Muhammad West – Qiyamah and the End Times #26

Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The upcoming series of eerie dramas called Jana features multiple characters, including women named Jana, man named Gusa, and woman namedecca. The series will also include a discussion of Jana's culture and elements. The importance of preparing oneself for a new life and re ranging in the natural world is emphasized. The speakers also discuss the importance of entering Jana through various means, including through their parents' strong image and the need for people to inter bother before entering Jannah. The upcoming mass eating in Cape Town is also discussed, with plans for a new program called "medestium" and inviting people to attend.
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Milan hamdulillah like number 26 And Alhamdulillah, after a long journey, and like the series will finally reaching the stage that we all want to be at, and this is the next couple in the evenings, we're going to talk about genital Jana and may Allah grant us to be amongst the people of Jana. I mean, last night we ended off with a hadith about the last man who would leave Jana. The worst of the worst and the last person to be exited after Allah, how many? How many eons you'll be in Jannah and eventually he'll be released on parole, and then you will intergender and there'll be Musa asked a similar question to Allah. And this is perhaps even the same man. It'd be Gusa OS Allah subhanaw

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taala who amongst the people of Jana will be the lowest, you will get the lowest the worst Jannah the least. And Allah subhanaw taala says it is it will be a person will be admitted into Jannah. Last of all, when all the people of Jana have already entered it. So people have into Jana millennia before this man, and it will be sent to him now into Jana. And he will say Oh Allah, but if I go in now Jana is taken, there's gonna be nothing left for me. There is not going to be any place for me to settle everybody has taken from it already. So I was hungover says to this man, if I told you, I was asking them and if I told you, you would be like one of the kings of the dunya you would have a

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kingdom like that? Would you be satisfied? Will you be happy? So he said yesterday, I'll be happy. So Allah sponses then you will get for you will get that that kingdom and the like of that and the like of that and the like of that and the like, I'll go five times until the man says Yeah, well, I'm happy, I'm happy Allah. So it means it means that Allah subhanaw taala say, it is for you and 10 times, if not more than that. And you will have whatever your soul desires and whatever your I could delight, this is the last person, the worst of the worst. Allah says whatever you look at will be used, whatever you desire will be used, and this dunya that you see, at least 10 times the universe.

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Think about the universe. When you do the series, the journey through the heavens, how big the planets are, and the stars are the worst of the worst, we'll get 10 times this universe behind Allah. So we're gonna be Musa asking if that is the lowest guy, what will be the fate for the people who get the highest strength in Ghana, and this is way the description stop. This is way you cannot describe what that's like. And so Allah responds to no Musa and he says, for them, they are those of my chosen servants who I will establish them with my own honor. And I will establish them with my own hand, meaning I will give them with my own hand. He himself Allah would decorate, as the Hadith

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says, there are only four things that Allah created with his own hands in a manner which reflects his Majesty, the arch the Throne of Allah, the column the pin of destiny that we're right in later to call the

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NABI Adam, Allah shaped and fashion him with Allah's own hands. And Allah planted the trees of gender to fill those himself. So every other level of Jana was decorated by the angels obey Allah saying couldn't fire Kuhn, but the Gen the highest levels of Jannah. He himself personally decorated that Janas that is for the best of the best lawmakers amongst them. I mean, and then Allah says, and the prophets Allah says, I swear by my seal, I swear by myself, that that Allah has made me that the final Nebby that they that they will be, they will be blessed with such bounties as no i has ever ever seen no creation in all of creation. has ever seen the beauty of those those parts of Jana, no

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ear could have heard anything from it and no mind or imagination could ever have perceived what is inside that Jana, there is no description of what he is. And that is why, what is the word Jana mean? Jana actually means the garden, a garden with a garden. But wherever you find Arabic the gem and the noon I would like Jana Jin it implies something hidden. So it is a god it is a garden that surrounds it that you cannot see inside it is a hidden a hidden place that it only those who are into it will get to understand it and perceive it. And then there are other names of Jana so that we can get an understanding the names give us convey a type of framework for us to understand what is

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in this place. What are the names and we know janitorial dose for those is the highest level of Jannah it is the the grand suburb of Jannah and that is the word paradise comes from fifth dose what paradise is from janitorial dose, and it is it at janitorial dose. This level is where all the rivers of Jannah begins. So the description that is described Janda is described the most with gardens threes, Leafy, leafy suburbs, with rivers flowing under it, the rivers beginning through those and it flows throughout throughout all the rest of Jannah. You also have general Adam Eden, and it implies a garden that will live or die. It is an everlasting God and it doesn't wilt it

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doesn't become decomposing. It is forever and ever. It's a garden of Eternity and a place of eternal happiness. So it's an everlasting garden of enjoyment. Similar agenda to name name is the basis of blessings

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Jana have just the light and happiness there's nothing besides happiness in the dam Salam Allah mentions Dara Sana meaning the place of peace. Why? Because all the people will year all the time is this welcoming from the angels of Jana and each other greetings. Salaam Alaikum. Salaam Peace be upon you. And then in Surah Yaseen, which we recite three times, but we should recite it three times but Salah golem and Robbie Rahim, the word of salam from a very very appreciative Lord. So they all the year in Jana, the people of Jana they will constantly be greeted with Salam from from the angels and most of them are $100. And of course one of the things which is unfortunate means the best,

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something which cannot be equaled the unparalleled perfection. That is the place now in all of Allah's creation, all the universes he's created all the planets and stars and some artwork that he's created. There is no place better and grander than this place. That is why Allah was it for the believers. Allahu Allahu SNA they will get the best was the other and they are going to get more than Krishna, we'll talk about what is more, what is better than the best. Inshallah that is what we'll talk about.

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That a hadith says, Allah as as we mentioned this hadith that Allah says to the people, my servants I have I my sense my sincere servants who worship, I have prepared something for you of enjoyment that no I have seen, no ear has heard no mind and no heart could comprehend or even fathom it for that Allah.

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Allah says no. So no person knows what Allah has kept hidden for him. Kurata is that which will make him happy, just on the Mac, I'm alone, all the efforts you've done. So Allah and Allah says you don't know how what I've kept hidden for you to surprise you on the Day of when you enter Jannah. And we spoke about this already. Does Jana exist now already? Yes, it does. Jana was created even even before we were created in preparation for us. Jana is already there. And Johanna is there already and we said that when Allah created Jana, he showed it to Gibreel. And Julio said, I have never seen a place like this. There is no place in all of creation as beautiful as this place. And

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maybe I don't need to salaam we know that our mother and father. They were created in a part of Jana, not the real Jana in a part of Jana way. They they that is where they began. And the the objective here for us the the the meaning for us is we are not yes we have to work to get to Jana. But really we are returning home where we belong. We don't belong on the dunya we insert don't belong here on dunya our home is Chana that is where we were we originated from and that is where we need to return to and that is why our duty our this this whole life is all about getting home to Allah subhanaw taala and that is sort of the symbolism is Allah started out creation in January,

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even though he began to the angel and said, I'm going to place a man on earth, but he wanted mankind to begin the journey in Jannah and that is where mankind will in the journey inshallah in Jannah. And then he's also says, and this is beautiful, even spa even even Janam. Allah the Prophet says every day, Jana and Johanna are making dua for the people Jahannam actually doesn't want you to come to Him. And so Allah says whoever asks Ya Allah grunk regenda Three times Jana will answer and say, Oh Allah admit this person into me. And whoever says Oh, Allah protect me from the fire of jahannam. And Jana will say, Oh Allah, please answer these two. And don't let him into jahannam. There'll be

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someone says, Do you really want to understand what Jana is?

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He had like a little stick. Well, what did they will do to push the camels with the horses a small little stick, and he said, you see this patch of land this patch of earth and the stickies on this patch of earth in Jannah. If you were to value it, it is more valuable than all of this dunya that little square meter of Earth, which a little stick would be on is more valuable than every property then every house, every Palace, every gold mined on Earth, that piece of Jannah is more valuable than that Subhanallah that is why even if the stones of Jana, the tissues of Jana who to come to the earth, it would out eclipse the earth in all its goodness. And that is what is Jana, so the first

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thing to believe is after a long day of piano and you said Kiama is the longest day a yo will occur to the final day. For some it will be eternally long, and for some people to hamdulillah for the blessings they will go through Jana very quickly. And so the first thing that the people of Jana will encounter is the fragrance of Jana and the breeze of Jana as they come towards it. So we remember we said that they will crush the spirit and those who cross the road safely. They will have now the good news that you're saved from jahannam. So if you cross the Spirit the first good news or Hamlet aside from Jana, but now you need to get your place in Jana, and you need to prepare yourself

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and that's we you cross over the Kantara and you will come towards Jana now the believers will go and they're going in groups they're walking in a Jamar towards gender. They will come across a river we

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They would drink from its water and they would go in and they will hustle. And when they come out, they will be shining and they will be ready and that is what Allah will remove from their hearts any any deficiencies, and they will be given now, they will be shown this is your house and everybody will know, basically that you're getting the key that you're now about to enter Jana. And as I said, As for those who don't go directly to Jana, they need to go via Jana, when they are extracted from Johanna they will also be placed in this river, where the bodies will be re animated because they will come out burn to you know, burned like charcoal and then they would be reanimated in the

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server. And then they would be pulled out like, like fresh polls, and now they would go towards Jana. And this moment is described many times in the Quran. When you come upon the doors of Jana. Now, just think about that anticipation. If anyone has said we can't deny method Allah, we can't give analogies to this. But if you if you like about to board the plane, are you allowed to open the door and see this moment is captured in the Quran that they are walking towards Jana, and in the distance they see this spectacular gates of Jana and the gates of Jana are closed. Remember the word Jana means something hidden. Only in Ramadan are the gates of gender opened. But in reality gender

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will be kept closed until the day of Kiama. Until then, so someone reaches it. So all that Allah says in surah Zuma was he called Nadine was he called Athena taco Illa Jannetty Zuma rah that Allah was the people of the pious people. They would move towards Jana in groups hotter either Jia Hua until when they come upon the doors of Jana, what would the hat if you need to assume that you will find that the aisles are the same the people of January Jana go to school to Jana and the people of Jana, go to Jana. The only difference in the two is is that well, what would you had

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to just open the Quran and you see, you will find that the people have Jahannam they go to jahannam. There is no that Wow. footie had the doors will suddenly open and they'll fall into Jahannam whereas the people of Jana as well means it will slowly open up for them and it will present itself to them and as they are watching the doors of Janna opening, the breeze and the smell of Jana would wash over them and they will just seeing the inside is the beginning of the enjoyment. Walk all along because Anna to her I mean the keepers of Jana will say Salaam Alaikum Peace be upon you to tomb you have done Peace be upon you. Well, we have done well. That's a good job. You guys have succeeded for

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the Hulu holiday and now into it for all eternity. Nobody saw Salam we know from a hadith that Jana has a dose a dose of Jana. Where's Jana mess? How many those seven even though Johanna will have more people than Jana, Jana is given more doors the symbolism is that there are more ways to intergender than Jahannam and ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada has prepared multiple avenues to get to Jana. We know of all the eight doors we only know the name of one of it that day the name of the window is Rayyan the door of fasting the yarn one of the doors one of the at its name is Ryan, and there'll be some services there's a door for Salah and the door of the of charity and the biggest door and the

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middle door and the largest door is what the door of your parents. Remember the door is a symbol of how you will enter Jannah you'll either enter through salah or through your fasting, but then at least this is the biggest door and the middle door to enter is through the pleasure of your parents Subhan Allah by pleasing your parents and inshallah we make dua to be easy to please our parents, they Joy their happiness will be a means by which you enter Jannah Abubaker the Alon, he asked and this shows you why he Abubaker he said out of suit Allah Salam will they be anybody who will be called by all a dose of Janna services? Yes, there are some people who would have the option of

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entering anyone they would excel in fasting, they would excel in soda in charity with the appearance and they will be allowed to entertain any one of the doors and he says I hope meaning I'm sure you will be you will be one of those people. I mean maybe May Allah granted for us as well. So now those entering Jana

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well may you to Allah wa Sula who you who are negatively impacted and hardhearted enough Hee ha the first batch of people that will intergender none of us will cease. The Jana is locked and as we know it's closed and no person is intergender and that's why I will believe is the person who's in the cupboard. He gets to see his Jana and he gets the breeze of Jana but he doesn't get to into Jana because the resources the Jana Jana has been locked and my me and my ummah we will be the last people to be created the last OMA but we will be the first to be judged on Qiyamah and we will be the first to cross the spirit and therefore we will be the first to get to Jana. So while all the

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other nations have been questioned, so they started to cross the Surat we are the first Jamar the first Ummah walking towards the gates of Jana. And so maybe someone will find it locked, and he will then be the first one to knock on the door of Jana. And they will ask who is at who's who's outside and he says this is Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam and the gatekeeper will say we have been commanded to keep it locked until you arrive. And now and this is another Schiphol another intercession of the recent law

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His request will begin the doors of Janna being opens throughout Kiana SubhanAllah. Now we get to see who Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam is and so going to be some says, a one evening he said I was such a you are so happy that I got to see this moment where I will be the one upon whom Jana will open and my ummah will enter first speaker of the island said, I hope that I could have seen it with you. So he says, Don't worry, because I will make sure on that day when I enter, you will I will hold your hand in mind we are going to work together to Regina Hand in Hand Subhanallah What a great honor for setting the alarm. And so then it says that for his ummah, he asks the Sahaba he

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looked in Jannah and he said, does it make you feel happy that a quarter of the people of Ghana will be from this ummah, how was it that hamdulillah that's a good good news. So it says no, a third of the people of Ghana will be from the Ummah then he said no, rather half of all the people of the Jana will be from his alma mater, all the others Alma combined is less than this ummah. We will intergender Hamdulillah. That is a great honor. It gives you a great feeling that the bulk of the people of Jana will come from the Ummah of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam In another Hadith than a decencies. Jana what they have 120 groups with 120 Gemma's 80 of those Gemma will be from my

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ummah, at the bulk of Jana is from the Ummah of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So the first people to intergender will be from the Ummah, Nabil Salaam and Abu Bakr and the sahaba. And then he said, there'll be that special group who will enter Jannah without any hisab those people will bypass and we talk about priority boarding, first class. Now Subhanallah imagine that they've clamor to skip the queue of questioning to cross over the Ciroc quickly to skip all of that. They are that very, very elite few that did that. And so that 70,000 special ones, like Akasha God Allah and they will intergender first and then maybe so Salam said, and this is something for us to think about.

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And we, he said, the poor of my ummah, the poor of my ummah will interface before the rich, not because wealth is bad, but because the the rich will have to stand longer to answer. On the day of gamma, every grant is going to be audited every bit of money how you earn it, how you spend it, so they will be detained. And in a hadith one of the poor saw one of the poor men, two friends one was which one is poor, the poor man into Janna, and years years went by, and then he's retiring into Jannah. So we sit ya Allah we went from, I thought you didn't make it. And I thought you were in Jana. So he said, No, I just now only came from the questioning hundreds of years past I had to

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stand in concert for the questions, even though he went directly to Jana, the poor will intergender before the rich And subhanAllah just think about it. Never did the poor get to stand in the first class cube. Never did they get preferential treatment throughout their life in the dunya they will always behind. So for that Allah is going to give them an upgrade and they will enter Jannah before the wealthy and so when hamdulillah Allah is not UNFI he gives blessings in this dunya and for those who don't get it, they'll be compensated in the akhirah

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there'll be so Salam says when the dwellers of Jana, inter Jana and announcer Will call you will love so entering Jana. And that moment as we said, as you cross over the threshold, the welcoming committee of the angel standing they congratulating you, telling you well done, they will give you the good news, they will say to you, welcome to Jana, you will live here in forever, and you are never going to die and you will always be healthy and you will never ever become sick. And you will always be young. We'll talk about at what age will you be some people die when they're old. Some children die when they're young, what age will you be willing to Jannah everyone will be at the peak

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of the of the of the of the age, you will always stay young and you will never become old and you will always be constantly in happiness in bliss enjoyment and you will never ever feel any sorrow or sadness or misery. Welcome to Jana and inshallah tomorrow we talk about the descriptions of Jana what's inside it and so Masha Allah, Allah grant us all of us to enter Jannah Allah on the days between now and then to pass quickly, Ms. intergender quickly without without hisab or hamara I mean, I mean, Zack LaHood. Just another reminder, 10 o'clock is our key MLM program. And on Saturday or Sunday, whenever it is Eid, we will be having our salah, our mass eat in Wall Street, and we

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welcome everybody. It's a Saturday. So all those who are out there in the different parts of Cape Town, we invite you to come to the bootcamp to pick up is the home of Islamia in Cape Town. And so really, it's wonderful, especially in the bootcamp to have a group eat so inshallah we invite everyone from all the different parts of Cape Town to join us in the matter, Jan, who would like to feed people in the pot of food that's available. And then remember your feet are on your feet there anyone who hasn't paid the fake traffic? Yeah, please. This is the last few days please you need to organize that. I mean, last night we asked what is the name of the that alleyway

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In that high place between Jana and Jana, where the people will stand between them that purgatory What is this place called in the Quran? It is the or off the elevation then as for today, which one is not a name of Jana so what is not gender infidels? Genital genital Adnan? Genital name? Genital personal interest now?

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Which one is it?

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Okay, well the dalai mashallah

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and what are the Nadine?

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MashAllah does she know and Spot Price Toba Moon Sorry 14 1414 on my shallow sacral chakra and so much. Masala sanem Hamid Reza was notable administer our

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