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I'm in a bad place I just hate for $19 million but I'm going down fast Tyson fury went through some similar right I had money Fe wanted to talk about some of these some of the greatest challenges outside of the ring show me all the drugs all the cocaine it was like Scott things like a movie. I was like Chad you buggin What are you doing? You don't ever put your hands on the browser yet? What are you from yet? Give them a lot of Muslims in the world. Oh

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it didn't work for me alcohol didn't work for me 10 years clean this month

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah Salam Alaikum greetings of peace. Now my next guest is a former heavyweight champion World Champion and has fought some of the best in the world like George Foreman, Klitschko.

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Lennox Lewis, you name it, he's probably fought them. But what we really want to talk to him about are some of the biggest and greatest battles outside of the ring that he has gone up against and how he overcame them. Like going into a deep depression becoming obese, even at one point trying to kill himself with food and money growing up an orphan, and much much more so we can go ahead and get to know our next guests. Champ Shannon Brix. What's up, brother? Let's go champ. How are you doing? How are you doing? I'm good. How about yourself? Good, good. Good. It's nice to have you here on the deen show with us. Thank you for having me. Appreciate. So did we hit that right for

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World Champion us fought some of the greatest out there, huh? Well, you got that wrong, too time anyway. Yeah. Okay. So multi heavyweight champ of the world now. Rather. Yes, Jeff. Yeah. So tell us about some of the some of the greats that you found. I mentioned Lennox Lewis. You got George Forman Klitschko. Yes. Yes. I'm sure those knows that. Those are some of the champions of Ford as well as Francoise Bopha. Sir the lion called Mitch

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just to name a few Sultana Brandon more often during my time type of challenges battalion because I had a couple of fights here and there

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and you're still taking strong huh? Yeah, I'm still feeling good you know me great shape. I just turned 54 I'm coming match with rampage Jackson

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let's go champ former enemy champion and I'm looking forward to that we're going to fight three fights approximately one in the triad ring, which is which is a new combat

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stream stressors, former combat that was created through trauma, and they'll be going to fight and buying a boxing ring and I'm gonna knock them out again. Then we're gonna fight MMA MMA match in which he thinks he's gonna choke me, but that's not gonna happen. Okay for the MMA, and hopefully God willing and shot like we say Inshallah, maybe we can be of benefit. That's, that's my specialty. That's what I teach. Gracie, Brazilian jujitsu. So maybe we can get you over at our academy and we can give you some good techniques to help defend the choke and maybe apply some good submission on him turn the tables I'm a definitely need your help. That's the area that I'm not too good at but

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show which I help you help me. Get them get it get it get them up off me. We say inshallah. God willing, beautiful. Yes. So tell me now what we wanted to talk about some of these some of the greatest challenges outside of the ring. I mean, you've gone through a lot, you know, and your struggles you went to one time a really deep depression, you know, obesity, that's something that's an epidemic today and not just America all over the world, especially here 70 People 70% of Americans either overweight or obese, you know, depression is at an all time high, skyrocketing people just you know, throwing down the prescription drugs and you know, thinking that's gonna help

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but you kind of overcame these things even at one point really trying to kill your and your life. Can you talk to us a little bit how you went down that road and how you got out? Well, it was you know, it was unlucky. Like I always say, it's not just one thing. It was a multitude of things, you know, growing up, you know,

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tough childhood, like most kids and then, you know, coming into success

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how someone can always really struggling to get natural, a lot of different things bad decision making at some point. And then unfortunately, I had my boss for food and you don't prescription drugs and that led to more depression. Fortunately, for me, my daughter was born and she'll be 10 January 15 and gratulations Thank you, when she was born, I took a huge step towards recovery which was actually this this this next week, I believe that this week will be 10 years cleaning no alcohol, I haven't had a good my day was a week or two before my daughter was born.

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I told myself and I was done drinking alcohol and that's when I gave up alcohol and I wouldn't miss a journey which was to to health and what else and and well, to be honest with you because I've always been on my own since I was eight years old I've been doing some form of employment work and trying to survive take care of me and my mom single parents and Brownsville Brooklyn New York so for me I'm always been working and struggling to turn so I took a spiritual journey to wealth and health which is training on eating right and which is my as my health and then also using that same drive that I've always had to build some wealth and I created an i trademark the saying what's gonna champ

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and I was to was my my my my self motivation my trigger word for what I was feeling to practice you know, I wanted to quit I wanted to give up I tell myself Let's go champ let's go champ and it became my module and I'm going around the world and you know I think so in some ways it's synonymous when you hit on the stone champion some people think that shedding breaks you know

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so they're not Tyson fury went through some similar right the money fame glory good locks it all everything that a man would ever want you cannot have anything in the world and

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he also hit a deep depression and I'm thinking like how is that when people you know the whole world opens up to you got all this money fame How do you end up going down that route? Well that's what you know that he was doing as well because you got a hole in you and then you know you get it disappear hole with money come into life you know you kind of pick up things sometime to distract you to coach you to make you feel like okay to numb you in some ways you doing things to chase feelings know all goes down to chemicals in your brain dopamine, serotonin and different things and sometimes you know, we started chasing this dopamine higher serotonin high and it's hard to battle

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with is alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex, whatever it is, these things are chemical in the brain, you know, that his reaction so I myself,

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even food, like I was saying, I myself had to, to fulfill it with exercise, but you think that I mean, as a professional boxer, I've been doing it all my life basically, since I was 16 years old, that I would have known that but I didn't know how important exercise was to me and my life until I stopped exercising I ballooned up in weight. So you know, 400 pounds and I realized that exercise is a crucial part of my life, not just from a visual standpoint, but from a mental standpoint that even now when I don't exercise, I don't feel great, we all know exercises releases, different chemicals they sell the runner's high these these things are these things are real and these things are like

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any ionic or anyone chasing anything higher feel good you know I it took me two to hit you know a real low place in my life to realize that

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I didn't need to fulfill my

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so called like desires when it was to go out and spend money you know, go buy a new car by this Buy, buy buy, buy buy material stuff, all these things were out of me and I started realizing you got to replace that replace that with something positive you know what I saw I dove headfirst into eating right to health like okay, what what's the best food I started going to anti aging because I wanted to know how I could lose the weight feel good you know look good, feel good. That was that's the key part of it. You know look good, feel good. So I was looking messy. I started changing myself how I loved my parents and I started feeling good and I realized that that stuff kept me occupied was

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going out drinking smart spending money, anything said anything you just indicate more fulfilling and it costs less. And yeah, people can you have you have

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At one point you said using you're using money to kill yourself like, Yeah, everybody buying money for heroin or for crack anything using the same money using it. But I was just using it in ways like to so to numb myself like to feel good. So let me go to this. Let me buy this let me go with this. Let me go get a girl I mean, dude, and all those things just have you chasing your tail? Listen, it didn't work for me alcohol didn't work for me 10 years clean this month, can you believe it? You know, I'm saying I continued alcohol free. I had started drinking alcohol as a homeless teenager at the age of 1314 years old. On and off, you're drinking with the boys drink of beer here and this and

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that. But uh, after you know, 10 years, you know, alcohol, I lost the taste I mostly desire and I'm like what it did to me. And I look back and say a lot of my decision making was based on alcohol, especially when it came to spending money. Because you know, it was part of that light BAP announcement and money drinking. You know, go shopping. Is this a routine? I was it was a brutal routine. But I'm happy I overcame it. I'm happy. I'm able to tell people that hey, listen, you know, I'm actually helping a friend right now. I'm not gonna say his name. But I got a call from a friend of mine. Who said, who said Jeff.

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I'm in a bad place. I just hate for $19 million. And I, but I'm going down fats of all because I'm doing drugs. And I'm bawling every day for the last three months to kill him. Because he disappeared. And I hadn't heard from him. I was like what happened? You know, I mean, what happened to my boy, not even thinking nothing happened. Just kind of curious because I kept calling him I didn't get him on the phone. When I finally got him on the phone. He said chat yesterday. He said, Chad, you haven't heard from me because the deal went through. That wasn't part of the deal. I'm just saying no, I'm just gonna got 19 million 19 million, 90 million. And then now he's calling you

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saying I'm going down fast. I call him You called him. And I just had to ask him a question, a business question. And I was lucky to get him on the phone because I called him quite a few times over the last three months and he never answered. So I was like, man, what's up? You know that I do some tool? He answered yesterday. He was like,

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you haven't heard from me because I hate for 19 million. Look, he showed me his house. He showed me I was like, Wow, congratulations. He was like, Yeah, but look, he showed me all the drugs. All the cocaine. It was like Scarface like a movie. I was like, champ, you buggin What are you doing? He said, I know. I never had money. I never lived life. And now I've been doing it for two months, and I got the money. But I see I'm gonna kill myself the way I'm heading. I said, I said listen to me. You need a chant cap.

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You need a champion.

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You need a champion. You need awakening. Somebody tell you your champ. You burn out, Chill out. Chill, chill, chill. He was like, You're right. He was like, Jeff, can you come on? Can you come Malibu and hang out with me? It gave me clean. I was like, I don't know what I said. I'd say this

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is endorphins. It's hot right now. He's growing crazy. Right? And the money it's making. It's making them go crazy. Yeah, he cried. He's 30 years old, he can crash and do a lot of damage. So

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I say that to say I'm happy that

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I was able to talk

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to my experiences people can learn. say Yo, champ was right. The A lot of people will have a lot of people will have a big brother, a father, uncle. They don't have anybody in a life to say hey, man, you're doing wrong. And

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I get I'm lucky to say that I survived my pickups. And I can tell people hey, man, you go, go do a chat.

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Yeah, that's what we're trying to get some gems trying to see some of your experiences so got one people can benefit from some of the things that you've gotten over. Did you actually get a chance? Did you not you? Do you know personally, Tyson fury. Did you guys ever meet in the ring before? No, we never fought never. Actually I came out of my depression. I was no I had lost weight.

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He had seen ran into him and I was telling him Hey, man, you can he was at a bad place at the time. Yeah, I was like, Hey, man, you can do it. Man. If I did it. He was like, nah, nah, nah, man. I'm telling you, you could do it. And he did it. I was in a dark room.

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I was praying to God 12

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He was a biggest house. He did it. He did it based on the title. He put on some of the best fights in history now, you know, was Wilder. And, you know, I'm happy. I'm happy that he was able to. He told me he looked at me and was like, Yo, you wish

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Why are you so I'm happy for me.

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I'm still hoping to inspire as many people as I can. How much did Muhammad Ali? Did he play any role in your life or every role?

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He's a Michael Jordan.

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Michael Jordan.

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You never did you ever get a chance to meet? Did you ever get a chance to meet Muhammad Ali? Yeah, I met I met Muhammad Ali when I was 23 years old, I believe, for the first time. Maybe I was younger. I'm sorry. I was 20. When I met Ali for the first time. And yeah, it was it was in 1992, I believe.

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Yeah, he was amazing. You know, beacon of light for all of us.

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So me, at one point, you also met Mike Tyson. Tell us about that experience. The first time you met him in a park? No, I didn't meet him there. But I see them. You saw him? Yeah. When you saw him? Yes. He was a, you know, a specimen of a man that as he as a young man, Mike Tyson was a special specimen of a man and he still is one of the greatest heavyweight fighters in the history of the planet of this law of this world. And that we know about it. And you know, it's a pleasure to be, you know, to be from the same neighborhood that he's from, you know, yeah. I want to go ahead and get your reaction to this video here. I want to I want to see a few if you know, some of these

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individuals in the video that I'm going to play with for you. You ready? Shoot

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Allah, can you recognize anybody in these videos? You don't see you go, but I see.

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As a good friend. He's a good friend of yours, right? Yes, that I do. That's what I do. Yes, by the way, Jack was my brother. Yeah. Yeah. I bought who's next to him? That might. That's Mike. Wow.

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Mike Tyson. And then you know who's leading leading them? Have you ever seen anything like this?

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Am I seeing any like what? Like, like, like, yeah, men brain? Yeah. I mean, this type of this type of brain. Have you ever seen? You know what you're doing Brooklyn, New York. I'm 50 years old.

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Okay, so that's familiar to you? Yeah, man.

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So okay, so you met some Muslims before?

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I was born in Brooklyn, New York. Yeah, yeah. I was I was so nervous. You'd be nervous on coming on Islamic TV show

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why should I be scared? Yeah. What all the with all the negative propaganda that's out there a lot of times people you know, they get a little bit nervous but uh, that's why we do the program to try to break some of the ice and educate humanity on the most misunderstood way of life out there that actually Muhammad Ali lived Malcolm X. And then we got Mike Tyson here praying with a bottle jack so you know about jakka And you gotta you gotta Ameer Abdullah. You know him also his manager? Yes. Right. Yeah. So when you mentioned Brooklyn Why does a lot a lot of Muslims there in Brooklyn or your period there's a lot of there's a lot of Muslims in the world. Oh

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yeah. So the next thing before we conclude I want it that's what my next thing I wanted to see get you have you ever heard this I'm gonna I'm gonna let you hear it and just get your reaction to it and your feedback here

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lock on a home owner and

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on the phone

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what does that sound like to you? Have you ever heard that being in New York? Is that ever? Have you ever heard never never if you had to guess um, you've you've listened to a lot of music probably Hip Hop who? 50 cents 55 cents all this stuff up. What does that what does that sound like to you?

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really mean? Like, you know, you know you can classify if it's jazz you classify jazz if it's rock, you'll classify rock, hip hop, you know, the beast of hip hop. What category does this fit into when you listen to it?

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Definitely not rocking. Not rapping is a foreign language to me. And it's a foreign music. It doesn't sound it sounds like you know, someone singing. I don't understand the language. But yeah, you know, sounds beautiful. For what it's worth. I mean, the voice I'm showing, I don't know what they're singing about. It sounds beautiful. Mashallah, yeah, the worship. Yeah, this is this is the Quran. This was the Quran. Yeah. Okay, that's cool. Beautiful, beautiful. So, so what message can you give before we conclude? Tell us, for the people out there who are suffering. You know, this is a beautiful thing when you put in your mind when you're at the depths, you know, the lowest places

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in your life. And I like this mantra that you you know, you put it in your head, you know, let's go champ, you know, you can do it just like when does your friend called you? He's got the money. And now he's going down. That's, that's crazy. He's like, Hey, I haven't reached you. Because you know, I hit a pretty much hit it big. But now you would think he's got all the money. It's gonna bring happiness, but it's not filling that void. You know what I mean? Not at all. And that's why I asked you to come album beside your champion. Champion. So um, that I was saying, I didn't say I'm lucky to be that type of person. So look at $90 million. And I would love for you to come help me and

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Jenna, that's amazing. That means that they respect or see something. And like he said,

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I see what you overcame with a lot more money.

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So he was like, you know, I can usually help but um,

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you know, I think you know, life's a journey. We all

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we all in the journey. We all trying to make it we are trying to do the right thing, hopefully. And, you know, I'm I want to appreciate you for having me on your show. Thank you very much. God willing we can. So you're in Miami, huh? Yes, brother yesterday. All right. So hopefully if we ever visit down there we can we can you know if you're ever in Chicago. Oh, Chicago.

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Chicago. That's my place. Yeah, we can have you come by our gym, our academy here. I will love it.

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I'm gonna have to

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show you how to be ready. So wait, tell me. So that's you said it's a it's a three part you're doing one thing with rampage. You're boxing and then the other one is? What would you like to try and try is a new form of combat. It's like, you fight with UFC gloves like yummy. Well, MMA gloves.

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But you kind of like dirty boxing. You know, I'm saying it's like you're fighting triangle ring. A triangle. You know, it's the mat is a triangle. So wait, you're so but the boxing? You're going to do that. So how many how many ounce gloves? That's the eight ounce right? Boxing is gonna be I think something like that. But these are for now these these are?

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Yeah, so you're gonna do one with the regular boxing then the other one with these? With these other type of MMA gloves, MMA gloves first triad in there, which will be probably in May. And then wow. So that's is that anything on the ground? Or is that just strictly you know? Absolutely. Stand Out stand Are you gonna be on the ground when I hit?

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And then two of those and then the third one is is on everything MMA is that is that in the UFC? Well, is it the case? The case is Yeah, I know. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. All right. That's what I'm, that's what I'm, that's what I'm gonna get him on the ground and I'm gonna choke him. We can't breathe until he begged me to quit. God bless. God bless you, champ. All right. Thank you very much. It was nice. It was nice to have you on the program.

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all it take is one heat. One champ one I used to doing the Manassas Oh,

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I know. I know.

00:24:10--> 00:24:12

You're still doing the molasses.

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What do you do real quick. Just I forgot to ask you like in the morning like what do you like to eat? What's your new regimen for because I live in?

00:24:23--> 00:24:35

Liver liver. Oh, you're doing the liver? That's the most that livers the most neutral nutritionally dense food out there that many people don't know about that. That's right.

00:24:36--> 00:24:48

I mean like an animal I mean beef. Chicken fish. I'm getting this tip top shape my my animal you don't see me soon. When rent pay see me on going deputy on itself. And no alcohol 100

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Alcohol hamdulillah That's right. Praise to be Alhamdulillah

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this is beautiful. hamdulillah Alright, beauty

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All right, very nice man. May God bless you and

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we hope to maybe meet you in person sometimes. Right? That's right. Praise to God, praise God. Let's go.

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Let's go champ.

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peace. And that was the former World Heavyweight Champion, Shannon Riggs here on the deen show. As a couple lessons that we got to learn, you know, we wanted to talk about

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what helped him get out, you know, of this depression, he was into a lot of the things like, you know, that people get into once you got all that money. So one lesson is you can have all the money, you know, the story he shared with us, his friend got the 19 million, and he's had downhill and you think okay, because many people chase money. So now you got money? What are you gonna do with that money. So like, Shannon was sharing with us, he was just eating himself to death, he was going ahead and doing drugs and alcohol, and all the different things that person would think that would bring them some sort of happiness, but it's just short term and short lived it just fulfilling your

00:26:10--> 00:26:48

desires, but the Void is still there. So inshallah we can go ahead and benefit from that for people who are trying to you know, chase all the material things and find it in dine in. And, you know, just running through life heedless on the purpose of life to really think, you know, yes, money can be a means for you to go ahead and do some good in the world, but it can also lead to your destruction. And we need to really think what's the purpose of life? Why am I here? Everything around us has a purpose, the keys in my pocket have a purpose. You know, this, the camera that's filming this has a purpose, you know, everything that we can see in front of us, but what about the

00:26:48--> 00:27:09

human being? What's our purpose? And what's the purpose of life? You know, pretty soon he'll be in the ring, and he will be facing rampage Jackson now imagine that these to get into this octagon, try got whatever this thing is that they're going to be doing. And there was no ultimate goal at the end, there was no

00:27:10--> 00:27:47

objective, that would make no sense. Now go ahead and equate that to life. What is the purpose of our lives? And many of us are heading towards our departure date, many have already departed from this life, you know, where do we go when we leave? So those are the kind of crucial questions that we should be asking what's the purpose of life? Why are we here? And who best to ask than the one who created us to create heavens and earth so we leave you with that and if you'd like a free copy of what you heard, Shannon listening to which is the vibrator Word of God Almighty, Allah the Quran, go ahead and visit the D You get your free copy of the Quran. And if you have any

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questions, call us one 806 62475 to and subscribe if you haven't already, hit that notification. Bell, support us on our Patreon page, and we'll see you next time here every week on the D show. Thank you to our special guest former heavyweight champ. Let's go champ, Shannon for being with us. And we'll see you next time. Peace be with you a Salaam Alaikum