Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2021 J02-030A Translation and Word Analysis Al-Baqarah 221-227

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The transcript covers various examples of words and phrases used in various context, including "will" and "will face," as well as Moe's desire to avoid marriage and sexual interactions. The speakers provide examples of how "slack" is used to indicate a woman's desire and its meaning in various context, including the use of "will" and "will face," as well as the use of "slack" to indicate a man's behavior. The transcript also touches on the importance of avoiding confusion and distraction, not giving a speech to anyone who is supposed to do so, and not waiting for something to happen.
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Assalamu alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Who are we the bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim, WA Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah al Karim rubbish Rahi Saudi way acidity Emery Washington rock that a melissani of coho Kohli Allahumma Nickleby was suddenly Sani was thrilled to have him at Colby Amenia Robben Island in lesson number 30 verses 221 to 228. Let's do the translation first. Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim wala THANK YOU WHO and you all do not take in marriage and emotionally catty. The women who associate partners with Allah had that until you Mina they believe well, I am atone and surely a female slave Mina tone one who believes Chiron is better

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men than mushy Catherine attain a woman who associates partners with Allah wallow, even if our job at home she impresses you all? Well, I don't care who and you all do not give in marriage to an emotionally kina the men who associate partners with Allah had that until you know they believe while our abdomen and surely a male slave, me known one who believes Chiron is better men than machete kin a man who associates partners with Allah wallow even if our Jabba comb he impresses you all hola Iike dos Yoda Runa they call Isla towards a now the fire will Allah Who and Allah year de rue he calls Isla towards a Jana paradise. While model Farah and the forgiveness be Igni he by his

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permission, were you by you know and he makes clear he has versus li NASCI for the people LA LA home so that they get that karoun They take heed. Where's Alana occur and they ask you I'm about Allah healed the menstruation or the place or time of menstruation. Can you say who or it other is a difficult condition or other is an impurity for 10 Zulu so you all keep away from a Nisa The women filmer healed during menstruation or filmer healed in the place of menstruation, while at the caribou Hoonah and you all do not come near them had that until year two horna they become clean for either so when that the hudna they have cleansed themselves fat to Hoonah then you all come to them

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men from Hazel where Amara como Allah, Allah has commanded you all in that indeed Allah Allah yoo hoo boo, he loves a to wellbeing those who frequently turn in repentance when you hit boo and he loves al Mutata hitting those who cleanse themselves Nissa o comb your women how to film or a sewing field lecan For you all for that too. So you will come to healthcare comb your sewing field and now however or whenever she told you I will work at the mall and you all send ahead Li and fusi calm for yourselves what the call and you will be conscious of Allah Allah wa Alonso and you all should know under calm that indeed you all mula coo will be one to meet him. Well Bashir and you'll give good

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news to me those who believe well after aloo and you all do not make Hola Hola. Hola tun and obstacle li a mani con because of your odds and to avoid that about rule you all do righteousness with a taco and you will adopt consciousness of Allah what to slay who and you will reconcile Boehner between a NASCI the people will law who and Allah some your own is ever hearing or the one is ever knowing law not you are here to come Allah who Allah takes you all to account Billahi because of the useless speech fee in a manny comb your ox well I can but you are free to come he takes you all to account Bhima because of what cassava Kulu Bukom your hearts burned. Wala who and

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Allah LePhone is ever forgiving halimun is ever forbearing Lavina for those who you Luna they vow abstinence men from Nyssa him their wives that are bustle is a waiting period of Bharati of for a shooting months for in then if all their return for inner then indeed Allah Allahu Allah foreign is ever forgiving or Haman Ever Merciful. Were in and if Isaiah mu they are determined upon a bulk of the divorce for inlet and indeed Allah Allah Semir own ever hearing or Limon ever knowing inshallah we'll stop over here the next day we will do with the next

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Lesson All right we listen to the recitation of these verses now so that we can begin the word analysis after that

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do you mean

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shooting at you just let

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me know

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thank you

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walk along with

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your TV or you will be

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was gonna Garni mahi

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mahi really wanna talk on

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the EDA tapa how to

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law in the law he or she would

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to have

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watch the movie

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meaning what

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a man is

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about taco

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alongside me on Ali

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levy a man

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howdy Larina

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walking, we're in NASM

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the law has me on it

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim, verse number 221. Well at Anki who and you all do not take in marriage Tenki who is from known Caf have Nika. Nika is marriage. So Latin ki who means do not do Nika. And here the men are being addressed that you should not do Nikka meaning do not marry who are emotionally cut. The women who do shake and mushy cat is the plural of the word Masha Rica, and Masha Rica is from the root letters sheen raw calf shake is to associate partners with Allah so Masha Rica is a woman who associates partners with hola mushy cats are women plural the airlifter at the end this is a sign of floral feminine so do not marry them had that until you mean now they

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believe notice over here you mean now the shadow on the noon that means there's two notes over here. So one known is for the route which is Hamza meme noon. Okay. And the other noon is for feminine floral. Okay, so they believe they as in feminine floral the women the mushy cat women until they believe well Anna tone and surely a female slave Amma is used for female slave minaton One who believes Mina from Iman. So a female slave who believes is hyaluron is better men than mushy Katin a woman who commits should wallow even if Arja but calm she impresses you. Who is she referring to the machine Chica, okay, meaning even if the mushrik woman impresses you, still, a believing female

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slave is better than her. And our job is to come. This is from the root letters, rain Jeem. But your job is to find something impressive to find something pleasing. So even if you find her attractive, in other words, well I don't care who and you all do not give in marriage not turn key who is different from 10 Key who and the difference is the Halacha right then key who don't care who Thank you who is to take someone in marriage meaning to marry someone and don't care who

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which is to give someone in marriage. Okay, so in the first one law Thank you who men are being addressed that you should not marry Mushnik women, all right, and here in Latin care who, again men, the Olia are being addressed that you should not give the women in your care in marriage to an emotionally kin the men who commit schicke so for example a father should not marry his believing daughter to English like men. Okay so Latin key who do not give in marriage and Mushrikeen to the men who commit schicke wish he Kenya's is applauded of the word and wish Shrek Okay? Had that until you know they believe, who believes they is referring to the mushrik men well done and surely a male

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slave OB is from mine by doll same root as the word Reba. Reba is worship, right? And why we are worshipers of Allah. We are slaves to Allah we serve Allah even though Allah subhanaw taala does not need our service. Right He does not need our worship. So what are our doon surely a male slave? Who is mostly non believing one who believes is higher on better men than Mushrik a man who commits shit well Oh even if our job a comb, he impresses you all our Java same route as our job but okay hola Erica. Dos hula because referring to I'll mostly keen and emotionally cut meaning the men who commit shitcan the women who commit Schick they yet Aruna they call ILA now to the fire yet the Runa

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deadline Wow. Meaning they call you to the fire who Allah Ahuja Drew and Allah calls meaning you all Elijah Jana to paradise while McGuffey Allah and forgiveness Lane file is the route Allah invites you to paradise and forgiveness be eaten up by his permission meaning it's by his permission that you will enter paradise and you will be forgiven while you by you know and he makes clear by noon at his verses Florin of the word Aya le NASCI for the people who are Lomita karoun so that they will take heed yeah that the Quran is from that calf crop and so the code is to remember something okay to not forget it and when you take a lesson from something when you take heed then you will remember

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that lesson you don't forget it. So, Allah subhanaw taala makes his verses clear his commands clear so that people remember they take heed they take lesson and when you take lesson then it affects your actions. Whereas Aluna can and they ask you root is seen Hamza lamb su Al, they ask you an enema hailed about Al Mohib. Now the word Mohit can be understood in three ways. Okay, first of all Mohib is from the root letters. Ha, yeah, blood, okay. And Raheel can be understood as first of all a muster meaning a noun, okay? And we're healed means menstruation, okay. So, the menstrual cycle that women have this is Mohib Okay. Secondly, the word Mohib. If you notice it begins with the

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letter mean that a lot of nouns that begin with the letter mean not every now and I said a lot many nouns, the meme any the structure of the word indicates the place or the time of something like for example, the word mushrif Muhammad, what is Mushrik it is the place of shuru the rising of the sun, which is the east or it can also apply to the time of the rising of the sun which is sunrise the time of sunrise, right motherhood if it is the time or place of wardrobe, right? So this kind of a noun is called ism love. And what if means place or time, okay, so Mahina can refer to the place of menstruation meaning the place from where the menstrual blood flows. And secondly, it can also apply

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to the time of menstruation, meaning the time when a woman is menstruating. Okay, the entire duration that she's menstruating. So Mahela has three meanings, menstruation, the place of menstruation and thirdly the time of menstruation. So they ask you about that all say meaning a Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam you say to them what its meaning Mahela is other it is a difficult condition. Now the word other is from the root letters Hamza that yeah, you can see all three letters in the word and other means a number of things. Okay, first of all, the word other means a condition in which a person is hurt. Okay? And by hurt, I don't mean that they're suffering great

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harm. Okay. It doesn't mean that they're suffering great harm. It can mean a slight pain even. Okay, like for him

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sample you have a slight headache, it doesn't mean that you have a fever, it doesn't mean that you need to sleep, it doesn't mean that you need medication. It's a slight, very slight headache, right? This is other but if let's say the headache is gone to the extent of a migraine, then you need to, you know, stay indoors you need to turn the lights off, you need to maybe take some painkiller that is literal that is causing you harm and suffering that is louder, okay. So other is a difficult condition, okay. And menstruation is a difficult condition and every woman experiences it differently for some women, it is greater difficulty for other women it is a lesser difficulty, but

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the main thing is that it is a difficult condition. Secondly, the word other also means an impurity something that is filthy, something that is dirty, okay, so Mahila is an impurity, right that blood is impure, far Tassie LUFA. So meaning therefore, because Mahila is other therefore irritancy Lu keep away here. Kazino is from iron ze lamb, okay, and it has allowed us to keep away. So you keep away from who from a Nisa from the women filmer healed during menstruation meaning while they're menstruating keep away or in particular, keep away from the place of menstruation while a woman is menstruating while at the caribou Hoonah and you all do not come near them the cowboys from call Rob

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Bell nearness, so do not come near them and who now is referring to women, this is a pronoun that is that is used for plural feminine Hoonah so do not come near them had diet Hoonah until they become clean yet hold on her from for her bra okay. And again you can see over here the noon at the end, this noon is for feminine plural. So until they become clean Do not come near them for either. So, when that the hormone they have cleansed themselves, the Bahadur altar from the same root thought out and it means to clean oneself. So, there is a difference between the tahona and Tata Halina. You have to warn them they become clean and this is referring to the ending of the period and that the

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hudna they have cleansed themselves and this is referring to taking a bath taking a shower afterwards, fat to Hoonah then you all come to them Hamza Teja, is the root mean Hazel Amara Kamala from where Allah has commanded you. Amara is from Hamza membre. In Allah indeed Allah your hibbott aware bien he loves those who frequently turn in repentance where you're humbled with a hidden and he loves those who cleanse themselves you Hibou however, who to love and to wellbeing, this is the plural of the word, the web. Okay? Now you may wonder to web is the name of Allah in New kanatal Weber. So how come to web is being used for people because the word to web remember it from the root

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letters Tao well back to web is basically used for someone who frequently returns Okay, frequently goes back or turns towards someone when we make Toba. Okay, when people make Toba it means that we are constantly turning to Allah in repentance. We are turning back to Allah seeking His forgiveness, admitting our mistakes, asking Allah subhanaw taala to pardon us, right? When Allah is the web, it means that he also frequently turns to words his slaves, alright, pardoning them forgiving them accepting their repentance, making them realize their sin. Okay, so the web is one who frequently turns when the word is used for people it means they turn in repentance when it's used for Allah or

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zoologia it means that he turns in mercy towards his slaves where you have been with Allah hidden and Allah loves and with Allah hitting with Allah hit implore love Matata hit just this word basically same route as to the Honda annual total a thorough and with a thorough hit is someone who cleans themselves okay so multiple hitting those who cleanse themselves Nisa oh come your women and by women doesn't mean just any women it means your wives they are how to throw lecan health is a sewing field okay meaning a place where a person will grow their plants Okay, their crop etcetera. So, how to look on their sewing field for you to house a comb therefore, you will come to your

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sewing field and now Schichten now unknown means however, okay, and it also means whenever, so how and when she told me you all will what cut demo and you will send ahead of doll meme is the route. Send a Headley unfussy calm for yourselves

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inshallah we'll look at the meaning in the succeed what the colada and you will be conscious of Allah Allah mu and you all should know or Anglo meme and Nicola COVID That indeed you all will be one to meet him malaco This is for love the word, moolah, pin, moolah pin Mala pin is one who meets one who does look up land of yet. Okay, so you are going to meet him whereby she will make meaning and give good news to those who believe Bashir is from bear sheen or all okay, Bushra good news. Bashir you give good news to who to those who believe well at the GRU and you all do not make Jeem iron lamb is the route do not make Allah Allah Allah 10 an obstacle or Allah or in blah blah Allah

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is to present something all right and erode Allah is basically something that is used as a barrier, okay? between yourself and something else. Because you put it forward you present it so that it intervenes between you and what you don't want to do or what you don't want to reach you. So do not make Allah an obstacle via a mannequin because of your oaths a man is a plural of the word he mean. Okay and he Amin is an oath, an oath as in when you swear for example, a person swears that I swear by Allah, I will go for something something tomorrow, okay. So this is a Yameen so do not make Allah an obstacle because of your oats and terbaru. To avoid that tuber, Rue you all will do better.

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Tomorrow is from Bella rah rah bit righteousness. Meaning do not make your oats in the name of Allah and obstacle from doing bit. Any don't swear. You know for example person says By Allah, I am not going to give sadaqa Okay, giving sadaqa is what bit So, do not do that. What a taco and that you will adopt the core of Allah were to slay her Boehner nests and that you will reconcile between people mostly who is from solid lamb who Islam is to reconcile with Allah Who Samir and Arlene and Allah is ever hearing ever knowing lay you are free to come Allahu Allah does not take you to account Hamza Ha, that is the route. And AHA is to see someone meaning to hold them accountable for

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what they have done. To not let them go until they are given what they deserve. So Allah will not take you to account he will not hold you responsible for what below we because of the useless speech fee a manny come in your oats. Now law who is from the root letters, lamb lane, wow. And love who has many meanings, basically, you know, it's something that's useless. All right, meaning something that a person says in their speech, what they don't really mean, people have different ways of talking. And when you're listening to someone talk, you learn to filter out certain expressions, you learn to not pay attention to every single word because you know that they don't mean certain words

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that they have said. So, some people, you know, have a habit of saying Walla Walla in their speech. And they don't really mean to swear an oath by Allah. They're just saying it out of habit. Okay, so Allah will not call you to account for those audits of yours, which you don't mean which you don't intend, which are basically useless in your speech. They're meaningless in your speech, because you're saying them out of habit. We're lacking you ask him to convert he takes you to account Bhima cassava Kulu Bukom because of what your hearts have earned cassava is from calf seen Baba and globe is the plural of the word pile. Okay. Well Lola foreign halimun Allah is Forgiving and forbearing

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him is the route. Helene is from her lamb Minh and Helen is forbearance. Meaning that you have the power to punish you have the power to discipline you have the power to take revenge, but you don't do that. Okay, this is the meaning of the name Helene Lilina. You Luna minister in him, the medina for those people who you Luna Devou abstinence and this is from Hamza lamb. Yeah. Or Wow, okay. You will find both of these in different dictionaries. So Isla is to make a vow to abstain from something in Surah Al Ahzab. We have the AYA Willa yet tele old fugly min con was Sara Abu Bakr al de la

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Lauryn Hill when some people accused his daughter I shuttle de la Mourinho, falsely Abubaker de la noir and who was very hurt. And one of the people who accused her was actually a relative to Oba cuttle de la Mourinho and it will boca de la Horan, who would regularly spend on him okay. So after this incident of a boycott of the Longhorn, who took an oath that he was never going to give that man anything ever again. So Allah subhanaw taala intervened and that IO was revealed that those people who have wealth should not swear to abstain from giving Okay, well I yet Telly so Abubakar de la Mora new took an oath to abstain from giving here you Luna de vow abstinence okay from who

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minister em from their wives that they're not going to sleep with them. So what are they supposed to do thrombose There is a waiting period are all Bell solid is the root and thaw boost is to wait for something to happen wait for something to come by. So they're going to wait for how long have Bharti Ashok for months assured is the plural of the word shout shout is month for infer or then if they return for Yeah, Hamza is the route for to return for in de la foto Rahim van de de la is Forgiving and Merciful. We're in Arizona Paula and if they're determined upon divorce or Zimo are in Ximena Azzam is to determine to do something to have firm intention to do something to have resolve to do

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something. So we're in Arizona Paula aka if they determine upon divorce for in the loss Amir Nadeem that indeed Allah is Hearing and knowing all right

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