Adnan Rajeh – In Preparation for the Season of Hajj #6

Adnan Rajeh
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the history of Islam, including the collection of collections in Hussein and the collection of Halima, as well as the collection of the Hadith in writing collections. They also mention the history of hedge volume and the legal framework for forgiveness, and the importance of remembering to use the operator of the hedge to avoid legal issues. The speaker also mentions the use of the operator to sell hedge products and the importance of remembering to use the operator to avoid legal issues.
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so hey sannyasa I'd be holding what are the Allahu Anhu call colander do Salah HollyWell inside wisdom, the Hadith and he collected a number of collections collection in Hussein and his Sahaba and Halima, like even Hepburn. They both have books that are called Sahil. So you have boring Muslim in their books are called Asahi hain, and then you have Jose, Ben Hepburn, each of them have a book that's called so here, and not everything in that book is actually signed, but that's what they called it, but the majority of them are, to be honest, and the majority of them actually exist in the other collections anyways, but that's what they're called. But not everything in those actually

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but just to be noted, and even Brazelton has mustard enamel, Hakim ism said that I can

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also say well studied for may have been the job. So those are the Hadith in writing a couple of collections and narrators. It's a very short Hadith and you probably know it, but I like it, because because of the fact that it's during the time of Hajj people are either leaving today are going to leave tomorrow or something within the next few days. So it's something you can do. That's related to it caught out against some

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Allahumma illegal federal hedge volume and you still have a federal judge who says Oh, ALLAH forgive the person who performs Hajj, and those whom the person who's performing Hajj is asking Allah to forgive, meaning the person who goes to hydrogen ask Allah Subhana Allah to forgive others. So if so, because of this hadith, it became custom and we'll see the scholars to each other that if someone is going to Hajj that you actually hold on to them and say, when you go there and you're standing on your Elijah node, and on the day of alpha or you go when you give Salam to the Prophet, Allah, your Salah to assemble you're standing here performing or thoughtfully falda Are you

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referring to Saudi or you're sleeping in misery for your spending the days of Mina, to make is still far from me as well. I mean, you ask Allah subhanaw taala forgive me for my sins, because you will be forgiven in sha Allah with the by the marriage of standing there, but in sha Allah, the Prophet alayhi salam is letting us know that Allah, this is the dua of the Prophet it is not to say that Allah will May Allah forgive the Hajj. So the Hydra is getting that dua from the Prophet Allah, your Santosa and those whom the Hajj asks Allah to forgive is also getting the dua of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, so it's a sealed deal. So make sure if you know anyone going to hedge that you

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approach them, obviously, kindly, but that concept is kind of as if a piece of you and Sharla is being is going with the person. And as they perform their hedge, they remember you and they ask Allah Subhan to grant you forgiveness as well. So we got the part of the agent of hedge even though you're not there, it's beautiful, because it kind of makes this whole

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performance or this whole ritual, something that everybody to a certain degree is participating in, even if you're not going there yourself, by the community always. And this is a ritual this by the way that accustomed that occurred, occurs in the Middle East quite heavily like people, if you don't someone's going to hydrojet is a group of people that would go and visit just so that they remind him that you you go there and just tell Filipina you ask Allah Subhana Allah to forgive us even from just afar. When you go give Salam to the Prophet Allah as I was saying before Mr. Vieau for us when you go in standard,

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Rama, us, maybe an alpha you performance so far for us every time you go to one of those beautiful places and you face the Kaaba and you stand in front of Muslim and you study with hijab and your prayer and Muslim Ibrahim. And when you do these things that you perform is too far for us as well, that we are also forgiven as you are in sha Allah going to be forgiven. I just think it's a beautiful, it's a simple Hadith, but it's very beautiful. And it shows you the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, even with a small Hadith, a small little Hadith, he put everyone to work. And he with a small little he just he just misses golf. He didn't even say he didn't even say 1000 do anything. He just

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made a small dough and he put everybody everyone to work. So you go there, you're looking for forgiveness, and you're gonna do it for others as well. And people will remind us when they get in the sleep of your dog and show them and you're there. I think I thought it was a beautiful thing and that's that's his, again, the genius. The genius of the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam in the beautiful edit that he carried when he knew how to do it. Do these things. You got to be an email I'm gonna Hakeem from Mr. de la Colima was zero fee was 30 Ulema will be happy will be sure I will Imam Hussain Mehta fee so he called the homeless and he also had an abnormal whatever the Allahu

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Anhu Palcohol and that the use of Allah Allah you use it to sell him, Allah, whomever the federal judge Well, the Minister of Federal Judge Allahumma Amin. So like I said, Allah Allah.

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Allah Allah, wa sallahu wa salam ala Kalenna you know, have you been on Muhammad in early Yusuf Islam located in particular people, so don't want to

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say something

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