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Tariq Appleby
AI: Summary © The conflict between Islam and religion is highlighted as a way to protect one's health and relationships, with privacy and choice important. A man talks about his desire to be married, protecting his water and hearts, and desire to give back money to his parents. He also mentions his cousin's desire to be married. A woman talks about her desire to borrow money from a pious man and her desire to give back money to her parents.
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Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us in a very lengthy Hadith about three men

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who were on a journey, and one night, or one day, it started raining heavily.

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So they told me, they say to one another, let us take shelter, they show they saw a cave, and they went inside. But in the morning, when they woke up, they found

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that the entrance to the cave had been had been shocked by a boulder, very big rock, and there was no way for them to get out. Now, I want you to imagine yourself in such a situation, a situation where it seems hopeless, there is no other way out here. The three of them they tried pushing the rock that wasn't gonna work, is there another way out, there's no way out. And so once is to the other two, what we need to do is that we need to make the right to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, with our good deeds. And then perhaps Allah subhanho wa Taala will remove us from the situation that we find ourselves in.

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So the first man said, Oh, Allah, I had my two elderly parents. And I would never feed any member of my family, or of my servants, before I gave the milk to my parents, because he own cows, he would milk them, and then he would bring them out to his family, he would give it to his parents First they would drink and then his wife and his children and all the servants that they would think after that, and this is something beneficial. Yeah, and a side note, and that is that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us that milk is both a drink and food.

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And so it's something that is very nutritious, and something that we should not consume too much off. Okay, we don't want to become cows, but we want the loss of a hand or the goddess strong bodies. And so when you hungry, there is nothing to eat. A glass of milk will do inshallah. So you used to bring this to his parents, but one night, he got delayed out in the fields. And by the time he came back with the milk, his two parents were asleep.

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And he disliked to wake them. Think about

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how many times have you done something to your parents that irritated them? Think about that for a moment. How many times have you made your parents angry?

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How many times have you upset them? How many times have they been disappointed with you or with me?

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But he disliked to wake them up? Why is he waking them up, is waking them up to feed them is not waking them up to the serve them.

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They haven't eaten yet they went to bed hungry. So he doesn't want to wake them. So he sends at the bed waiting for them to wake up so that they he can he can feed them so that they can eat

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even though his children are screaming and crying out of hunger at his feet.

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Now we learn in this beautiful dean of ours, that one of them the second most beloved

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to Allah subhanho wa Taala after worshiping worshiping Him alone, is to be good and righteous and obedient to our parents. And it doesn't matter if our parents are Muslims or they are not Muslims, they deserve our respect and they deserve our kind treatment. And so I want you to go home from the camp onwards inshallah. And try to be like this man. Why? Because look at what Allah Subhana Allah does for him. He said, Oh Allah, if I have done this sincerely for your sake, then remove us from this situation that we find ourselves and Silverado move just a little, but not enough for them to leave. So the second man said, Oh, Allah, I had a cousin there was this woman. She was beautiful and

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I loved her the way a man loves a woman.

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And this is important for us to think about because you're asking, Why are the boys and the girls separated? Why did the girls go on a hike separate from the boys and the boys are asking Aren't you asking that question?

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No, just take it Mashallah. There is a reason for that is because boys and men are attracted to girls and women and vice versa. And this Sharia teaches us how to keep ourselves chaste and pure. And also, this is important that when you

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are attracted to someone, when you fall in love as they say, you know what falling in love feels like? I hope not inshallah. So I hope that this is something that listens to this point that when you

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marry the person you're meant to marry, that imagine that that is the only person that you had feelings for ever. And that is the person that you want to be with. You've never touched anyone else, you've never had feelings for anyone else, but the person that you're going to get married, I can tell you, that that will be an amazing feeling. And to know that he or she feels exactly the same way about you, and that the love that you now enjoy, is something that Allah loves that will make it even more blessed even will make it even better.

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And so there's much to talk about, you know, separating and all of these things, but it is Allah subhanho wa Taala. For instance, how is it possible that we could have gotten a hike together, or go swimming together? When unless you have a handle data once men and women to play separately?

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So you telling me that in a state of sila, where I'm saying, Allahu Akbar, when I'm only thinking and I'm supposed to think of Allah alone, I have to be separate from the women and the women are separate from the men. But insula, we are separated and outside, we are intermingling, and we are, you know, enjoying one another's company and laughing and giggling and falling for one another and being attracted to one another. Of course, that that doesn't make sense. But rather, Allah subhanho wa Taala created us and he knows us. And so what we are doing, and what we are trying to do, is something that is not only going to protect our water, but also protect our hearts. And may Allah

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subhanaw taala protect, but this man said, I had a cousin, and I loved her more than a man loves a woman that, you know, this love that I had, was an infatuation. It was an obsession. And I tried to seduce her, but she would never allow me. She was a pious woman, and you know, he was trying to commit an act. You know, he was trying to commit a sin, but she wouldn't have any of it. Until one day, during a time of great famine and hunger, she came to him asking him to lend her some money, can I borrow money?

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And he said, I will borrow you the money if you allow me to do what I have been wanting to do for so many years.

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And reluctantly she agreed. And when he was about to commit the sin, she said, Fear Allah and do not break the seal, except with the right of Allah meaning in marriage, that what you are about to do is haram fear Allah.

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And then he feared Allah. Imagine this woman he loves us so much he wants to be with he has the opportunity now. But the fear of Allah is is hot. Yesterday in the morning, I mentioned seven people that will be under the shade of a law. And one of those people is a man that is invited to Xena is invited to her arm by a beautiful woman with status. And he says in the law, indeed, I feel a lot. So this man said, Oh Allah, if I have done this sincerely for your sake, then remove us from the situation that we find ourselves in, and rock moved some more, but still not enough for them to leave. And I forgot to mention that not only did he leave the sin, but he also gave her the 120 gold

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coins, as sada as charity, and he told her to go

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when was the last time you gave soda?

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I'm not talking about 1000s of ringlets. Five ring at one ring at 50 cents.

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I want you to think of a way today that you are going to give sadaqa inshallah,

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can we do that?

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Yes. Right think of a way doesn't have to be money. It could be something else. Could be even a smile. It could be helping someone carry the bag. Could be helping someone get onto the jetty later. It could be bringing me my food.

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Yes, though.

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As for the last man, you said, Oh Allah. I had laborers working for me. People that were working for me. And after they finished the work, I paid them all the wages except for one man. He lives without taking his wages.

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And I took his money and I invested it. I invested his money in I bought you know goats and sheep and camels and I bought servants and slaves. And after many years, this man came back and he says, Oh, I'm the love Oh slave of Allah. Give me my due way or my wages. You owe me money.

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So the man said, he said Come with me. And he showed he said, Everything you see is yours. Everything you see belongs to you. Now, what would your reaction be? If I owed you 1000? ringgit and you didn't take it? And then I took your 1000 ringgit, and then I invested it, and then now it's worth millions. And when you come to fix your 1000 ringgit, I tell you that this 1 million ringgit is yours. What will you say to me?

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You crazy. Okay, what would you say to me?

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It's a it's like, Are you are you taking me for the fall? So that's what the man said. He said, Yeah, Abdullah, Allah testa Zb. Those mock me Don't make fun of me. He said, Well, nah, he everything you see is yours. So the man took all of it. And he left nothing. He took all the capitals and all the cows and all the sheep and all the slaves. He took all of it and he left nothing. And so this man said, Oh Allah, if I have done this sincerely for your sake, then remove us from the situation that we find ourselves in. And then the rock moved away completely, and they will where they were able to leave walking. The first man, he treated his parents well, and nothing was

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more important to him. And he may do it through that action, that sincere action of being good to his spirits. The second man, he left something that he loved, he lifted for the sake of Allah, because the pleasure of Allah was more beloved to him. And the third man, he had all of that wealth, so much of it, that he gave it up for the sake of Allah, because it wasn't his it belonged to someone else. And so these three men teach us beautiful things. Number one is sincerity.

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The Salah you just performed for the sake of Allah, everything that you do that is meant to be for the sake of Allah, let it be for the sake of Allah. Then the second thing is that sometimes we are required to give up things that we love for the sake of Allah. But if we give them up for the sake of Allah, Allah will give us much better than it. He will give us something that is better, because those three men asked yourself this question. They were stuck in a cave. They had no way out. And when you have no way out of a situation, what do you feel you feel desperation, you feel helplessness, you feel this is where I'm going to die. I'm going to die of starvation.

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This is a completely hopeless situation.

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But and they would have given everything they had to be taken out of this situation.

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So the question you must ask yourself is sometimes you have to give up something you love, whether it is halal or haram for the sake of Allah. But never, ever feel that it's a waste of time. Never ever feel that it is something that you are losing. Rather you are gaining, you are gaining the pleasure of Allah, you are gaining rewards. And lastly, you might be able to use that sincere good deed to one day call out to Allah when you are desperate, when you are hopeless when you are helpless. And Allah subhanho wa Taala might save you from your situation. So we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala in this place of time this morning, to grant us to be of insincere slaves. And may Allah

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subhanho data make us of those who will always be prepared to give up that which we love for the sake of Allah. And may Allah subhanho wa Taala as he has gathered us here this morning, gather us again in gatherings we remember him and speak about him. Allah subhanho wa Taala brought us all genda barakallahu li walakum wa salaamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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