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This audio is brought to you by Muslim Central. please consider donating to help cover our running costs and future projects by visiting www dot Muslim central.com. forward slash donate Konichiwa Yeah, exactly, exactly. He was really determined and wanted to be a monk. So you were a Buddhist at one time? Yes, I was. I don't know if you know she use who saying he you he also was a Buddhist at the time. Did you ever meet him? Yes, yes. You started thinking about that at the age of 14. what triggered Buddhism which I wanted once to be among those believers in the same religion fight against each others? What kind of religion is that one that are sending me lasuna in diabetes and he

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told me he knew but in Allah whom one who gave me the most half the copy of the Quran and then told me to think by yourself there was there was a father we got a Muslim one who has submitted to the will of God that's what a Muslim is. All the way from Japan. Don't get caught up with just the word here thinking like all Muslim terrorists, Arab No, this is a man who at the young age of 14, he wanted to know why he was created, why he was gone when he's gonna die and what was he living for? And he went from being a Buddhist and seeking the truth because that was closest to him in his vicinity to actually finding connecting with some Muslims and being gifted a Quran to being here

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with us here on the D show. We'll be right back with our brother from Japan.

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How things in Japan

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things here, you got into COVID is getting settled. Little by little. Yes, people are living style living. Like previously, of course, we all of them are wearing masks. Konichiwa Is that how you say it? Oh, yes, for the daytime. Yeah, for daytime. How do you translate Peace be with you? Assalamu alaykum in Japanese

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means honey, hey and garima. Sione Alhamdulillah. Tell us. What really struck me about your story was that at such a young age? 14. I mean, we say young age. But many times you know, when you go back in history, you see that young men at that age, they were totally different. They weren't stuck just playing Xbox all day, you know, stuck in the basements many just doing things that they shouldn't be doing. And not even reflecting about why am I here? What's my purpose? What am I living for? You started thinking about that at the age of 14? what triggered that?

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I thought that's very normal or natural thing for anyone, any young people who are the age of you know, papers to ponder upon, why am I here? What am I doing? It is so special. It is right isn't it? But don't you find it odd that many people like you say that, okay, that you find it? That's a natural question to ask, you'd want to ask but many people do find it odd that many people they just Yeah, the answer for that, which I thought Oh, is that because, you know, leaching to that answer is very difficult. So people just, you know, tell themselves forget about it, then, you know, go after the joys

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and then you talk about that you thought that that answer was because it was close to home and the majority religion is that right was Buddhism. So you you were did you go towards becoming a Buddhist at one point? Yes, exactly. Exactly. It was really determined and wanted to be a monk. So you are a Buddhist at one time? Yes, I was before embracing Islam. Yes. So tell me Is it true that I remember I don't know if you know Shay, who saying he you he also was a Buddhist at one time? Did you ever meet him? Yes, yes. Mashallah, when I interviewed him one time we were talking about this, we went into Buddhism, and he talked about Buddha himself. What?

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What's his actual name? The Golden ocean? Yes. He talks about possibly that he might have been a prophet of Allah. What do you think about that? Yeah, possible. First of all, and then people I mean, British people would be happy when they hear that, but many of them and so I was misunderstand. If someone tells me that if some Muslim tell us that Gautama should doubt our Buddha might be a prophet. They end up you know, convincing themselves okay then I'm I'm fine to you know, keep being that no, no, no, no.

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Yeah, that's the same thing when you look at the true message of Jesus. He saw La Silla Moses Mussolini's when you look at when you go to the core of their message, it was tauheed pure monotheism, calling people to be Muslims, those who submit to the will of God and practicing Islam.

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submission to the will of God. So when you studied his life, is there any connection with what people are doing today? Were actually worshipping Him? And are they have they gone far away from his core message? Yeah, it's, it's totally opposite to what he preached for. He never, you know, told people to worship me. It's kind of what we see like in Christianity we don't find I mean, this is all respect, this is all with all due respect to our Christian friends and neighbors. You see the the very interesting history of this Buddhism statues, you know, they, they start with the footprints, you know, the footprints, then gradually the the ankle and the you know, the knees and

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it gradually completes the statue. Well, this is amazing, because when you go deep into what we have left of the Bible, you see that nowhere ever did Esau lay some Jesus peace be upon ever say that is God worship me. So similarly, when you look here, same thing, you don't find what we have today in modern day Buddhism. Hmm.

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So this is the interesting thing also, that you now you had like most had a very negative image of Islam. Talk to us about that? Yes, well, they killed Oh, the while I was, you know, teenagers, like teenagers, all the news, which comes through the TVs and so on was like the news of the war between Iraq and Iran and the, you know, the Iraqi war or whatever, those all those horrible, aggressive news about Muslims. So anyone you know, who don't go deep into the realities, behind the scenes, they end up, you know, concluding themselves, oh, they are very, you know, violent people and fanatic to get editions and so on. That's how I was as well. Same thing. Was this before? 911? or

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after? before? before? 911? Yes. So this was even before 911? Yes, yes. Now, what was like? I mean, we know the media, a lot of them here. But was it the same? Are they just parroting the same thing, that the media here in certain parts of the world, there's same thing in Japan, they were spitting The, the the negative image media in Japan is like a copy of the media, which is the same thing?

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Very, very similar. It's almost same thing. But what was kicking it off before 911? What was what were they pushing out before 911? Give us some examples of things that you heard about Islam that obviously weren't true.

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So as I mentioned, the like the example of the war between Iraq and Iran, it's the war between the same believers, same, I mean, Muslims. So anyone who sees that news, the outcome, how in the world that believing those believers in the same religion, fight against each other, what kind of religion is that and things like that.

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Now, the Japanese I mean, question because a lot of this stuff is coming from this side of the world. Were they smart enough not to sound like you not to fall for the negative lies and misinformation and propaganda.

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And now, of course, sure, some people should question themselves, but the, unfortunately, most of them are quite happy enough, within their, you know, their societies with their lifestyles. So they don't really, you know, bother themselves to go deep into

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the truth behind behind the scenes. Yeah. Tell us now, Japan, this is where the sad and tragic event happened where you had to have these bombed Hiroshima, Nagasaki, this is where it happened in Japan, correct? Yes. That's just a little bit of history of this just in a nutshell, what what happened happened during this time, and how many people were killed innocent, innocent people?

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Yeah, sorry. I don't know about I mean, I don't remember but the numbers but the so many people, you know, killed so not sure I, I think, as any non Japanese would think about, because of those numbers Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japanese must have been hating Americans are things I mean, as natural, you know, feelings of human beings, however, very uniquely, or very ironically,

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only, you know, very limited, very limited. People hate America. I mean, they all most of them are following American cultures. And so, you see how America has succeeded in brainwashing Japanese, Japan, Japanese. Yeah. That's why I gave that example because you see what people are, they're good at doing. It's dividing us separating us. Islam brings us together like you, you're my brother. Over in Japan, we've never met, but we give each other that greeting of peace, peace be with you. And then you come over stay at my house minimum of three days. I got to take care of you. How's that? Is the truth, right? And we've never met but there's that

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Bond there's that there's that that connection right away. I'm Marina hamdulillahi Rabbil aalameen. So tell tell me shake What was it that changed your perception about Islam and I'm just gonna make a disclaimer because some people tuned tuning in, and they think like you did, oh Islam, here we go those terrorist is danielda. But Islam, obviously, as you know, is just calling the human being not to submit to money to Jesus to Buddha to anything except the Creator of the heavens and earth, the One God that Jesus worship, that's the God that we're worshiping. So what changed your perception about Islam

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seeing and knowing that the entities of Muslim life true Muslim life,

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as in, as I was exaggerating the importance of the point, which is not do not separate between the practicing faith and Daily Lives of the activities, because all those you know, the Buddhism, which I wanted once to be a monk and other, other isn't, Christianity's or whatever many religions in the world, they do separate those two, right. So ever since my ego woke up at work and then searched for the true religion, I wanted the in a tradition which do not separate I mean, that which is complete way of life. So I found that in the life of Muslims and hunted, I was lucky fortunate enough to, to find some Muslim friends. While I was in Australia, Melbourne, as an extension, and yes, it was it a

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hard transition now, because at that time, you're still a Buddhist? Yes, I was Buddhist, yes. Did you have to? astonished, you know, by listening to the sayings of the friends, even how I mean, how they were so confident in the truthfulness of it. When they were talking about Islam, they were so confident, which annoyed me a lot. I mean, how can you be so sure

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that the truth gives you that confidence, doesn't it? It should we shouldn't make us arrogant, but proud that we're upon the truth that this is the truth, the HAC from the Creator of the heavens and earth, there is there's not that like in the back of your head. Is it? Really? No, it is 100%. And that's what have you make a great sacrifice? I mean, you're an intelligent person. I mean, you have a lot of credentials to show for it. You know, and you I mean, you got to go against a lot of odds, like many people I've interviewed, you really have to put Islam to the test and scrutinize it take an analytical scientific approach, which I'm sure you did, before you submitted in Islam.

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And so I couldn't follow the question. It was it, you had to make sure 100% that it was the truth, obviously. So you did your homework, you did a lot of homework, how long did it take you before you concluded that this is the truth, not man made a very short time, very short time period, just I had to, you know, go beyond them come across the final line of acquiring the enough confidence to overcome the possible future challenges for my life. I mean, as an individual, you know, now the, because I, because I was in the position of having very biased viewpoint against Islam. You can say, like, one of enemies of Islam. So I could easily you know, imagine how people would react to me if I

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were to embrace become a Muslim. So I had an anxiety

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you know, for that, yeah. So in order to come across this, that anxiety, I needed a week of time, but only because I could fully convince with the concepts of I mean, what Islam teaches about the relationship of God and people and everything. So that was only a matter of coming across the, the barrier of, you know, getting the confidence. Now, besides the kind nature, the hospitality that you experienced from this family, they also did something, they didn't just stop there. They also did the dour, not just with their behavior and character, but they gave you a gift. It was the Quran and you were astonished because the person that gave you the Quran he said, read this for yourself and

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think for yourself. Tell us about that.

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Yes, so, that was the beautiful approach a beautiful way of approach to let other The one who, you know, you want to give the message to think by themselves? Because there was another I mean, they they had a brother, I mean, which who was younger than me older than me. He approached to me in the way of pathway the pathway Yeah, and I did not die from the same family. This is from the same family. Yes, yes, sir. Okay.

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Yes, the one who gave me the most half the copy of the Quran and then told me to think by yourself the who was there was a father of the family.

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Your fascinating approach was there brother but that's that we can derive so much wisdom from there I mean benefit look look it's a father and son team a family like not only exhibiting the true nature of how Muslims should be kind hospitable right to doesn't matter Muslim non Muslim they welcome you in their home they took care of you but also they did the Dow they share the message with you

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Yes and and do you feel now that from there that what he told you to do would you advise other people right now tuning in he said read this book and think for yourself Don't think like Fox not fox news or this new station or this Islam hater wants you to think right Think for yourself after reading this book.

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Was that a powerful statement? And would you would you advise others to I mean, just copy that do the same thing what he told you would you give often that same advice to other people? Not straightaway After establishing after building the personal relationship? That's the very important point yeah, not just go and knock the doors of others or the visit I mean of the meet people and then straight away get the books or booklets or whatever. No, no, I don't recommend this way in Japan. At least in Japan or Japan here we have different types here in America you got like the the bus stop one minute you got something then you got someone your neighbor maybe take some time to get

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to know them. Right. So there's different version but how is it in Japan you said that Japanese really liked to read here we've lost reading many people leave sorry, they like to lead but with their choices? Yeah. Not they don't like to lead things that they were given. Ah, okay. So they do take them very proudly. But most probably those booklets or whatever goes into the rubbish bin unfortunately. Uh huh. I have to give the example because you see there is a lot of good cultural you don't I mean, obviously Islam didn't come to just eradicate all the culture in a certain culture correct. So we see things in the certain Japanese culture and I often make this example that now we

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can't live in here push our culture on someone else but we obviously when you go into a Japanese coat, they don't shake hands most right? So we continue that same thing out of respect for the for the for the women we don't touch what we don't have the right to touch correct. So tell us about that. You also have the taking off of shoes which actually here this is a normal culture even though you got 500 some you know bacterias and put that your you just walked on the lawn you know the grass and they sprayed it with you know chemicals and you're bringing that stuff in the house Come on people but in Japan Japan its shoes off right and no shaking

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Tell us about that.

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often the case their foods are Korean and

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so this this is this is something what else tell us more about the Japanese culture things that you can share with us

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Samurai What about to summarize this the summary so right vision might summarize vision.

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You don't find some right nowadays, but you have the summary. I teach martial arts. So what do you do i do Gracie Jiu Jitsu I Yeah, well, no.

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shall see. See now when you look you have there I believe jujitsu is also practice there you have this this many people know martial arts let's say the samurai there's certain qualities of honor respect, dignity, didn't these martial art they had this code of ethics this code of conduct Yes, yes. Yes. Yeah, they do they do. So is this also not

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very I don't agree to us, people faith. They take you know, practicing martial arts and others as the as their way of life. So they in satisfied with it, you know, not and then don't go for searching for the you know, Father truth, or further they stop there, right?

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I try to connect these different things, these qualities, you know, like you have this and this Islam teaches us to have noble character, dignity, honor, all of these things are there in Islam, obviously, it's on the footing of the pure monotheism to tauheed nature of Japanese people they are, they are native religious people. Maybe many of them are not aware of that. But, you know, they are very religious, however, is I mean, that's why they have a sense of, you know, being gratitude grateful to everything around surrounding and everything that's connecting them to the Creator is another issue. So, Mashallah, back to you, people America, you have the you know, common background

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of, you know, the prophets and the, you know, the one god yeah. So, the distance between, you know, two is quite

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I hear what you're saying. Tell me you have like eight between 80 and 100 machines in Japan. Yeah, yeah do they we found that this is one of my best friends Dr. Sylvia Ahmed he runs the game piece and and I work in collaborate with him and he says like many others that one of the most effective tools of Dawa are the open houses. We need to open the masjid for the not yet Muslims to come? How are those from those 80 to 100 masjids are they open? Do they have these open houses? Like we're trying to get people to do more here?

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Yes, some of them a very limited

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numbers of masses are much are not doing such open house way. And like the one I'm Tokyo, my city is very, I mean, it is beautiful enough even to be a sightseeing place. So then they have insights into others. So they're working all the ordinal numbers in Japanese people every day. And other ones the one the one for example. We're in okochi much in Tokyo the downtown of the Tokyo nicely to set up also which many many times that shape Saini visit. Yeah. Anyway, did they have? Yes.

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Open House? Yeah, atmosphere. But unfortunately, all the majority of nurses are quite, you know, how do you say isolated or, you know, blocked within themselves, imitated within themselves. And we got a couple minutes there signaling that we've got I'm really enjoying talking to you I really am just a cut. Thank you. Just Just a couple more questions. We saw you giving the Shahada is when someone finally recognize what the purpose of life is, they testify what's in their nature, that I bear witness that there's nothing worthy of worship except the Creator of the heavens and earth and Mohammed just like Jesus Moses, Abraham, delta messenger was the last fundamental prophets into my

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account, we saw you giving someone a Shahada helping facilitate this in this in this machine there. Do you see more more Japanese waking up to this truth? And coming to the true purpose of life in Japan?

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And handler numbers of you know, new Muslims in Japan? Are they daily basis increasing and hungry? Not hungry now? But the challenge is, you know, let me repeat the follow ups for us. Yeah, we have the same issue. Yeah, follow up is very very important, right? It's easy to get the Shahada everybody comes hugs kiss and then you forget about the person?

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Yeah, so we'd like to appoint like a guardian angel somebody to be with that person right to help them learn to pray to help them to establish the five pillars of Islam. Yeah. Shake tell us what other advice I mean do you recommend people to Is it easy to get a visa to come to to come visit Japan? Can people come visit you at your Masjid? Yes, come around. Yeah, you're in the main machine in Tokyo correct. You're in the main machine in Tokyo. Not not the main message the the it's the Camino Masjid what is the mascot of Japan? Listen Association. It's in the center in yes in the middle of Tokyo. But the the biggest message in Tokyo is the Tokyo Germany which is under the

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Turkish Government. I see. Okay, well your machine is called Camille. Camille Majid no gotanda gotanda machine? Yes. gotanda Yes. Okay. Shake. Thank you very much inshallah, we can continue soon. Next time, maybe a part two. inshallah. Thank you. Salaam Alaikum.

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Law. So this was the Japanese. The mom went from being a Buddhist, at the young age of 14 was seeking the truth. And then he got to hook up with a Muslim family. And then the DAO was given to him. The truth was shared to him. He was given the gift of the Quran, I advise you, I implore you, in the most sincere and humble way, if you're not yet Muslim out there, because I say not yet Muslim because everyone has the potential to submit to the creator to have as an urbanist. What a Muslim is to read the Quran. A good translation of the Quran is a living miracle put it to the test that has a false suffocation test in there. If you do, if you believe is from other than the Creator, find one

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contradiction do such and such and such memorize and preserve it's authentic has not just calling you to to believe in it blindly. But it has the evidences improves. Besides that, it tells you where you're going when you're going to die What you need to do to get to paradise and avoid the Hellfire to many things the list. He did the homework, he accepted the truth. And he shared it with here here with us on the deen show. Subscribe here. If you haven't support us on our Patreon page. So we continue to work. Thank you for tuning in. Here. We'll see you next time. Peace be with you. Salaam Alaikum. And if you liked this episode of the show, like this video, share this video far and wide

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So we can continue this work. Thank you for tuning in. Peace be with you. I said I'm on a Chrome. Just try right now.