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AI: Summary © The transcript discusses various cases of rape cases against Cristiano Ronaldo and Johnny Depp, including a woman who claims she was sexually assaulted by a man who called her "arson" and claims to have been in a "arson" deal. The speaker also discusses his involvement in a conspiracy and how it led to his arrest and subsequent arrest. The importance of protecting one's rights and property is emphasized, along with the potential for negative reactions from people who use their rights and Islam's strategic move.
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I would like to say,

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a massive thank you to all the supporters we have around the world regardless of what the mainstream media keeps saying in the lies they try and report we get 10s of 1000s of messages from people

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because they're all very interested in me as you can see.

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Meticulous humiliated, humiliating, ludicrous, Virginia jury has found that Amber Heard defamed her ex husband, Johnny Depp was in Brazil and charged a woman who accused the international football and Neymar of * her. We learned today that a federal judge in Nevada has thrown out a * lawsuit against soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, fake news guy asked the questions and how come you didn't do any police report back then? Just what because it's not fully *. And it's not that because it was consensual, I kind of wanted to be there. And I didn't tell anybody about it six years later, there's way too many things that doesn't give it credibility for somebody to say I

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didn't do anything about it then but six years later, I told my friends three or six years later yeah, and this the thing that's scary if you say to any red blooded male 13 years ago, you had * with a woman consensually and she's now unhappy about how that * happened. You can get any man on earth can get screwed with that if this person exists at all. And like you said she refused to go to the police that she exists. And she's saying it was consensual I think last night they aired on news night and she literally stay said why are you coming forward now and I think she this actor the person literally said because now he's rich and famous. They literally said those words. And as I

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said there's all that evidence showing that you know, the main complaints were conspiring to lie yet there's still you know, restricted and not able to move out of their homes so I want to believe in in the in the legal system, but wow, why is it taking so long? Yeah, it is a concern in that sense. I don't know if you know, Amir Junaid, Hadith formerly known as loon I was flown

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on the the songs that I'm doing is female oriented, you know, female driven, I need to Yeah, wrote all these records. The truth is, and Allah is my witness, that you notice as well being in the business, we used to be in living the lifestyle we used to live. We didn't get to so many people, we shake so many hands, we introduce people all the time. Yeah, so my only involvement was a simple introduction to individuals who went on to do things that had nothing to do with me, he kind of look a little bit different to me today than how we've been seeing him in those pop videos. There's loads still in there somewhere known as work working his way out of my system, from Bad Boy Records. He,

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he was with Puff Daddy, okay. He had some similar and we were I was talking to him the other day he liked to actually talk with, with Andrew because he had a similar situation. He was very famous hip hop artists, you can look him up. And he accepted Islam. And then shortly after he accepts Islam, he gets hits on some conspiracy charge. He didn't even do the crime, but he was now years ago, something came up and then boom, they locked them up in 2008, with a group of individuals who are only knew one person. And this is prior to Islam. I wasn't a Muslim yet. So this was me at the very, you know, weaning stages of leaving the music business.

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My love for the underdog, I met a guy who was you know, aspiring to be an artist. And I tried to show him away through the means and resources that I had. So, in my bad judgment, He inquired about something

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that at the time, you know, saying I was knowledgeable, but I wasn't involved in. So I actually did. Something that became detrimental later is I introduced him to somebody who they had a relationship, and in a conspiracy revolved around their relationship and their dealings. I was free from the map. So now fast forward, I become Muslim.

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And like I said, I fled with my religion. Everything I did was public. So it wasn't like I was a fugitive. I was running from anything. Every talk I gave, including your show, everything was transparent. Everything was visible and obtainable. Now, when I gets to Belgium, I'm told by Interpol and I grabbed by Interpol, I was told that I had an indictment in the Eastern District of North Carolina, in a city called Durham, which I never visited. So now this is already a fishy situation. But fighting to make sure my extradition was not violated, or my constitutional rights was violated. I came to know stateside, and I was sentenced to 14 years in prison

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for conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute a kilo of heroin. I never saw her on a day in my life will lie on him. And

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the individuals who put me in a conspiracy, I didn't have any real dealings with these guys. No, so

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Oh, so you introduced introduced a to b? Pretty much. And, and I became C, D, E, F all the way to Z. Uh huh. Yeah. Simple. So

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that's interesting when you when you look at, we know in Islam, that a person can go towards an evil deed, right? And then if they might have an intention, but even if they don't do the evil deed, they get the reward, they get the reward. Right? Or, you know, they thought about doing something they were about to do it again, they walked away. But here, you didn't even do it. Right? You you introduce to people, whatever they did, and then how do you end up going to see the one thing I've never done through the course of my whole incarceration is tried to figure out the wisdom behind what Allah had decreed. Yeah, you know, and that's something that can definitely lead to removing

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yourself from understanding what is clear, as far as with the law established, of accepting His Divine Decree, the good event and the bad of it. So the tangible evidence is what people struggle with. Yeah. But the ultimate defining factor is that this is from Allah decree. So I accepted it. And for nine years, I was able to increase in everything I was searching for, prior to that, because, you know, trying to study in Egypt, at the same time, taking invitations going to other places to given talks, it was impeding my process, I actually learned Arabic more in prison, as she started to obtain more understanding of the language, the call and you know, the books of the alumni

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and so on and so forth in prison. And the doctors told them, yeah, absolutely. I had maybe at one time, maybe over 92 books, you know, said, maybe 80 90% of them in Arabic, and some in English. I've met a lot of strong brothers, you know, a young Palestinian brother named Mohammed was the imam in one spot, he was younger than me, I've benefited being around him, another brother and his son, who was from Bangladesh, younger than me benefited from him, he was a half, half as a quarter. And, you know, I've been in positions where I've been the Imam, and so on, and so forth. So it's like, what I thought I had very little of became more of a benefit in prison. So then you start to understand the

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wisdom behind what Allah decree, it wasn't so much about me being this baby, who just accepted Islam. It was that whatever I was exposed to, taught in learn of toe heat, and implementation of the understanding of toe he became a benefit for many people in the prison system. So ultimately, this becomes the wisdom behind why things happening. So if I will want another course, in my hairline to probably be back here, stressed out lost weight, just looking weak, because that is the sign of someone who either rejects. Because if you don't accept you reject the decree of Allah. At home, the law la never placed in my heart, anything that would have made me feel like what he decreed for me

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wasn't of my benefit. And that there's there's supposed to be relief in that there's supposed to be some solace. And relief is now saying to my brother that cover the cover this, but when you're in that situation, and you go back on that, right, and this is supposed to help you get through that. Absolutely. Right. That's part of it. Right? Because they accept this as it takes the initial burden off your shoulders. Yeah. Now moving forward, you can be clear, yeah, what comes your way? You know, the Hadith of the Prophet saw some said, don't say, if I did this or that, or the other, you know, say is the decree of Allah is right, that Allah will match.

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Otherwise, you drive yourself crazy. So I'm saying, you know, that's the beauty of us. We live in our hearts, you know, the true believer lives in his heart, because this is the thing that Allah targets in the Quran. The heart's not the intellect, you know, we have Aachen, but there's a place for that. But as far as our ultimate living space is a hot you have to live you have to reside here in order to feel in order to understand to comprehend you know, st enter at act with sound purpose, it has to come from here. And then you were you were kind of entrapped, you were given some options, but those options were like, okay, it was like, if I go down that right, that route and try to fight

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for this justice, I lose I get life in prison, get life imprisonment, I'm saying so now this is where the awkward comes in. Now we have to use our intellect

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because what Allah says in the Quran that tuck the law and fusi come do not kill yourselves. Right. So that would have been me killing myself.

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You know, saying, even though hamdulillah I'm innocent, but the same token I have, you know, my family has rights. You know, saying this people who are law placed me in authority over my wife, my children, you know, saying so and so forth. People who looked at me as the provider

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either, which I provide phone allows means, right? So with all of these things in place, you have to make a sound decision. You have to weigh the benefit versus the home. Right. So the benefit is okay, I take the sentence there's daylight. But at the same token, I take the sentence I make the most of the time.

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In the humbler a lot, you know, allow me to return in nine years opposed to 14

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You know, what, for 14 I got the two point reduction dropped me down to 11 years. And the Feds you do 87% or 85.5. I'd be wondering what so that would have been nine years anyway. Then I get immediate release. Assad for compassionate release, I got immediate release. Well, like I've been today is actually the day I was supposed to get released.

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With no relief, I went no compassionate release, no filing in court. Anything today was my outdate. I was pulled to come home today to get 11 months halfway house. Was there something Trump was mentioned in all this was nothing to do nothing with Trump. Everything to do with me utilizing whatever rights is given to me. Whatever rights there wasn't relinquishing during the course of my conservation, utilizing those rights to file for certain motions and called the law, I was granted the compassionate release and I was released immediately. Right away hamdulillah don't wait, can't wait on the law. And you're here with us now. hamdulillah mashallah, he ends up leaving Romania

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going to Dubai shortly after he says lie a little he makes up the slum. And now he comes back, boom, he's in jail. Do you think now there's any

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anything to that dead because of his conversion to Islam? Yeah. They they think they're just playing to it at all. I think it may have been one factor of numerous. But to address that point.

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By raising another one, I've seen it there's even a documentary coming out on a question, Andrew's faith, which of course is her arm, but there are some candidates who are pushing that so they're going to do what they're going to do. That's something that's they're working on is going to call me I actually spoke to them the other day, the idea that and they're claiming that you spoke to them when I spoke to the these documentary makers just to stand up for Andrew, the idea that Andrew reverted to Islam for clout, first of all, the most Googled men in the world doesn't even need more clout, let's be real. Here. They are. And the idea that it was some sort of strategic decision. If

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you're living in Romania, or strongly Orthodox country, is it going to be beneficial to convert to Islam? Of course not. And also, let's be honest, there's a lot of ill will a lot of incorrect misperceptions about Islam, that you then take on once you become Muslim. I've told people I'm Muslim, and I've seen very strange reactions. And I know that, you know, people are saying certain things, I don't care, you know, I'm fine. But first for a lot of people it does affect them negatively. And so the the idea that becoming Muslim is some sort of a strategic move. There's a lot of potential downsides that come with it. And one of them could have been that Andrew wasn't viewed

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as favorably in a heavily Orthodox country most definitely. I don't think it was necessarily a driving reason behind his you know, his incarceration but I think it may definitely have been a factor

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aside given a tour of the D center, what do you think dutiful beautiful God. So we transforming this from people worshipping the creation to worshiping the Creator Allah blessed your efforts, Eddie

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are you doing brother

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All right, so you can see we're getting to work and we need your support. So go ahead and help us to get this where it's top notch inshallah.

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As Eddie was walking me through the facility, he was showing me that he has a vision of having a an Islamic school, a soup kitchen, the neighbors around here benefit from the generosity of the Muslims. This has the potential to be a beacon of light for the ummah. Join us in this project in sha Allah so we can establish the beautiful theme center ceremony.


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