Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2021 J01-012C Tafsir Al-Baqarah 63-66

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The history and importance of the legal system in the Middle East is discussed, including the implementation of the Message of the King and the importance of following its commandments and practicing consistency. The importance of holding onto teachings of the Bible and the Sabbath is emphasized, as it is a powerful event for everyone. The use of trickery and deceit in marketing and deception is discussed, as it is considered illegal and has consequences. The speaker emphasizes the importance of understanding the punishment and consequences of actions of individuals committed to religion.
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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim, what is a hardener Meetha Kokoon what a foreign foe COCOMO fools who do not tell you now can be Kuwait in one Kuru Murphy, Lara la quinta de Kooning. And recall when We took your covenant or children of Israel, and we raised over you the mount saying, Take what We have given you with determination and remember what is in it that perhaps you may become righteous? Here Allah subhana wa Tada is reminding the Bani Israel eel of another very important incident. And this is when Allah subhanaw taala took a covenant from the Bani Israel in and what was this covenant about this covenant was about the different obligations that Allah subhanaw taala laid on them, the

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different commands basically that they were supposed to follow. So for example, in the Bible, we learn about the 10 commandments that were given to the Israelites. And within those 10 commandments, it is mentioned about how the entire scenario was such that it aroused great fear in the Bani Israel. So in the middle of the 10 commandments, we learned in the book of Exodus 2018, that all the people saw the thunder rings and the lightnings, and the noise of the trumpet, and the mountain smoking. And there's other descriptions also that are given here, Allah subhanaw taala tells us that in order to take the covenant, what happened, we raised the mound over you any literally the

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mountain was pulled out of the ground, and it was suspended over their heads. And they were told that take what we are giving you with strength, and remember what is in it so that you may become righteous. Now there is a question. First of all the people who are being addressed over here, of the people of Bani Israel, there were people that were present at the time of the Prophet sallallahu earliness. And among those who will come after, so the ISS is a HANA mythical comb, We took your covenant. But if you think about it, the people at the time of the Prophet sallallahu already have said that they were not present at the time when this covenant was taken. So why does it say your

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covenant, all of you, because this covenant was taken from all of the Israelites, those who were present at the time, and also their offspring, also their children, their future generations? So the instructions that were given to them, were not just, you know, for them to follow. They were supposed to teach these instructions to their children as well, who were supposed to teach them to their children, and so on and so forth. So, by extension, they were included in this covenant. So here it's as though the Bani Israel are being asked that, are you really abiding by this covenant? All of the teachings that were given to you, are you really abiding by them. So for example, part of

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those teachings was that they should worship only Allah, right and that they should not associate any partner with Allah. And remember that the worship of Allah doesn't mean that you just perform certain rituals, it means that you are completely submissive to Allah, whatever that comes from Allah, you do that. And part of that is that whatever messenger Allah has sent, you believe in Him, you follow Him. So in Exodus 20, verse one onwards, you know, it says, I, the Lord am your God who brought you out of the land of Egypt, the house of bondage, You shall have no other gods besides me. And then there is clear prohibition of making any sculptured image, okay? Any any idol or any image

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like that, because that would lead people to, you know, worshipping them. And then it says, You shall not swear falsely by the name of your Lord. And then there's instructions regarding the Sabbath. Remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy. Any you do whatever you want six days, in one day of the week, you must worship Allah only. And later it says, Honor your father and your mother. And you shall not commit adultery, You shall not murder, You shall not steal, you shall not bear false witness against your neighbor, You shall not covet your neighbor's house or his wife or his slave. And such instructions are given. And within these instructions, it's mentioned very clearly

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about you know how that scene was, the entire scenario was such that it aroused great fear in the Bani Israel. Why here we see the description is that what a foreigner folk Nakamoto we raise the mound over you. Why so that they would realize the enormity of the seriousness of this meet up of this contract? Any

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This is no ordinary commitment that you're making with Allah. This is something serious. Imagine if there's darkness and there's a mountain that is suspended over you any This is an incident that you're not going to forget easily. You're going to remember this. So this was to make them realize the seriousness the enormity of this myth out. Right? And you know some of the lemma they say that when Musa alayhis salam brought them the Talat Remember earlier we learned, they said that we're never going to believe until we see Allah. Right? So they showed their stubbornness, over and over again. And their disinterest, right? When they said that we know we're tired of eating mon and

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salwaar, we want more food, that we want different varieties of food, they were told to enter the city with humility, they entered with great arrogance, and, you know, denial of Allah's favor on them. So they weren't taking anything seriously. So this is why a mountain was suspended over them so that they would realize that, you know, this is it or you're done with you accept these commands of Allah, or you're going to be finished, you were brought out of Egypt, not so that you follow your desires, you were brought out of Egypt, Allah rescued you so that you would live by His commandments. So you agree to live by these commandments or colors, you're done with your finished.

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So basically, they accepted these instructions at gunpoint. Right. And he, they were threatened very seriously. And it says, Who made it now cumbuco With him, take whatever we are giving you with Kuva with strength, and he hold on to it. And this means that you take every single teaching very seriously, you hold on to it with strength, meaning with consistency, with firmness, and sometimes that will mean with determination. Because sometimes you have to exert a great deal in order to, you know, observe the commands of Allah are there times it's easy, right, and Cova with strength, any you're constantly holding on, you're not letting go at all. So this means that you hold on to every

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single teaching how firmly with consistency with determination. Don't be lazy, Don't be weak. Don't be casual about it. These are commands of Allah, that you must accept and implement entirely. So who don't matter inna can be coverton and then they were told was Kuru Murphy. And remember, whatever that is in it, meaning remember all of the teachings, recite them, learn them, keep, you know, reminding one another, teach them to your children. Because to remember something is to remember it in one's heart, right, and also to remember meaning to mention with one's tongue, and then to remember as in with your limbs that you act according to it as well. So one of coudl Murphy, meaning

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do not forget these teachings, do not ignore them. Rather keep the book alive keep these teachings alive in your life with kuruma Fie, y la la quinta de Koon, in order that you may become righteous, in order that you become those who are conscious of Allah. So this shows us that when a person holds on to the book of Allah, when a person remembers what the book of Allah is teaching, and remembering doesn't just mean just talking about it, but actually living it. Then this is a means of obtaining Taqwa. This is what makes a person righteous and this is what ultimately saves a person. So we learn for example, in the Quran, in Surah Baqarah Ayah 183. Allah subhanaw taala tells us that fasting has

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been prescribed on you, right? Why? Lara la quinta de Koon, so that you may become righteous, when you will fast, you will become righteous. Earlier we learned worship your Lord, why learn the content the Quran in order that you may become righteous, when you worship Allah you will become righteous and you will also be saved. Then what happened? So meta will lay to member the Dalek then you turned away after that. Allahu Akbar. Ne this was an incident which was not to be forgotten. And this was a mythos that was not to be ignored, but yet they turned away. So it said, you turned away. Now again, the people at the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to Bani Israel present

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at that time. Why are they being blamed for what their ancestors did? Because yes,

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Their ancestors turned away but they were also turning away from this covenant. They were also not abiding by this covenant. Right when they were not believing in the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam when they were not following the teachings of the Quran, so some Matoba later mimbar Daedalic after all of that you turned away following Alfa Lulu here aleikum wa rahmatullah and think about it. If they turned away from this contract after making it, what would they deserve? What is it that they technically deserve immediate punishment of Allah, right, that the mountain should fall upon them and they should be completely annihilated? And if you think about it, if someone makes a

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contract, and then they break it, they go against it, what happens? They're taken to court, they're penalized. You know, sometimes there's heavy fines that they have to pay, or sometimes there's jail term that they have to serve. Right? There are serious consequences for breaking contract. Now, these people broke their covenant with Allah, their contract with Allah. So clearly, they were deserving of punishment of complete annihilation, but Allah subhanaw taala did not do that. Allah subhanaw taala gave them another chance. So he says Falola fog, Lulu here aleikum wa rahmatullah. Had it not been for the favor of Allah on you and His mercy? How was Allah subhanaw taala showing

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his favor to them and His mercy? First of all, the fact that he did not completely annihilate them when they went against the contract. Secondly, Allah subhanaw taala sent His messengers to them, to remind them, his prophets to them, why to remind them, to teach them to correct them. This was Allah subhanaw taala His mercy. And if you think about it, if people are given a book, a written scripture, and they're given clear instructions, and they've made a promise with Allah, then technically they don't need reminders. If they forget, if they ignore if they turn away, any it's their fault. But Allah subhanaw taala out of His mercy continue to send prophets to the buddy Islam.

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And then finally, Allah subhanaw taala also sent his last messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to bring people out of darkness. And if Allah subhanaw taala did not do that. Lecanto Minal ha city ensure that you all would be among the losers, those who suffer great loss in the world, and in the Hereafter, you would be complete losers. So, basically, the message over here is that the coming of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is a favor on you, this is a Mercy of Allah on you, do not reject this, because then you will suffer great loss in the world and in the hereafter. In this incident that is mentioned over here, through it, Allah subhanaw taala reminds the Bani Israel

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of the covenant that they had made with Allah. And basically this is a clear warning to the Bani Israel eel that you have so far you have survived despite your violations because of Allah's favor and mercy on you. Now you're hanging off of the last straw. So believe in the messenger, follow the book that Allah has revealed. And then we see in these two verses that think about the stubbornness of the bunny Ursula eel and their rejection of Allah's favor, you know, of Allah's blessings on them, that they did not believe they did not obey until the mountain was raised above them any, what stubbornness is this for people who had seen the sea split into right for people who had seen their

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enemy, destroyed in front of their eyes, for people who were provided shade through clouds for people who received heavenly food, any they had not witnessed few miracles, they had witnessed many, many miracles. And those miracles were clear favors of Allah to them. But yet they were so arrogant and so stubborn, that they said to Musa alayhis salam, we're never going to be patient over this food, we're never going to believe until we see Allah. And now we're not going to listen and then a mountain is suspended over them that accept, follow or you're done with. And this shows us that, you know, in some cases, in some situations, gentleness is good. And in other situations, strictness is

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necessary. So here, the bunny is sloth you were treated very harshly, right that a mountain was suspended over them. They're basically being threatened. And sometimes that is required you need both Allah subhanaw taala bestowed many favors to them. And at the same time, he also you know, warned them and we

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You also see over here, the great might have Allah azza wa jal that imagine a mountain is suspended over people, right? It's hovering over the people. This shows us to put it out of Allah, the power of Allah, we also learn from these verses about the importance of holding on to the teachings that have been given right firmly with schoolwork. So we need to think about this as well that the Quran that has been given to us, are we holding on to it with Koga, or with DARF? are we holding on to the book of Allah with strength? Or with weakness? And what kind of a bond what kind of a connection do I have with the Quran? Any? How present? Is it in my life? And how strongly and how consistently? Do

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I follow the teachings of the Quran, this is something that we all need to reflect over. And then we see that when a person holds on to the book of Allah, then this is what saves them, right? This is what brings the qua in them. And this is what ultimately saves them. So it's for our benefit.

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And we also see that if a person is you know, given another opportunity to connect with the book of Allah, then this is a lowest favor on them. So we should be grateful that Allah subhanaw taala has given us a chance to connect with the Quran to learn it, to spend time with it, to reflect over its meaning. So this is a huge favor of Allah that we should be grateful for. Then, the next incident that is mentioned will occur the earliest to Molinara. Today women confess civility, and you have already known about those who transgressed among you concerning the Sabbath, for call 911 Kuno. Kira that and cos E in and we set to them be apes despised any you Bani Israel, you know very well, you

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know, with knowledge of certainty about the people who transgressed in regard to the Sabbath. Now, how exactly did they transgress in regard to the Sabbath? Remember that Sabbath is we learned that they were supposed to observe the state as a day of worship, okay? To keep it holy, as the Bible says. And this means that they should not do any work. So in the book of Exodus, chapter 2010, it says, The Seven day is the Sabbath of the Lord thy God in it, Thou shalt not do any work. So you should not do any work and work as in any worldly work, thou nor thy son, so even your son, nor thy daughter, thy man servant, nor thy maid servant, nor thy cattle, any, neither you nor your children,

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nor your servants, nor your animals, okay? No one should work, nor thy stranger that is within the gates. So even if there's a traveler, right, someone who doesn't live, where you live, but they're just visiting, but they're living with you, they're staying with you for some time, even they will not do any worldly work, nobody's going to do it. And then it says, In Exodus 3114, that you shall keep the Sabbath, for it is holy unto you, every one that defiles it shall surely be put to death, Allahu Akbar. And he this was a very serious instruction, that you cannot go against it, you cannot transgress its limits, anyone who does that shall be killed, any very severe consequence. And they

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were supposed to observe the Sabbath throughout their generations. And he wasn't just for the people of that time at the time of Mossad s&m, but later on, as well throughout the generations. And again, it says in Exodus 35, to that whosoever does work there in shall be put to death, stuff that Allah any very, very serious, it says, even that you shall not Kindle any fire, you cannot even do as much as light fire because that is worldly work. So you will notice how even today of people who do observe the Sabbath, you know, it means that they will not even press any elevator buttons, right? So what's going to happen is, and there are buildings like this even today that the elevator is

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going to open it every floor at every level, so that people who are observing the Sabbath don't have to press any button. They just go in the stand and then when their floor comes, they will just walk out, Kenny The point is not that you don't press any button, the point is that you don't go to work, okay, you don't go to work. So this is how they transgressed before and the same transgressions are present today. Subhan Allah so anyway, there was a fishing community we learn about this incident in more detail in Serato or off, okay, where we learn in

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I in number 73, Allah subhanaw taala says was L homonuclear, tility kanatal little toolbar. So there was a town that lived by the sea. And what did they do they transgressed regarding the Sabbath. How that is that to him he turned on him Yama subteam Shura, on the day of the Sabbath, the fish would come to them, and the fish would literally come to the shore, they could see the fish on the surface of the water, and whale malarious between the letter T him and other days when they were not observing the Sabbath, they will not find the fish on the surface of the water close to the shore, could only can a blue one be McHenry of sukoon. Thus we tried them because they used to disobey. So

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basically, they were tested. Okay, because people who are rebellious require more rules, right? And when people claim that they obey Allah, they will be tested. All right, so how are these people tested, there were a fishing community. And you know, for fishermen, of course, catching fish is extremely important. So, you know, they would go out to fish, and they would not really catch a lot throughout the week. And on Saturday, especially, they would see that there were a lot of fish on the surface of the water, and, you know, close to the shore, so they were tempted to catch those fish. But technically, they weren't supposed to be fishing on Saturday. So it is said that a man

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among them, you know, he came up with a trick. What he did is that on Friday evening, he laid his nets in the water. Okay. So on Saturday, when the fish came, the fish got trapped in the nets, he did not remove the nets all day Saturday, on Sunday, he went to remove the nets. So what happened now, basically, he caught a whole lot of fish, right on Saturday, without really going fishing on Saturday, you see what's happening, he caught fish without going fishing, by putting the nets in on Friday and taking them out on Sunday. The point is that on Saturday, you're not going to fish, you're not going to catch fish. Okay, that's the main point. And it is said that, you know, one man

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started this, then more people started this. And it came to a point where you know, people would even lay their nets on Saturday, they will even go fishing on Saturday. So you see how one violation led to another which led to another. And it came to a point where people did not even care about the restrictions, the observations of the Sabbath, they didn't even care about it. You know, for example, you see this in Muslim communities where they will come up with a way to justify the consumption of interest or dealing with interest. Okay. And what happened, you know, many years ago, like I remember, 3040 years ago, I live in Canada, the people who emigrated here at that time, they

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were very aware that, you know, you don't buy a house and interest. And if you do that, you know, you're doing something wrong, right. And if you do that, then you try to pay off the interest as quickly as possible. There was this awareness, at least that this is wrong. And if we must do this, if this is, if we think this is the only option, then we have to get over it as quickly as possible. You know, so you hear stories of people who worked double jobs, who worked really, really hard, who did not travel back home, who did not indulge in any worldly comforts, ye so that they could pay off their loan as quickly as possible. Even if they weren't that religious, they were aware of the fact

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that this is something wrong. We don't do this as Muslims. But now, you know, it is so common. Every other Muslim family is buying a house and interest and it's not even considered wrong anymore. Right? It's not even considered wrong anymore. There was a time when, you know, people felt bad about it, they would avoid it. But now it's celebrated. It's not even considered wrong. So this is the thing when Allah subhanaw taala has set certain limits, like you might wonder, What's the big deal? Right? If they did catch fish, they were fishermen they needed it. Right? So what's the big deal? The point here is not that Allah wants to deprive you know, Allah does not want to deprive

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you, Allah subhanaw taala is testing you by giving you certain commands, and also by giving you certain prohibitions, because if there were no tests, then how would you tell between the person who is obedient to Allah and the person who is not obedient to Allah? Everybody would be the same then. So, you know, for example, when we're fasting, we're not allowed to eat or drink. Or you might wonder, but why? Well, the point is not to make us suffer. The point is not to make us hungry. The point is to test us

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That, who are we going to show loyalty and love to? That we will give Allah azza wa jal preference over our needs, even our wishes even right. So this is the whole point of the commands that Allah subhanaw taala has given. So they were, you know, tested like this, and they transgressed the limits of the Sabbath. And then they were punished very severely for Cornella home, Kunal kiloton hos in we said to them Be apes that are despised or stuck at Allah this is so serious now. Some are Allama like for example, Mujahid, he said that they weren't turned into monkeys or apes, literally. This was, you know, Kunal kiloton horsey means that they became like monkeys, okay? Meaning they behaved

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like monkeys. So, you know, for example, if a person is angry at another person, and they say, You or him or your donkey, right, it doesn't mean that that person is literally your donkey. What they mean is you're acting like a donkey, you're behaving like a donkey. Okay? So some more lemma say that Kunal kiloton. horsin means that they behaved like monkeys, they behaved like apes. And if you observe the behavior of you know, these animals, any there's some very interesting things, but at the same time, there's also a lot of greed. Alright, there's a lot of greed.

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You know, there's a lot of famous monkeys on the internet on social media who have like 1000s and 1000s of followers. And it's amazing how you know, this monkey will eat one candy and another one and another one and not even finish one that it'll be, you know, greedy for another open one, you know, package and then another package, one toy and another toy. And what you see in this animal is greed. Alright, so they were extremely greedy, Kunal kid, other than ha seen, okay. And other Allama the majority of the Anima say that no, this was actually literal. Because Allah subhanaw taala said, Cool, no. And remember when Allah says couldn't be, right, then it happens. So in total Ambia is 69.

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We learned all night. Yeah, now ruku nee burden was salam and Allah Ibrahim, that all fire be coolness and safety for Ibrahim already he's center in Surah Baqarah i 117. We learn that what either called our Omran for in MA Akula, who can fire Khun when Allah subhanaw taala commands a certain matter that it should occur? Allah subhanaw taala only says to it be and it happens. Okay. So these this particular community that lived by the sea, that fishing community, they were literally turned into apes and they were despised, they were removed from the Mercy of Allah. Stuff that Allah and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam clarified to us, because some people anytime

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they see monkeys, they say this is Bani Israel, this is not correct. It is not correct at all. There are many parts of the Muslim world where monkeys are actually viewed like this, okay? That they are, you know, descendants of people who were punished. And so, people will you know, mistreat this particular animal, they will you know, torture etcetera, they will justify the abuse of these animals because they will say, well, these creatures were basically punished by Allah and that is incorrect. Because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in a hadith and Muslim we learn that Allah subhanaw taala, that whenever a people were punished with must, must, is transformation. Like

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it happened with this particular community that there were transformed into apes. So whenever that happened, Allah subhanaw taala did not make a Nestle out of them, meaning Allah subhanaw taala did not allow that race to continue. Okay, so they did not have any children. Okay, who had children who had children? No, and they were not survived by young ones. Okay. And he said that monkeys and pigs had been in existence even before that. Okay. monkeys and pigs had been in existence even before that. So even before this particular people were turned into apes, there were apes and monkeys that existed before them. Okay. And there were monkeys and apes that existed in other parts of the world

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as well. So it was only those particular people that were turned into apes, it is said that they're, you know, they would recognize each other and they will cry and they would, of course, be very grieved, and they died in that condition. Stop it a lot. So Kunal kiloton ha seen and

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About this Allah says * Hannah Kalin, we made it a deterring punishment, Lima beignet, a de Hawa Mahal, for her for those who were present at that time, and also those who succeeded them. Any for all people for all generations that were to come later. This is a deterring punishment. How is it deterring punishment, that it's a severe warning that don't play with the commands of Allah? Don't take them, you know, in mockery, that you know, you are using trickery and deceit basically, to make the unlawful lawful for yourself, do not do that. Because the consequences of this are very serious. We'll know we're Illa to little motor pain. And this is an admonition a lesson for those

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who fear Allah. Because those who fear Allah, there will not use trickery to turn unlawful into lawful to make unlawful lawful for themselves, they will not do that. And those who don't fear Allah, for them. This is not an admonition, no matter what warning they're given, they will not change their mind they will continue in their wrong ways. May Allah subhanaw taala, makers of the moutain those who are truly conscious fearful of Allah. Now we see that you know, the bene is slightly present at the time of the prophets of Allah who are do Salam, they're basically being reprimanded over here, that you know very well about the people who when they played around with the

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commands of Allah, they were punished very severely. What are you doing wake up, you are denying the Messenger of Allah, you are coming up with excuses and different justifications and different reasons to deny him sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you're using trickery, any clear verses in your book that point to the fact that this is the Messenger of Allah, you will ignore those verses you will give them certain interpretations. Why What are you doing? You are using trickery and deceit to get away to avoid certain matters. And this is not going to benefit you. This is going to ultimately harm you. And then we see in this incident that is mentioned over here, there is prohibition of hail

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right here is basically the use of trickery and deceit in order to make the unlawful lawful for oneself. Okay. And this is a form of transgression, and a form of clear disobedience. And the use of deception. Okay, is hypocrisy. We learned earlier about the hypocrites that they tried to deceive Allah. Alright, so what's happening over here, they're actually deceiving themselves. So for example, if you change the name of something from interest to, you know, something else, okay? From riba to something else, any you can call it inflation, okay? You can call it a fee. All right, whatever you call it. At the end of the day, interest is interest. Okay? Likewise, you know, for

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example, people will use the word Halal to justify or to legalize what is not permissible, for instance, halal nail polish. I think it's one of the biggest lies and forms of deception that exists today. Halal nail polish, what does that even mean? Nail polish is not haram. Okay, nail polish is Helen. However, when you're wearing nail polish you cannot make will do all right, because in order to make will do your nails have to be washed. And washed means that the water has to reach the surface of the entire nail. Okay, I remember I tested myself actually, I took some nail polish that was advertised as halal. Okay, very famous. I put it on coffee filter. Okay, a whole lot, just one

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layer. And I just put a drop of water. And it did not go through. It was not permeable. It was not permeable. And typically, if you put nail polish, you're not going to put one coat you're gonna put multiple coats, so it's not permeable. And even if you say it's permeable, it's not doing the job of loosen Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran regarding will do that fellow SEIU would you have come what it can wash your faces and your hands? Okay, washing does not mean that water is just going through the nail polish and perhaps it's touching your nail or maybe it's not touching the nail. Okay, so this is a huge risk. And by calling something halal, any this is just marketing tool. Okay,

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you can buy nail polish that is not even labeled Khaled, but if you're wearing it, remember

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or that you cannot make will do. So wear it on days when you don't have to pray or before you pray and you have to make will do remove it. Okay? You need this is use of trickery. It's amazing how long socks What is this socks are halal? No socks are haram. Okay. So people will use Islamic terms for the purposes of marketing and any we're risking something so serious any when it comes to Salah, remember first quality any when it comes to actions of the people of dukkha is what Alladhina Umina believe they believe in the unseen but what's their first action? When you came on Asana, they established prayer. And establishing prayer means that you're performing it properly, you're taking

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care of all the prerequisites, right? And one of the major prerequisites of Salah is will do so you have to pay attention to that you cannot take this matter lightly. So he when it comes to trickery and deceit in the matter of religion, this is something very serious. And what does it show and he this incident shows the greed of Bani Israel yield six days they could do fishing one day, they're required to take a break and find comfort and true rest by worshipping Allah. But they were too greedy for the world. And this also shows us that when you commit to Allah, right, when you make a promise with Allah, when you say that I will do this, then you are going to be tested, you're going

00:36:37 --> 00:37:24

to be tested, so that Allah subhanaw taala will see whether you're going to stay true or you're going to cheat. Right? Who is it because it's easy to say that I will obey. So Allah subhanaw taala will test you by putting you in different situations where you will be tempted to do what is wrong. And that is where your loyalty will be examined. Then we see in these verses that the punishment for a crime is always similar to the nature of the crime. They played a trick, right. And they were tricked. How they apparently did what is right. But in reality, they were not doing what is right. So they were putting their nets in on Friday taking them out on Sunday. We are not fishing but we're

00:37:24 --> 00:38:15

fishing. So they were turned into apes that look like humans, but they're not really humans. Any if you compare a monkey to a human being there's so much similarity. So much similarity. But we know that a monkey is not a human. So the punishment is always similar to the nature of the crime. And look at the great power of Allah and also the Wrath of Allah, that he just said Kuno be and they became. And this is an exemplary punishment a lesson for all people, but a Maori Law and admonition for the muda keen only meaning it is the Matatini who will change their behavior. Right? Other people will be like, Oh my god, wow, that's so scary. But who is it that will truly change their

00:38:15 --> 00:38:20

behavior? It is the people of the poor. May Allah subhanaw taala make us of the people of Taqwa.

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