loved ones, what bodies were recovered where they were buried, because there's apparently some uncertainty about all of that. When especially when you get to examining what happened with the plane, allegedly to struck the Pentagon and the one that alleged to have crashed in that field in Pennsylvania.

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The evidence shows that at the Pentagon, there's no evidence of a Boeing 757 crashing there.

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Major General Albert's double bind.

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And retired Army Major General. In my last assignment, last command, I was responsible for all of the Army's strategic intelligence forces around the world on September the 11th 2001. What hit the Pentagon?

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I don't know exactly what hit it. But I do know from the photographs that I have analyzed and looked at very, very carefully. It was not an airplane, in the field in Pennsylvania. Whatever what fell there was blown out of the sky. It did not impact the earth but that story about the power of passengers struggling with the hijacker. That's all false. Seems like Geraldo, you know, Geraldo. He had a change of he's a famous writer. He just after he listened to some of the family members and the Chief of architects and engineers, he had a change of heart. And what caught my eye is more than 1300 architects and engineers examine the evidence about building sevens collapse, and disagree with

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the official report issued by the National Institute of Standards and Technology. I certainly am much more open minded about it than I was. And it is because of the involvement of the non 11 families and all these engineers and architects. Yeah, Geraldo. I saw one YouTube video where he changed his mind about it.

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The biggest, I think the one name we haven't mentioned is Professor David Ray Griffin. Professor David Ray Griffin was a retired theologian from a California University and a philosopher. And he had written 1215 books on philosophy and theology. He came across the so called conspiracy theorist who was very skeptical. But eventually he looked into it, and ended up writing 1213 books on 911. He was 13 books. So he started off as a skeptic, he wouldn't believe any of this. And probably he was calling people go crazy and deranged. Yeah. And you know, he's writing about global warming into the environment. But I mean, if you the person that's done, I think the best research and written the

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most about isn't David Ray Griffin, have things like this in the past happen, you have like, was at 64, the Gulf of Tonkin, and it's very common for major powers to lie to their people to justify some military action, the Gulf of Tonkin, where the Vietnamese were alleged to have shot at our ships.

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I think the USS maddix, if I remember correctly, that was a lie, because Lyndon Johnson

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is quoted to have said for all I know, they were shooting at Wales, this is in the archives, I got this out of there.

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The other one more interesting, or more directly relevant is the Operation Northwoods. Operation Northwoods was a plan proposed by the Joint Chiefs of Staff to President Kennedy. And what they said we will shoot Americans on the streets here, we will fly a plane with Americans towards Cuba substituted for an unmanned plane and shoot down and blame Cuba so that they would have an excuse to attack Cuba and make war and Castro. So this is very common. The

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Pearl Harbor Some say was, well, it wasn't a false flag. But the President knew it was coming and let it happen so they could join the war against your pen.

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Who benefits at the end? If you look at motive, we don't have to bring on Sherlock Holmes, to come in and look, because obviously, this goes against the teachings of Islam. This has nothing to do with Islam, you actually can buy yourself a one way ticket to the Hellfire by killing one innocent human being, you know, Islam is clear on this, you have no justification in Islam. And that's why when we look at as Muslims, those who are trying to live in peace with society with our Creator, and this is only brought more harm to Islam and Muslims. There's no benefit there for for Islam or Muslims, but who really at the end benefits. Well, at the end, the folks that benefit is a military

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industrial congressional complex. Now the so called Homeland Security complex. These are the guys benefiting they've been benefiting for years, President Eisenhower warned against the military industrial complex. Before him there was a General Smedley Butler, who received two congressional Medals of Honor, like Audie Murphy, and a lot of folks know about Audie Murphy but they don't know about Smedley Butler, because he talked about the real purpose of their wars in South America and China.

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So this has been going on

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which comes which

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brings us to the real election today. None of the things that candidates are promising to the American people, as opposed to the corporation's can be achieved unless you cut that military budget.

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And that's what was proposed after the collapse of the Soviet Union. The Secretary of Defense McNamara and his assistant secretary testified on the hill, that the defense budget can be cut in half over 10 years. That's what sets off their,

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I guess, alarm bells through the military industrial complex. And they had to come up with a plan to keep them keep the defense spending and in fact, increase it. So we're going to take a break. The main question is now that we got one down, but there's so many more, but real simple one to remember who set up the demo. The demolition, let's let's we don't we don't know. That's? That's a big question. Yeah. Let's take a break. We'll be right back for more here on the dean show and independent press to try to get the word out to the public because the public is mesmerized by the mainstream media. And let me give you my opinion of a mainstream media, the mainstream media is,

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their mission is is to act as the most effective weapon of mass deception and public manipulation the world has ever seen. And if you don't think that so ask anyone any taboo question that the mainstream media frowns upon with its army of trusted celebrity presstitutes. Right. And and, and you will see a sadly, predictable knee jerk reactionary response from the public because that's what they've been trained to believe and trust in. Subscribe right now.

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Back here on the Dean's show with the author of 911 unveiled how many people get this for free, set our minds free just just google 911 unveiled free and you get to how many downloads over 75? over 75,000? Okay, now, let me ask you this.

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The war on Islam. You what why did you label the book The war? Well,

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this book started out as just separate articles in the first article was as we were attacking iraq the first time, and I wrote that article as the bombs were falling. And it was the Holocaust in Iraq is what the title was. And I continued writing it at some point, I said, or someone suggested, why don't you put this into a book? So I did, and I thought of a catchy title, the titles if they're long, I couldn't write the war for resources, markets, etc. So it was a war in Islam. I mean, is that really what we see going on today does most like Well, actually, for some, it is a war in Islam. But for the most part, it's a war for resources and markets. And that's what virtually every

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war we America's fought or the wars fought by other countries, it's typically therefore access to resources and markets, or rather to control them. We don't necessarily need the oil. We want to control the oil, just like the drug dealer doesn't need the drugs. He wants to control the drugs. And that's what virtually every war is about control of resources and markets. Have you sat with some of these big officials that question the official story? Have you talked with them? Have you tried to none of them will? I was at a small gathering where the

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chairman of the 911 Commission, the Wall Street reporter on terrorism, a British expert in terrorism, they were sitting as close as your cameras for me and I, at the end of the talk, I rose up and I said this, Mr. Chairman, are you aware that 3000 plus architects and engineers question their official account of 911, and I have a load book summarizing what I've read my research. And I said, I'd like you to rebut it. And he's so I'll get get back to you later, which is reasonable. I didn't expect him to, but none of them ever will get back to you. They say that so that they have something in front of the audience like their will, agreeing to respond to you but they don't.

00:29:28--> 00:29:35

In South Africa, when I was little, like three week lecture toward giving two three talks daily from audiences of 100 to 1000,

00:29:36--> 00:29:59

to national radio station would not put beyond till somebody from the embassy was there to report to me. But they waited and waited eventually put me on because nobody would come forward. Now, are you willing, if somebody Have you had debates with anybody about this and are you willing if someone invited you to go on highlight, live and debate anybody from the administration to be a spokesman for the administer

00:30:00--> 00:30:17

account for 911. And I will read about it. But what we have here, if you were to look at that event as a criminal act, you know, in a criminal act, if you do not are unable to rebut the evidence presented, then you lose the case right away.

00:30:18--> 00:30:28

I'm sorry, go ahead. Yeah, I think that's called prima facie evidence. So we have primary fashi evidence of Muslims innocence. And since the government refuses, or budget,

00:30:29--> 00:30:51

under American law, they would be off as innocent. What if someone says, okay, because I mean, this is profound. Let's go back again. 3000. If we were saying just 3000 layman, but these are 3000 architects and engineers who have scientific forensic evidence, these are the experts in that area. Why the official story?

00:30:52--> 00:31:11

The final official account 911 is unscientific, and false. And I, in that book, give a massive amount of evidence that's been compiled by scientists, architects and engineers, that all three buildings.

00:31:12--> 00:31:43

Although in that book, I focus on World Trade Centers having were brought down by explosives, there's simply no other possibility. And the only way that NIST, the National Institute of Standards and Technology, which wrote the official report, the only way they were able to deny that was to commit massive scientific fraud, which in simple words, simply means they lied, they lied. And they lied that I think it's unprecedented in America to have so many professional

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claiming that the official account is not wrong. And the media not doing anything about it story, the times missed building seven brought down a controlled demolition. I don't know whether it was accomplished by a demolition experts, or it just happened.

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Check out our billboard right up there, man, check it out. Thank you.

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We were just had the airport recently. And it had that on top of the taxicab.

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The buildings came down and they weren't

00:32:15--> 00:32:56

so that they would come down, like not doing anything about it. But it's understandable. Because 90% of what you see watch, listen to or read is controlled by six corporations in america. They control all that. That's why and they're the same ones that are benefiting from the wars. So you don't expect them to undercut their own store. source of income. That's interesting. Okay. So you have on one end, you have a group of people benefiting so many people just, they don't want to go against the grain. It's understandable. They're quiet. But over here on the other side, these people, most people who are coming forward, they're the ones who are going to get rid of you, they got more to

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So many of them are risking their employment to do that. But those are the people worth listening to. Right? Right. And

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many of them are retired, but the ones that are risking their employment. I haven't really found the ones that are risking their employment. I've I think most of the ones I've spoken with are retired and I'm retired. But while I was on I was approached by the news and i i deferred from commenting.

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but regardless, I mean, you have that many professionals disagreeing. If you get some other issue, you have six professional to professional disagree, and they're on TV. Take any issue regarding Israel.

00:33:42--> 00:33:46

You see a handful of people protesting in the media is covering it, and you'll have

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1000s of Muslims demonstrating in Washington in the media doesn't cover it. So that's just the media's selectivity. Now, the people who also I mean, their motive, you look forward, they really, there's no motive, but at the end truth, they want the truth today, they want these questions answered the architects and engineers to experts in this field. For me, there's a great personal satisfaction to have completed some kind of investigation and the receptionist got in from the public, you know, what?

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Ridiculous, do you work at the time? I do. So now that you see it? What does that story mean to you? I gotta go to a meeting.

00:34:31--> 00:34:32

Because I never could.

00:34:34--> 00:34:45

Because evidenced by the downloads and talking as if assignments, etc. For me, there was that great personal satisfaction to be able to contribute on this major issue.

00:34:46--> 00:35:00

I have nothing to gain by it. I set up the wisdom fund in 1995 to try to get the truth out about Islam. I draw a salary of $1 a year from that wisdom fund. So I spent

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Definitely don't benefit. But the personal satisfaction is priceless. Yeah, that's something people really can understand when you when you gives you confidence when you wouldn't you have to find your side evidence on your side, there's some some some major confidence that it builds. Is that right? Yeah. And just little notes I get from around the world of appreciation, it just makes it all worth give us. We're almost out of time. Maybe your top three questions that you would ask somebody in authority that you want quick answers to you don't have to have the answer. But from your investigation and what maybe these 3000 Architects engineers give us 123 top questions, we answered

00:35:46--> 00:36:11

one asking one who set up the demolition. That's just a fact that we had demolition set up and firemen have testified to it. Scientists are engineers, architects. That's unrepeatable. Yeah, I would say, depending on Show me hard evidence that the voice on 57 that you allege crashed there. And that evidence would be serial numbers on the parts, etc. Of that plane,

00:36:12--> 00:36:13


00:36:14--> 00:36:47

Know About the World Trade Center towers, explained to me how that tower could possibly collapse by the impact of a plane two thirds of the way up. And the fire which basically was out of steam within 1520 minutes. There's no way before 911 no steel frame high rise had collapsed after 911 100 collapse on that day three collapse. Which leads me to building seven of the World Trade Center 47 storey building that about 520, I believe in the evening, came down suddenly, symmetrically.

00:36:48--> 00:36:56

How can that possibly collapse show me a computer model or something that'll show how that collapsed? It's impossible

00:36:57--> 00:36:58

without explosives.

00:36:59--> 00:37:05

So those are the main questions and people can actually both your books, they can download them for free. Yeah, just google the title and

00:37:06--> 00:37:46

include the word free and you'll get to it. And this is the war on Islam and 911 unveiled, they can get that for free. Thank you very much. Any closing comments that you'd like to, for the for the person who, you know, at the end, it takes some some Go ahead. One closing comment. If you're a Muslim, ask your Muslim leadership to examine this issue. I'd be happy to come out there and speak on it. I'll get you other speakers closer to you to speak on it. But get with your interfaith community and speak out on this issue. Thank you very much. We started with a nice we had with peace, peace be with you. P script. There you have it. another exciting episode, subscribe if you

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haven't already. Remember, we started out in the beginning Look, a Muslim, technically, a Muslim is one who has consciously chosen to submit to the Creator, not the creation, Jesus, Moses, Abraham and all the messengers that the creator sent out of his love. They were all once who submitted to the will of God. Now when you're submitting yourself, as a Muslim, any peaceful person who does this, and lives this peaceful way of life of Islam submission to the crater, not to creation, they're not committing acts of terrorism, they're not committing crimes against humanity. So from that perspective, done, Islam and Muslims, nothing to do with such tragic events as such, now 3000 plus

00:38:28--> 00:39:12

architects and engineers are asking some very important questions. Like, who set this up the demo and firefighters and American patriots and politicians who are coming forward who have have had a awakening of the consciousness, people who have looked into this a little bit deeper, and who are not just blindly following the official stories. They're asking questions. Now, it's up to you, you want to look into it further, go ahead. But we just brought this information to you and you can do whatever you want with it. But our main objective here was to, once again, free Islam, that when you think about Islam, you think about what I thought about when I started to learn it, the love the

00:39:12--> 00:39:59

mercy in the justice, and to have a new picture painted in your mind, and to free you from any clouded vision that you might have have some perverted vision about Muslims and Islam because the more you study it, the more you will be free from thinking that it had anything to do with motivating people to do such an evil act. And if you liked this program, subscribe right now. Follow us every week here in the D show where you get to learn a lot of great and interesting things. Call us at one 866 to Islam. We have people there who are ready to answer your questions, your queries, and until next time, peace be with you. salami subscribe right now.