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The speaker describes Eddie's struggles with violence and success in his early years due to his passion for jujitsu and his ability to help children learn and understand what is good and bad in their lives. He describes his new sense of life and how he found a new life in the gang business. He also describes his struggles with ego and desire to be in jail, but eventually found a way to develop himself and become a good guy. The success of the deen show has garnered some people to come on the show, and the importance of educating guests on Islam is emphasized.

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He's really passionate about what he does. So he's he's got 1000 ideas, you know, so he's taken things bits and pieces every now and then I'll try to put something in his ear, but he's taken this thing by the horns and in his writing it up in that first episode of that

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show aired. I think that's when you saw the full formation coming to to home. This guy has changed what's going on here the deen show combined with his passion for jujitsu has made Eddie achieve goals he never thought possible.

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It his purpose with the dean show was to enlighten people who might be in a similar condition as he was in the past, it is good for him to make up for all those times that he missed doing what is right. So, you know, he probably realizes that that's why he's working extra hard.

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Edie continue continues his struggle to help people find a way that has been lost to them. For he himself is an example of redemption.

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He is living proof that if one puts his or her mind to it, they can achieve anything being part of the biggest family of martial arts with over a few 100 students in the dance show man man it's it's a lot of work. He's He's a machine if someone who knew Eddie in his youth they would maybe predict that he'd be dead or he'd be in jail or he'd be in the negative side of life you know, but to see someone change to see that their whole their character changes to see there

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are countless changes positive changes in their life. It's a sign of God

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randomly selected twice.

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You see a five minute stream that's on the prompter

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How do you choose your guests

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a lot chooses the guests I just pick them up brother.

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Growing up in America, Eddie lived the American dream. He achieved it all before the age of 30. Money, cars, women, but beneath the surface, Something didn't feel right.

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After achieving everything he ever desired it he turned his back and walked away from it all and took his life in a whole new direction. That is take you on his journey

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as he was born in Buffalo, New York, to parents who had emigrated from Yugoslavia in the early 1970s.

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Soon after Eddie's birth, and his father decided to move to Chicago, in search of a better job. My wife, she was working, I was working.

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I was working also nighttime, during the day, you know, on the weekend, usually his father comes late from that kind of work kid was many times left on his own was a son vacuum there and he just filled it up with undesirable friends and with undesirable things I used to also took him took him to a nightclub where I see you know, or you know, playing pool or during the daytime when I free that time i

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i don't know really that how to raise, you know, a child, we were more consumed with what normal kids are consumed with just having a good time. Really just playing video games, get them out there on the streets and trying to find something exciting adrenaline rush. Growing up as a youth I had a lot of

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say we had a lot of maybe confusion. From his early years, Eddie always found himself in trouble.

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I wasn't the oldest one of the bunch. But I was willing always to go a step further. I would sometimes go and defend those who I thought to be really my brothers and those who are close to me. I was the one to step up and make sure that nobody was gonna mess with my brothers, my friends. I remember one time and they catch him and some other his friend you know, and he was a kind of leader. Growing up, he thought

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Was I would say in his early years was, you know, not too far from trouble.

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But he was always at the same time, like a concerning brother, even though he was involved in a lot of trouble, he still would make sure that, you know, me being younger would not, you know, make those same mistakes he made are usually

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children formed by their 15 year, you know, and once it's a little bit harder to form them later. So during those 15 years, definitely there was some lack of

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proper up, bringing, you know, you know, children are like a garden, you know, your water the garden, you weed the garden, you know, regularly and you'll miss it one week, and the garden is overtaken by the weeds. In a society that demanded both parents to work, the children would be the ones most affected.

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Kids sometimes need more attention if they don't get it at home, because the parents are busy working. And I know his parents were working a lot. And then he seems to me, he needed more time to be spent with him by his parents. Society taught Eddie to hone a tough idea of manhood. In elementary school, you would get in fights, and you have one group of kid kids fighting the other group of kids. So now you pick up on this and that's that like street mentality, there was not knowing the truth, you know, there was just believing whatever he sees on TV or reads in a paper. So

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it was my impression, that's, that's how he saw the world, you know, in Chicago, going to high school here, and you kind of feel like to prove your strength. And to be a ladies man to chase woman, that's what most youth are talking about. That's what your level of status is, he started having his problems, you know, disobedience towards parents, gang activity, fights. He was he was, you know, kind of disturbed, things were going out of their control, you know, one fight here and other fight they're trying to get this person's attention in school really was secondary. It was getting in class just to wait for the bell to ring looking up at the time. Oh, man, this is dragging

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on. I hope this will end soon, like me go and try to hook up with this person or this crowd cut class, they are being bombarded by all from all sides by things which are immoral, which are not good, which are not right on the TV, on the internet, on the street, newspapers, there is so much bad things and negativity that children soaking up all those bad influences from outside, if the parent doesn't take time to neutralize those, the children don't have a way of learning what is good, what is bad, they just take the easy way and pick up whatever is thrown at them. As we learn birds of a feather flock together. So I was going around along with the bad company, I ended up

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getting what they call violated and they put you up, basically beat you up for about, you know, a couple minutes. And now afterwards, you're you're in you've taken the beating and now you're part of that clique, that organization that gang street gang, the false sense of independence, brainwashed into living rough and tough gang life, because the whole gang thing. The whole perception here is that this is now my family. And I felt like I belong to something I belong to this group. I belong to what I thought now was my family, which I had my family at home who really cared about me. And they wanted what's what's best for me, not with these people. They didn't care about me misery loves

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company. So I'm going through life running away from home and my mother, she was going out of her mind trying to find me. And she drove up one time into the school where we would hang out and we're in this little courtyard and she drives up this is the only place where like the police would drive up. But she she drove up in here, and I we thought it was the police. So now I'm running from the police. I'm running from my parents. I'm running here running there. I'm running everywhere. But mainly I'm running the wrong way gang life took hold of any and forced him to travel a negative and destructive path.

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Going from one high school to the next I had to leave that Lincoln Park because it was an opposing gang. So now if they find out that I'm in this gang, I mean that's the whole school is associated with that game, so I gotta get out of that school. Now. I ended up getting transferred to another school. And I remember one time when I was in the cafeteria, and this gang banger of the opposite gang he came in he threw down Mike

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gang sign. So that was the wrong thing to do. And this is something silly that you're ready to kill the person over some stupid hand gesture. So he does that. And I throw his down, he ends up pulling a knife, I end up pulling some mace, I spray him. And from there, all the different security guards came at the school, we get taken in to the

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disciplinary office, and I'm expelled. Finally I started figuring out that these people didn't care about me. These gangbangers when you're sitting in a jail cell, and they catch you for some kind of stupid crime, some of these people, the police show you who the head guys are, and they've been arrested for murder, and all sorts of drug trafficking. These are the higher ones that are basically pimping the young guys. I said, I'm sitting in a jail cell. And where are they at? Nobody's coming to get me. They don't care about me. And am I going to end up with a mug shot like this. And I'm going to end up tomorrow killing somebody, because that's what is heading to I mean, that you're

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going to get killed. Or I'm going to kill somebody, I'm going to end up in jail, destroy my love. I have a good family. It's not worth it. I ended up going to Germany, I thought this would be a good break. He disappeared. You know, he took off. We we went to different places in Chicago, where we thought he could be to find him. You know, we couldn't find them that day. My brother in law from Germany, I have a system in Germany. He called us he says, are you okay? You you let let Eddie come over here says no, after spending time in Germany, and he realized his life was not leading anywhere. He finally returned to Chicago Only this time, it was not to the gangs. Big cash money was

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on his mind. How to make money. So the direction I'm getting called, is from movies, from actors, from the gangsters on the big screen, and I can relate to them. Everyone needs a role model. And I thought that these rappers, musicians, the actors, I'm starting to see other people imitate them. So I feel you know what I can portray this role quite well. He gradually worked his way up in the club industry. But money or now is still brought trouble. One night policeman called me from the station. So your

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father? Yes. Come on, get him from the station. He's not present over there. In the one also individual

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from from the station, all blood, everything, you know, I just went straight to the to the desk and I was worried. What happened with Eddie?

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This officer, he said, This officer, he says, You read his father? Yes. Did you see this

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person just walked out targets. That's what your son

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gave. Fearing that any would get into deeper trouble or worse. This father convinced me to enlist with him in the US Army, as a civil interpreter in war torn Barnsley.

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After I've been in Bosnia, working with the military for some time, I hooked up with an individual that I inspired to be like, when you watch some of the other good fellows, and you hear about Al Capone, this individual was the closest resemblance to those people. And I wanted to be the top of that lifestyle. And he took great care of me. He took me into his home, his many homes, he showed me around and said pick one. And I saw the lifestyle. He had that country. Basically, it was his, and he was someone who was who didn't want to cross. And He was respected.

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And I took to him. And we were very close.

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And he returned to Chicago from Bosnia with a new understanding of the world. And the same way he demanded respect, and loyalty. This is something that I demanded. And if I didn't get then I took and I put fear in people the same way he was doing.

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Influenced by his father's work in the club industry, Eddie naturally began to seek out that path. We worked for one of the largest promoters in Chicago and he worked for him and I worked for him as well. He was one of the guys one of the enforcers he used to run around basically just beat up people that was really at ease nature in his essence. He was also a ladies man. He brought in a lot of ladies at any given moment. He could have 70 women that are running around the club looking for him while all of this was happening.

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Eddie who loved to fight, found a new form of release in Brazilian Jujitsu, I had boxed did some boxing as a teen. And from there, I had tried different martial arts. What I really got fascinated with was the the rationale and logic that hit me. When I saw Gracie Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, that really went 120 pounds 130 pound guy around that, he put me on what's called a submission on lock, and I was so gassed, and I was just about back then working out because it was the mentality, you know, the more you can benchpress the more you know, you are stronger and physically able to push people around and along with the boxing and that that was a good combination. But once you jitsu that took

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hold. This was something that was really captivating, and I just took it to a whole nother level. You know, there's 24 hours in a day, but it seemed like for 25 hours, he was training, you know, he was researching training, sparring. This, you know, was in love with it. jujitsu, you know, change, you know, and I saw that it wasn't always about brute strength, that there was a different way to approach it. And that was a totally different experience. Because Jiu Jitsu, I really start to get involved in this. Because it fascinated me it was practical it it worked. I started to train in the jujitsu, I became the person who was out here, the instructor, I became a top student, but jujitsu

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wasn't enough to keep it away from the cooler lifestyle. Worldly side, someone looking in, you got it made, but there's something missing inside one minute happy because there's some pleasure that happens in my life. Maybe I make some money. Maybe I hook up with a certain young lady really just again, marking time marking time, I know that his presence was very significant in the club. Everybody knew Eddie from the outside people looking in so they this is the man when he was dating one of the hottest girls in the city, he decided to get a get a Harley chopper for 30 a nice new Mercedes. Oh, he's got the nice car. He's got the people who are flocking to be around him. They

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want to be on that guestlist you live in a dream. But at the end, when you go through this cycle again, you just it's more corruption. You're around people who are just cutthroat, dirty business people liars. And I had learned better values from my family. As the cool became common. Eddie began to have a new sense of life. We're about six months into owning this nightclub together. We were probably drinking six nights a week because we're at the bar all the time. So it was training went down, about a women went up. And it I think to this day may look at God's way of kind of saying, Hey, you're having fun, but this isn't the way you're supposed to be having fun. All the power he

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possessed, still made him feel helpless.

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And he was beat up his best friend who tried to steal his girlfriend.

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I don't think he felt any better about himself. His ego may have felt better, but his inner soul didn't feel better. His inner soul was broken at that moment, he started to realize that as strong as he is and as intimidating as he is as an individual. It really didn't matter. There was no piece the overall entertainment around me. It had me hypnotized until situations got heated. Like a big big fight. We had one of the guys a few of them really got hurt. One guy almost died. And next thing you know, at three in the morning, the following night, I'm getting a knock on the door. The detectives are there, and I'm in the bullpen and in the county jail, and I'm praying earnestly God

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helped me Oh, God helped me get me out of here. I don't want to be in jail. Everything let me just get out kiss the ground. Nobody wants to be there. The glamorous life he had been living felt shallow and empty. There was no peace of mind. Initially when we met at he seemed pretty perfect. The perfect lifestyle. All the women on the cars. Tough guy can do anything he wants to do runs around with his head up. But as I got to know him, it seemed it seemed flawed. There was things missing. His physical being was great for his ego. But it left him empty. Because I kept it always realized that if I do make a million, I'll be the same guy might have a bigger house, maybe a nicer

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car. But what then right near the end there were there were just a void. And I started to look at some of the celebrities lives I would go to talking to some of these people and men, these people are more depressed than the average Joe feeling loss. He started searching for answers. I sincerely wanted to know what was my purpose in life. It didn't take long before he was reminded of death. One time from coming after an after party. We had like maybe half a dozen of us stuck in an elevator. And I started to think about that moment when we were stuck in the elevator. Everybody's just cramped.

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together, and I was like, wow, this is scary. The incident shook area.

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This was the reality, it was death. And it scared me. Because I knew that one day I would be in the grave, I would be in the grave, there is no ands ifs, buts, no one can differ about this, we can all agree we are going to die. And the entertainment around us is just having us not reflect over this, I started to read books, I was like a sponge, I just kept taking in everything I took in it just required effort. It required sincerity, wanting it first. Because if you're not in the market, if you're not in the market, then that's a different story. Doesn't matter what comes to you, you're not going to be interested that I was a in the market. And I was sincere, and who bet better to tell

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me than the one who created me, this life is a test. It's short. And we have to be in a constant state of self development to develop ourselves to be the best human beings and I couldn't do it on my own whims and desires. So I started to familiarize myself, I started to look into different religions, because I wanted to see Hold on. What about all the religions out there? There's a lot of them. So let me see. Now let me have an open mind. Let me be non bias and look into the different ways that are claiming that they're the truth. I was in Brazil. That was maybe a week from coming home, and I was talking to my brother on the phone. And then he asked me a question on Islam, like,

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did you read this book, he wanted to make sure in itself and inside his heart that that was the truth. The more I looked into it, the more I saw that Islam didn't promote terrorism, that Islam didn't oppress women, that Islam was free from all these lies, that were just people backbiting the same way they backbite out there against individuals, they were basically talking out of ignorance, not knowing. And then I felt compelled to talk with people. When my brother first started to learn Islam, he was so enthusiastic. And he has always been stubborn,

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believing that his way was the right way. So I think by him embracing that, and understanding that. And by arming himself with all the knowledge he can, he became a very lethal individual in his aspects of his religion, he did in the beginning, in the weight room, talking really loud and things like that. But we shortly found out after people get can be offended, people can have the wrong impression, he started talking a lot more about religion, more barriers came up, because I don't think I was there, where he was at that moment in time, there was so many things he was struggling with, you're struggling with religion, trying to change his ways, not drinking anymore. Even after I

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learned I can't change people's hearts, at least I can share this message and try to clear the negative stereotypes he buys, he started talking behind his back look at him, he started to be a good guy, it was not as easy as he thought it would be. I had been reading more and just really thought that if I just share this with the people that I knew that they will come to the same realization, they will come to the same conclusion that I came to that this is indeed the truth. And the more I shared it with people, it would be funny, because I get silly arguments, people just out of ignorance. Some people they really wouldn't even, you know, consider it. It was just thinking, as

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they're listening, how I can refute this, and giving all the different proofs that I had found. It really, you know, for the people that I was talking to, it wasn't really moving them whatsoever, had an impact on me, I was depressed because these people that they love to listen to me talk about everything else. But when I started to talk about more serious things, Hey, guys, look, you know, what's the purpose of life, people were, were just stubbornly resistant. And I started looking at you, like you're, you know, from outer space. And then I opened up the Quran in surah two, verse six, as I read from the beginning, this is a book where there's no doubt, I realized that I'm not in

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control of the hearts of the people. It was the one who is the creator. He's in control of the hearts. It wasn't about forcing people to change. I did my job. I shared what I knew this new information. Now, maybe God Almighty will guide them at a different time. Maybe at one point they'll realize and go through some of the things that I went through to get here. Eddie's newly acquired knowledge allowed him to see life in a very different way.

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Now, the transition didn't happen overnight. It's not like now you find the truth and all of a sudden, you're just free from all the different vices that you've had. It was a constant struggle. I gave up drinking right away. I didn't ever smoke. But there was other vices that took time for me to get rid of out of my life. When I was in these places. It was funny that I was giving people doubt while I was talking about something. And it was it was different to be in these these places. And you see everybody's drunk.

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Everybody's out in your mind. So he started less than less going to the club, you'll go to his parties, but leave, like be there for an hour and leave. Sometimes he won't even show up and just have me and someone else run it. He kinda like wanted to talk to people by the slime. But then he was kind of being a hypocrite, because he was in the scene. And I think for some more to get out of it. I didn't give up the prayer, I would hide somewhere to make it if I couldn't make it in the club, I would walk out of the club. And I would go and make it in the car. I did not give up that trench. That was something that I feel it saved me. Eddie had stopped drinking at this point. I

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mean, I used to drink a lot at Eastern, maybe more than me. At that point. He had quit drinking this over two, three month time periods. He was praying five times a day, he was doing a lot of reading a lot of studying on a slump, give me an up the old lifestyle proved to be a real struggle for Eddie. But determined as he was, he quickly adapted to the situation. And he was able to initially separate the two, it was like a switch, he was able to come into Butterfield eight nightclub promoter every Saturday and be a different person, maybe he would slip he would have a drink, but then he would leave. And it was like he would he would shut the switch off. So now he would go and he would start.

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He would listen to a lot of documentaries, he would go read the Quran he would do, he would pray. It was Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde. And he was struggling with that. But the effort was there. It was a conscious effort to make that switch. Once that he myself parted ways. And we stopped doing events together. That's where Eddie was able to separate himself completely from the nightlife, the nightclub environment. He felt imprisoned by everything that was surrounding him, I have to get out of this totally. And the more I learn, and the more I implemented, the easier it became for me to start to transition to leave off a lot of the old friends, I was trying to get away from Chicago, he

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needed to get out.

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So he came down here visited. I know one night as his last night here in Windsor, you're staying at the casino, I think it was a conscious effort on his part to try to hit rock bottom. He did things, things that he he pushed himself to the, to the ethical extremes that he could to do things that to this day, I think played played an integral role in helping him evolve into the person he is. And I remember seeing him the next day before he left. And there was an emptiness in his eyes. It was a bigger emptiness that I think have ever really seen in his eyes. jujitsu provided a way out for Eddie, I want to thank God also for jujitsu because jiu jitsu also helped me to spend more time

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doing something constructive, something that's fun and, and it helped me also to channel some of my energy into something positive. And it's, it's a struggle, like life itself is a struggle you to get better, you have to be more discipline, to achieve the different belt levels, you have to stay with it, you cannot give up working out you cannot give up you see the benefits at the end. The martial arts have a very strong history, in etiquette and mannerisms and things that that a way a cultural way to live that's outside of fighting. You know, like having respect being humble, things like that. So when we before we were black belts, and before we were practicing Islam, we were like, the

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complete opposite. When you sign up for a membership at a health club or at jujitsu or anywhere, there needs to be some effort, you get excited. Now you say, Okay, I need, this is what I need in my life, I need to lose weight. And now you get in there, and you sign up. But after two or three classes, you just lazy. I mean, you just don't want to continue forward. And now you only hinder yourself now you're not going to accomplish that great feeling of feeling good, looking good. Being healthy, it's going to require some work. It's the same thing here is the same thing with this way of life that the Creator has laid down for all of us to live. It's a way to develop yourself to be a

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better human being. So you're going to have to sacrifice you're going to have to be disciplined. There's some things that you might have to give up. But if you are sincere, and you earnestly want it, you're going to see that these things weren't even good for me in the first place. I was talking about like these are material things. Look a little further out the box and you see this universe and everything in it. That design indicates a designer.

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We don't like that.

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We can understand when people they go and they direct was supposed to be directed to the Creator. be directed to someone

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give me 100 honest, this is a thank you. I say thank you to someone else.

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So it should be directed to the one who has given you the eyes of yours Your life will give you one credit not to His Messengers saints, idols icons to him

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but of course if he trained me I should say thank you thank him I came from the streets to the ghetto now when you see your brother give up, embrace with a hug and greet me with salons

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I'm a Muslim again from the streets to Islam they get oh no when you see your brother give up in praise with a hug angry with

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certain things but never have to look

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so soft. That like controlled in my hand that's a hood. shakaama wish I would slash my first trip had my adversary show. My first wouldn't be grips when I pushed my first time locked in pendant would never end they would release me a row with these breasts and then I ended up blocking it. What's the point? Peace of mind but his shoes with a few grabs. He's Malacca, two policemen peace

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street plug back in me chakras. And the roads are in the prison How can his father stop Africa digging for diamonds, sure. Which order well aerated I should do what they love, find it back to myself good to play with my life spin

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going to a high school to talk to some faculty there and sixth year students

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Thinking very excited to talk to the novices our brothers in the mountains. We have three types of brothers, you have your blood brothers, then you have those brothers in humanity.

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When you hear Islam, and you hear something blowing up to you right away, I attribute a lot of times people attribute that oh, this is another Muslim and now it's another event that's attributed to his songs, Islam peace acquired by submitting your will to the will of the Creator. So you'll be getting God wanting some of these

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DVDs which I have some of the guests that come on scholars will come on the show can we help tackle many of the subjects that are on the minds of the people? Thank you for coming.

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Nice to meet you. Are you are

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emotional as possible. I know you.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah, salaam alaikum. peace be unto you. Welcome to the deed show, which is a way of life we try to put out there for everyone to see helping you understand Islam and Muslims. When he started the deen show.

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It was just an idea. I was on my way I was about to do the fifth pillar of Islam. I believe he was going to judge at the time with my good friend. So they wanted to make sure that they did all the hudge requirements, you know that they fulfill their Hutch. And there was a lot of different technical things that I had to remember the ins and outs what I couldn't do could do. So they decided to ask an Islamic scholar random questions and tape it and we wanted to make it more interactive where it wasn't just a person giving a lecture. It was someone that we can interact with and make it fun. And we did that and from there. It turned out great. And then it spun off to

00:34:08--> 00:34:35

another topic to another topic. It actually began with a regular cheap camera only four or $500 camera and there was one angle and we'll kind of zoom in the camera the tripod will shake or we will have in our hands and I was trying to record and too much wiggling and readies concept was you wanted to start showing Islam and spread it to the non Muslims do you just fully wanted to

00:34:37--> 00:35:00

have other people experience what he's going through? You kind of was like what why are we doing this? I was gonna take it serious. But no, he wasn't going to take no for an answer. I said what ideally once you start something he goes on to present so he wanted to do it. So what he did, he didn't want to talk. He took a camera didn't matter what camera camera was and started recording. Because he knows if you don't start you're never gonna get

00:35:00--> 00:35:37

Nowhere, you know, you had to start somewhere. It wasn't always that easy. I had to be out there struggling like anybody in any field that they want to grow, I had to be out there putting the work I had to approach people, people didn't know who I was. And I had to be out there and trying to convince people to be on the show. When he first started off when no one didn't know who he was, he was trying to get in contact with some of the biggest shakes and they didn't want to he was frustrated, some of them didn't want to talk because they weren't sure where to the video was gonna go. I had to fly myself to different places to try to get people I had to if I met someone who I was

00:35:37--> 00:35:58

going to bring on have to pay for them to come out. And it took a lot of work you know, since 2006, we started and now we're on the local cable station in Chicago we're also on another station that reaches Canada and the US and working to have it in UK I have some satellite stations there and

00:36:07--> 00:36:08

you're working out

00:36:09--> 00:36:12

okay, just want to make sure you're ready for filming tonight.

00:36:14--> 00:36:15

Yep, so

00:36:16--> 00:36:19

God willing inshallah we're gonna pick up

00:36:22--> 00:36:23

and then we're gonna

00:36:24--> 00:36:29

go back to the studio and film some shows. And Charlotte

00:36:33--> 00:36:35

do you choose your guests

00:36:38--> 00:36:40

a lot chooses the guests. I just pick them up brother

00:36:46--> 00:36:59

you have a lot of people that are just angry. They haven't figured out why they're here and like nor are they seeking the truth. So they're just bitter and are trying to get involved with all the trauma. We're trying to live a nice peaceful life

00:37:18--> 00:37:19

randomly selected twice

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want to talk about music a little bit

00:37:48--> 00:37:49

everyone, it's time

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to break straight to my face.

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You see the five minutes, three minutes on the prompter. You'll see it's red like

00:38:08--> 00:38:08

the guy

00:38:21--> 00:38:22

I wrap it up.

00:38:24--> 00:38:28

You get the chance to watch the show. Yeah, it makes sense.

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You can check

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the website we mentioned to go see some more of the shows that we did.

00:38:41--> 00:38:44

They indicate indication.

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That's why I watch it

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all right. Okay. All right. And I like your setting too. Thank you

00:38:57--> 00:38:58

thank you take care

00:39:19--> 00:39:35

he's really passionate about what he does. So he's he's got 1000 ideas, you know, so he's taken things bits every now and then I'll try to put something in his ear but he's taken this thing by the horns and in his riding it out that the first episode of that

00:39:36--> 00:39:51

show aired. I think that's when you saw the full formation coming to to home. This guy has changed what's going on here? The Deen show combined with his passion for jujitsu has made Eddie achieve goals he never thought possible.

00:39:52--> 00:39:59

And his purpose with the deen show was to enlighten people who might be in a similar conditions as he

00:40:00--> 00:40:12

was in the past, it is good for him to make up for all those times that he missed doing what is right. So, you know, he probably realizes that that's why he's working extra hard and you know,

00:40:13--> 00:40:23

as he continues his struggle to help people find a way that has been lost to them, for he himself is an example of redemption.

00:40:24--> 00:40:36

He is living proof that if one puts his or her mind to it, they can achieve anything. If you want to do it and you have a willpower, you can do it and if you if you have

00:40:37--> 00:41:01

some support and some guidance, it is possible being part of the biggest family of martial arts with over a few 100 students. Having a family having three kids right now. In the deen show, man man it's it's a lot of work he's a machine you know, if someone who knew Eddie in his youth they would maybe predict that he'd be dead or he'd be in jail or he'd be definitely

00:41:02--> 00:41:17

under the negative side of life you know but to see someone change to see that their their whole their character changes to see their this this you know, countless changes positive changes in their life. It's a sign of God

00:41:27--> 00:41:27

my father,

00:41:29--> 00:41:30

my sister,

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my brother

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take a sci

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sci fi

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Judgement Day about down supplicate the world to the best I need help trying to pass this test is hard. I'm standing and waiting in line like the rest until it's my turn to face def overlap I might be next this could be my last breath that's why I take precautions with every single step I ain't got the time to hang around like the rest I ain't got time for no

00:42:12--> 00:42:24

neck when it rains I get wet when it's cold when it's my time to go I especially long ago I expect them to know after what they've been told what you're trying to achieve grow from that life on the road is time yeah

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we're here with

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everything here

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know yadda yadda yadda no ya know

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vinho piston

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AP cool Ben hubbardston

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Edelman now a heavy bag Hayek on Yahoo

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Muslims around here it's pretty huge and split like this the place the location that you opened in basically it's for further south from the other other big massage. And everyone I know a lot of people that are used to come like my cousin was nine minutes from here. Another uncle of mine lives about five to 10 minutes from here. This area, the Masjid opened up in an area that it's much needed and this size this

00:44:09--> 00:44:24

the center this center is much needed for this area. And the idea of this center is needed for the whole state because we don't have anything like that in the whole state that was sent there. We're gonna basically nurture and basically educate that you're gonna basically spread Islam

00:44:32--> 00:44:33

I'm Nick Gillespie.