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It's the port of the Bible howdy look, online shout Allahu Allah B is Neela. This Hallett will make you all, all of us happy with the last lesson.

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The Prophet says, in Allah him Allah,

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Allah has prophets in has angels in the Leela haemolytica to fulfill the glory around the Earth, they go around looking for something, what do they look for, they look for this type of gathering just like this. They look for a type of gathering with by the name of Allah is mentioned is praised is glorified.

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Angels looking around and then when they look for such type of gathering, they call one another and what do they say hello?

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Hello, hello, come come, we will be looking for and they come and they sit. You know what sisters and brothers right here amongst us today. We have angels who said Allah, Prophet Mohammed also said,

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they sit and they listen, when the gathering is over, they go back to Allah. So Allah Subhana Allah, we found your people, your people, your streams, who love you, they praise you, glorify you, they love you. Allah says, Well, how only have they seen me? Have they seen me? And Allah knows, but he has a question. Have they seen me? The answers they say layer A B, layer B they haven't seen? You know, they haven't seen you? And Allah says, How about if they were to see me? Well, if they were to see you, they would love you more. And then Allah has this question from the angels. Oh my interest? What are they asking for? What do we want?

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What do we want?

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I'm not gonna say When do we want it? But just What do we want?

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Other than you want it to get married? Other than not talking about that? I'm talking about the real thing here. The real thing, what do we want to be? What are they asking for? They're asking for the agenda. Allah says, Well, how have they seen it?

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Have they seen it? The age of the salon lobby, they haven't seen it. And then Allah says, How about if they were to see your beef? They will. They will make sure to work hard to be committed to it. What are they seeking refuge from you or be the secret or fish from you Shannon from Hellfire? Have they seen it? layer B they haven't seen it. However they want to see it.

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They will make sure to stay away from harm, and only to Halla su not to be admitted to it. And then Allah tells the angels are my angels and this is the beauty. Oh my angels, you all be witness. I forgive all of them.