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As Salaam Alaikum Peace be upon you. When I'm My name is a foreign notary. And now we are ready to stay tuned and we'll be right back. This will last lahmacun peace be unto you. Welcome to the deen show. This week we have our little brother.

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so far. He's in town and he's back on a D show. And you know, he's read over 2200 2200 books with the help of his parents he's written to, and strangers is one of them fire. And we're gonna be talking about

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we're gonna be asking him some questions. It was very excited last time, you know, we had a lot of the young Muslims really exciting and the non Muslims. They want to know what these Muslims are teaching their kids. So tune in. Stay tuned. Don't go nowhere. We're gonna pick his brain with the little Muslims. The far here in the deen show. Sit tight. Don't go nowhere. This is the thing.

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This is the

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this is the

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so far. Yes. You remember me? Yeah. So I like him. He can fill out what I just say. What do we just say? PC upon you. Please be upon you. How you been?

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We did a good show last time. Hmm. Yeah. It was really exciting. I'm glad you're back. You didn't forget about us? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So look, you've written some books. And last time, we talked about these books you you read about? Well, how many books have you read so far? About 2000 2000. Now, are these small books, big books? How many books? How big are the books?

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about like, sort of a big some of them are small. Some are like three pages, some 10 pages? 20 pages, small books, but you read a lot of books. Yeah, that's good. You like reading? Yeah, yeah. hamdulillah. So you're here and we're going to ask you some questions. Deal. And then you know what? I got a surprise for you. Have you? Have you met Abraham? Have you seen Abraham on the deen show? He's gonna come out and he's gonna ask you some questions to you cool with that? Yeah. Okay. All right. So, strangers Last time we talked about strangers. Let's talk about this for a second strangers. Well, what's a stranger? stranger is the person who you don't know.

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Okay, so if someone says they opened her window, right, right. And they said, Come here, little boy. Let me give you a piece of candy. What do you do?

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right away? What if he says, Look, I'll give you a you know, Big Mac quarter pounder with cheese or happy meal? No, say no, no, no, I still. Yeah. Okay, good. Good. You don't get in the car and get the Big Mac or the Happy Meal? No. Why? Because that's a

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danger. You got it? Yes. So that's what you talk about in your book. Yeah, yeah. Now I also mentioned fire. Now, what's this about? starting a fire? Why would you write a book about fire? So how to get a escape plan and how to get out of a fire.

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situation like that.

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So what do we do if there's a fire? Do we run into fire? No. Yeah. Out of the fire. Yeah. Okay, so what? Tell me a little bit about it.

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So, um,

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so after the fire, then you run out and

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you have to go go to the closest neighbor and feel to let them use your cell phone, their cell phone and call 911.

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That's simple, right? But if you didn't maybe read your book, or the parents didn't teach the kids, they wouldn't know this. They can get stuck in the fire. Yeah, right. Right. Okay, good. So strangers stay away from strangers. And strangers. What? Someone you just you don't know. Yeah. Okay. And what else do you cover in your book? Do you remember anything else?

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Ah, yeah. Tell me. Tell us to comment on one and run away. Okay, so now let me let you know that.

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Islam, we know that it's a complete way of life. It's a way of life that we live. Yeah. It's a way of life of all the messengers. And God sent Islam. He sent this way of life to all of us that we submit to the One God the God of all that exists. Yeah. Now in this way of life. All right.

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There are manners that we follow. And we're going to talk about some of these manners All right, because the

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Our brothers in humanity, the not yet Muslims and non Muslims, some might have some misconceptions about Islam. So how does Islam? What does Islam teach? does it teach you to be rude to people mean to people who are not Muslim? What does Islam teach? and teaches us to be nice to people and kind and tells them to worship the right.

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To do what? To worship the right to? To worship the right path? What do you mean? Like worship Allah? Oh, you mean worship? Okay to worship God? Yeah. Okay, now we got to make sense. And you mentioned something before you said God is the one Allah is the one who gives intelligence to the people. Hmm. Right. So that's the God we worship the God who gave intelligence to all people who created everything in this universe. Yes. Do you worship the moon? No, you worship the moon God? No, no. How about do you worship? Muhammad? No, you worship Jesus. Now, who do you worship? I worship Allah. The one who created Jesus. Yeah. Who created everything. Yes. That makes sense. That makes

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sense. And how about your family now? Are you good to your parents? Yeah. Why? Because we listen to the

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Why do you listen to? you'd like to ask a lot of wise right? Why this? Why that? I'm going to ask you a lot of wise.

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So does Islam teach you this? Yeah. Okay. Last time when we were on the show you you recited the opening chapter to the verbatim Word of God the Quran has true some proves that it's from indeed the creator of this heaven, the creator of all that exists is God that we worship Allah. Now you you recited it, the fact he had the opening chapter, would you mind this time? Would you mind reciting it and then translating it for us giving us the meaning in English? Can you do that? Yeah. Okay, go ahead.

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I secret for you the lafonda crusade in

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the name of lava Beneficent, the Merciful Alhamdulillah Allah, Allah, Allah Ameen

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are pleased to allow Lord of the roads are Rahmani Raheem the Beneficent the merciful Maliki along with the Owner of the Day of Judgment, he cannot sustain

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the alumi worship to only ask for help as Minister autumn was taking the long run

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throughout the lives in

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the past, you deposit your favorite item or do ballet in the public

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arena, your anger

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I mean, that's good. That's you just recited it and just back to back you gave the the Arabic which is the original. That's the Quran what's recited and you gave the meaning. Wow. And this is really we encourage everyone every Muslim should know the meaning. So they're not just saying something, you know, like a parent just says repeat something. You actually know what it means. This is great. You might if we take a break.

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We're gonna take a break. Tell him peace.

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Salaam Alaikum. Be right back with your heart so far here on the deen show so tight. Okay, you got your dream home and you've got your dream car, but you're gonna get old and things are gonna happen to you in your life. And then what have you got at the end of the day, it's an empty dream that has no real Foundation, we all gonna die and we're gonna meet our Lord and He is going to judge us. It becomes an obligation for each single human being to find out what the Quran is. Islam is telling us to stay away from things which are bad for your person and bad for the society.

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killing of innocent human being

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human life is precious.

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Back here on the D show was zahar.

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so far. I did it again. See I messed up. I'm sorry. Can you say my name? Yeah. What's my name? Eddie. And you're on the show. All right. Mashallah. All right. So I remember I told you earlier that we're going to have a special guest, and he wants to ask you some questions. He watched you last time on the deen show. Are you ready? Yeah. So hey, can we can we bring out the Abraham? Hey,

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how are you? Sir? Hey, Ziggy. What's your name? Zeki.

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Hey, guys.

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I got some questions to ask you. Okay, can I tell you

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what's new? Nothing. Okay. Listen, I agree.

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can command and ask you a few questions? So, Zuhair, right?

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The frog? Or you're a radical

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teacher that I mean, what does Islam teach you? Because, you know, some people think that the kids are radical out there. You don't look so radical, you know, kind of like a nice boy cute boy.

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blankie doodles to be

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nice to her and respect her family. So you're gonna be nice to me. Yeah, you're gonna be nice to just meet everybody. And like

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what else do you know? Do you know any sores from the Quran? Yeah. Hey, can you fix my hands but fell off? Oh, yay, thanks. All right, masala. Sure. Can you can you store with me? Yeah.

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What are you waiting for?

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This older

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person ladder runner. Yeah, you'll notice from from the book of a cup that was the avocado or just the Latin

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laser pic of us. But then Nikita finacle nakoula pathology only the Yamanashi cafe de la is here.

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To hear that I dealt Allahumma mundo de

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urbanista. Who the I had to lose and neither from my eternal and Lizzy Kela new canon the A Tina need so Riku soda, no fuck at all. Over de la k factor. The Mattila k for kata to maneuver from

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my daughter was Carlin

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lachelle Casa

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de la cama that Vicki will allow her to live Bursa la casa en la jolla cybernetic allama Leica to

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the top 11 living recovery and staging alluding

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to living under a man overlayer fabula. Xena.

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We know you live in Malibu

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love Yeah, that

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person can come on ladies. Slowly that's what

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had the cover of Iran and Russia. Mr. Chairman, my

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goodness me my physical trainer loves me. He Jannati

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an emerging country soccer calm column the criminal Mr. Li

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ski aka Nando de Monaco at canonical

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Martin from shefa Shafi maloom and it's more easy.

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Ramos and Farah Farah twin Casa de de Colombia Magnum

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caliber Leia funa.

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Kira, Manisha Cara is kurunegala he shot a la la la, la la la Wawa

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masala masala, you know, there's a lot of people that think you know, that God Allah, the he's like a man is something you know, I'm a man you're a man right? He lives a man. Do you notice during the Qur'an Kahala? Yes, please do for me please, please

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go ahead.

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Now, you know what did you say? I know what you said I know what about the people out there traveler sees a loved one and only the absolute the terminal is not the father of

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my children. And there's nothing comparable

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masala that makes a lot of sense. God does not like you and me and have like grandparents and kids and stuff. That doesn't make sense that God is like you little guy like you, does it? No. Oh, I saw. Okay, I gotta go. But I'm just gonna sing a song real quick. Can you sing it with me? Yeah, okay, I'm gonna say first and you have to me okay. And you guys can do it at home too. All right. Howdy, howdy, Howdy, howdy. I love you.

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hoggy, hoggy hoggy

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hoggy hoggy, hoggy

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hoggy hoggy, hoggy where you Love me.

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Love me

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girl Guys, please be with you. I'll see you next time.

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Whoa so far what do you think about Abraham?

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Die is funny. You think he's funny? He's like that song he was singing. Huggy. Huggy. Ha ha ha ha. So listen, alright,

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tell us now we're almost out of time, you know that we, you recited the Quran, verbatim Word of God, unlike any other book out there memorized by millions all over the world, tamper, free, tamper proof, not the words of man, but the words of the Creator of the heavens and earth. And anybody who's sincere, who really wants to take a look at this book. And its original, they'll see that you know what this is, indeed from the Creator of the heavens and earth, he recited it and you translated the opening chapter.

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Now, there's another piece that go with this we have the Hadith, the sayings of the last and final messenger said to mankind of Mohammed peace be upon him who was a messenger like Jesus, Abraham, Noah, and all the other messengers. Do you know any of these authentic hadith?

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quite sure one one says

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the first thing I want to share with you is

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on I'm gonna I'm gonna basa at

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the bottom also some others by

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by faith, you apply so Footscray and gentleness.

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A second, and neither one of you can find the book of Moses. The second I do want to share with you

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is one of the obliterator said what he's one of what he said. He said the problem. He said the performance a little low, a little upset. greed and pride can never call the human heart.

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The last I want to share with you is on the 30 of duliban on my one, the bottom one is that the Prophet Muhammad Allah, Allah, Allah said, God exists or repentance of a man right to last gasp, before he died. So from this Hadith, that Allah is this a law that we worship is here, a merciful God, a loving God? Yes. So this hadith shows it that Allah will accept the repentance of a human being until their last dying breath. So better hurry up and repent for all the bad things people do. Right? Right. Yeah. Okay, well, you know what, we're out of time. I'd like to thank you for stopping by again. inshallah, we can have you back God willing.

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Okay, so we talked about self restraint. And what else was that? gentleness? So Islam teaches you to be gentle. Yes. This is very, very important. Is it just with Muslims or non Muslims to work?

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with everybody? How are you supposed to act with people who, who you know what? They didn't accept that you know what? That God is one that you should worship Him alone, not to worship a monkey or a man or an elephant or, you know, a clown, whatever the case, and they want to worship, you know, a man or a saint. Are you supposed to not be gentle with these people? No, you're supposed to be gentle recap for everybody. Can you put a sword next to someone's neck? I say accept Islam. No. That's that. Islam teaches, you know, the Islam teaches you to be extreme, like, extremely mean or a terrorist. Does Islam teach you to do that? No. Are you sure? Sure. Okay, good. Good. Good. All

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right. Well,

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that's all the fun we can have for today. And did you enjoy that you can remember that people were singing that song at home. Huggy. Huggy. Huggy.

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So make sure when you go home, you hug your mommy, and your daddy and your sister, and be good. And do good. All right. All right. All right, peace be with you. salaam aleikum. And that was our little brother, the little Muslim in a Muslim is one who consciously submits to the creator of all that exists. And Islam is the system the complete way of life from A to Z when you wake up in the morning to when you go to bed, how you conduct yourself, how you conduct yourself with your parents, how you conduct yourself with your neighbors, how you conduct yourself with your co worker, would you spell Everything is there no guesswork, and Islam is teaching us to be gentle and kind. Islam is teaching

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us to have a relationship to have the utmost love for our Creator, the creator who gave us this air that we breathe, who's feeding the fish in the sea, who's feeding the bird in the air who took care of you when you were in your mother's womb and who's feeding you and giving you the air that you breathe right now establish a direct dial up but directly

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action with the creator of all that exists the creator of Jesus, Moses, Abraham, the creator of the sun and the moon, worship that one crater alone, you don't need to put up an intermediary between you and him. You direct dial up, ask him for the guidance, ask him for everything and all your needs. That's the one God that we worship. That's the foundation of Islam. And if you can understand that, the rest will be simple. And we covered some of these things, being gentle and kind, respectful to your parents. All these things. Islam is not calling you to kill innocent people to strap a bomb on yourself and blow up a building with kids in it. That's not what Islam is about. And

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we're so thankful that you came to the deen show to learn about Islam, not to Fox News or CNN or Peter Jean Jean Jang or whoever else is out there. Come to the Muslim sit with the Muslims, invite them to lunch or have them invite you to their house. Go check out the mosque your neighborhood Mas, check it out. Make sure that you know what, let me see if there's some some bombs in here. There's a bomb making factory, go check it out. ask the questions, ask them the tough questions. That's how we're going to develop an understanding and you got to see one of our little Muslims. You got to see what these kids are being taught and they're being taught things that are good because Islam

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encourages good good to all good breeds. Good. And this is Islam. And we'll see you next time here on the deen show. Until then peace be unto you

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