Remove The Bad With Good – Recite & Reflect #16

Ahmed Hamed


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The speaker discusses the importance of maintaining good and bad emotions in relationships. They emphasize the need to ensure that good is always retained and that the bad should remain as bad as possible. The speaker also mentions the success of their method and how it benefits their friendships.

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In this beautiful idea, the point of reflection is

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no matter what good and bad are never equal. So we need to ensure that good is always remained as the good and bad will always remain as bad and a lot of Blaser shows a beautiful way of how we should treat each other. In fact, even the enemies repelled the bad with that which is good. Whenever we adopt this methodology, whenever we adopt this beautiful method, prescribed by Allah subhanaw taala and described by the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam that removing the bad with that which is good. What you will find you will find the other person to be as your close friend, isn't it a gift from Allah subhanaw taala. To understand this beautiful reflection on this idea, let us

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always repel the bad with that which is good