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But I was thinking okay, I'm dying 400 pounds how people gonna carry me

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this one this thing make me make me like almost cry even with the goats

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the goats is different level and I started remembering if I go to the Sajida Imam gonna make long the wine the Sajida I can breathe What if somebody came outside and that patch my wife do how overweighted Imam will talk about that to the public you had to actually get a car based on your weight now absolutely no I'm saying Why did you lie to me? Yeah wasn't just a big I was fed Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salaam Alaikum I want you guys to go ahead and watch this video and you're gonna look at this brother who was almost 400 pounds he started with a dua took some action we want to know what was the DUA what was the action to get him to where he's at here with us today

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and he's sharing his story so you can also inshallah benefit make that change for the better lose some of that weight like he did? We'll see you here in a second salaam Nico. If you go to the gym and you work out and you come back and you look in the mirror you will see nothing and if you go to the gym the next day and you come back and you look in the mirror and you will see nothing right so clearly there's no results can't be measured. It must not be effective. So we quit if you believe there's something there you commit yourself to act an act of service you commit yourself to the regime the exercise you can screw it up you can eat chocolate cake one day you can skip a skip a day

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or two you know it allows for that but if you stick with it consistently I'm not exactly sure what day but I know you'll start getting into shape I know.

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Have a good

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day oh

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have a good

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How you doing? Everything is good. So you're not from Pakistan, but you're in the neighboring city. Yeah, we are like 300 kilometers around 200 miles from the Dagestan it goes Nalchik we have a very famous mount. It's highest in the Europe it goes elbers So I am a real mountain guy.

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Real mountain guy. We have highest peak in the Europe, it was elders, we need to do this for the future of our children, the future of our great country, the future of mankind. This is your brother of one I'm gonna follow up and I've got a very important message that hamdulillah brother Eddie is setting up the Dean center not just the Dean show, but the Dean center a full data Academy a masjid a data center in America the first of its type the groundbreaking project and I want everybody as I'm supporting it, I want everybody to support it. So we can take the data to the next level. We need the Dean center please support it

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when I will have

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Subhanallah so they just watched the video and this video is showing you before and after. But that really doesn't look like you You almost like 400 pounds. Oh yeah, it was it was my journey to America. So when I came to America, I was around 230 250 pounds then my journey started with the trucks, semi trucks I used to drive so what you're gonna do on the road you're gonna just a snake you know you have like all of the like chips and stuff and goes all unhealthy stuff. So what you're gonna do no exercises No, like healthy food, nothing like that. Nothing close. So close. So you're gonna have to gain weight. In this case, there is no way not to gain so it was obviously bad, bad

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habits, you know, events, food habits. But before you came to America, you were eating better food at that point.

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At that point I used to do judo back in the middle school and the high school actually, even from the high.

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Like a great first, I started going to practicing the judo. So I was okay, then after grade nine, I started like gaining little by little, but I was like just a few extra pounds, you know, I wasn't like a big you know, nothing like that. I wasn't there. Okay, shape. So when I came to us, I started gaining weight because now I'm realizing after I start eating clean and stuff like that, I start checking the sugar and stuff I see it's a lot of hidden sugar in anything you eat, like, starting with the Gam, even ketchup, even ketchup has a lot of sugars. So what you're gonna do, you're you're gonna gain the weight. So but when you were living in back home now the food would you say it was

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closer towards more being real food? healthier food compared to here? Sure. Absolutely. We used to grow everything in our backyard. This is this is the environment how I grew up. And the you know, what's the interesting part I went to school in the city from the My village I used to go to the city and what happened?

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When they asked me about hobby, what is your hobby? I'm like, What's the hobbies? Because you might have a free time. I am working on the yard on the backyard we're planting. We are like harvesting, harvesting. So this is all about you know, this was our hobby. So all the potatoes like tomato, anything, any fruits, we used to grow ourselves, it was like organic.

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We have our animals like chickens like our lambs, everything. We used to do everything our soy cheese, like everything ours are all milk. You know, I even remember my grandma,

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my grandma, after she milked the cow, she she pulled me I had my special cap. She pulled for me like fresh milk right under the cow. And I was drinking every night so this was the this was the lifestyle that I had. Because people look at you now they can't recognize you near like people think that's almost like impossible. It's very difficult it's gonna be a lot of work but it all started off with you making a dua you talk about making a dog it started from there and then you put action behind that dua. Can we start off start with that? Brothers, brother, I want to tell you something. This one this thing make me make me like almost

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gray when I when I realize it.

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Ramadan last time before this one was 2020 I was on the Africa for the 1010 days, last 10 days in the masjid and I was making few us a lot of duels but I put a lot of a lot of time on those three I had the issue of my wife's visa so bringing her here so it was around like four years I couldn't make it

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to us. I was making for that I was making for my

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first child I didn't have it for that same amount of time about four years and for sure I was making for my weight loss. And that time I was on keto I was trying keto and it was okay losing gaining losing gaining I make that trip was for past or for last 10 days And subhanAllah right after the Ramadan after one month I came back home we got to the doctor we check the check her They say she's like one week or something

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pregnant so what's what's going on? I make a dua as soon as I get home Allah give it so I make a dua I make it something what was the dwarfs people just just as you can Yeah, well Allah give me give me my Give me the child so that's the first one for your child Yeah, for my child for my wife to bring it here and for my weight loss. So what happened in your asking a lot of help you to lose this weight? Absolutely. You're not just sitting on the couch? No, no, no, you can't you can't sit in the couch. You have to tie do you have to tie your camel then make it awkward. So behind behind every dua you should have some action you have to step towards Allah Allah will step up

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to you So Alhamdulillah I make the DUA and then I started little by little when we went to the doctor, she said she's already so after like, three three weeks of being home when I came home after three weeks we checked she's spring like it's two weeks or something so look at this connection right there like just came home I have the Allah answer to the why so second afford what I do. I go to the doctor to check myself for the weightless Yeah, I went

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There, I check, I take the guidance from the doctor, I started

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following the steps, now I start losing the weight. What were the steps that the doctor told you just just the regular light? Like, you're gonna hear from everywhere? Just first of all, you have to check everything. So from the top to the bottom, because I used to try like all possible diets. So what I did, they checked me up from the top to the bottom, they seem efficiency, the efficiency of the all the vitamins and everything in my body. So bloodwork bloodwork, absolutely, this is very important, because we know like everybody's saying, take fish oil, take this oil back this this, what if you don't need it? So you have to go step by your body, what you exactly need. So this was

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first step, second step, he gave me the diet diet plan. So I started from that. And the diet plan wasn't something like, it wasn't just a nutritionist or who was who gave me this. It was team. It was was team nutritionist, doctors, it was one team. Yeah, who helping with the weight loss. So specific teams specific that helps with weight. Yes, absolutely. They even, they even had like a little book for me to step by step for 30 days to follow it up. So but what's the important thing I want to say, you cannot, you cannot keep in your mind that thing as a diet, you have to change your mind, you have to change your lifestyle toward healthy lifestyle. So it's not gonna be like, Okay,

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three months, I'm gonna lose 20 pounds, 30 pounds, that's it, I'm gonna go back. If this junk is not gonna work like that, you have to change your mind. So, this is all about and then all our problems or all our things diseases, it starts from here. If you are giving signal from the from here to your body, your body can obey. But when you have messed up mindset, this is this is the this is the root. So this what I think, you know, now I'm gonna have a baby, so I have to move around, I have to carry her I have to help and stuff. You know, I definitely have to have action. So that that was huge motivation for me. Absolutely. Also.

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pictures that I see didn't satisfy me because I wasn't like that big, you know, almost 400 pounds. It was like, I'm huge, you know, so I barely move. You know, I can find the quarters. In the stores. You can find clothing store to fit you. Yeah, and and this is the interesting part. I am living I live in the US the biggest people in the like, world. And I can I barely find the T shirts and stuff on me. And I was so afraid of those things. fact that I'm not I'm gonna be like, just have any clothes on me instead of something that I like it. Yeah. So it was on one part.

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There is many things many factors that make me to lose my weight make me think to change my life to work like healthy style, healthy lifestyle. So this was one of the things and I suggest anybody to to go and think about that change the life you know, tell me how did you feel before before you started to really take the matter serious? What were you feeling like? What was your day to day? Like? What was your mood? Like? Did it affect your mood? What did you have? were you diagnosed with any diabetes or any other chronic diseases because of the weight?

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I was pre diabetes, they checked me I had very high sugar. I had fatty liver I had like all my organs with the fat you know, it was like it was a downward downward spiral it would just get worse and worse, getting worse and I can't move anymore. So for example, is affecting your joints, your bone effects anything anything any aspects of your life is affecting everything yeah using or you can sleep your snoring at the night you cannot sleep you're

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waking up tired. You know you don't want to have activity at all. So energy is low tone energy low wheel to do anything is low your will is low. Anything so that's affecting how's your Ibadan affecting your bad also? Absolutely absolutely. And we know that Muslims should be strong Yeah, we have that we know that hadith stronger stronger Muslim

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better than the weaker but both of them Allah loves both of them so like it's my maybe wrong interpretation so but we know that we have to be strong. Also one more thing what I was thinking about what if somebody can outside and that patch my wife do something to my family? What if he gonna mess with me what? Fight or something, anything can happen these days. So how I'm gonna protect myself, my family, my wife, my

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I'm starting to, I'm thinking about that. Even though I was confident in myself, I thought I am confident. Now I understand. I was totally like a weakest person who trained martial arts before also, yeah, I used to train but I realized that I couldn't move. I couldn't run like 200 feet. So what I'm gonna do, somebody's just gonna beat me up. And this is this is what this was like, one of the triggers my healthy health. One of the triggers my family, my like, future child, so a lot of things just kind of came up together. Okay, so now you make the DUA, you take the action behind the DUA, and now you start implementing certain things. What were the what were some of the combination

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of things because sometimes people will say, Man, I'm working out I'm running, I'm still not losing weight.

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This is the thing

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85 to 90% of the success is a is the kitchen is the kitchen is the kitchen. So more important than exercise? Is what you put in your body. Absolutely. So that is true. There is no genie in the bottle. It's easiest thing, like an easy thing. Like you don't have to like look for some this guy kind of diet this kind of diet. Just eat less. It clean it real food, eat real food. Yeah, avoid fake food. Absolutely. Absolutely. Nowadays, it's plenty of that food even though it says healthy. But when you read the actual ingredients, it's unfortunately it's so bad. So just go like a real food like whatever. Like

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greens, vegetables, like meat, like also meat. Like try to find grass fed, you know,

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anything anything real. Like yeah, don't don't buy the junk, like sausages or whatever it is, you know, there's nothing real Coca Cola up. No, absolutely. How do you feel when you go to the masjid and you see a table of people who are in the health profession industry and they're having Coca Cola all around the table. This is unfortunately, unfortunately, this is all around and I will thinking about one thing. I was chubby at that moment, almost 400 pounds, and I was looking at some Imams with the extra weight. So what what the Imams and promoting healthy lifestyle like

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Riba worship who Allah right way, right? Yes. And we have we know that we have a hadith

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towards part of our stomach for the air. Third part for the food third part for the water. How, how overweighted Imam will talk about that to the public. I put myself in his position. I wasn't like judging him. But I was thinking about myself how I'm gonna talk about that. How am I gonna give Dawa for somebody? Yeah. About, you started thinking about? Absolutely, absolutely. I was. I was putting myself on the member talking about the life life like be healthy. Yeah. Because Muslim should be healthy. So you're doing the mind thing again, like you said, it starts from up here. So now you're psyching yourself up like with your family. And this is another aspect to that. Absolutely.

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Absolutely. So this another thing?

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It sounds crazy, probably. But I was thinking, Okay, I'm dying. 400 pounds, how people gonna kill him?

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Well, I can to that point, how people are gonna kill him. How are people that's really important to think about. So you're that weighed almost 400 pounds, and you're thinking now if I don't lose is how they're going to carry me to my Janaza Absolutely.

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Brilliant. So I was thinking about that I was thinking about, like, any aspect in your life. Also, you buy a car, you buy a car, because the car that you're gonna fit in? No car that you're gonna like, yeah, not that you need it. Were you having a hard time fitting in a car? Hopefully I my choice of the car like before this one, it was only based on my weight. I think that you had to actually get a car based on your weight now. Absolutely. Why? I'm telling you every aspect of the life, how many people are actually they can relate they're actually going through some similar right now and show that this could be a benefit that help them go ahead and implement some of these things

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that you did to make a change? Absolutely, absolutely. This is this is something that we have to think about deeper because back home,

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you know about getting me to the Janaza back home. We don't have like we don't use like escorts like we do in the America with caring. It's like mile something of walk like within the village. The cemetery is not far away. So we carry all the time on the hands. So yeah, sure. Sometimes somebody's heavy or somebody's lighter, and I was carrying somebody heavy. Yeah. But I was twice heavier than the who I'm carrying. Yes. And I'm like power

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How much zoom I'm giving to the people who are going to get me to the to the migraine? Yeah. So there was one thing and other things like any any anything like everyday lifestyle, you know, walking to the masjid coming back like making riba even though when you go to the tahajjud and like Subhanallah this is one another thing that I was thinking about before Ramadan when I realized like three, four months left, and I started remembering if I go to the Sajida Imam gonna make long the wine, the Sajida I can brief you I can stay there because whole thing like, pushing me down, you're having a hard time breathing. And that's because the excess weight you're carrying is really

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affecting you that much. salutely Absolutely. Anything, anything I'm telling you, there is no even single hire in your extra weight.

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This is why you have to weigh your health. I mean, I was thinking about, well, why and when I gained my weight, I'm like, how I have to do something. And

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when I wanted when I go to Sajida I couldn't with my forehead, my forehead has a lot of pressure, you know, my hands getting tired, you know? And that's like many things, many things.

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So number one thing is food. The food that you put in your body, that's the number one thing and then what the added bonus, I'm missing now the exercise because that plays I mean, you actually went and ran. You participate in a triathlon? Yeah, I did triathlon brother Osama from the our Masjid he offered me let's let's do triathlon. And I was on the point that I lost some weight, but I now I have to implement

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more exercise. Yeah, so

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just in sake of safe my joints and stuff without running on the extra weight and stuff. And now I have to start some exercises and the ride that day or the day before I bought the bike. I started biking instead of running because I want to I don't want to put a lot of pressure on my joints. So he offered me let's do we're gonna do all of us. I'm like, I didn't even think a second. I said, What is it? He said, like, we're gonna like, swim half a mile. We're gonna run three miles and we're gonna do by 15 miles. Even though I never done it before. I said, I'm gonna do it. And then we'll lie I came home, I think, right? Like, after one hour, I signed up. And I sent the proof to some I

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say to someone, I mean, so I'm not gonna have a way to back you know, get back. So, I mean, I'm gonna start training. And then I call to my coach. I said, Okay, Coach, I'm gonna have a triathlon. Let's get ready. So this was Mashallah. Very good point. Very good motivation for me to start running, swimming in the biking for sure. And we know that swimming sooner. So

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I started swimming. I start from two laps, three laps. Then I started adding on adding on Hamdulillah I ended up with like, almost 40 laps in there on the pool. So also running. Never liked running. I hate it even though even with the goats.

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The goats has different levels.

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So yeah, running, I'd hummed, I went, I started running, I started walking, I started jogging. I said, Brother, I want to give advice for everyone. Don't think you have to run three miles straight. First day. Start with the half mile walking, then at half mile jogging, one week, half mile, and other week, one mile, another week, one and a half mile. And then always think about that. You can do it because your mind will pull you pull your back, but your body can do much more. So always work with your mind and then say yourself, I will do it. I can do it. This is what happened to me. Alhamdulillah I went from the half a mile to one mile just just by saying myself. Everybody looking

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around me I saw women running around I saw grandmas running around so how how I am 2829 year old 28 year old guy.

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I'm pretending to be like a tough guy from the high mountains like Judoka this and that. You know now I have to push myself I pushed myself Alhambra to one mile one and a half mile and the double camera was like almost six miles in total. You know so it this is something that you have to work with. So how do you feel now versus how you were feeling that?

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This is like white and black?

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No, I'm white.

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Came back from the darkness of your health you know of your movements of your like spending your time with your family spending your time exercising fine like Alhamdulillah this triathlon

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give me opportunity to meet a lot

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Out of good brothers, you know, we met there we we did something together. It's now I have like 50 Plus, friends brothers, that I know I have a phones we talk to each other. This is something something incredible. And even if before I was scrolling into my friends like where are we gonna go to eat? Yeah, now I'm calling like, where are we gonna go Jack? Where are we gonna go swim? Where we go bike so so the diabetes is gone, but how come you're pre diabetes everything is gone. I do my blood check every three, three months I check everything I need, so I'm adding whatever I have not done any pharmaceutical nutrition No, no Alhamdulillah I have everything is good. So now I'm just

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taking like, regular over the counter and vitamin C, vitamin B like just regular stuff. Yeah. So you don't really need anything like extra you know, but

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the key is ad you don't have to you don't have to make it complicated you have you don't have to think it's something complicated 70% of success. Just stop eating junk. Just start eating real food. This is the message that we every time we talk about nutrition lifestyle number one thing usually is like you just said you testify to is the food. Absolutely eat real food. Avoid fake food, even before that you started with the DUA. So number one, your connection with your creators. You may do are to God Almighty, Allah subhanaw taala. And then you took the action and you realize okay, food is the number one thing I got to stop eating all this garbage, fake food, because you can be

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running, jumping, jogging, working out, but you're eating Snicker bars drinking Coca Cola, you're just defeating the purpose. Right? So okay, so we got that dua. Action, you started to clean up your cupboards, supplementing real food, you name some of those foods that you're eating just vegetables, meats, great food, just real food, real food, real food that there is nothing special. Yeah, that's the food that the Creator Lord gave us to donate that sausages don't eat like that bad things. You know, like, I don't know, like a Cokes, like

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Snicker bars. Drink water. This is the best thing to drink. This is the best thing to drink. Drink the water and be hydrated for sure. You know, and everything coming back. Somebody talking about this diet. Somebody's talking about that keto, do anything. Just do you know and and you don't eat like too much, even though you're following like a carnivore diet like this diet that just that smaller portions, follow everything. Anything I have read about that. Everything I listen about, like a healthy food and a healthy lifestyle. It's coming back to Soma is coming back to the Sunnah.

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Eating Less Subhanallah you can follow any diet Yeah, just eat less. That's it Subhanallah so there's a lot to be gained here Inshallah, this could be inspiration motivation, seeing you, Eldar, who was almost 400 pounds, and making such prostrating can't breathe, worrying about how they're going to carry you to your cat to your janazah in your grave thinking about those kinds of things. And the other things you were you were doing to psych yourself up here with the mind and then implementing you start eating real food, you start exercising, you're here with us. Now you can you guys can see the pictures, you can see the difference. It's amazing. So don't give up. It's never

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too late. There's probably people right now we're overweight, maybe not even just half the amount that you were but you're at such a low and people come so sensitive sometimes. And you can't say anything to them. Did you go through that? Also, there were people telling you, you're not talking about people like bullying people or you know, name caught but I'm talking about sometimes you got to tell someone straight? You know what I mean? So what's your opinion? We talked about that a little bit. Yeah, this is the problem. This is the big problem when you trying to say too, obviously, like talk about myself, so you have to make an excuse. This is just big bones. This is

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the thing I want to mention about Yeah. I want everyone to tell the truth. To your to the person next to you. If you see him he's overweighted don't try to tell him you are teddy bear your little panda. You are just fluffy this and that. It's here it's disease. He's he's in the problem, each problem if you really consider him as a brother friend or something. Tell him truth. Tell him like don't hurt him. But be gentle. But tell him brother, you had a weight and it can affect on your body, on your on your heart on your like overall, like, life length, you know, so just think about that. What happened to me? People always say, Oh, you just beat you just drunk. Now I'm saying Why

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did you lie to me? Yeah, it wasn't just the big, I was fat. You know, I was overweight at like 200 like the poor how

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Under the balance like it's almost 100 bounced over. So you said why don't you tell me you guys are caressing me you know sanitizing. Telling me I'm big?

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No, no, I'm telling you to all my friends. Why didn't you just tell me that I am fat? Actually not fluffy note panda we're not teddy bear. You know, this is something you're not gonna, you're not gonna tell to person who trying to

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jump from the from the high building or whatever, you're not gonna play with him. You're gonna say you're gonna die, man. Don't jump into Yes, the same thing. What's the difference? I'm gonna die not today, maybe. But tomorrow, you have an overweight, you have a problem. You are heading that direction obviously gotten worse and worse and worse. Absolutely. I will tell you more. I have Apple Watch for like, good, like, six, seven years already. And I checked my chart, or I started checking it. I'm like, let me see my heart rate. What was it and what is now so paella? Eddie, this is this is something incredible. And I want everybody to listen that that moment, when I was overweight, it

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I had like

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rested halfway at seven beats per minute. When I lost my weight, when I came like round 460 pounds, my heart rate was 53. So it means your heart work more efficient. It doesn't need to boom, boom, boom, boom, you know, because your veins your everything it stack is clogged with you know, and it doesn't have to work hard. It came back to 53 now it was more efficient, like boom, boom, you know, your bloodstream. Then when I started working out what happened? It went down even less 45 So

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my heart that Hamlet telling me thank you, thank you, you lost your weight. Thank you for being healthy.

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And 87 And 45 It's huge difference. Huge difference. So yeah, this is this is really interesting part for me, when I checked

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online inshallah this could be a motivation for you and others out there who are sitting on the couch making a DUA or not taking the action you can go and benefit from the story, take some action and inshallah make a change for the better juggler. Hi, thank you my brother. Thank you, brother, everybody. I hope this gonna be beneficial for you guys never stop at Humla I'm pretty sure 99% Of those who watching this video wasn't even close to 400 pounds, but you need to do a little bit just making the why just start from something and Allah will help inshallah hamdulillah if one person accept Islam because of you because of your effort, it worth more than hold on yet is your brother

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Abdullah how other from Dallas Texas. I'm here in support of the deen center. It's a beautiful organization, masha Allah doing Tao in the US, and they have purchased a piece of land and several building on it. And we are counting our brothers and sisters throughout the US throughout the world to be part of this magnificent project. It doesn't matter how much you give, it doesn't matter how much you didn't eat what mattered. We all participate in Charlotte May Allah bless you thank you so much for settlement I

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cannot leave without giving you a gift if you're not yet Muslim and you're tuning in to see what these Muslims are talking about. And you'd like a free copy of the Quran. Go and visit the deen We'll take care of the postage and everything and get it delivered to you. And if you still have some questions about Islam, call us at 1-800-662-4752 We'll see you next time. Until then Peace be with you, us and alikoum and if you liked this episode of the deen show, like this video, share this video far and wide and support us on our Patreon page so we can continue this work. Thank you for tuning in Peace be with you as salam aleikum

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