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As a bishop, please pay attention to what I'm saying Mar Mari and a piece of advice to Israel's people of Israel, you will never find peace, you will never accomplish peace. You will never live peace ever. Until most Jews and Muslims acknowledge Jesus Islam came in 635 ad. John is an eyewitness my Dr. Muhammad, we know there are many benefits to the use of black seed according to the third the status of the Prophet Mohammed, peace and blessings be upon him. That's why I use the black seed by Tasneem. And 50% of the profits from your order will go towards establishing the Dean center, the masjid and mega data center, use promo code the Dean show 15% off.

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And he was recently on the PBD podcast with our friend Patrick, ben David. So let's go ahead and listen to this clip. And we'll get your response to it and kind of get your story in between somewhere in there. They talk about laws, I'll ask them, Are you fulfilling that law? Of course not. You're falling very short of that law. So don't tell me you have to do this, where you are failing as a leader, your profit failed those laws. Your on Prophet failed them who? Mohammed and all the other leaders, such a reporter move and the and the very reason why Mohammed fell because he's dead. Their book says that. But their book also says about my Messiah even though the ASA in the Quran is

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not the Christ of the Holy Bible, totally separate people with we cannot claim something that is not truthful. I know truth hurts. I'm not offending people. I'm speaking the truth. And if it offends you, I'm really sorry, not. I'm not sorry for that. But let me tell you one thing, your book says that ASA Son of Mary went up to heaven alive, and he will come back to judge the dead and living. If I ask a Muslim who judges they will say God, while you're telling me this prophet will judge. So which is which, as the prophet taken the role of God, has God gone on vacation? And he's come and take his position? No. But ASA is the living Messiah. Even their book says, there's a lot to unpack

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here. Yeah, a lot. I mean, where do you where do you want to start? How about

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two separate individuals? So he's saying that the Jesus of the Bible and Jesus the Koran totally separate? Yeah, I mean, I don't know where he's getting this from.

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Obviously, we just went over in the previous part of the discussion, we don't believe everything that the Bible says about Jesus peace be upon him, right. But it's the same person, right? We believe he's a prophet, we believe he's the Messiah, we believe that he's the son of marry of a virgin birth, etc, etc. Right. But we believe that the Christian has distorted the message of Jesus peace be upon him, they made him into a god. And now what he's trying to do here in this segment, is he saying, oh, and the Muslims are basically have to concede that Jesus is God. Notice what he kind of did there. He said, even in the Muslim book, in the Muslim scriptures, that Jesus went to heaven

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alive. And he's going to come back, which is true, that part is true. We believe that he saw that he Saddam, he escaped death, and he will come back. But where did he get this business and our Scripture about that he is going to judge the dead and the living. That's not the role of Jesus peace be upon him when he comes back to judge the dead and the living. The only thing that even if we can give him right, is that, yes, those who follow Jesus peace be upon him, when he comes back, who are on his side, they're going to be on the right side of history in sha Allah. But he's not in a position of God judging the dead and the living in the way that he's talking about it. So with all

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due respect to him, I don't know where he plucked us out of thin air, but we Muslims don't believe in what he's saying. So he's not he's not representing our beliefs accurately. And I think that's something that we have to know. Yeah, I want people to understand this. I mean, and I asked many Christians as far as I had on the program, and I asked them, Do you get offended when we say Jesus peace be upon them and they smile, they smile, if we take it back, because they'll call us Muslims AntiChrist, but you have this strange relationship with the Zionists on this end? And then you have the Christian supportiveness. And would you look into it? They're actually the Antichrist. Exactly.

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They're actually the ones if you look into and we don't want to repeat the things that are said about you know, something, a soft version of it is common criminals said by Ben Shapiro, what's a comment you call Jesus a common criminal? If you call Jesus a common criminal in Islam, you go to the hellfire. Exactly. So we love Jesus, but Now historically, academically, if some of this is a fault, let's just unpackage this. Rationally, this is a false This is

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A lie, because this can be proven this is this, this is the same individual that we're talking about. This is not like he's trying to make it seem like this is a totally different now. INDIVIDUAL. No, exactly. I mean, it's complete distortion. And you know, this is no disrespect to Patrick. But David, I'm not blaming him for anything. But this guy is supposed to be an expert. He's supposed to be representing the Christian religion. He's on the program speaking about Islam and with all due respect to the platform. He's He's distorting Islam, he's not representing our belief accurately, he could disagree with our position. But don't say that Muslims, we believe in our holy

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scriptures that it says that Jesus can come back to judge the living in the dead, implying that Oh, basically, Muslims believe that Jesus is God too, because God everybody knows is is the judge on Judgment Day. So gee, if Jesus is the judge, according to Muslims, then what he's in the role of God, he's implying that all basically Masons really, we don't believe that. So they have to, you know, I hope that maybe Patrick will see this and or some of his viewers will see this because this needs to be clarified. I think this

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priest or pastor, whatever he calls himself, I think he should be questioned about where are you getting this from? You're asserting this about Islam. It's not true. Let's touch upon this at the same time, you're because I've interviewed so many people, hundreds upon hundreds and really what fascinated people, there's so many different things, but the basic teaching that really draws the hearts to common sense, the logic, you know, it just blows everything away that pure monotheism Tawheed in Islam, hero is where the Lord that God is one there's no confusion about this worship one God and Jesus repeated it and Jesus over and over and over now you can take and we'll get into some

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of those ambiguous verses before Abraham was I am What else can you think about? Whoever see me seen the Father why and the Father are one one, all these can be explained. There's context Yeah. But then when you look at the clear, clear verses right, the 17 three, yes. Reduces life eternal, that they may know the the only job and separate and distinct and Jesus Christ whom You have sent, what does that sound like? The shahada, Shadow, testimony a

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lot, and what so there's no God but Allah, yes. And Jesus is sent by God is a messenger of God. That's what we believe. That's exactly what we believe. And at the time of Jesus, that's what true Muslims, those who submit themselves to the will of God, they would have said, just like we say, there is no God. But and there's none worthy of worship except the one and only true Creator, and what the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him is set by that one and only true God, how long did you because there's a lot going on right now. There's emotions right now for for Christian friends and neighbors. This makes sense. They did a study over 50% I believe it was Christians,

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evangelical, I think 30% Don't believe Jesus is God. He's a good he's a good he's a good man, a good teacher. So we confirm even what the Bible says, Isn't it true that the Bible calls him a prophet to get of Matt Nazareth? What are the terms are used? But there's no way sigh? I'm a sight we confirm Word of God. We confirm Mary, son of Mary, we confirm all this exactly. But is there anywhere in your studies? And was this also a catalyst in this something that you had an affinity towards this basic belief of just worshipping the God of Jesus the One who created Jesus the one Jesus worshipped you? Can you touch upon this? Yeah, so just for people who don't know I have a background I was

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raised as a Roman Catholic my entire family is Roman Catholic Christian. And um, you know, I always believed in God Eddie out was never became an atheist or anything like that. 100 though that never made sense to me. It's obvious that there's a creator, right. But this idea that Jesus peace be upon them was God and man at the same time, and he was God, but yet he came and died for our sins, but God doesn't die. None of this stuff ever made sense to me. So I never really believed in it. And when I read the Quran, and its message was so clear, was so direct, was so simple. And I realized, wow, I could believe in Jesus peace be upon him. Islam as the only other religion that makes it a

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tenant of faith, that if you don't believe in Jesus, peace be upon him as a righteous Prophet and Messiah. You can't be a Muslim. There's no other religion like that. Now, Christianity has gone too far because they affirm that but then they say he's God also. But how does it make sense? He's God and man at the same time. Well, God is immortal and eternal. He can't talk die, but yet he came to die for our sins. And you know, just touching back because I've

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Forgot to mention this, what that guy mentioned Marmari, or whatever his name was on the PBD show. He said something like, Oh, what is this? Like is, is the Muslim God absent? Why is Jesus becoming? Why is Jesus becoming the judge? Well, hold on a second, what are you talking about? You believe in a God that came and died? So you believe in an absentee God? Why did your God have to come and die? In order to save mankind? If he's all knowing, all merciful, all powerful? Why would God come and die? I mean, this doesn't make any sense. Who's running the world? Who is running the world? So you're accusing us of an absentee god? I'm sorry, sir. But

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you believe in absentee God. That's an important point that I want people to note and go and play that clip back was he accused us based on a false representation of our faith? And yet, it's actually his faith that has that understanding. But yeah, fundamentally, and this is a simple message of Assam. When I read the Quran, Edie for the first time, I actually read the Quran with the wrong intention. Sincerely, I read the Quran with the wrong intention actually to refute the Quran. Can you believe that? And actually, like many do, yeah. And Allah subhana wa, tada, Allah, the Most High, he still guided me. I don't know why he must have saw something in me. Right? Look, you're

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doing this for the wrong reason. But look, he still guided me to Islam at the end of the day, with the wrong intention. When I read the Quran, and I read, they believe in one God, they worship one and only true Creator. It's been the same message from the first man, Adam, peace be upon them all the way to the final prophet with Moses and Jesus Peace be upon both of them in between the all came with the same basic message, worship one and only true creator, right? Everyone is responsible for themself, that one of the verses, and it really stuck out for me, coming from a Christian background, no soul shall bear the burden of another. And this is actually in line with the Old

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Testament, right? The son will not be put to death for the father to Father is not put together the iniquities of the system always made sense to me. I'm saying, Jesus and in our religion, and also the Christians claim this to although Astok for the law, they actually say Paul actually says in Galatians, that Jesus is a curse. I mean, could you think Edie of a Muslim saying that Jesus peace be bottom is cursed? They say Jesus is God? How could God become a curse for mankind? It's just completely blasphemous for us. And so what I'm saying here, this concept never made sense to me. In Islam, we have to believe in Jesus as a prophet as a messenger who did many miracles. And we can't

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say he's cursed. This is completely forbidden in Islam. How is it the case, that this innocent man, this innocent prophet of God, died for the sins of all the guilty? This is like me, and may Allah protect me from this. It's like me committing a crime. And I show up in the American courtroom. And I said, Judge, I'm sorry, but I admit it. I'm guilty. I did it. I shot John. Let's just say, you know, God forbid, yes. And my friend Eddie is sitting in the courtroom. Right? They convict me, they say, okay, he's admitting to it. We even caught them on tape, everything. They got all the evidence, and then the sentencing comes down. And right before the judge is ready to put the hammer down and

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tell me I got life in prison or death penalty, or whatever it is.

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Edie stands up and he say, You know what, Judge? I know Jake did it. I had nothing to do with the murder. But I want to take his place. Can you kill me? Can you take my life instead of my friend Jake? Would they accept that, Eddie, would the family be happy punishing you for something that I did to their family member? Of course not. This is not justice. They will say bailiff, take I'm sorry, Eddie, with all due respect. We got to take this guy out of here. He's causing a problem in the courtroom. Yeah, right. They wouldn't accept that this is not justice. And in Islam, we believe that mankind was created with what we call an Islamic terminology, the fitrah, which is the basic

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innate disposition, not only to know the one and only true God, but also to have basic moral concepts like this concept of truth and justice, that we know this is not correct. This doesn't make sense coming from our Creator, would he want us to believe in such confusion, the Bible says that God is not the author of confusion, but yet you're telling me God became a man. Right? And God can't die and he's immortal but yet he died for our sins. And innocent people aren't put to death for their, the sins of their father.

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are the sons but Jesus became cursed. God became cursed. Right? God forbid God became cursed to die for the penalty and the sins of evil mankind. What is this? This doesn't make any sense to anybody with common sense or some decency, your understanding of human justice, it just doesn't make sense. And so when I read the Quran, and it gave an alternative narrative that made much more sense, I embraced Islam and you know it hamdulillah Allah subhanaw taala guided me at the end of the day, even though I had the wrong intention.

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