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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salam aleikum, which is a greeting of peace, peace beyond to you. Welcome to another episode of the deen show radio show. And we are bringing out in a moment. Our sisters Zora, as many of you know, there are a lot of misconceptions common questions that a lot of our brothers in humanity have about Islam, and top on the list.

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They want to know about the Muslim woman they want to know, is she oppressed? How's it feel to be behind that veil? How does it feel living a life of a Muslim being in Islam, which simply means to acquire peace? by submitting your entire self, to the one who created you, not to a man or to a woman, but the Creator, man and woman? So our sister, I think she's with us, or are you there? I am. How's it going, buddy? Assalamualaikum. Hello, how are you, sister? I'm a Salaam hamdulillah all thanks to the Creator of the heavens and earth has given us this opportunity to be here and to talk about something that's so precious to so many of us Islam. I mean, I mean, absolutely. Now, tell us

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a little bit about yourself. For those that don't know about you, you're out there, you're doing some wonderful work. Talk to us about some of the work that you're doing.

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Well, Edie, I'm an author of nine books.

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I homeschool my own children at home. And then I get to be going out there and speaking at colleges, universities and other areas as a professional speaker bringing in insight about Muslims terrorism, and obviously the most important thing, Muslim woman.

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You also have a daughter Her name is Alia. Yes, I do. Yeah. You are telling us about She's also the author of some books. Is that true? She is she is she's authored four books herself. And once she's co authored with us. And so she gets to go on radios and TVs and magazines, and she talks about some of the troubles of the youth face and how she tries to help from a youth perspective. So just growing up as a Muslim, you know exactly what we were created for to get out there and be part of the community be part of the, you know, I always say either you're part of the problem or part of the solution. So we're trying to be part of the solution, inshallah. Absolutely, God willing, we

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want to be part of the solution. And let's get into our topic here. We want to help those people who have might have got some misinformation. So after all, the contrived misinformation, twisted half truths and lies about Islam, and some people out there, they can see past us and they're sincere. So they come in here to the deen show. And they don't want to go to Fox News, CNN, BCC NBC, they want to come to the Muslims to learn about Islam. So do all this. Is it true, that Muslim, that the women are coming more so to Islam after all this negative publicity more so than men? Is this true? Absolutely. It's one of the biggest facts out there. And it's because they no longer want to be a

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slave to society, a slave to make up and everything else but they actually trying to see what is it that you know, why they were created. And so they want to be a slave to the one creator, you know, and be that person without being judged for what they look like how skinny they are. They want to be able to just worship Allah subhanaw taala now when you say Allah, can you define what you just said in the Arabic language alone? Absolutely. Allah means the one true God. It's the same word that obviously the Jews and the Christians have used, is the one true God that we all believe in from Adam peace be upon him to the last prophet and messenger, which is Mohammed Salah lollis on peace be

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upon him. Now, how At what point in your life? Did you start to feel like you know, what I better get with it def is approaching. It's approaching at any time. So you started to get serious, and you went away from, you know, the latest fashion magazines and submitting to all the thing the pop culture and, and a lot of these other things that people come to, you actually decided to submit to the one who created you and tell us how did this happen? Actually was about four years ago, four years back, you know exactly what you said, I had the houses I had the nannies I have education, I had everything. And I realized that I wasn't happy. And there was something missing from my life.

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And so I started soul searching and so I started going to psychologists and everyone out there trying to see what is wrong with me. Why am I not happy? Why whatever this hole in my heart, and that's when I realized that I wasn't it's because I wasn't submitting it was because I wasn't true to who I was. And when I decided to change that I let go of all of that. I didn't think any of it was important. And I realized that now I was really happy and so I started to figure out what can I do to make a difference and help others and that's when I realized it was me that had to you know raise my children It was me that had to write my books, it was me that had to do stuff that would

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actually be able to benefit myself on society inshallah. So

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wasn't enough having the money. And you said you had the nannies. So you were living a good life, according to the Western standards, and according to many of the, you know, the standards around the world, people would think I had the perfect life. I was working on dual PhDs, I had three homes at two nannies, my daughter was going to private school, I was running my own company, it looked like I looked like I had the perfect life. You know, I had a husband, the kids everything. But to me, it was like, I had, why am I not happy? There's a sec, I was missing the most important part of my life. And that was, you know, obviously being obedient to Allah subhanaw taala. So you didn't have

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peace? No, not at all wasn't enough. Can you go? Were you able to? I mean, you had the money to two PhDs? Were you able to like put up together your own formula to acquire a piece? Were you able to go get a six pack apiece? You couldn't you couldn't you can't buy piece if you tried. And that's what I realized was, it wasn't about the degrees, it wasn't about the monies. It wasn't about even the people around you. It was it was really, you know, something that only last one until I can give you. And unless you realize that and you come to that understanding what is the purpose of life, you'll never really have it. And that's something I realized with a lot of people that come to me

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with a lot of problems. And they're always asking me for help. And I listened to their story, I realized it's because they're not submitting. That's quite simple, isn't it? You can diagnose that right away. Hmm, absolutely. Absolutely. Yeah. So tell us now some of the the misinformation we want to talk about both your experience from being at that stage in life and then switching over here to being one who is conscious about your Creator and in doing all the good that he's called you to do? Tell us now.

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Some of the questions that people have, I mean, you choose to wear more now, we don't know how you just before but you choose to wear more now this that rather than less This is the hijab, is that oppression? Do you feel oppressed? Because of that? Absolutely not. I feel liberated, more liberated than I ever have. I've no, you know, before, exactly what you say, I didn't wear the hijab that had covering. I mean, I was always modest, but I didn't wear that head covering and, you know, dress like a Muslim woman. And even though I was married, and I had kids, men would still hit on me. And they would think like, I'm, you know, I'm an object, versus the moment I put on my hijab, and I wore

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my bio. It's like, men would look down and open the door for me, you know, sometimes I'd get, you know, people saying weird comments. But overall, I had this, like, deep respect from everyone, Mashallah. And I was like, wow, I should have done this a long time ago. Wow, that's amazing. Do you? Do you think that now, some women might? I mean, what is what is it from the outside that someone looks at you and they and you say, you feel you're liberated, and you feel it, and you feel this peace now? But why do you think people from the outside looking in, they think that you're oppressed? Why is this because we're in the 21st century, you know, it's 2010. And the magazines,

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and the media shows, the last you were, the better it is, they show the skinny or, you know, the more attractive you are, the more makeup you have, the more surgeries you get, obviously, the better it is. And it's all like a mirage. It's like this, you know, window that it looks like you're happy and looks like you're, you know, excited, it's look like you have this perfect life, but really deep inside, you don't. So it's just like this mirage of happiness, where in reality, you're not happy. In reality, you're just out there doing it for people, you're not living for yourself, even you're living for people to live according to their standards instead of, you know, finding true happiness.

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And so they think when you're covered, you must be oppressed, because, you know, you can't do that stuff, which to them means, you know, happiness, and it's not happiness, do some women do you feel they thrive off this attention. So you'll see them going to more lengths, you'll see the Botox, and the skirt will get hard, we try to keep it real on the show, because we're dealing with real issues in the real world. So now, do you feel like sometimes this can be addictive getting this attention, even if you're married, you know, sometimes, you know, like, you weren't liking that. But now you got to wearing the proper head job. And now you got respected, rather than neglected as some women

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might feel like, you know, this is this self consciousness that a woman will develop, she won't feel secure. So now when she gets the whistles

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and she gets the attention, she'll like, they'll be a mirage you're talking about, she'll start to feel a little bit better. But then next thing, you know, she's not getting it so she'll feel more depressed because she doesn't have the peace. Do you understand what we're saying? Absolutely. Absolutely. I think it is. I think women do think that but at the same time, here's the problem. It is many women think that, you know, after going through that they they don't like it. If a man then hits on them, and they're married, right? They don't like it if a man tries to touch them, and then they're married, but yet they want to have that look.

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say, okay, it's okay to have this look, but don't touch me and don't hit on me. And so I always say, Well, if you're giving them all of this, then unfortunately, you're kind of asking them to touch you or to hit on you. So you kind of have to know, either you want it or you don't. So in one sense, it's like, they want it all. They want that tension they want on the good, but at the same time, they don't want to feel like oh, I'm cheap. I'm, you know, being like, looked upon nasty. And they don't want that. So it's like, I tell them, you have to make up your mind. Which one do you want? Yeah, makes a lot of sense. I mean, we love our sisters, and we want the best for them. So I think

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by talking about these real issues, we can see that the one who really knows the best and who wants the best is the Creator of the heavens and earth. That's why he has put a lot of these things together, out of his love.

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Absolutely. I absolutely agree with you. I mean, you know, Muhammad Ali said, a great he said, You know, one day when his daughter came in, and she was sitting down on her, his dad's lap, her dad's lap, and he said, you know, where do you find all the best things in life, they're covered, you know, gold is covered underneath the minds, you know, you'll find pearls inside all these stories and deep down to the ocean, you'll find everything, that's the most beautiful covered. And it's the same thing with a Muslim woman. I mean, you're the most beautiful when you know, you're not seen out there and not being judged for what you look like, but truly for who you are inside. Your beauty is

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for your immediate family for those who aren't going to judge you regardless. And so it's not for everyone to sit there and look at and, you know, regardless, they'll talk about you. So why should they even get the opportunity to see you how beautiful UI? I like that what you said, that beautiful analogy, but those precious things, that they're not out there. You got to dig a little deep for those pearls and the oils and all the wonderful things. They're they're a little bit covered up protected, correct? Absolutely. Yeah. And more precious to us than any material thing. Are the Muslim women more precious than any property? Money, gold, any of these things? Absolutely,

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absolutely. And we don't realize that sometimes until it's a little bit too late. And we get so you know, into the environment and so into the culture, that we don't realize what we're missing. Until Subhan. Allah Allah azza wa jal guides us and we're like, wow, this is like, you know, and you realize, once you've gone through that, and you're on this side, that you know what the prophet sallallahu wasallam said, you know, it's the fruit of the man that, you know, you you would hate, just believe you would hate to be on that path again, like you would hate to be thrown into the fire of hell. And it is so true. I mean, I that's the one thing that I think no woman wants that come to

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the side would want to go back to that side. Because it's like, like, you just took their whole life away. Basically, if you go back to that lifestyle. Yes, absolutely. This is very interesting. We're gonna come back to this point. Let's cover a couple more misconceptions. What else do you get? Do you get some, some people throw some some rude comments at you like, oh, terrorist? Or, you know, they'll mention things like this? And will this shake your faith up a little bit? And how do you deal with it? Yeah, absolutely. I mean, you know, like, when we go to the airport, my daughter and I, we travel a lot, and with our family. And so when we go to the airport, we get checked Not once,

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twice, sometimes three, four times, you know, in the room and separate. And I'll just, you know, let them know who we are. And I'll explain to them I'll even try to give them a free book. No, I'm not a terrorist. But really, I think it doesn't shake us up, I think it just makes us stronger. Because we realize how much people don't know. And since 50%, of America really has no basic understanding of the Muslim faith. This That's why 48% does not like Muslims, because it's such a high number they don't know. And so unless we're out there giving knowledge, we're only going to expect to, you know, hear ignorant comments. And so for me, what I do is I tend to bring my books with me bring CDs, and

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I'll just sit down and talk to them and tell them, you know, what is it that you think, or why, why do you think that way? Like, you know, I was at a university and talking and this guy said, Why think, you know, in American culture, we shake hands, and I think you should shake hands. I think it's, you know, it's our culture, you're here, and you should do it. And I started smiling. I said, Well, I'll tell you this, you know, if I go to Japan, and they're bowing down, I won't bow down either. And he said, Why is it because I only bow down to the Creator. And so he started laughing. I said, it's not about disrespecting a culture, or people it's about knowing our limits and knowing

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how to respect each other within our limits. And so it's just kind of educating and really, to me is, you know, the more you know about your faith, the more you know about your deen for the sisters and the brothers out there, the more you're able to go out there very nicely, very open minded and think on a positive note, this person doesn't know. So how can I help them inshallah, how can I teach them? And maybe you might be that example that they take and say, Wow, that was a great Muslim example. Instead of getting defensive and defensive. Take it as a positive that you have an opportunity to teach someone to talk to them and to inshallah, show them the right way, as long as I

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like that. I like that. And this is how we can get to help people understand the most misunderstood way of life a little bit better, is by education by trying to humbly discuss these things.

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And those who are sincere and earnest about seeking the truth and knowing the truth, inshallah God willing they can they can benefit from this interview and the other work that you're doing and the other Muslims are doing tell us, isn't it if people just dig a little bit deeper, weren't many of the Christian women some of the best of the best resembling even even the the mother of Jesus peace be upon him who we love dearly who he is one of the mightiest messengers in Islam and no Muslim is a Muslim if he doesn't believe in Jesus, peace be upon him his mother, who was who is also mentioned in the Quran, there's a whole chapter on her. Didn't she resemble more of a Muslim woman from the

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pictures that they have portrayed of her? Absolutely Mary peace be upon her, we believe has been the mother of the believers, like you said, Chapter 19 is based on Mary, her whole situation, what happened with the birth of Jesus peace be upon him. And also I mean, if you look at the nuns, nowaday, I mean, Mother Teresa, who was one of the greatest, you know, Catholic nuns out there, how does she look? What was her example and the way she was dressed. And so I always say there's, you know, we look more like marry peace be upon her, and then than anyone else, and if we can respect the nuns and marry peace be upon her, then a Muslim woman is no different. She worships God just

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like they did. And she wants to be obedient servant, and she wants to have that piousness that modesty, just like they do. So there's really not much difference between us. But more of, you know, that deeper level of we want to keep on to our piousness and our modesty and keep that to our immediate family. It's not about you know, going out there, we want to hold on to what was given to us 1400 years ago, we don't need to change that because God knows best how we are and our instincts and if he is asked us to do this, then we should obey him because he knows us better than we know ourselves. So why wouldn't we? And even though times change our innate, you know, inside innate

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personalities have not changed and he knows that and so that's why he's given us this form and love this is what will make you successful inshallah, if you obey this, you'll be successful. If you don't, then you know, you will have the problems. Yes, absolutely. Tell her sister. Sister tell us about the other ways of life and what was it so unique? Lee about Islam, what was so unique about Islam that had you leered towards it rather than other ways of life.

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It's just, you know, it's so simple. Islam is so popular, so simple and so easy to follow. It's literally like I said, I mean, instead of taking an hour to get ready now it's five minutes, I'm out the door, I don't waste so much time. You know, doing things for other people living for other people. In Islam, you live for a Muslim fella you're living and when you can live to please Allah when the when you can live to please God Almighty, then really, inshallah, by the will of God, you will make other people happy because your morals, your standards are up to the highest, you'll learn to control your time, you'll learn to control your gaze, you'll learn to control yourself at a whole

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nother level, where when you're living for desires of the world, you don't, you don't really care, you don't care if you yell, you don't care. If you curse, you don't care. If you look at other people and say bad things about people just don't care. They don't have this like, you know, okay, I'm going to be judged, I'm going to be asked about this on the Day of Judgment. with Islam, you learn to have this inner self control, because you know that on one one day, inshallah, on the day of judgment, you will be asked about everything. And so if you cannot answer to the Almighty, then you need to know. And that moment, you need to control yourself with what you're going to say what

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you're going to look at how you're going to be. All of that is just like, it's amazing, because it stops you from doing a lot of things that usually people will do and they wouldn't care. Since to tell us this is sad news. Sometimes. It makes you happy. Obviously, when you see that the new revert converts and they come to Islam. They're excited. They they acknowledge what the purpose of life is, according to not their desires, but according to what the Creator has revealed through all his messengers, including Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus Christ, and the last and final messenger sent to mankind of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon them all. They've acknowledged that I want to live this

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righteous, wholesome life. And I've got peace now I'm happy. And they willingly they start to adhere to the moral code, they observed a hijab. But this makes us very excited. But you get sometimes

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Muslims who come from Muslim families, and sometimes they want to debate the issue. Sometimes they seem like they're more in the way of the sisters wearing hand jobs. Have you come across this? Many times, my brother many times I've gotten into, I have had to learn to, you know, do what the prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam said, which was, you know, if you don't have something nice to say, keep quiet. I had to learn to, you know, take myself out of many situations where I've been around, you know, Muslims born Muslims who have, you know, argued and said, well, you don't need the hijab and you don't need this or they're giving the wrong information. And I sat there and tried to

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explain to them but you know, then you can

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To that verse of the Quran where Allah subhanaw taala says, you know, there will be some that Allah azzawajal keeps deaf, dumb and blind, he won't let that information get into them. So we have to understand that, if they're not guided by a law, there's not a lot we can do. But absolutely, there's many Muslims out there who, unfortunately, are against the teachings of the proper teachings of Islam, due to the fact that they don't have the knowledge themselves. And so it's lack of ignorance, from my perspective, when they're saying that, and, again, the best thing we can do is lead by our examples by showing truly what Islam is, and, you know, being kind and generous and just

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trying our best to teach them. And but it's, you know, if Allah doesn't want to guide, I just keep thinking, you know, all I can do is go out there and do the best I can do, but he's the one who's gonna guide at the end, but there's many Unfortunately, many Muslims that believe that and they're in that wrong path, the Muslim sister who is sincere, but she's having some opposition, because sometimes the cultural Islam, it's like what we did back home, you know, my my grandfather, he went to Hajj 15 times, so you can't tell me much. And you hear some of these

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sayings. And

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in Islam, it's pretty much clear, you know, what the Creator has revealed through his last and final messenger, Muhammad peace be upon them, if we just take a look, if we just investigate and

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do our homework, everything is there, it's crystal clear. But sometimes, you know, the, the cultural influences, they creep in, and say a sister is having some some resistance from her family. So she's, she's coming back to a law, she's establishing a prayer, but she feels now because if she puts the hijab because of this background, from her family, and they're not used to it, they're going to give her resistance, she's starting to fear her family more, rather than loving, and fearing the displeasure of the Creator of the heavens and earth, what advice do you have for this sister of ours? You know, it, it's amazing, I actually had a sister go through this and contact me.

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And what happened was her mother was against the whole thing, and she knew was the right thing to do. And she was coming closer to a lesson. And her mother would travel a lot. But every time she would come back and say, Take that off your head, and what are you doing, you know, and so what I told her, I said, with the most up, most love and respect, talk to your mom, explain to her. And if she still doesn't, then I would say my personal opinion is Allah is above everything, we have to love him more than we love anything else. And in the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala has said, you know, we respect our parents very much, but when it comes to disobeying Allah, then we'll have to step

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down and say, Okay, you know what, now it's a loss, you know, this is his requirement, and he's above everyone else. And so my thing to the sisters out there would be just hold on tight to the rope of Allah to the son of the Prophet, awesome. And just keep making dua keep asking a lot for that help. And for him to make it easy on you. But don't give up. Don't take off the hijab, just, you know, sit there and do as much as else you could do to make your parents happy as far as helping them with the house chores, or whatever else they need, you know, respect them in that sense. But when it comes down to disobeying, alone, obeying your parents, I would not for anything do that. I'd

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say you know, I love my mom and dad, and I'll listen to every other aspect. But when it comes to this, you sometimes have to step up to that plate even though it's hard, it's our test. It's our test in life. And you have to sit there remember at the end in sha Allah, Allah knows best and you have to look back to all the tests of the prophets peace and blessings be upon what they faced and you know, even the wife have found that the Aloha What does she face You know, what was the the I mean, it was very difficult for her and yet she stood firm, and she did it. And so we have to remember go back to that everyone else's test and remember them and just kind of you know, do the

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best you can under the circumstances and inshallah Allah will make it easy for you. Wonderful, wonderful advice from our sisters are here on the deen show. Radio Show. We're gonna take a quick break, and we'll be back in a second. Sit tight.

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He created the universe.

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To Him alone the heavens.

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He is the

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is the earth He sent His messenger

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all the great danger.

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there is none greater

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You have to play as if everything depends on a lot.

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But you must work.

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Everything depends on you.

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That's my point. You see, I'm saying, and I don't like that. I don't like us sitting here. What are you waiting for? What are we waiting for right now? What are you waiting for all these people that come to Islam? What are you waiting for? What are we waiting for right now, when they're gonna come, they're gonna come along and bring these people.

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And we are back again here on the deen show radio show with our sister, Zora. And we're talking about some of the misconceptions. We've talked about what was so unique about Islam and not having the peace not being able to buy a six pack of puppies. But now turning to the crater alone, the creator of this whole universe and everything in it. Allah the Almighty, and Aramaic. Jesus called the creator Aloha. Everybody say Allah. So, you submitted to Allah, the Almighty, how do you feel you feel good, huh? Alhamdulillah. It's the best feeling in the world, the best feeling in the world. Sometimes there's some up and downs, depression sometimes does kick in where human beings

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we're not on cloud nine, as they say all the time. How do you deal with this and the pressures that sometimes a society will put on the Muslim woman?

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You know, like I said, you, the more you strengthen your demand, the more knowledge you get, the more education you get, the more you realize that when something creeps up, first of all, it's from shape on trying to make you get down, but you got to always look at it, it could always be worse. And that you got to look at your cup as half full, not half empty, and always done. Hamdulillah, no matter what I mean, when I get into a situation, and I see people wanting to argue and fight, I just sit there and I, you know, gaze at them. And then I said Hamdulillah, and I praise Allah, that I'm guided, and I pray that I'm never misguided. And that it's for me, it's a test to remember how

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blessed I am. It's how blessed I am. And to never forget my blessings. And so, you know, you just got to keep looking at it as a test and inshallah, that we pass the test and that like separate from us, and not let people get you down, you really have to just talk yourself up, the more you build your, your image with your with knowledge and information, the more when those moments come you understand that it's nothing against humanity is just a test from a lot to see, are you strong enough to handle the essential law, and if you are patient enough to take it in and fight it back with goodness. It's like if you just start doing the work that he wants you to do, in the beginning

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of may seem kind of hard, but it seems like if he sees that you're doing it, he sends the support, and then all of a sudden it becomes easy. Easy. Haven't you experienced this? Absolutely. Absolutely. And going back to the Quran, you know, sometimes, like you said, I mean, I've had some tough situations, some tough tests I had to deal with. And really, when I get like, I feel like it's a really hard test. I'll sit there and I'll listen to sudo mon. And I'll stop crying. And I'll be like, and which of his favorites, can you deny? And I'm like, none of them. Yeah, this is nothing you know. And so going back to exactly what you said is going back to finding Where's your support

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system, you know, that could be within the community that could be, but you kind of make yourself a little support system that when times get tough, you kind of go back to inshallah, to help you heal and get back up and sholeh support system. This is very important. Because telesis to have you had experience with sisters who are struggling to submit, they're right about there. So they hang out with sisters like yourself, but then they they go back to some of the friends who start to chuckle and laugh and say, Are you going to put that on your head? Are you going to be doing this and that and they laugh at them? So they bring them back down? And then the system will forget support

00:29:05--> 00:29:35

system? Do they need to kind of you know, back away from people who are bringing them down and be around people who are bringing them up? Absolutely. The Prophet sallallahu ala some piece of blessing be upon him said that you are on the Dean of your companions that we are in the religion of our companions. So if our companions are on the wrong path, we're gonna end up going that way. That's just you know, natural, it's very natural. So we need to make sure as sisters and brothers to find the right companions so inshallah Allah we're always going to be in that path. So if one of us starts to merge a little bit, the rest of us are going to pull each other back and say no, inshallah

00:29:35--> 00:29:44

we had to go this way. This is the right way, you know, and we're human, we're going to make mistakes, we're going to make errors. So having that right, companionship is vital, vital to success.

00:29:45--> 00:29:59

Sister, we're almost out of time, a few more points that we want to come in. What are some of the I've mentioned some common misconceptions? Is there something that's on top of your list that you hear or we pretty much covered? Is this something that you've got thrown at you

00:30:00--> 00:30:33

And share with us how you've handled it. Absolutely, you know, one of the things that I've got was the Muslim woman are forced to stay home because many Muslim woman stay home, and they raise their children. And I tell them, no Muslim women are not forced to stay home, if you look at what society has come up to right now, you know, due to the fact that both parents are working, and they're so busy with their lives and running after the, you know, dollar to make a living, you know, their children end up going taking the wrong paths. And so then we have the next generation of leaders that are their morale, their foundation, their values are really messed up. And so for the Muslim

00:30:33--> 00:31:06

woman to stay home to raise their children, it's actually a very high, you know, place for us, you know, to for her to do that means that she's sacrificing. And Allah knows that the mom has that love the ability to take care of that child, and to help do that foundation. And that's why he's allowed or, you know, given her this position, and so I think for everyone who thinks that Muslim woman are forced to stay home, or, you know, to become a housewife, and think that housewives are low job, I want to really dispute that and say that it's actually one of the hardest jobs because I used to be a CEO. And now, you know, homeschooling my kids, and together, it's just a profound job. And I think

00:31:06--> 00:31:38

what's most amazing about the job of being in the house, take care of your kids, is the results of how they turn out, Mashallah, and they have giving them high morale and high values so that when they're out there, they know how to handle themselves. They know how to say no, they know how to say yes, they know how to behave. And that's something I think a lot of people think it's Oh, you know, you guys are oppressed, because you guys aren't doing that. But look at everyone's children out there, who are the mom and dads are both working, and look what's happening to our society due to that they're getting destroyed, they're getting destroyed, losing our children. And this is an

00:31:38--> 00:32:20

honored position that the Creator has given to the Muslim woman, because who else has the perfect formula of raising the child, that tender loving care, other than the mother, who's got so much more patience than the husband? And she has this that touch that the Creator has given to her? Now she's not there. And Betsy, or Billy, or the boob tube? The television is raising the kid, we're gonna have a lot of problems? Absolutely. Absolutely. I've seen it with my own eyes, I've seen it. And parents are always complaining. And I'm like, What are you doing with your child? And I go, oh, we're working. Okay, so then why are you complaining? I said, you have to sacrifice This is a

00:32:20--> 00:33:00

sacrifice on our part, to raise the next generation. And if we don't do it, then like you said, it's gonna be the television, the radio, and invite you know, people who we don't want to technically raise our children. And this is amazing, you've made this free choice. You've seen the evidence, the rational, logical evidence that Islam provides to provide to the people that it is, indeed, from the Creator of the heavens and earth. It's not a religion that's organized by man or mankind. If someone wants to take a look, and sincerely wants to know the truth, the truth will set you free. It's there. And you, as you mentioned, we're a CEO of a company to PhDs. And you are happier now than

00:33:00--> 00:33:35

then than then before? Absolutely. I actually I was working on two PhDs, I dropped both of them. Because I wanted this way of life. I started working on a bachelor's degree in Islamic Studies. And absolutely, if you were to me right now, if Allah Subhana Allah, God, the greatest were to take everything away from me. As long as he left me with my email, and I sent him the letter, I mean, just don't take my emotion away. Because this world is nothing to be attached to. This is a you know, it's a world where we're being tested and we do our best and do our best inshallah, to get you know, the hereafter. But it's not a world that we're attached to that we think it's Oh my god, this

00:33:35--> 00:33:51

is it. It's not this isn't a for us. And so it's coming back down to knowing what is our purpose in life, knowing what the purpose of life is, that's the crucial question, which many of us, we neglect. And now you know what that is? it's crystal clear.

00:33:52--> 00:34:31

Absolutely, absolutely. There's no ambiguity there. Not at all. Mashallah. It's not esoteric, only for a few elite people to understand you got to get this spirit in you or something like that some crazy dreams? Or is it is it? How do you get to it? You know, what, by literally, I would say, asking the creative for guidance, something many people think that, okay, I must go here, literally sit down with true sincerity and ask the creator for guidance and ask the creator to take it to the path that inshallah will give you the best life and by being sincere in it, and wanting to truly have that inner peace, and that inner life, then the creator will guide you inshallah, you know,

00:34:31--> 00:34:59

people think that, oh, I have to call and so on. So I have to call No, just calling the Creator. That's it. That's it, and that's how simple it is. And if you're truly sincere, and you really want it, and inshallah He will guide you. That's very simple. And many of us had an interview with a brother who went from every different religion and here and there and he said, Man, if I can just give some people some simple advice. The one thing I didn't do for 10 years was call on the one who created me

00:35:00--> 00:35:35

I started to do that everything started to become clear. Crystal. That's it. Crystal, tell us about your books and your daughter's books, which are some great children's books also on for teens and adults where they can get this so people can read a little bit more about you and your work. Okay, well, I've written different types of books, obviously, for different, different people wanting different stuff, one of the things I love to do is obviously educate about Islam. And there is a book I wrote called, no, I'm not a terrorist, and another one called our Muslim woman. And it just gives them more information about exactly what we're talking about, so that they have a clearer

00:35:35--> 00:36:06

understanding and foundation about Muslims in Islam. Beyond that, I've written other books about leadership and other stuff that I think is very, very important that we also learn, but it's from an Islamic perspective, they can get my books anywhere from amazon.com. But they can also go to Muslim woman speaker, that's one of the easiest websites I have. It's called Muslim woman speaker, and they can inshallah, we're going to have them all up there. And the Products page, all the different books for my daughter, you know, her series is called things every kitchen. No, it's a series that actually developed for all of my kids. And so now my six year old son, he just finished his first

00:36:06--> 00:36:39

book called things every kid should know strangers, because he went through this whole thing with strangers. And anytime that they feel like they want to educate and help go out there make a difference. You know, they'll think about which topic it is. and hers is on smoking, drugs, alcohol, bullying, these are the four topics that she's seen, many youth suffer and have issues with. And so she's trying to educate the youth and let them understand beforehand, before they actually go out there and get tempted and wanting to do what she wants to educate them to not do it. And so it's it's more of an educational thing, what we can do to ensure make a difference, closing comments and

00:36:39--> 00:37:16

advice for those true seekers. And they're struggling, they're having a hard time, but they love what you have to say. And now some things are making a little more sense, but they need a little bit more motivation. Talk to us, I'd say the best thing you can do, like I said earlier was ask the creator for guidance and then seek true knowledge. You know, go sit down and take a couple hours and Look, listen to the different Dean shows that are on the videos, you know, on the D show.com. Go to the different websites of you know, like Islam tomorrow.com is stuff that we're you know, it's truth and not listen to just that what the media is portraying. Because, unfortunately, due to the media,

00:37:16--> 00:37:49

we have a lot of misconceptions. And if you don't go to the right source, you're going to continue to I mean, if I went to Hitler and asked him about Christianity, I'm sure wouldn't be the right thing to do. And I want you guys to think the same thing. Don't go to the people who are chopping us go to the real people, where you can get the correct information shallow so that you can make a better decision and a better choice for your life. Thank you very much made the crater that heavens and earth reward you for being with us and the wonderful work you're doing. Thank you sister is Aquila and thank you, I mean, you to yakko and that was our sister here on the deen show radio show.

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