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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa Sallim wa barik ala nabina Muhammad, Allah Allah He here savage Raina, Sarah Monaco, La Habra cattle, respective brothers, my sisters in Islam and hamdulillah Welcome to our series on it of seer of some of the most beautiful surah. In the Quran. We have with us Al Hamdulillah, Surah Surah Taha is,

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anyone can I tell you about the Surah Surah was revealed, first of all, before the fifth year of of the Prophet hood of the Prophet says hello. Now, I want to tell you a little bit that might help you at least to understand the seal of the prophets. So now we divided the seal of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in Makkah into four stages. The first stage was approximately two years where the prophets Islam did very silent, dour, right where he simply told his closest friends who told their closest friends. And as a result, a small group of believers came up then came between the third year to the fifth year, which is about three years, right, since the prophethood, of our

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solar system. And those three years, were marked by the fact that now the corporation knew about them. And as a result, they were very worried that they would be losing their trade and the Hajaj would be coming and there was a machine By the way, they used to do Hajj at that time, and they should do their own innovative practices, and that they would then fall into this, this new religion so they concocted lies as a madman in the village. Don't listen to him. Be very careful. So everyone will be careful of him so that none of the Arabs that came to Makkah would ever listen to Mohammed Salah salute except for those who alone wanted to guide them. So that was marked by intense rebuke

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lies, calling the Prophet system all sorts of names and tails. So a verbal warfare started. That's how usually it starts. Then in the fifth year of his era. At that point, they changed this strategy because they realized it wasn't working. And some of the people were converting even a model of the law who converted just before the fifth year. And so in that year, the fifth year, started the new phase from the fifth to the 10th year. And why the 10th year because of the 10th year Abu Talib and Khadija de la Ilaha the two helpers of the prophets as soon as they passed away so those five years was marked by by torture and and and terror, terrorism.

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Where they killed so many out of the Atlanta where they hurt the family of Yasser Elisa Priscilla wrote the letter on where they where they tried to kill Bilaal, you know, so they're tortured people, they physically harmed them. That was for five years, then, of course, between the last three years right after the death of Abu Bakar, of Abu Talib, and death of a digital director and has started the last three years and those last three years was marked by not just the persecution but boycotting now by cutting total boycott and therefore no food was allowed to them. No, no drink was allowed to them that people were kicked out of their homes. And they were actually put into a

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valley outside of Makkah, where it was very barren and the people had to eat grass in order to keep a lifespan Allah Allah save us Allah save our our people what they went through, and May Allah give them a massive reward in general for those who Allah and Allah keep them happy and unlucky the way from all difficulty and us with them uribl me for our love for them you horrible enemy, this is what they went through. So this surah was revealed before the third stage started Yeah, before the fifth till the 10th. Before that stage started, it was revealed around the same time so armory was revealed. And what we know also is that this was revealed definitely before the Islam of Amara de la

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de la no foreign denigration of the Islam of Omar or the acceptance of Islam. We know of an incident that the that the sister of Amara de la Toronto, she accepted Islam, and her husband also accepted Islam. So once Omar came to visit, visit, visit them. And they before he entered the hot he heard some citations. So he got angry. And he thought, oh my god, something's going on is that they convert to Islam, did they? Because remember, they were trying to hide themselves, right? This is a time to the profitsystem told them to hide whoever the Dean was. So they're trying to hide so as soon as they saw Omar coming in, they quickly rolled up the parchment on which the Surah Taha was

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written, and then they hit it. And so our got very angry and he started hitting them. So he beat up his, his, his brother in law, that's Amaro to Thailand was very strong man. And he was a very hard headed man. So it'd be tough his brother in law, then he hit his sister very hard on the face and on the head, until it It created a laceration on the top of our of our scalp, and then blood started pouring down. So I felt really sad. Because, you know, though, he was an angry man. And though he was a tough, hard man, he also had, he also had some softness and gentleness in him. So you know, he saw blood coming down. So he felt sad. And he said, what were you reading? Show me what you're

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reading? And she said, No, I'm not going to show it to you until you wash yourself. And you clean yourself. So I went back and he had a shower and he came back and then said, Show me the show me what you're eating. So then this beautiful surah was put out

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an article or

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would it reveal the squat out for you to have to have difficulty we didn't we didn't reveal the score, so that you could you could have difficulty or or had difficulty or profits. So this was revealed in order so it may be a cure of the Lima yaksha. So that's a reminder for those who fear me. So Mrs. heartbroke, and the man entered into his heart, and he said those amazing words How beautiful are these words? And so the brother in law of our said, well, like our This is a man this is a man I heard the prophets of Salaam yesterday, raising up his hands to the sky, and making the word to Allah. Oh Allah, help Islam by de la moraine. Allah help Islam by either the two armies

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which two armors. One was Abu Jamal, or one was armor.

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And so Allah had chosen the one that he loved. And that is Amara de la Toronto. And so the color of Allah took over. And so I want to accept that Islam he went straight away and he professed Islam, to the prophets, Islam, it was this surah that made him also I remember this surah was also when I remember, brother, Cat Stevens, use Islam. I remember you mentioned in one of the talks that this was also the sutra that made him into Muslim because you've read those verses man's and Alec or analytische. And it really touched his heart saying this Quran was not revealed so it could terrorize you torment you cause hardship to you, it was revealed that it may soften your heart and

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make you understand that this is nothing but a revelation from Allah The Lord Most High. Yes, Allah. So my suggestion would be what rather than Islam, if you know of someone who is very hottie and proud against the Quran and Sunnah, and someone who is a little bit dedicated, and a little bit arrogant, then give him Surah Taha read Surah Taha to him and explain the meaning of it, perhaps the email will also enter into their hearts and perhaps, you never know, you never know that person alone might help Islam through that person,

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by sort of Taha hamdulillah

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is a surah when I read it, it tells me of the love of Allah subhanho wa Taala for a man, lover for love for a man who for love of Allah, for Musa Alyssa Salah, because every word that I read, talks about Allah helping masala supporting musala choosing Musa Allah speaking to Moosa Allah speaking to him in a gentle manner, Allah encouraging him Allah giving him

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a login, giving him spiritual motivation, Allah subhanaw taala whispering things into his heart in order to keep him firm, yes, Allah. When I read it, I'm filled with this belief that Allah loves musasa some so much and he's revealing this to Rasulullah Selim so that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam knows that just like I love this man Moosa, I love you too. And just like I gave him success, I will give you success. And just like Musa didn't have an army, you're not going to need an army. I'll give you success without an army. And just like Moosa depended on me, then you depend on me to, because I'm your friend, and I'm going to be enough for you. So this is what Allah tells

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us through suta Taha, and when we read it, we should also know that our banner is also speaking to us in those words as well, that when we add difficulty, Allah is going to be outside. And that's why chef Abraham, Allah has said that amazing statement. He said, when you find people leaving you, and people not supporting you, and no one believing you, and everyone hating you, then no, no this that Allah is telling you, that Allah is going to be enough for you, Allah is going to be enough for you. So Hannah Holla Holla any anyone who has Allah in His heart does not need anyone else. And that's why I remember meeting a brother of mine, a great man by the name of Jamal, I saw him in the

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kelleigh camp. I got to tell you about something that he said which really touched my heart. And he was there to help the refugees in Kela in France, that are now stuck there at this point in time, and he said something which really touched my heart, he said, I said, Jamal, why are you here? I said, these refugees, they benefit me. I said how do they benefit you? So when they eat I get to eat? When I wash the dishes? My hands are clean. You know? It reminds me of the statement I've been Tamia Rahim Allah. When a mama Rahim Allah with a man when he was asked, you know your enemies have gathered for you for fear them. So what did he say? He said, What will my enemies do to me? What can

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they do to me? What can they do to me? I am a I am my gender in me, meaning my agenda is in my heart. If they kill me, it's martyrdom. If they banish me it's a vacation. If they imprison me it's a solitude with Allah what can they do to me? You know, and this is the knifes in when you read this surah have unison with them and to be very content with Allah, be content with the situation, the content that you deserve the situation or Allah azza wa jal is using a situation to make you a better human being be very content. Be very thankful to Allah and this thankfulness and radar with Allah there used to be law here Robin Islami, Dena Wahby, Mohammed Salah, la sala de rasuna, this

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Raja with Allah is what is going to enter you into happiness. That's why the Prophet system said that on the Day of Judgment, Allah will say to the believers agenda, are you happy or people agenda said how can we not be happy Allah, we are so happy and so content the Allah so contentment and happiness is from the attributes people have Jelena it is the attribute of people of jahannam to be angry and disappointed and to not be content and to be hottie and to be always seeking something else. But a believer is content with whatever I must give it him and content with his condition and content with Allah and happy with Allah as his Lord, right. So let's take this beautiful surah

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inshallah, da da, da da has some scholars said. So the self set means the Quran because right after this allowed talk about the poor and that is the opinion that has been supported by even kitty Rahim Allah when he talks about these portals that start Alif Lam named Baja, have etc.

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Other scholars say Taha means all people are the Seta Han means all mankind other set da can also be the name of Allah azza wa jal what are the names of Allah yet other set Aha, over here is a

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a rebuke to the disbelievers who said the Quran is here for you in order to create harm or other said no. Taha is a is a means of waking up the prophets of Solomon said Don't be so difficult on yourself because the Prophet system was, was praying the whole night at that point, you know, because the persecution and the words have become so bad that he was you know, he was doing dow in the morning and he was standing up the night in Salawat. So the soil was, as you said, Taha land was the real meaning of it. This is one of the watershed we have the poor and it's unclear the meaning. And so we just say I'm gonna be here we believe in it called Lumina and the rock

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Winner it is from our Lord.

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Amaya karela Baba. No one understand this except for the people of intelligence. So tra, ma and Zelda we did not reveal and Zelda ilica article and we did not reveal upon you the core ad Lita scar. So, Angela is a word that comes from down to up from up to down. So therefore we know the poor and is with Allah azza wa jal is these words and so, it is with a lot of lies above the seven heavens. So, manzana alayka, we did not reveal upon you or Mohammed Salah, the poor and Lita score so that you may have difficulty in your heart. So, the Quran was not revealed in order to create harm or in order to create hardship or to create sorrow and misery. It was created in order it was,

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I apologies, it was revealed in order to

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to be a reminder, you know, and sometimes reminder for those people who don't know how to take it. Unfortunately, they take it in the wrong sense. So you know, sometimes the truth people take it in the wrong sense people take the truth sometimes as a rebuke. As a personal attack people sometimes either take the truth as a hardship people sometimes take the truth as a means of of hurting and harming, but that is not what we should believe that the Quran was not revealed to the we may feel hard in our hearts, God was revealed that we may feel gentle and pleasant, and the Quran was revealed to the we may be we feel strong and happy, and not that we may we may feel hurt and

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burdened. There's another purpose of the revelation of God and while Allah revealed the Quran, in length of Eros and we revealed it except did not reveal anything except it has keratin to remind Lima yaksha as a reminder for those who may fear me who may fear me, yes. So if you fear Allah subhanho wa Taala this Koran is a reminder for you, so that you may grow in your fear of Allah so that you may be established in your fear of Allah at this point, and may then be the means by which you draw your inspiration for fearing Allah subhana wa tada Tenzin atenza. Again, Angela, and then fanzine, why is it called benzyl? Again, just as a further re emphasis that this caught on did come

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down from Allah azza wa jal, that's number one not fabricated, invented by the prophets of Allah. And number two, so that people know that it actually did come down from the low health foods from Allah subhanho wa Taala. So therefore, it is pure, it is unadulterated it is authentic. There is absolutely no inherent no change in it. And it is exactly as Rama intended unzila minima for both from me man from the one who holla or the the one who created the earth was somehow it Lola at the heavens, in its highness meaning the high heavens. So Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us this quote, is from the same being the created everything, which is the earth and the heavens and therefore

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everything in it. It is he who created and therefore it is he who guided that's why.

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What does surround say Omar Omar Rabbul aalameen, what does he say? Well, he had a Omar Abu, Allah What does it say? robina lady holla kakula Shea in Samatha. Our Lord is the one who created everything that he guides, any he creates that he guides. So that's the purpose of Allah subhanho wa Taala that he is the one who is a creator, He therefore sustains, and then he is the one who guides so that we know what when you are meant to do I mean, Robin has analyzed not just the one who who creates and then does not guide there's a philosopher say that Obama might have created something there might be an early prime mover, the one who touched the first domino, but then that's it, he

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does not enter into creation doesn't interfere. And that will be ridiculous. That would be ridiculous. That because that would then defeat the whole purpose of Allah subhanho wa Taala having this as a test. Why there will be so much difficulty hardship in this world why Allah would would allow tyrants to take advantage of others, you know, Allah azza wa jal in His justice would never allow that type. In method Pirata Lima yaksha de la man holla con Arruda was sama Allah Ar Rahman, Allah Allah, Allah, Allah tells us about an incident that happened many many years ago before he created the heavens and the earth, or, or before you create heavens to the earth when he created the

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arch of Allah azza wa jal. So he says our man, Allah the Most High and he is calling himself a man, the one who is generally Merciful, the one who decrees everything with mercy. Allah Allah upon his throne is stowa meaning established himself. What does this verse mean? This verse has been revealed in the Quran or recited in the Quran, seven different places. And twice Allah says filmless Dawa LS

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Mr. So therefore nine times the word is the word has been used.

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And what does there are two things I want to explain here number one is what is the Ash Ash is the throne of Allah subhanho wa Taala It is the largest thing that has been created. It is bigger than the heavens in the universe. And it is the heaviest thing that Allah has ever created. And we know that because in the in the, our prophecies have taught us Subhanallah he will be happy out of the darkness he was in at arshi and by the weight of his throne, right, so panela by the number of his words by the number of his creation by the number of the weight of his throat, to tell you that this is the most heaviest thing that has ever been created the arch of Allah subhana wa is also something

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that emanates light, and the light of the arch is what will emanate light into Gemini. So the agenda when gender has light, the light will be from the edge of Allah subhanho wa Taala around the edge of the angels, and they make dua to Allah the ash itself rests on the neck of four angels, and

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of angels, my apologies

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in Somalia, La Ilaha because he didn't samanya angels carry the art of Allah subhanho wa Taala each Angel the prophets have told us it's the distance between one one ear to the other ear of the angels so that meaning the chest, the shoulder, and the breadth of the neck of the angel and the shoulder the angel in order to carry the arch of Allah azza wa jal is like the distance of 500 years travel. And when the angels were told, told to carry the harsh, they said how are we going to do it they said, it said is that Billa is seek the help of Allah and carry the options. They said we spell our name and then they took the action Allah gave them the ability to bear the man, the money angels

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carrying the algebra meant to on each side to on each of the corners of the Mashallah

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stowa he established himself on the throne. So, it was reported that one of them will act dilemma actually meaning those people who deny the attributes of Allah, one of them jarablus of one and said, I don't believe that Allah is the one. I don't believe that Allah subhanho wa Taala established himself on the throne, meaning he disbelieve in this verse, so many of the scholars who deliver either the Eldorado refuted him and said, As for me, I believe in a God who does what He wills.

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I believe in a God who does what he was if Allah wanted to create an arch, that's up to him if he didn't want to create a shoe that's also up to him. If he wanted to establish himself on apps befitting His Majesty, it's also up to him, but don't in our eyes and in our minds. Don't ever think that lies like creation, LASIK, completely shades. Shea is nothing like anything else that we know. It's not like human beings is not like anything we know. tala mala, Samia, do you know anyone like him? No, not at all. He is unlike anyone else he is in a way befitting his own majesty. And so if he established himself on the throne, it's in a manner befitting his own majesty, la Houma is somewhat

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and for him is what is whatever is the heavens, one marfil Earth and whatever is on Earth, one ma baina, Houma and what has been between them which is the hover which is space.

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And that which is under the photo the word Farah here means dirt, according to some narrations, other said no, it means what is under the creation all of creation allows Allah Allah other said no, what is meant by this is what is under the throat. Allah Allah Allah the meaning of the word Farah, however, the word surah according to many, many scholars, means the dirt or what is under, underneath that which is covered meaning that which is covered up that you don't know that is also belonging to Allah. We're in such a horrible power. And if you were to,

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if you were to speak a word that you had to speak it loudly, will call for Allah Mr. Rafa, the know that he knows that which is secret.

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And that is more secret than that. So he knows that which is secret that will just keep more secret than that, what does it mean a subtle alpha? What do you mean by zero alpha? So So, meaning that when you say loudly, like I'm speaking loudly, that Allah knows of course, and not only Allah knows that, but also you know that too, but Allah knows it because Allah knows all of the words that everyone or every creation is saying at every moment, the moment they are saying or before they even say it. In the Anima server, they knows the self some scholars said Sir over here means what you say to yourself,

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you know, you're speaking to yourself like when you're reciting the Fatiha Newsela you say it so lightly, the only you can hear it for example, okay. This is the alpha and or and therefore if sir means that, would you say to yourself, no one else hears

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that which is more secret than that refers to the words that you say in your heart that even you don't even say or verbalize with your mouth? That is the stuff that you say in your heart? Yeah, this is the upfa and this is the meaning of several of

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Allahu La ilaha IL, who Allah there is no deity worthy of worship, but him La Ilaha Illa who is his neck negation that affirmation and that is the perfectness of Alas, is to negate from everything and ultimate only to Allah negate our Eva from everything and establish it only for Allah. I don't love anyone but you saw negation that affirmation, this is the perfectness of excellence. So Allahu La Ilaha there is no deity in LA who accept him, love with a smile. Now for him are the most beautiful names the Most Beautiful Names Allah subhana wa Taala belongs to him. And this is why Omar was so amazed with this. Because look at the majesty of these words, look at the perfectness of these

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words. And look at our last module reveals why and tells us why this was revealed to us. Not for any other purpose not to hurt us harmless. But for that reason. Well attacker had the full Mussa and has the story of moose I'll come to you let me tell you the story of moose Allah tells us because in it is a revelation of how much I love moose and how he helped him in the same way Mohammed says Salaam I'm only telling you this so that you draw a lesson from this the lesson is number one have someone like Musa number two know that I'm going to help you like Musa I helped number three I love you like I love Musa Amore. Number four Musa defeated for our without an army, I'm going to help you without

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an army. I'm going to be enough. Number five. I've always been there helping Moosa and I will always be there helping you. It's Panama

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attack Hades, Moosa. And as the story moves on to the sun come to you, is Ron, Ron. So what is a logger tell us about Now, let me tell you the background of this. So what happened was massage salon grew up in Egypt, as you know, I'm going to come to the story of how he grew up very soon grew up in Egypt, under the care of his mother under the auspicious of their own. Then he killed somebody, he killed one of the guards of their own. So he so he got afraid of around he ran away, he ran away to muddy and muddy and was in he was it was in so pass the Sinai Peninsula, all the way into Syria, all the way into Palestine and Lebanon and Syria, those areas in Palestine was muddy and so muddy. And

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he found two ladies that were tending to the to the sheep, that the ladies took them to their father should I should I was one of the prophets of God. And sure I'd married one of his daughters to musanze Priscilla and in return in exchange for for eight years of, of service to the Father and Musa al Salaam, completed it and he made it his son, he said, You asked for it, I will complete it to 10 I will give you 10 years of service after the 10 years of service and that shows that when if you are the Wali of your of your daughter, you are allowed for the daughter to ask for a mother and the father to ask for service. It's permissible so father can ask for a gift and the daughter can

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ask for a gift. Both are permissible. I have five daughters, Mashallah. So I was telling my wife the other day, that's my retirement plan.

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That when I get my daughters married, I'm saying okay, you you buy me a car, you buy me a house, you you buy me a plane,

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you know, so this is my, you know, the schemes of the father in law. Watch out. Oh, son, son in laws. Ooh. So.

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So shall I ask for a massage and some completed to 10. Then what happened was musala supersalon wanted to go see his mother and his sister back in, back in,

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in Egypt. So he asked for permission, if I'm sure I'm sure I said yes. So it took his family now musasa salam like to keep his wife very hidden and, and he was very protective over his wife Mashallah. And that just shows that Moosa had lots of desire and honor and as he was taking,

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taking them, Moosa was still afraid of what he had done remember, and he thought perhaps around you know, in his arrogance, was still putting a bounty on his head. So, he sought every way in order to to stay away from around and his guards. So finally came to this place called tour which was without alum. As some scholars mentioned, this is insane, I, independence will have said I will note Allah Allah said it's in Egypt, some said it might actually be closer to to to madeon. But he came to this mountain which is commanded of Thor which is blessed place where it was very cold at night, extremely cold. And because it was so cold at night Musashi Tesla wanted a fire, right? And so this

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is what Allah tells us that Musa alayhis salaam tells his family, he saw a fire he saw

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A little bit of a light. So he said, you know, hang on guys stay here. Let me see if I can find a fire so that we can get some warmth or perhaps I can get some guidance on where I might find something that might give us a bit of heat. That's that's the story. That's the incident. That's the point at which Allah azza wa jal is telling us the story by paletta. Khadija Moosa has a story of Musa country is Ragnar on when he saw a fire for Kali and he said to his family on Khufu stay here in the honest naran I have I think I can see a fire lolly article mean habeas corpus, perhaps that I may come with it from a corpus corpus is like a

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you know, a bit like a branch of a tree that has gotten fire like coal. It's a bit like those

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fire sticks that we hold where we're at the end of it, we might have a bit of a fire and we wrapped around it piece of cloth with some kerosene, we might have a fire at the end so papasan and others. Some scholars might also mean wood that has caught fire like a bit like charcoal lolly, it could mean have you ever seen the whole point being something that will give us warmth and light and heat, our agito Allah Nari Buddha or upon that light I might find some sort of guidance by which we may benefit for Lama. So when he came to know the ayah Musa, it was called an O Moosa. So he was like wow, who knows my name? Who's speaking out what's going on? In the Hon book verily, I am your Lord.

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Verily, I am your Lord * La la la. So the first thing Allah say purify yourself right first thing yeah guys, guys, guys, believers always pure. Cleanliness is half of of a man. You've got to be pure. Your clothes have to be pure. Food has to be pure. Your body has to be pure. Your mind has to be pure. Your heart has to be pure. Everything has to be pure. That's why is the cut. purify your wealth. That's why we'll do purify yourself. That's why don't eat after you set with your wife except your maid will do at least bnb in a state of purity. Don't go to sleep except with a clear set of purity. A believer always loves to be pure. It doesn't have to be gentle. He doesn't have to

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be filthy. He doesn't go to filthy places. He doesn't eat from filthy food. He was always pure right first thing he tells him hon Kufa Lake so remove your your your shoes, for indeed it has some dirt on it some filth on it. In the cobble wah wah The mocha.

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mocha does. So very you are in the valley of which is bless it and sacred called to the value of the world which is near the Valley of the mountain of mountain of tour which is a blessing mountain which Allah subhanho wa Taala has, has blessed time. So purity, purity, purity, guys, purity, purity, purity. That's why

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it was asked to shareholders. 70 Tamia, which one is better. Should I make Toba? Or shall I make should I do to speed so that so the chef said when the shirt is impure, then perfume does not benefit it? Yeah. So the spirit is perfume. When the shirt is impure, meaning the insides of your body are impure. When your heart is impure then it's the far yeah purify then add on perfume which is at a speed so it's very very critical. That's why we even when we go to Allah azza wa jal even though we have to be buried and burying is quick, quick quick Even then, firstly, Allah tells us to do is to wash the dead body wash the dead body get the filth out so the always Rabbana is pure. La

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yamasa ilimitado no one touches it except the pure and that's the majority the alum of Islam are of the opinion that the Quran should be touched only in purity after we do so Subhan Allah it is my brothers and sister Islam this issue of being clean is something we must emphasize must emphasize by in Knoxville Juan del Mercado de Soto verily you are upon the value of tau which is mocha disguise we're going to stop here inshallah so because I'm going to try and keep this short without going going for too long. I'm going to tell you that this

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of of Baja will take us about four or five days in Sharla to finish after which inshallah Allah will go to probably the seal of the of just about inshallah to Allah some of the some of the see that I did before that I did before but in Charlotte might be beneficial to do it again unless there are some suggestions from you and perhaps you can suggest in on my Facebook page where which which suit as you'd like me to do to set off inshallah, but this surah will take another three or four days inshallah to finish and then inshallah Allah will will go to the other suitors inshallah. So, we're gonna keep it short and sweet, and inshallah until tomorrow and we carry on the story of Moses with

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a syllable syllable eco La Habra, cat