Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2021 J01-009D Tafsir Al-Baqarah 41-43

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The Bible is a complete overview of the story and is not just a summary. The church's history is also discussed, including the confusion surrounding the Quran and the importance of setting rules and culture. The speaker emphasizes the need for people to set rules and culture, citing examples from the Bible and the Jewish tribes. The speaker also discusses the history of the Church of Jerusalem, including the church's use of the word "has" and the importance of humility in praying with the Prophet sallua.
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then it is said whatever um you know be Matt and Zell to and believe in what I have sent down, meaning believe in the Quran. So this is a very clear instruction that the Bani Israel you are commanded to believe in the Quran because you know some Muslims they will take certain verses of the Quran and they will try to generalize them and say that you know the bunny is slightly they're not required to believe in the Quran. They're just required to uphold the laws of the tobot but that's not the case. Because here what I'm you know who is being addressed the bunny is slow in that you all believe in what I have sent down. And what I have sent down the Quran is Musa Kalima, Mera Kaam

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it confirms the truth of that which is already with you. Now, how does the Quran confirm that which is already with the Bani Israel? First of all, it verifies you know, the Quran attests to the fact that the Torah it is from Allah, right that Allah is the One who revealed the tobot now of course the Thoth people have changed over time. And the fact that it was lost, it was forgotten. And then you know, people rewrote it. You need that, of course, is well known. But the point is, that Allah is the One who revealed a Talat right Allah is the One who revealed the Torah. So ameobi Martinsville to Musa de Colima, Morocco, and Musa Kalima, Mera Kaam. The Quran confirms it told it

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in another way as well, that it is exactly as it has been described, or the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa Salam is exactly as he was described in the Torah. There is another interpretation of this as well, you know, there are concepts in the Talat or even, you know, words of the Torah not, by the way, this is something you should know that the Hebrew of the Torah, any they don't know how exactly to recite it, okay? Any the words are there, but they can be recited in different ways. And we know that when a word is recited in a different way, it's read in a different way, then, you know, the meaning can change. And this is the reason why there's so many interpretations of the Bible, or

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rather, so many translations of the Bible, right? That if you ever compare one sentence, even, you know, one version will give a completely different meaning another version will give a completely different meaning. That's because it depends on the Hebrew reading. Okay, it depends on the Hebrew reading. So there are many ambiguities, basically, and many questions and many things that are unclear. And the only way of finding clarity is actually by looking at the Quran. Really, the Quran doesn't just confirm the Talat but it actually completes it. Okay, it completes it. Any, it helps you understand what the total lot is saying? You know, for example, in the story of Adam alayhis,

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salam, we learned that Allah subhanaw taala, taught Adam early salaam, the names of all things. And then he presented those things before the angels. And then he told the angels that you give the names of these, and the angels expressed their lack of knowledge. And then Allah subhanaw taala told Adam, or any Salam that you give the names of these things, right, so the Bible does not have the first part that Allah taught Adam, the names of all things. It only has a second part that Adam gave the names of things, as if Adam really Sam is the one who named everything. Whereas that's not the case. Right? What happened is that Allah taught Adam or the salam, the names of all things. And then

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Adam really said, I mentioned those names before the angels. So there is some description that is missing in the Bible. And this is just one example. And these ambiguities and these gaps, basically, how do you understand that? If you look at the creation story in the Bible, it seems like, you know, Adam is the first creation. All right, and immediately any person who has studied even basic science will begin to question well, what about the dinosaurs? Right? We know that the Earth is not just a couple 1000 years old, it's, you know, much older than that. So you know, the Quran gives us other details. The Quran told us are the really Sam is Khalifa. Right? And I told the different

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implications of that word. So the thing is that the Quran doesn't just confirm the Bible, and it doesn't just complement it. It is actually necessary for even understanding the Bible. So what am you know, Bhima and Zell to Musa de Colima, American, any you are in need of the Quran and you have

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have no reason to deny the Quran. You are most worthy of believing in the Quran because you are people with the Scripture. And if you deny the Quran essentially you are denying what is with you. You are denying what you have what God has given you. So me know Bhima and Soto Masada Kalima, Mera Kaam. And then it is said well at a corner a will occur feed in B, and do not be the first one to disbelieve in it, do not be the first to deny the Quran. Now, what does this mean? Because we know that this is a Madani surah and before the Bani Israel, any the Mushrikeen of Morocco they were also, you know, given the Quran, but what did they do? They denied they disbelieved before the

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tribes have been Lupino car and banana leaves. Right. So the Mushrikeen of Makkah, technically they disbelieved before the Jews of Medina. So what does it mean by this, do not be the first to disbelieve, this is understood in two ways. Do not be the first from your people, from your nation to disbelieve. Because these three Jewish tribes in Medina, they were the first, you know, of the Jewish people to be, you know, given the message of the Quran, right? So do not be the first and what is meant is that you are going to set the precedent. So if you disbelieve what's going to happen, you're going to be the first to disbelieve, you're going to set a tradition of disbelief.

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And that's exactly what happened. they disbelieved. And then the other Jewish tribes also, like people who lived in Haber, they also disbelieved and then later on, the rest of them have also disbelieved so who began this tradition of disbelief in the Quran from among the Bani Israel. It was the Jewish tribes that lived in Medina. So they're being told later Kuno a Willa Catherine be not the first humans, but the first from your nation. Okay. And also, to be the first to do something means what to be the first means to be the quickest write any, I'll be the first unit I'll go first. I'll go there before everybody else I'm more eager. You get it? It shows eagerness. So here do not

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be hasty. Let Hakuna or Willa Catherine be Do not be the first to disbelief. Meaning do not be hasty. And just reject because this is what they did. They said, Oh, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam is an Arab. All right. And therefore we don't believe this was their hasty conclusion. This was their impulsive conclusion, impulsive disbelief, you can see and had they paid attention. And had they really paid attention to the message of the Quran. And had they paid attention to the teachings of the Quran? Then they would not disbelieve, like, for example, are the Libin Salam radula Horne who he was a Jew, all right, he was from Medina. And when he saw the Prophet sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam, he said, This is not the face of a liar. This is not the face of a liar. And then he went and he, you know, spoke to the Prophet sallallahu earlier and asked him any questions, any when he gave thought gave time gave attention, did his research and what happened? The truth became clear to him and he believed, but you know the rest of his people without thinking they just made this conclusion, not for us. And you will find actually, many Jewish scholars also today, especially in academia, who will acknowledge that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was not a liar, he was a prophet. All right, but he was only for Arabs. He was only for those people, not for us, not for the

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Bani Israel. So this is their, you know, immediate disbelief without giving thought. So without a Kuno or Willa caffeine and be think about it, pay attention to it. And really, the more you, you know, study the Quran, and you study the Bible and you look at the connections and you look at how the Quran literally corrects and completes the Bible and literally, you know, fills those gaps. You cannot help but believe in the Quran. So well Elta Kuno Avila caffeine MB, what our Touchstone will be at feminine Padilla, then it is said do not sell my verses for a little price for a petty price, which verses the verses that Allah has revealed. And these verses could be the verses of the total

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lot. And it could be the verses of the Injeel could be the verses of the Quran, any scripture that Allah has revealed, do not exchange them meaning do not give them up to receive some petty price some little benefit of this dunya what is that little benefit of the dunya little in the sense that

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because it is the benefit of dunya it is little because cool Matera dunya. Kali, the benefit of the world is little no matter how much it is. So you see, when they rejected the Quran, what is it that they got? What benefit did they get? They got the benefit off, okay, we are still the chosen people. So we maintain our superiority over the rest of the mankind, right? And we can do whatever we want. So this is what this is the feminine kalila. And especially changing your religion, it's extremely difficult.

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Changing your religion can be extreme ly difficult because of what because you know that the privilege that you have right now is going to be lost, you're going to lose that privilege. People are going to treat you differently. Right. And we see this, you know, as soon as a person converts to Islam, they're treated differently. Sometimes they're cut off from their family. Sometimes they're treated differently just by random people on the street, treated differently by their coworkers. So you can only imagine that the bunny is hot. You also they had this fear that they were going to lose out there were going to miss out. They were going to lose. You know the privileges

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that they enjoyed. If they accepted Islam, like for example, Abdullah bin Salam Rotella Horne who I gave you his example earlier, he was considered the best of his people. You know, at one point of delivering Salam was with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And what happened is that some Jewish people came their elders, their scholars came, and our beloved salaam was hiding in that room, so they couldn't see him but the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam knew that Abdullah bin Salam was there. So anyway, they you know, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam asked them about Abdullah bin Salam, what kind of a man is he? You know, and they praised him a great deal. He's the best of us,

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you know, he has so much knowledge, we respect him so much. He's so good. He's this, he's that they praised him a great deal. And then Abdullah bin Salam came out. And he declared his belief in Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And then what happened is that those Jewish scholars, they began hurling insults at our beloved son um, you are the worst of us, right? That you have no knowledge you are the worst of us, we have no respect for you, they completely changed. So, sometimes, you know, there is you know that if you will follow the verses of Allah, you are going to experience some kind of loss. But that loss is only temporary. And you know, sometimes there is a

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parent benefit in leaving the verses of Allah. There's some kind of benefit that you think you're getting, by leaving the verses of Allah but that benefit is what it is feminine kalila so they're told lash through be it feminine kalila what EJ have a token and have the core of only me, no one other than me, meaning have fear of Allah. So earlier that we're told what E Yaya for baboon, right, be vigilant to have fear with all. And then the EEA of a Takuan have Taqwa of Allah.

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And Taqwa you see earlier when they were ordered to remember Allah's blessings, and believe they were told to have rubber, and here when they are prohibited from and cautioned against disbelief, they're told to have Dukkha So, taqwa is what then you put a shield between yourself and our other job, right the punishment of Allah. So, II, I have a token, fear only me and do not disbelieve, then it is said when I tell this will help Kabul badly and do not mix the truth with falsehood. Now, tell me Sue lateral be Sue lobbies, I'll be Sue I mentioned to earlier is to basically mixed together different things and when different things are mixed together, then basically the matter becomes

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obscured, right you cannot tell things apart you cannot distinguish. So what is happening here do not mix the truth with falsehood. Okay? Which means that they were mixing truth with falsehood. Okay, how were they mixing truth with falsehood? They were, you know, for example, within the Scripture, okay. They were mixing their own words, their own editions, their own interpretations and editing the Scripture. Okay, distorting the meanings. Okay. And sometimes it's really amazing. I remember in class that I took on Bible studies, the professor, he would always tell us that, you know, this dictionary that he told us to use that, you know, whenever you see a translation, you

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want to look at the original Hebrew, and you want to see what it means. And then you want to see how

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that word has been translated in different translations of the Bible. You know, at times he would tell us that this is not a good translation, this is not a fair translation. So the point is that you need it's a mixture of truth and falsehood, you cannot tell what is originally part of the thought and what has been added by people. So lateral, this will help Kabul badly, this is something that they will do a lot. And otherwise also, at the time of the Prophet sallallahu, alayhi wasallam, they would really mix the truth with falsehood, meaning they would not clarify the truth. So for example, once the Mushrikeen of Makkah, they asked the Jews of Medina about the Prophet sallallahu

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alayhi wasallam, that who was better guided? Are we better guided? Or is Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam better guide and the use of Medina said that you guys meaning the Mushrikeen you all are better guided then Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam and his followers a stuff that Allah you are better than Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam his followers any logically doesn't make sense. Secondly, if you think about it, who was closer to the Bani Israel in terms of religion in terms of belief in terms of practice, from which they came no way wish they came were idol worshipers, and Muhammad Sallallahu Urdu sentiment as followers, they're worshipers of Allah alone. So technically, they are,

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you know, closer to them. But still, what did they do? They confuse the truth with the falsehood. So the mushy keen now were further you know, misguided. So they're told let it be some hackable badly. And a lot of times, you know, people would come to the Jews of Medina, and they would try to ask them because they were people of Scripture. What do you say about Muhammad Sallallahu Newson and they would never give a straight answer. So do not do that. What ducting will help. Do not conceal the truth wasn't entirely Manuel, you know, you need do not conceal the truth knowingly? How do you conceal the truth knowingly by not proclaiming it? Right, by hiding the truth that you have, by not

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letting people know it? So for example, you know, at one point, what happened is that there was a case of Xena, okay, and the Jews, they came to the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam asking him for his ruling that what punishment would you give? So the Prophet sallallahu hernias, and I'm told them to bring the tow dots and look at the toad off, what does the toad see. So the part where the punishment was given, you know, mentioned, all right, the man who was reading it, literally put his fingers on the text, and he literally jumped over that particular section. Okay, this is a form of what concealing the truth, and one of the companions who knew how to read, and the prophets of Allah

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who already sent him he encouraged certain companions to learn Hebrew, and also to learn to read and write it. And he pointed out that this man has literally gone over that section, he did not read it. So this is just one example of concealing the truth. So do not conceal the truth, will entirely Moon while you know. And you know, the verse of Deuteronomy that I mentioned to you that, you know, how it mentions the coming of a prophet, that is also something that is hidden, you know, they hide it, they conceal it, or they mix the truth with falsehood. Right? That verse is not talking about a messiah, it's talking about a prophet. Right? And it's not saying that he's going to be only from

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Bani Israel from yourselves can mean a human being like you living in your proximity and close to you. So you know, giving it certain interpretations, and then mixing the truth with falsehood. This leads to confusion. Allah subhanaw taala has revealed the scriptures and prophets to clarify truth and if you do the opposite, that you hide parts of the truth, or you mix it with falsehood, so that people cannot tell what is right what is wrong, you are opposing the plan of Allah. You are opposing the plan of Allah stuff that Allah so do not do that and then they're told what upheaval salata will add to the Cata word karuma, rock urien three things they're told in this ayah established salah,

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right? And established salah, meaning establish it properly, internally and externally, internally that you're focused, you're attentive, if your heart is present, and externally, that your limbs you know, your tongue, everything, you know, the way that you're performing, you're performing it properly. You're fulfilling all of the conditions. Akima salata and what at Azusa katha, give this a cat to who to those who deserve it, and especially those deserving of the cat or people who are in need, right? So

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I pray Salah that's the right of Allah gives the cat because the cat, it will purify your soul, it will cleanse your wealth. And it will also uplift people in society. So established Allah gives a cat what karuma unlock your screen and bow down with those who bow down. Now, how do you do to court you don't just randomly do to court. I mean, there's such that you do right out of Chicago, you can just make such but you don't just randomly do to court. Right ReCore is always part of Salah. So what is meant by what karuma Allah Kyren is that pray with those who pray pray Salah with those who pray, and who were a lucky rain when this ayah was revealed. It was the companions of the Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So basically the Bani Israel are being told, go and join their roles and pray along with them. Pray in Jamara with them, pray with them. Right join the congregation worker O'Meara rockery, don't separate yourselves. Don't stay away, join the Sahaba come under the leadership of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and when rucola is mentioned, you know it could have been said with salumeria mousseline, right pray Salah with those who are praying, when ReCore is mentioned, ruku is especially being highlighted. What does recover show, Luca is what that you are humbling yourself, you're bending down, right? It's the beginning, you bend down, and then

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eventually you're going to center. So Humble yourself before Allah, surrender yourself before Allah, go pray with those who pray. And this is also an indication of you know how important it is to pray in congregation. So in all of these commands, I mean, there's so many lessons that we can take for ourselves as well.

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