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Hamdulillah you want

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was salat wa salam Wa Lebanon Libya Vida la Mulana de about a Walla

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Walla not sure yet about

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a man who follow me now you're gonna shave all your demons Mila you're off man in the

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summer another format Bella was

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for color in her classes we will start on set up Allah will ask him my dear respected elders and brothers. We are aware that from time to time we speak about certain Companions of our beloved military sallallahu alayhi wa sallam with the intention of gaining benefit and lessons from the unique and amazing life.

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And today, there's a hobby that I want to speak about it as a hobby that his qualities and more importantly, his bravery, and his exploits in the battlefield are such that today the month yearns for those qualities, and the movement yearns for such bravery and that is none other than save for Allah the sword of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala as honey pinworthy to the Allah hotel

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from Washington for Washington Sahaabah

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for RT sabe que viremia Ambien kurunjang fuschia OSA for bahagia ruukki

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for dwell TT Allah subhanho wa Taala kisi ko Bella for my essay inshallah and maybe there is some people who are starting to plumb the depths in shallowness

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and Halloween when easily Allah with Ron was amongst the very from amongst, or came from a tribe who was very prominent from amongst the courage was strong message. And his tribe was very much zoom, or go Julian Castro Mira Tom Caterpillar, where he committed to

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the very same claim that a Mujahideen was from the same day. So that's why I always tell people that don't make a generality don't make things general, that you know, from this claim, this old people are there. All people are in this particular way, from the same clay came up with the same claim from Columbia.

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The same plan, but yet we sometimes in our conversation with big general claims, which is not correct. And nevertheless, from the same Panama zoom, Claire came Abuja and the same in a way, Cali Pinewood, it will be Allah who was a nephew of Abuja.

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And together with that, he was also the nephew from his mother's side of Maimunah. The woman who married the mother of the faithful, the wife of our beloved Nivea cream sauce, the wife of Maria consortium has it Maimunah she was the highlight of as a Colombian drug. And therefore, it is also well known that later on when he became a zahavi, he used to come to the house of Maimunah to study

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the house of his color to study the life of our beloved Mr. loveless come. Anyway, Halloween, whatever they allowed to do was from this particular tribe, caliphate, whatever the ultra household also was a person who was very skilled.

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And on a heart, he was very skilled and he was very, very brave. He was in the forefront with regard to all types of skills to do with warfare. From the very beginning. It is said that he was a very towering personality, his personality and his appearance was just like Uber or the Ultron. And therefore people used to think that he was a twin brother of model

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because of the personalities and the appearance that you want another and it is said about as cutting people literally allow Toronto he was very muscular. And there was not an ounce of extra fat on his body. They say there was never an ounce of extra fat on his body, completely muscular, someone who was trying to fight in the path of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala is Allah subhanho wa Taala was to choose and Allah Tala was to you know, take work from him in that particular time. Maybe a cream sauce limited, they are

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the one who is good in Jai liegt and ignorance but the good in Islam many times a person has great qualities in ignorance in a national handover to Allah take those good qualities that were indignant, and that Allah uses in Islam, and that was the quality of a

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The Taliban whenever they allow now Taliban whatever they allow time whose father already been moved here is also a very famous personality or maybe I should say infamous, okay what if what if Bill will get up maybe a cream sauce will itself Bushman or courageousness is upset or hunker down with a

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musalman ordinary uttering saucer, and that Allah has made mention of what in many places in the Quran about his enmity, his hostility, but also in a way, his inclination for a while towards Islam. One day he heard the acronym sa celebrating, chill out. And what does it mean? Well, there are many, many different incidents, when once he came to visit him saw Philips, and he came to present the acronym SOS and he told the police leave me although I'm speaking about Cali, it'd be interesting to speak about his father because Allah has made mention of it in the Quran. So he came to the vehicle himself from Libya cut himself slim recited the beginning ayat of surah Harbin system Subhanallah

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and he first came and he told the police leave me to me I can exhaust I will convince the vehicle himself to leave Islam. So he came to the VA Kareem so Salam, O Muhammad, whatever you want from the means of profit, dude, I'm gonna have chatty Okay.

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Qureshi, Sudan, Punjab to September,

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September the end of March.

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If you want wealth, whatever wealth you want, we will keep you if you want any woman to get married to have this

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job, we have Chaya Shanika

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so whenever we are getting sales from Nikka what is happening to her to her Africa to Africa as I've said whatever I said let me tell you this awesome said Listen to me. Maybe a trim sir slim red harmony Citadel when it came to the iron fear for an adult that will come upon you that came upon Adam.

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When he put his head on a via crimson allow reason was mouth and said Patricia

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Oh, my nephew's enough I can't take any more. One provide made mentioned when he continued and he made system what it also makes it also we're gonna be attending sauce. When he heard the Quran. He said in the Hadith, the Halawa to what Allah to this Quran has got such a beauty. It is something that is amazing. I can put that I can't put a lid on it. I can't. I can't explain what it is. This was really so when he started showing inclination towards Islam and the Quran Abuja Hello. They were all worried the police are worried. So they said Abuja had said he wanted to be how he would speak to anchor to NHS you want to do cardio. So he came in he told what he said when he We the People of

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Croatia starting to think that we have become poor. Now worried was the most wealthiest person amongst the fresh. His garden spreads from Makkah to type a belimbing a percent of seropositive he has made mentioned his annual income was 10 million gold coins. 10 million dinars. Allah Allah in the Holy Quran calls him what he Mumtaz boon for it unique. Allah has given him so much favors of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala this was what he was the father of, of Harlequin, whatever the Allahu Trani but even become a Muslim. All of this he showed so I Bucha Helene came and said when he people are saying you won't become a better you have gone to Muhammad to beg for food

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to eat.

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Kapoor carrier board as you get married, now my dad make SAP carry Monsanto, how can I become a better? So he said What do you mean? They say you are going to hammer that you have been inclined towards Islam and towards the Quran. So they started speaking. So what he thought about child you know, if you call Muhammad a liar, I will take you to any community to put any he never ever spoke lies in his life. How can you call him a liar? Then you call him different things. You call him a poet? I know poetry This is not poetry. This is pure poetry. Then, so ago John said it is not a liar is not a power. Then what is it? So Natalia in the Holy Quran has made mention of it. So Manasa

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Samad Bella was the Allah Allah says that this person was your Altona Humala.

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We gave him so much from the 1.9 Malaviya or but

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his children were with him. For your children to be with you is a favor of Allah Allah. Allah makes mention of it as a neighbor, but Chica after sat Hoonah here.

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Allah Tala was gonna never get over bioinformatics.

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Jakob oualidia In Bucha.

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They will stop me for talking to you

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Give me they can meet yet okay.

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Quran massacre for my occupa Chica sad

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for your children to be with you is the name of the Almighty Allah subhanho wa taala. Nevertheless, to another Anika

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Bara was talking about he frowned and he showed arrogance, and he thought Abuja had a good scan. Now, if you want to do something to Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Paul have yet to

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come and say he's a magician, to the means of magic. He's changing, changing people. So this was his father, what he'd been moving. He didn't become a Muslim, all the major people of Quraysh were killed in the Battle of what he wasn't killed. But few weeks after button was small time of epidemic. He one day went to go and visit a person who was you know, making swords and spears, and he trampled upon it. And that became a wound in his legs, which became inflamed and he died out of them such an undignified death. So yeah, what he people worried people because of this column in Bali

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also was in the forefront of enmity and hostility against Islam in the Muslim maybe a creamy sauce lab in Islam to shut up or boost Medina cerifera is

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now in the Battle of butter, it'll take back when he killed his brother when he when he when he people it is also an amazing human being Abia Kajima he became the means of the diet of bodybuilding that we make mention of it was supposed to speak to Hallie but because I read all of these things clappia SomnoMed, page Coteaux when even when he was taken captive in the battle over them, so because his father was so wealthy, he's ransom was the most amongst all the captains of

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charge as our dinner. 4000 dinars was his ransom to eat dinner the naked year, and who came Halloween when he came? So Halloween when he came to Medina to keep 4000 dinars to help them and to free his brother when

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he was just after he freed his brother when he been worried. taking him back to Makkah, they came to Gurudeva zoo with a female puncher, Olympian Malika metal Islam and

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how to become a Muslim. So how did they come in? Why did you give us an answer?

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I've never because basically they were racing to enter Medina was a man who were having some trouble committed to the guide

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to I will not become a Muslim. Why you represent, why is the President I will become a Muslim as a pre post as

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Gary Cohn Kearney, I want to become a Muslim might have a president I will become a Muslim while a free person. So what does it mean when he becomes a Muslim? Now what does it mean when it was to become the means of the Himalayan Academy? Long story, so holofil When he was very, very good in that whole thing, and he showed his battle and his prowess and his strength in the battlefield against Islam in the Muslims in the early stages of Islam. Foremost amongst them was the Battle of butter. Butter may pura Naksha but then Jordan, cream sauce thermal muscle man Fatah, she customer contact Surfaris Sussman Caribbean, Caribbean when he was the one who change the image and victory

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of Islam and Muslims and work towards defeat. He saw that the 50 artists and the via cream sauce in a place they had left they actually they have left the place. He came from the plants and he came in to take the Muslims and the Muslims suffered a setback. As an observer the ultimate Shaheed will set them Saba corn Connemara, who was the one who Oh, who did all of that was,

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said Shadowman Islam.

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You had the word man Surfaris shrews. He was the one who was Ben Franklin hostility. So in this particular way, he changed the conditions of the Battle of Wuhan. And then also other battles also, in the Battle of the Trench. They gave him the responsibility to try and assassinate Kareem sorcerer on queers in midair. You want to take it to heaven, Libya, Kareem saw some cop shaker. So he tried his diversionary tactics. So have you been wanting throughout his life as a military general in which again, great amount of victory, one of his ways that he used was he used to create a diversion in the battlefield in such a way the enemies used to think about something and he used to create a

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diversion. That diversion even used to crate with the horses. And the animals used to be completely the enemies used to be confused. You will get a gift card. It was his amazing way of how he used to do it. So in 100 People

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in between but he wasn't successful in who Davia he also was given the responsibility to prepare pro prevent Muslims coming into Makkah. Okay, yes, you need on a day to two and a half. Musa Monaco Rocky. Anna, can you give me an example I live in Wellington every particular way he was in the forefront of being against Islam and the Muslims, then included here, I think it was most likely who Libya is more or it was in 101 of the battles he saw Sahaba making stiletto. Now stiletto hope is a very specific namaz which Allah makes mentioned in the first part of the Quran can put a toll no to any chamartin Salaam Misha minneota. They all don't get involved in Serato Jamaat half makes certain

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German half either better fee, then those have go there to the Metro field. The other half time it makes sense that it's the latter half. Allah Tala has made mention of it in the Holy Quran. He said when I saw that salad the first time, the beauty of Islam came into my mind and came into my heart, too, he says and he made mention of it. Then Allah Tala wanted to put good in my life. I'm not gonna put Islam in my heart for my udv love the Yoshi Roxa the rewarding Islam, but Allah Allah wants to give people a diet, Allah opens their heart for Islam. So in that particular time, two things happen. Don't cheesy.

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One workout was a dream.

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And that one was also amazing. He saw a dream that he was in a flat, flat lane, restricted lane. There was nothing in that lane. And Allah Tala or someone transported him from that land, to a green and fertile land. For him. That was not only a dream, it was a vision. It was official.

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Year 200 We'll check to make sure people shall be happy. It was a meaning of being on the ship, and green green for talent and going towards the stuff. Then what he did was he wrote him a letter his brother only wrote him a letter

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G. He said, You know, after Ruka Catholic o salad, a person who's got intelligence like you, and a person who's got foresight like you, how can you remain oblivious, and ignorant about Islam up just as the heat

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up Islam said now

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I've got to tell you take a serif Paris spelling stamp.

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And it is said to be utterly exhausted. I'm saying the same thing. And now we're getting so someone was asking about you. And he said well, he's such an intelligent person. How can he not accept Islam may still be social can be a soldier, can

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he you know, a child near a Kadar Zahida, cello Doctor Jackson will

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WM Nicaea did anyone ever think that this person has got talent? He's got intelligence, he can debate something. Let me speak to you about Islam. We never do it. Because we are afraid of afraid afraid of labels. But this was a sunnah who himself so that he can himself, you know, approached him. So this was two things that happened he saw a dream. And then actually what happened was that now instead of the concerns, I thought, I'll speak about it. Maybe we'll have to do one more week. Inshallah. I'll get into like after

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you've come next because we're always going to oddities, postpone it for one week anyway. But anyway, what happened was, so one day I was to find the leader of the courage came until I heard that you want to accept Islam. So then he said, First, though, previously, people used to be a free Gallopin said, Yes, I want to accept this SubhanAllah. So then, there was almost a skirmish between abou Sofia and

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broadswords. He came up and he came, and he told Abu Sofia not on the basis of truth because Rama was also the enemy, but it was also

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the cousin of Halloween. And he said How dare you to have a problem if you want to become a Muslim? He's got every right to become a Muslim.

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He thought I was stupid, who are you to stop

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and this became the means of economic also becoming a muslim. So how Allah Tala works, people who are who are hostile, they become Muslims, we should never lose hope. So then he started he said no one is angry. So on the way he made two Sahaba one was postman Mintel, ha and among us say that why you on your way, didn't leave Medina together, or simply when I was sad last time me then how God Medina

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was attacked.

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Islam we want to accept Islam, also among women as became a Muslim afterwards. That's a long story I won't go into it

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to get past it. So when it came going to be a cream sauce that maybe salsa became so

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instead the Quraysh has given us the, the inside of the body. Inside of the bodies were the most important parts of the body as the Qureshi has given us, the inside of the body in front of us. amarapura has Postman brintellix and Harlequin when it came to accept Islam. When he came in accepted Islam, he was very when it

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came very fast. I doubt that

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maybe a cream sauce from Seneca and Islam.

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Islam wipes away all the people of the past call him in when he became the Muslim became a personal and then he was to become the safe will love the sort of Islam. And amazingly it happened that after he became a Muslim, two weeks after that the petro puja took place where he showed his first bravery and his first monetary genius. Two weeks after he accepted Islam, then we will make mention of inshallah next week, and when he became a Muslim is three Sahaba will became a Muslim in the Quran in the 27th. So part of the Quran thing is a distinction made between people who accept Islam before Fatah Makkah, and those who accept Islam after Fatima. These were the last three who are regarded to

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be Marceline. Here Mahajan, QSF Modafinil after the Sahaba job to hydrate yourself Modafinil code of her year getting

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nothing like it was a trophy and inshallah we will make mention of it again next week about the remarkable and beautiful life of Halevi money, the Allahu Terrano work through that one and below.