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AI: Summary © The episode discusses the importance of acceptance and learning from history in Islam. The speaker discusses their past as a Christian and their experiences with the world, including their struggles with addiction. They emphasize the importance of acceptance and pursuing Islam, as it can lead to destruction and confusion. The speaker also talks about their religious experiences and how they believe in giving and pursuing Islam, as it can lead to destruction and confusion. They thank viewers for watching and mention a new show they plan to release next week.
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to see you welcome to another episode of the deen show, which is a way of life we try to put out there for everyone to see helping you understand Islam and Muslims. And it's always something pleasant when we see that somebody has accepted the truth, which is surrender and to submit to the Creator of the heavens and the earth alone without any partners. And we have one of those Muslims today who used to be a Christian, and we're going to talk about his story, which probably all of you are eager to hear why someone would accept Islam. So

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get ready to meet Ronaldo, here on the

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praise be to Allah in every condition. He said a bunch of Arabic, which maybe if you tuning in for the first time, you said, Man, do I need to take an Arabic?

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So he said, I wish peace upon him. He wished it back upon me. And we think the Creator of the heavens and earth see the class yet? So used to be a Christian. Yes, it is going to the history right there. Tell us about your past. Actually, I was a Christian. And at some particular point in my life, my mother moved across the street from a funeral parlor. And I thought that, you know, people just always, death wasn't a reality. Because when they died, I thought that, you know, you turn the channel on, you see the same guy who died and got shot in the last movies and the next movie, so I didn't really realize that death was a reality. And one day, when we moved across the

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street from a funeral parlor, I went in to investigate the reality of death. And I got the shocking reality that death was real, and that people really die. It was so shocking to me that I went home, you know, to

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tell my mother and my mother was sleep. And in seeing my mother's sleep, it reminded me about my mother, and the day that she's gonna die. I became so frantic I think maybe for about two years. I couldn't really, really food didn't taste the same. I couldn't sleep. I was just worrying. When is deaf going to come? And take my mother? When is it going to happen? And so one day, my mother said, Boy, stop worrying about me dying, I'm probably outlive you. And all my mother said that. I thought about me dying. And I tried everything that I could I became more religious. And I started reading the Bible reading the Bible more because I wanted to escape death. And there's a chapter in the

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Bible, it talks about the return of Jesus that the people would need to die, because Jesus would be returning. And that's what I asked God to bless me with the time. Well, I, my life still went through turbulence. You know, my mother took me to

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fortune tellers, she took me to a shrink, and the shrink told my mother that it was just a reality check, you know that I was just becoming more mature and that she needed to spend more time with me. And at that particular time, I saw a movement, Elijah Mohammed's movement. And I thought that the black nationalists were really that they had something because he support all these actual facts about nature, and this and that, and that and that, until one day, two Jewish lawyers came to my mother's house, they were doing pro bono, helping out get a divorce. And they looked on the walls and saw that I had messaged to the black men and all of that stuff, and they said, you know, you

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don't really think with a devil, do you? And it was a reality check again, for me. I said, wow, you know, the devil just wouldn't be so kind to help people. These guys didn't do anything but help my mother. And then a friend of mine told me to listen man, if you really interested in this line, I'm, you know, checking out Elijah Muhammad. He said, You should really check about check out orthodox Islam. And it just happened for me from that, you know, my name used to be renowned though, which is a Spanish name. And at some particular point, when I really really became inquisitive about Islam, I said, Wow, I need to probably drop that name too and change it. And I changed my name to Shaku Shaku

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means one who was thankful and grateful, and I am eternally thankful and grateful to Allah for allowing me you know, to accept this loan. How did you go from now thinking about death? When primarily people are thinking about at a young age? How am I going to hook up with the next young lady? How am I gonna get to the nightclub? How am I gonna make the money? Then how were you at a young boy thinking about death, death, I mean, death just took over. I thought more about death than anything else, nothing else.

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was important. I mean, I used to like sugar frosted flakes. I mean, even the sugar Frosted Flakes, they weren't even sweet. Because death was scaring me. It was scaring the life out of me. You know, I mean, I didn't, I wasn't interested in things because HIPAA, none of that none of that stuff. None of those things could make me escaped death. You know, death was a reality. Did you?

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Did you see some some people? No, I went into the funeral home. And that's how I stumbled upon the reality of death, I saw a man in the coffer, and people were sitting around crying, and I walked over to the man, you know, nudging him asked him, you know, what is everybody crying about? And the man was hard and cold, and react. And I looked at the man like, wow, death is real. You know, and I thank Allah for that experience, because that's the same thought about death today, although I'm not afraid of it. But it keeps me up as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that the Muslim lives in between two realities, the reality of fear,

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and the reality of hope. That fear is the death of dying and knowing that, you know, death is a painful, a painful thing for the person who doesn't have the pleasure of Allah. And that's what made me want to find a way out of escaping it. So how did you finally make the transition to Islam? Actually,

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a friend of mine, he was a boxer and it was intelligent guy, and he told me, you know, we went from childhood to Job Corps, and he told me, he said, Listen, you know, Elijah, Mohammed's movement is a cult. It's a nationalist cult, you know, and it really has nothing to do it has nothing to do with Islam. He said, and if you really interested, you know, in Islam, you need to check a check out, Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam peace and blessings be upon them from 1400 years ago, he said, that's the real Islam. And

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I listened to him, but I didn't really make that transition. You know, I used to, when Elijah Muhammad died in 75, then I wanted to be a Muslim. And, and under Elijah, Muhammad was cold. And I even wrote to try to get an x. And then my friend still insisted, you know, he said, Listen, man, that's not Islam. So when Elijah Muhammad died, and his son was the dean, became the leader, the Minister for the nation. Then I started listening to him, and I thought that he was God. At first. It was the Yeah. And then my friend just came to me again and see, don't you see how you think, and you're not really, really thinking. And I went from evolving from that, you know, to come into the

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sun by just investigation. And I looked at the things that the Prophet said, you know, who he was and how he single handedly by laws, Grace, you know, conquer the peninsula. And that, you know, step by step.

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Then I went to Detroit, I went to school there, to Wayne County College, and I met a professor named Dr. Shaka. And from there, you know, I took Arabic Islamic Studies, and I saw that Islam had a real body of information. I didn't need to worship men anymore. I didn't need to associate, you know, my blackness as being religious, you know, that I could really, really implement the principles, according to the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, and become a real Muslim. And that spawned me to get started. And I've been on that quest to try as much as I can to be the best Muslim that I can. So Brother, what do you think now? Has by accepting Islam, the way you live before? What was

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your ideology, theology? And what do you actually? How do you live now? And what do you actually believe now? Okay, that's a good question.

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I don't know if I told you that I'm a policeman now.

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And now coming to Islam, you know, I thank Allah so much. So because Islam has given me a a goal. You know, I mean, prior to Islam, I could do what I've wanted to do. Now, Islam is directing my life is steering my life. I mean, I have things that I'm trying to accomplish as a Muslim, where before there was no definitive source that said, Okay, yeah, education, you know, it's a it's a plateau. It's a, you know, a step in going in the right direction, but I had no real connection to God. You know, now, I have a couple

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I mean, I spend my time now trying to learn more. I tried to recite more, I'm trying to memorize more. I'm trying to practice, you know, more.

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These are the things of virtue that are given me a sense of direction. And I think without that direction, I think I would have fallen into many of the pitfalls that people have fallen into in terms of drugs,

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fornication, and adultery, robbing people, you know, and just stealing and just just to try to amass The, the vastness of wealth that I could, you know, through doing that. And now, you know, I understand when the Prophet says, so the long run some of them that you only get in this light, what Allah wrote for you. So there's no point in me trying to steal now, you know, I have my beautiful, lovely wife, here with me, I'm married, you know, and I'm really striving for something that I hope, as the Prophet said, You live in between hope and fear that I'm hoping that Allah will accept from me as an offer, or as he says, In the full loan to a lot of most beautiful loan, that alone will

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repay you back handsomely. For I mean, that's what my life is about. It's about sacrifice. Now, it's about giving, it's about kindness. It's about all of the things that make humanity wholesome. You know, and it's not a facade is real, because I believe that, if I'm going to get to Paradise is going to be by the effort that I've put in to try and to please Allah. And so that's what life is about for me now. You know, you know your purpose. Now you know who your Creator is, you know, how to worship. And you got the blueprint in life. Yes. Tell us. For our viewers, now, non Muslims, who have got a distorted view of Islam, from the media, from people with an agenda, they possibly think

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that you now have no connection with Jesus, that man, this guy's got a maybe some, they hear the words, you had to hear all these misconceptions. Yeah. And you know what, what you just said, Now, they can relate to it. So they're kind of in between? Yeah, give some advice to those people. You know, it's unfortunate that you know, the thing that I hope that your viewers get the reality of, I mean, I want you to go to the movies and see any show that you want to see, you know, preferably an action packed show. And there's something that they call the religious experience. And I'm talking now from a psychological perspective, notice how there always has to be a good guy, and a good guy

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in the movie always has to win. Well, that's the same thing. When when it comes to the media, the media always wants to control they always want to win. So quite naturally, Islam is not the religion of the state, they really think that the people who will feed in you psychologically, is going to tell you the truth. No, because now they lose control. They lose control, the real pristine purity of this message of Islam. It's not from any of cults. It's not from these sick people going out there and killing innocent people know the message of Islam is peace. And any time that you find a lifestyle that doesn't advocate peace, it advocates destruction and confusion, and abuse. That's not

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the religion of God.

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This is the thing that I'm hoping that your viewers can realize and come to grips with and check out Islam. I'll tell you something, one of the things that God can never be he can never be a liar. Look at the message in the Quran. And see if the message is a obtainable be see if it is the type of message that will make humanity have harmony. If it does, and listen, you found the right way. And it is the message of God. If it doesn't believe me, it is another path to destruction.

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Thank you very much brother know many of us. Thank you.

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Gentlemen effort does that and May Allah make you of the people. Gentleman paradise army. And I like to thank you again, for coming to the source to learn about Islam and Muslims every week, God willing, we have a new show at the deen show calm if you missed us on the TV in the local station in Chicago. You can catch all of our shows on the webshots website. The D show calm th e d e n show calm and we'll see you again next time. I'll sell on legal peace be unto you

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