Belal Muhammad describes what Israeli troops are doing to Palestinians

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In Palestine (Al-Aqsa Mosque)

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The majority of world is ignorant to what's really going on the oppression. You know, it's one of the they say the largest open air prisons in the world. You know, the Gaza, what do you I mean, honestly, it's just I mean, it's it's heartbreaking when you see that when you see what's going on down there, and you see them. Well, I've seen videos where you see Israeli snipers like laughing as they're shooting, guys just running. It's like a game to them, where they're just seeing kids running, and just want to shoot them as a game, like for points or something like that. And we see something like that, where people are just protesting, it's their land, and they're getting held

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until a little section where they can't move. They can't go anywhere. Like my sister went down there. She just went down there last month for a Palestinian marathon. And she said, we literally had to go through about 10 checkpoints, just to get to 10 checkpoints to get to my grandmother's house. And we're gonna stop there every every every checkpoint getting checked for everything, asked, What are we doing here as why are we here. And she's also because they weren't as a piece of group and some people had to get sent back from the airport, they get sent back to the USA, just because their social media they posted anything that like showed them protesting Israel or anything

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like that, like my sister literally had to delete all of our all of our accounts before she went down there. So they're just trying to make it hard for like,

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Americans or other Palestinians. They want to go back to see their home they want to they want to make aware American pet pets and Americans don't want to go back home because it's so hard. Oh, man, I gotta I had to stay at his checkpoint for like, an hour or two hours or I'm stuck at the airport. It's not one it's 10. Yeah, well, the airport at the airport. Yeah, she was stuck at the airport for three hours, just to get out of the airport and then said, every, every checkpoint, you're going to stop that too. You're staying there for maybe like 30 minutes and like they just get checked. So they're making aware

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if I'm an American, I'm gonna be Wow, what am I gonna go down there for a minute there. They're making it so hard for me to see my own land for me to see my own family that's down there, grandmother, anything on there. And they're just making us hate to go down there because that's what they want. They want they want all the Palestinians to leave, and they wanted to sell the land for themself. Many people they also use this, this opportunity to create a division into try to promote that Islam, Muslims hate Jews and whatnot. But this is a Zionist agenda. This is there's a difference between Zionism and then you know, many Jews I've had like Rabbi why some of the chief

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even the chief rabbi of Palestine at that time, he was sending letters to the UN, because he was showing how the Muslims and Jews they were living together in peace, their children were, you know, Muslims are watching their kids, you know? So now you have even I've had like Nico Pillet, he wrote a book called The General Sun he's an Israeli Jewish and he's speaking on behalf of the the Palestinian people. This is just open oppression, any American that goes down there and goes and looks and sees from themselves. This is something that the world doesn't really know because of many, much of the false propaganda. You know what I mean? And that's why this was really good

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report. This is something that's going on just recently 750 shot these are unarmed civilians.

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It's sad, you know, so these are you know, this is good like people like yourself who are down there creating awareness about this. So you know, the average American good people they don't want to, they don't want to be sending their three plus billion a year to go killing innocent kids. Yeah, that's great. Yeah, like you said, it's crazy. Like the average American doesn't know what's going on down there. So like, when I saw I actually saw this article it was under on his video and I posted it last week on my like Facebook, and then I went back to practice whatever and I had like Anthony Sergio Pettis, two big time athletes and they're asking no way is that really going down?

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Now? They're like that nobody knows like people. People don't understand what those people are going through on their meds. It's hard for them to kids can't go out there and play it on their kids. They don't have a normal life on there. There's always explosions, always bombs going off. It's kids are waking up every day thinking am I going to live today or am I going to die today? It's not I need to go to school or I'm going to have friends like friends like normal like normal kids should be having fun today or I'm gonna go to the park today and play it's man let's go protest a and maybe we will die maybe we won't die. That's that's what they're that's how they're waking up every day down there

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was the food in the water situation also. Yeah, exactly. Like I'm also working on another project down here. It's called the pious project with for him on earth. He just posted that he's, he's sending like litres of water down there and stuff like that. So hopefully, we'll get a lot of people donating to that as well. Because I heard that when you

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Go down there. On one side, you have the illegal settlements that you had, like, for instance, I want people to imagine you got your home that your parents and your great grandparents pass down. And someone just comes and knocks on the door and says you got to get out. This is what's happening. It's illegal settlements that the UN has condemned, the United Nations has condemned. And now for that side, you have now water, fresh water, you know, electricity, things we take for granted. And on the other side of the Palestinians, and this is not just Muslim, these are also Christians who are being oppressed. Who are Palestinians that right, yeah, yeah. Like, I just saw an article other

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day they were they said,

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at the protests, Ooh, there's Christians as Muslims, and all the guys, my grandfather, he just passed away, probably like, eight, nine years ago. And then we, my sister went down there to for the, for the whole land lease. And she said, she went down here to go see what's going on with his land, how he's going to pass down to his kids. And then the government said, Well, here goes, it goes the money for it, we took the land. And it was like, probably like $3,000 for a huge piece of land that should be going for big money or anything like that. And they just gave it to him. He said, we took the land, this is what you guys get. We're not It's not like a negotiation where you

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get to sell it or anything like that. They literally took his land. And he said, This is the money for the that get passed on to the kids. Instead of my my grandfather, where he had had a plan where it's, it's gonna be huge, where you're gonna build condos for his kids to live on there, and for them to move their families down there to their homeland. But it got taken away from him. When he when he passed away. This is very, very sad. And people compare it to South Africa, the apartheid state to South Africa. And the same thing here the open air prison, meaning that you have a wall, you know, that wall, how big Have you seen that wall? Yeah, as soon as you see how huge is that

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wall? Yeah, it's big. It's big. So it's like, they are trapped, they can't even leave. Right, the trapped inside the water, you know, the basic things that we take for granted. They don't have, you know, the Palestinians are the most of the most oppressed people. But they're still in there. You know what I mean? It shows their commitment to God, their commitment to you know, family, and they're not giving up, how's their spirit, the spirits are strong. And this is what I think is driving many of the Zionist forces again, Muslims, we don't hate their Jews. We don't I mean, Jews, Muslims and Christians, you know, at the pinnacle, the golden ages of Islam and Spain. You know what

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I mean? These are golden years for Jews. You have a professor doc, Doctor, I believe it's a horenstein. He said, he writes, it's called the JC journal and a, how Islam saved the jury. You know, I mean, how Islam saved the Jewish people when they were, you know, being persecuted the Crusades and the Inquisition. They were being persecuted. They came into Muslim lands, and the Muslims welcomed them. Same thing in Palestine, they were welcomed. But now you have even people who have been Holocaust survivors who also condemn what's going on to the Palestinian people. Muhammad Ali. He was also a strong supporter. You mount Nelson Mandela. Yeah. Yeah, it was, like you said,

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We're, people nowadays assume that you hate Jews, like I have people coming to my thing, or the UFC signed a Jewish fighter, are you gonna fight them? And I'm sitting there like, no, he's not even my weight class. And they're like, Okay, but you probably hate him though. Right? And I'm like, No, I don't hate like you said, I don't hate Jews. It's not. There's many great Jewish people out there. That then this whole situation Yeah, Jewish people opposed the occupation of Palestine from the very beginning.

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It was in the 1930s before the creation of the State of Israel. When the politics began, when designers came into the region. Rabbi, Zalman Feldman, at the time, wrote an article in one of the Arabic newspapers. It was called peace and truth, in which he wrote, he wants to he was the chief rabbi of Palestine, clarifying that the Jewish people have no demand over any place, holy and sacred by the Muslims.

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In 1947, a year before the creation of the State of Israel Schinsky, the chief rabbi of Palestine at that time, wrote a written testimony to the United Nations meeting in Jerusalem. And I quote, We furthermore wish to express our definite opposition, our definite opposition to any Jewish Jewish state in any part of Palestine.

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He was ignored by the United Nations of the time.

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Several years several months later, by the Schinsky sent a telegram to the United Nations and late success.

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Please leave Jerusalem

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And that request was respected.

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This was how Jerusalem was kept for decades. Jewish leaders, the Jewish communities worldwide, oppose the creation of the state and still do. The philosophy of Zionism is not only causing a catastrophe for the Palestinian people. It is a true disaster for the Jewish people as well. It's the it's the people that are supporting like the Zionism that's what it's all about. Nobody knows. Like, the Jewish religion everything like that. It's all closer. Everybody's all these religions are close together. And they all believe, like similar things. It's not like I'm gonna hate you because you're Christian. I'm gonna hate you because you're Jewish. I don't have a hate hatred for religion.

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I have a hatred for for hate. So like designers people, they hate Palestinians. They hate Gaza. They hate Palestine hate Palestinian Muslims. That's that's a that's a hatred. It's not a religion. Yeah, this is more of a nationalistic movement, lot. Many of them don't even believe in the Almighty and God, you know, and that's why you have many good Jewish people stepping up and speaking against Zionism and the occupying force there and may God Almighty help to bring peace to the suffering there and shall we can create some more awareness and some some good can come from the little contribution that we make to talk about some of these things where where people are scared to kind

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of talk about it.