Tawfique Chowdhury – A simple way to enter paradise

Tawfique Chowdhury
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of men and women in their religion and the need for everyone to take good deeds and put bad deeds to Jesus' boss. They also mention a woman who was in heavy rain and spoke well, but eventually spoke well. The importance of brotherhood and the destiny of individuals with only good deeds is emphasized, along with the need for forgiveness through actions and giving back to others.
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Prophet Sall Allahu alayhi wa sallam said lanta, the Fulani Jana had told me no one to know how to happen. You will not enter gender until you believe and you will never believe until you love each other. And this is the essence of love.

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And this reminds me of the heavy Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam when he said that beautiful Hadith Verily, Muslims to another Muslim Muslims to our to their brothers are like parts of one single body. If one part is diseased than the rest of the body then tries to cure it by becoming hot by being sick by feeling sick. And this is exactly the way we should be. How can we rest today when our brothers and sisters are not resting? How can we feel satisfied today when our brothers and sisters are not satisfied? How can we go to bed with our tummies full and but Allah with us having a great great rest but Allah tonight, how can we do that when 1000s and millions of our brothers and

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sisters from dalfour to Chechnya to Kashmir to to Palestine and you name it

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are going through some of the most difficult times but Allah, my brothers and sisters in Islam, I asked you all to feel Brotherhood in your heart, brotherhood and sisterhood of Islam, this love that Allah subhanho wa Taala has planted in our hearts is the most beautiful thing that Allah it's a pleasure. It's a gift that Allah subhanho wa Taala has given us the Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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told Allah to go for ombre, so amaravati Allahu anhu went for ombre. When he went for Amora he caught his hand and he grabbed it in his hand. And he said yeah, the 10 Santa Minato

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Yes, Allah. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam telling Amara do

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yeah, my brother. Do not forget me in your Samadhi Allahu anhu said, well Allah, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said a word and he called me a word for which I would sacrifice the heavens and the earth if Allah had given it to me. What was it? Yeah.

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My brother, my brothers and my sister Islam.

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brotherhood and sisterhood is one of the most valuable things Allah subhanho wa Taala has given us it is stronger than blood. It is stronger than the ties of kingship. My brothers and my sister Islam, we are all from each other stronger in ties, but Allah then ties of blood in the beautiful incident that has been reported by Ebony Sharmini sila. It was reported that in the Battle of butter

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in the Battle of butter, Musab nama rhodiola, who was passing by while some of the people the pow, the bachelor brother had their hands tied up. So Moosa may pass by a man and a man had his hands tied up very, very hard. Supposed to pass by and he saw this man, this answer he was tying his hands up. So Mr. Gomez says

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my friend, tie his hands harder. This man his mother is rich, she will pay a lot of money.

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So this man looked up and said, I'm your brother blood brother. Do you know what was upset?

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Musab said on Scott

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Keep quiet. He is my brother today rather than

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my brothers, my sisters. Now this is what Brotherhood is. It transcends all blood barriers. This is what Brotherhood is. It transcends every single relationship that we have. brotherhood transcends every single thing. Because our brotherhood and sisterhood in our religion.

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This cannot be beaten.

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not the only one who was reported

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that there was one thing that would cause someone to not speak well. I wanted to say I always used to speak well, except when I remember two of my brothers. Were out in the jungle.

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And I will repeat them that Jarrod. He said I used to love these two brothers of mine so much that whenever I remember them, I could not sleep at all.

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My brothers and sisters in the audience. Do you have friends like that? people that you love so deeply and dearly you wish that they were your brother and sister in law

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because you have a lot this is what brotherhood and sisterhood is that by law you can hardly sleep except if you're in their presence or with them or have been

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From when the believers are on the peninsula, which is the last plane before the games of the Day of Judgment, gates before Jelena, then it is reported that Allah Subhana, WA tada would at that point, divide between the believers and fix their problems with each other. So at that point, any believer who has a problem with another believer will say, oh god, this person, he wronged me. So Allah will say, Take his good deeds and put your bad deeds to him. So he will fix up the relationships in that manner. So the heavy rains that two men will be brought out, one man who is a friend of the other, and at that point, Allah will say that anyone wrong each other. And one of the men the first man

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will say yes will allow this man this friend of mine the wrong people. So Allah will say, Okay, take his good deeds. So the man number one starts taking all the good deeds from man number two, takes takes these takes deeds. And then Allah says, Is there more? Yes, so Allah, He said this to me on that day, he did that to me on that day. So he keeps taking his good deeds until that man has nothing but bad left.

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And the man the first man says, well, ah, there's still more wrong than he has done.

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So Allah will say they're so good, or bad deeds on him, until the man number one starts putting his bad knees onto man number two, until Subhana luck, man number one only has good and man number two has only bought? And what is the destiny of those people who have only evil deeds?

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And what's the destiny of the one who has only good deeds as gentlemen, isn't it.

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So at that point, Allah Subhana will listen to this having listened to it, attentively, this is the only thing you take back from today, that by Allah it is beneficial.

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It is said

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in certain meetings, acceptable Hadith, that Allah will tell this man, also, and so to this person, and also and so, I will give you this and that, and I'll give you this is your agenda this month, that and you are meant for this level, to that level, and the man every time I will say this and that a normal word, the man will start smiling and be happy and happy. And he will say, Oh no, why are you giving me all of this? Allah says one condition. What's the condition that you forgive your brother?

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So the man who cry and he will say, well, you're not by your by your greatness and your knowledge, I have forgiven my brother.

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So when hamdulillah

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doesn't finish, watch this. At this point, this first man will start to walk into paradise. The Hadid narrates that he will be stopped at the gates of Paradise and will not be allowed. So he will look up to God and say oh god What happened?

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I thought you let me enter Paradise alimony good deeds are forgiven my brother. Let me enter

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and Allah will tell him enter into Jelena with your brother's hand in your hand.

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was guru

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