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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam so that's Salaam Alaikum hoplite Allah Allah cattle is his reality as as he welcome you to new series this Ramadan 2022. It's about to seal of the n. Let's call it just like a couple of years ago, let's call it tafsir by an AI that will change your life. So we're going to start in sha Allah Tala with solat Al Baqarah.

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But first, let me just recapitulate something that we've mentioned a few years back with regard to the Quran. The Quran is split into four different categories or the SWAT, the chapters of the Quran are split into four categories, we have what we call a sub play one, the seven long ones, that's a baccarat and a Milan, and Nisa, and Matt EDA, and if so, those are the seven long ones, we call them the seven for the first chapters, called a seven, day one. And then the second category are the enemy. I mean, those sores that are 100 verses or more, a little bit more, so we call them in, they're called me in and then you have

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below the mean me comes from me, Arabic means 100. And then you have an Muthoni. Those are below 100 or so 100 verses or so I've called Alma Thani. And then the last category are called a Mufasa. Those are the short swords and Mufasa with regard to Ibaka Baqarah is considered to be from a seven, seven they want because it's the longest sola the length longest chapter in the Quran, it is also called C now more than the pinnacle of the Quran. It is it has three uses. And the it's the it's number in the Quran. The sequence of it in the Quran is number two, and the number of a at number two because fatty has number one and then Al Baqarah comes in as number two, how many verses altogether in

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salatu Baqarah 286 verses 200 286. And it is a mega Aya it's a mega and what do we mean by madonie? It's, it's an it's a solar, it's a chapter that has been revealed altogether, altogether in its entirety in Medina, not in Makkah, all the ayat of surah Al Baqarah with the consensus are being revealed that in Medina, so it is the first actually saw that that was revealed in Medina, how many, many souls and how many Mickey souls do we have that may tell you something sweet and nice that you should not shallow data? It should be easy to remember just to differentiate between those that are millennials that are Mickey Mickey Solas are those souls that are revealed in Makkah, Madani souls

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are those that are revealed in Medina.

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As Baca is 286 verses, so this is the remember, this is the way to remember 28 solaz are McKee and 86. Are Madani.

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met Al Baqarah is 286 to 8628. Our

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McKee 28 chapters are murky and 86 sodas or chapters are maddening. So that's how you know how many Mackey swallows and how many madness was there. But when it comes to let's say on Baccarat, baccarat in the way it was revealed is number 86 over N or N It's number two, but in the sequence of its revelation at number 86, which means the very first solar that was revealed in, in in Medina, the S revenues are quickly the reason because every saw our every ad that is revealed it has a seven it has a reason as to why it was revealed with regard to SATA Bacala. There are eight reasons as to why the Sala was revealed. Some of these reasons are pertinent to bend slightly, some are pertinent to

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the timing of Qibla. The changing of the Qibla you know from codes to Makkah, some are pertinent to Tarbiat of the Sahaba, the Obeah, the disciplining of the of the Sahaba and the cam, there are some other

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speb pertinent to the cam the cam of legislations this was obviously yam of hedges of Nika of Turlock. So these are in its entirety, you know, the little bit like a preview of solid tobacco and certain Bacala by the way, it starts with what we call follows a dat je le meme and IFLA meme is what we call an Arabic the follow of a Haji so moto the theme of the surah is is all about

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about resurrection. And it's about the establishment of a Muslim Islamic the Islamic Society and the call of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. The federal law is open, but quickly some virtues about sola Baqarah. Right. So I gave you just a quick preview. But what are the virtues of sola Baqarah? There is quite a few headaches, I'm going to mention maybe couple or Abu Omar Melba Healy. He narrates and has reported by Muslim that the prophet muhammad ali se insists on Quran read the Quran, for it will come as an intercessor in the day of judgment and will be shared here, you know, and share that for you in the day of judgment. And then the Prophet says in the same Eddie Walker was the hara Wayne,

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for in the home at any command 10 or 10. Then read the Tucson the two glowing ones. The two Zaha Zahara is like a flower right Zara. You know in Arabic recorded Zara, it's like a It's a type of flower, you know. So the Prophet says read the tool is a HoloLens Baqarah and Emraan. The two glowing ones, the two flower ones, the flowery ones, for the community of judgment as clouds or shades. When you hear cloud, it is not something to be scared of the Day of Judgement. Allah subhanho wa Taala will be calling seven categories from his people. The day when you know people will the top the sun would be on top of the heads and people will be sweating and everybody's naked

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and barefooted. Everybody's waiting on Allah as a chef to come down to start the ASAP. So amidst this this the scene, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada will call upon seven categories and he will put them under his shade, the day when there is no shade except the shell of Allah. So let's Ibaka and LM Ron, they will shade you on the Day of Judgment. The Prophet Muhammad also added such someone he says, with regard to Bacala read salatu Bacala.

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Why he says a cassava in the HA Baraka if you were to take it, it's Baraka Baraka, baraka and Baraka is a blessing. It's a blessing. So Allah Subhana Allah, the entire Quran is blessing Subhan Allah Nam either and Mubarak, in the hands of no call on Mubarak, it is Mubarak. It's a blessing but salatu Bacala has

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something sweet, something specific, something pertinent just to it. As to how Baraka

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take, you know, leave with it, it's baraka and if you were to deprive yourself from it, what taco Hustla it's a regret a reward upon those who you know, stay out who are deprived from you know, taking it from from you from you and from reading it from acting upon the can edit the source in it. And then the Prophet Muhammad Ali Sufism also says, what data stuff to have Obatala

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The Sorcerer's don't, you know, can't handle it can't take it, can you because some penalties it is a solar, those who are affected by said by black magic. You know, this is why when we tell them in a redo Rokia and this look Yeah, so the Docker so Docker, especially the as we'll see, or the idea that starts with

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whatever automatic was showing up in a man, some very powerful powerful, you know, is that the gene that the champagne can stand, what are tested to have Batara for the Prophet Muhammad awesome says whosoever reached the Bukhara, every three days in their home, every three days, shopping will not enter your home. So every three days you were to reach out to knock on your home, the shopping will not enter your home.

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This is one of the blessings or the virtues of salatu Bukhara because of lack of time, I'm going to just you know talk about this, just this couple of Hadith brothers and sisters why it's called sulzbacher The cow in Arabia, you know, if you were to maybe travel between Mecca and Medina, go to the yard or shut down the man or whatnot, you won't see cows much. What you will see instead are camels by what Allah Xhosa have called it slaughter Bacala the cow it there's a story behind it. It starts from when the time Allah no Musa you know Allah ordered Musa to take it from from Egypt out into Mount Sinai and then when he left them there then he went to talk to Allah subhana wa Tada for

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40 days you left them with his brother how long for 4440 days when he came back for a month for 40 days when he came back.

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There was cemetery the cemetery this man is crafter, he crafted a call from gold. And he said other people are worshipping you know cows and worshipping idols want them to worship this cow. And but not slightly, despite the fact that this was so many miracles, yet they started worshipping cow calf from gold. K Musa was really angry and destroyed the cow Bender saw he, you know, some believed and of course others you know, disbelieved. So now came in the story again

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And of a man, a wealthy man who had no air and he had a nephew, who was greedy, this nephew, so he decided to kill his uncle. And then he threw him into this other tribe Musa he divided it into tribes. So he threw him into this other tribe in the morning that other tribe found this man, you know, the dead man, the other tribe where that you know, the uncle, you know, belong to accuse that other tribe for you know, killing the, you know, the man. The other tribe says, No, when you kill no one, so there was this clash between them. They said, Let's revert to Musa Musa alayhis salam is Karim Allah spoke to Allah subhanaw taala. So Allah instructed Musa tell them to slaughter a cow, a

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cow, you know, a cow, not a camel a cow, and take a part of the cow and strike the dead man with it. For he would wake up and tell you who or inform you of who killer now came in that, you know, a quarrel between moose and Bennett, sloth, he they could have just started a cow, any cow, but they kept on asking questions. And those are very slightly Subhanallah despite the fact that they've seen so many miracles. Your Prophet said southern cow, what kind of cow what color male and female and what version? They just asking so many questions. There was a cow that belonged to a poor man, this poor man had a son. And then the only thing he left behind was this cow. He told them don't sell the

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cow just leave it. Right. And he entrusted Alaska, his son to Allah subhanho wa Tada. He was a pious, righteous man, he died. They were really poor. They know they asked the son that sell the discount and make, you know, make some money so that we can make living. The son said no, my father said let us not you don't sell this cow now at least for now. So they kept that cow when because I was looking for that particular cow that that they that Musa described to them, they could only find that cow that belonged to that boy. So they asked him to sell them the cow, he sell them the cow. That could have been cheap, but he sold it to them.

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its weight in gold, the way of that cow in gold. So they took the cow they slaughter the cow, they took a part of it they stroke that dead man that that man lo and behold, he woke up, he told them this is resurrection, he got resurrected. He told them my nephew killed me and he went back and died again. This is in a nutshell the

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the summary of why it was called Surat Al Baqarah. Bacala means cow in Arabic. And I that would change your life.

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So it's kind of there's this very amazing sliver or a that we all know I could see. The Prophet Muhammad Ali's awesome says if you were to decide either to proceed before you go to sleep, two angels will guide you the whole night. No, Jane no shaitan will mess around with you that night. Some people who sleep at have nightmares and dreams and bad dreams and some wake up and start walking or whatnot. So all I had to look for the see. And in fact, in Sahadi there's a long Hadith when Ebola, you know, he was he had between men, the the bank of the Muslims. And then there was this old man who came and he tried to steal money and Ebola caught him isn't going to take it also

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Allah and said, Please, please, I'm old man. Just let me go. And then he let him go. He told prophet Mohamed the morning the Prophet Mohammed told him, the man is going to come back again. And the next day the man came back trying to steal money. In other words, I call him again. I'm gonna take it to the Sava pleaded him please, I'm just an old man and I need I need help. I need to have family I should not come back again. And then he let him go the next day he told Prophet Muhammad Prophet Muhammad Ali, he's gonna come back again. And then for the third day he came back again try to steal another one and I caught him. That said I'm taking also the license please if you are to let me go,

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I shall tell you something that shall save you from shaitan that shall Yani.

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This shall put a barrier between you and shaytan he says before you go to steep read AYATUL kursi he left him he told Prophet Muhammad the next day Prophet Mohammed already knew says What happened to your friend yesterday. So the other Salah he came and he said so and so Prophet Mohammed told him South Africa worker job. He says he spoke the truth although he's a liar. Do you know who that is? Yeah bahala that is shaitan that is shaitan he came in the form of a man to teach you about it because he he was right this time although he's a liar, but this time he was right. How can you protect yourself from shaitan before you go to sleep AYATUL kursi before you go to save make this

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folder make your auto return a cat and then we can see in sha Allah Who Tada you know along with the other kind of unknown inshallah Tada, you should have a very you know, peaceful sleep is Neela follow Kali have suffered it will come in sha Allah hota enter another episode of Tafseer bytes 2022 Or the other was, as he said, Sarah Malik McMurphy Tarawa