X Muslim Women Are Like Diamonds Short

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Kill at the need. Fellow. Wait, why do you cover your heads? Well, I don't know. I started losing all my hair. So I said, if I came to your house, and I asked you, can I see your diamonds? Can I see your money? Money? Can I see your jewelry? Can I have your PIN number? You wouldn't give it to me. And you wouldn't have it in front of me. While our women, women, our wives and our mothers and our daughters, they're worth more to us. They're more precious to us than our diamonds, I will go and I'll tell you, there is no one on this earth, more beautiful than a Muslim woman. There's no one who comes close to that. Who is a servant of Allah, Allah who dresses to please Allah. This woman, when

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she looked in the mirror, she makes sure she's dressed appropriately. Make sure that Allah pleased with her. Make sure she's covered so much you go out in the street, as he covered to please the last Apollo after that she does that she's beautiful. The more you grow, the more you study. The more he man you have, the more you become dis attracted to some of the things of the doing if you don't like what you used to do.

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I have the love of the Prophet. I have a love of Allah, I have something in me and I'm now different. I feel different. I warn you, those of you who still like doing you and you don't make a distinction and then the man is not written in your heart.