Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P28 286A Translation Al-Tahrim

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Mohammed who went to Saudi Arabia Saudi and Kareem, a MacArthur Oda bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Abbas Rafi Saudi were Sidley Emery, Washington. Letter melissani of Kabul Cody probenecid. In our in surah. Taha dream, I a number one to 12 Translation yeah a you her or an OB you the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam Lima why? To help remove, you make unlawful ma that which a handler he made lawfull Allahu Allah Leca for you. WT le you seek mulata pleasure as well Adric of your wives will Allah Who and Allah, La food on most forgiving or Haman, Most Merciful

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God in fact, for although he has ordained Allah who Allah Lacan for you, the hate letter to dissolve or dissolution, a Manickam of your oats, Wallah who and Allah molar calm your protector, well who and he is a Arlene they always all knowing al Hakim they always always what if and when a server he confided another you the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam ala towards BB some as YG he his wives, Hadith and a statement for Lama so when no but she informed be with it. What end of horror who he made it apparent Allahu Allah, or lay he upon him I love her he made known Barbra who some of it were our other and he turned away on from Berlin some fellow mama so when not her, he informed her

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be here with it. All that she said, Man who America he informed you Heather this color he said, not Bernie, he informed me and Arlene they always all knowing a hobby the always all aware in if the tuba you do repent it Allah to Allah for God so in fact, saw it inclined Kulu boo Kuma hearts of YouTube we're in and if de la hora you to support each other? Are they he against him? For in them indeed, Allah Allah Hua he is molar who? His master his protector? What do you believe you and Gibreel wa salehoo unrighteous ultimate meaning of the believers? Well, Mala Iike to end the angels bar the Delica after that was a he is helpers

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Arsa perhaps robber who his rope in if for lack Hakuna, he divorced you on that you Padilla who he will give in exchange to him as well done wives hyaluron better men corner then you mostly Matt in ones who are submissive? What mean Earth in ones who believe only 13 ones who are constantly obedient, the Ebert in ones who repent, I'll be the ones who worship sir hurtin ones who fast. Say you bet in ones who were previously married, whatever, Cara and virgins. Yeah, Are you her or Alladhina those who are Manu, they believed to you All save and forsaken yourselves. What Alikum and your families now the fire Waku her its fuel a NASA the people while he gyro and the stones are lay

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her upon it, Mala Iike tune angels, Lila's on ones who are harsh she died on ones who are severe. Low not your Asuna they disobey Allah her Allah man what a Mara whom he ordained them, he commanded them. We have our Luna and they do ma whatever you maroon they are commended. Yeah. Are you her or Alladhina Cafaro those who disbelieved? Let's do not delta do you all make excuses. polyoma today in nama indeed not but to rizona you all are recompensed. Ma what control you were there Malone you all do. Here Are you hurt or Alladhina amanu those who believe

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Need to boo you all repent it Allah to Allah, though button a repentance now sue her sincere Arsa perhaps Rob Bukom Europe and that you can feel he will expiate and come from you say he Adhikam your sins, were you the healer calm and he will admit you Jannetty into gardens tragedy it flows men from that the her underneath it and how the rivers, Yeoman on de la not your Z, he will disgrace Allahu Allah Inaba, yet the Prophet, one Lavina and those who am a no they believed Mara who with him, no rowhome their light, yes, it will run by an ad him before them will be Emani him and by their right sides. Your coluna they will say Rob burner or our Rob at me, you complete Lennar for us no Rana,

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our light Wellfit and forgive Lana for us in Nikka Indeed you are Allah upon cliche in everything are the Iran always all Abel? Yeah, are you hurt? Oh another you the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam jarhead do jihad strive hard alcohol against the disbelievers while Munna Philippine and the hypocrites well Lo and be severe or lay him against them. Well my way home and their abode. Johanna who is * will be TSA and how bad and must lead the destination? La robber he struck. Allahu Allah methylene an example. Lil La Vina Cafaro for those who disbelieved. imbricata wife, new hen of new

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WA and imata wife looting of loot Canada Day to work under our Bedini do servants men from arriba Dena our worshipers our servants slyly Hain to righteous for Hanukkah Houma but they betrayed them to follow them so did not Unia day to availed on humor from them to mean Allah from Allah che anything what below and it was said oh do hula you to enter a now of the fire MA with a Delphi lien those who enter

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well God Oba and he struck Allahu Allah methylene and example, Lila Xena for those who are new they believed in Bata wife for her own affair own it when pilot she said Robbie Oh my Rob ebony you build li for me. Indica near you Beighton a house Phil Jana in the Paradise one a genie and save me men from fit her own affair own where our money he and his deed when a genie and save me made from alone the people a volley mean those who are unjust.

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Well Maria Maria and Maria iannetta daughter Imran of Imran ality she who is Linnet she guarded Fauja her private part fun of offner so we blue. We breathed fi he it men from ru Hanaa our spirit was so delicate and she testified be Kelly met with words. Rob behalf of her Rob Baku to be he and his books. What can at and she was men from L carnitine. Those who are constantly obedient

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let's listen to the recitation.

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Bismillah your Bosch manual he yeah

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maybe Ulema to have the Moon

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who enough waters

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along walking

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along Hola.

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Hola Hola. Hola. Hola.

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Thanking what a soft one maybe you eat as leggi he had deja

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vu video we're Oklahoma who laws are they?

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Better heavy upon that's

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for me.

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law he bravado salatu

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either law one

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meaning one

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as you're

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the bed

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Are you ready

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now all now

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eager to

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learn soon Aloha

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Yes Are you ready

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to go

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I feel

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why would you feel

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God Do you

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know who Mia's

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ad will be a man in your

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son nosey

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LaBella who

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led me in

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anybody now saw this ad for

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well dealer

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TV was all about love

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in order to be really

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one god

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one Genie Mina Lubomir lordy me one of Leanna

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Rente salon itself

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was the hot speaker to be able to be one want to Nina loop on et

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