Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P20 202C Tafsir Al-Qasas 76-80

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The conflict between the people and leaders of Islam has been a conflict between the people and leaders, causing people to become less liked and less valued. The use of money in the "hereafter" world, including money for property earnings, is emphasized. The importance of not showing off one's success or victory, not showing off or bouncing off a statement, and not showing off or giving people what they should do is emphasized. The importance of spending money in the future to enjoy one's life and achieve success is emphasized, along with the negative consequences of plastic pollution and its potential consequences, including chaos and pollution. The speakers emphasize the importance of living in a healthy lifestyle and not just giving money to others.
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number 76.

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Now an example is given off man's helplessness despite his power, despite his riches, despite his knowledge, because generally what is it that makes us criticize Allah's decisions? What is it that makes us refuse Allah's decree? His orders that I know better, I can disobey. Nothing's going to happen. We are deceived by our power, we are deceived by our freedom. We are deceived by our knowledge. So over here an example is given that no matter what we have, we are still helpless before Allah. And this example is of Kowloon in Macau Runa indeed, Kowloon Cana he was mean call me Musa from the people off Musa alayhis salam people of Masada Salam, meaning he was from those people

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to whom Busan is and I was sent to and particular from the Bani Israel. He

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was from one group, the Bani Israel in from the people of Masada, Sudan. But what did he do? First of all, that he rebelled, he exceeded the bounds I lay him against them against you against his own people, meaning against the Bani Israel Eve. So far Baja I laid him he turned eyes them he oppressed them. It is said that karoun He was actually Mossad is an AMS cousin.

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All right. Now even if he was not a direct cousin, he was from the bunnies for you. Mossad is almost from the Bani Israel and since the bunny is why you are a tribe or tribe, each person is somehow related to the other. So he was a relative of masala Sana. He was related to Masada, Sudan through blood and was very, very rich. He was very wealthy and his riches as described over here, but

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because of his wealth, he actually turned against Bani Israel

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and he sided with Fidel.

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It is said that Aryan was appointed by frown as a tax collector over the Bani Israel.

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Right because he was far among them. So he was appointed by found that you have to collect the taxes from the bunnies way. Right?

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And instead of being lenient with a bunny, sloth you how was he he was very oppressive. He dealt with them arrogantly.

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Allah says Fabella I lay him. Why did he turn against his own people? What is it that made him so heartless? I mean, so insensitive?

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What is it that made him like that? It was his friendship with Ferraro and it was his money. And sadly, this is what happens with many people that as soon as they, you know, make friends with certain rich people or big guys, then it is if they have no mercy left for the creation of Allah subhanaw taala. As soon as the person gets money, it's as if he's in a different world now.

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He doesn't have any feelings of compassion for Allah's creation. So for the lighly him, what are they now who and we gave him menial Canarsie of treasures, canoes is a poor love comes, we gave him treasures, meaning he had no need to be oppressive with the people. Allah had given him so much. You know, this oppression against the money so you could be being very strict with them demanding too many taxes from them and being very unfair of them, that even though they were living in very miserable conditions, he had no mercy for them. He was never lenient. He always took from them. Did he really need to take all that money from the bunnies for you in the form of taxes? Did he really

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need that? No, Allah already enriched our room. Allah had given him so much money, but still he turned against his people, and canoes, remember, it's the coil of cans and cans is used for a treasure a huge amount of wealth. And sometimes it is used to describe wealth, which is alive because Moza cat was given on it, meaning no share of the poor was taken out of it. And also that which is hidden,

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meaning everybody does not have access to it. So Allah gave him treasures, how many treasures how much was this wealth that Arun had? mad at which indeed methoxy who is keys, my Fatiha McPhatter plural of the word Mr. Metha is key. So the keys of those treasures because the CANS is locked up, right? It's hidden, so it has to be locked up. Now let's say there's a box or let's say there's a room and it's locked up. How do you lock it with the key? All right. Now sometimes what happens in some people their keychains are there maybe two or three keys?

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why they need a key to their car, they need the key to their house and they need a key to their mailbox house. But then some people they have an extra key, or a locker in a bank and then another key of a locker and another bank. The more keys you have, what does it mean?

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For more treasures you have? Right? Another person has like five more keys because of their business. Right? So why keys you have more treasures you have? So the keys are his treasures. How many were there?

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There were so many that they would let her know. Surely it meaning there meaning the keys would burden.

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They would burden whole bill us Bertie and our ASA, a group of people

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which kind of group of people, only

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ones of strength.

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Meaning he had so many treasures, that just the keys of those treasures when they would be carried by a group of strong men. That group of strong men would feel burdened by those keys. So it wasn't just one keychain with a we know what five or six keys? How many keys was it?

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How many keys probably many because the word or Osma is used for a group of 10 to 40 people.

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Okay 10 to 40 people so he couldn't even k the keys of his treasures himself. This is the point he needed all group of strong men to just carry the keys

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all right. Now it's possible that the keys were really big at that time, which is why would burden a group of people but even if they were big still How many were they? How many you know treasure boxes did this man possess? How many in a store houses? How many you know places in which he had locked up his treasure? How many banks did he hold? Like seriously? Let her know billows Betty? You see some people their wallets are very light and tell people their wallets are mashallah mashallah bags some bags and raise small empty and other bags are like stuffed with stuff and you wonder what is in there? Shouldn't Wonder by the way, whatever is there is there okay. So let us buy the oil cooler.

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This is just to

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you know, make us understand how much wealth this man was given by Allah subhanaw taala so what happened? If Allah this man he especially rebelled against his people in all Allahu colluvial When his people said to him meaning the Bani Israel said to him Latha for

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don't be too happy.

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Don't show off. Don't rejoice in Allah Allah your head will very Hain indeed Allah does not like the exultant fetish from Surah four means to be happy, whether telling him Don't be happy with the blessings that Allah has given you. What kind of happiness is this? funny huh? It's basically rejoicing above measure, rejoicing above measure, meaning there's a certain level of celebrating your victory. Right? Like yes. Okay. And then there is another way that you just throw your bat up in the air and you don't care that fall in somebody's head is throwing up because I'm the man.

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I'm the best. You know, like they say that some people are very good at celebrating and others are horrible at celebrating they will booboo others and they will go on creating facade. This is rejoicing above measure. So NACA is a paradise above measure. Don't behave on thankfully, don't show off. Don't be exalted because Allah does not like this arrogance in people. And this is an important lesson for us also, that if Allah subhanaw taala gives us any form of victory, any form of success. Any blessing shouldn't be showing off. We should be grateful to Allah subhanaw taala like the prophets of Allah sunnah when he entered Makkah as a victor, how did he enter? How did he enter?

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Bowing down right? His head was so low that His beard was almost touching the saddle into the human eye at 2324. Allah subhanaw taala says, well look at our son Musa brr, Tina was Sultani Morphine elaphiti. Our own our Harmon are called

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for Calusa hidden camera that Allah has printed out a scent was on SNL, with miracles peer evidence due to fraud on her man and our own.

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But they all said He's a magician. So our role also he turned against Masada Saddam, he turned against his people. And he was very proud of that that Allah subhanaw taala had given him

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so his people advised him that don't be so happy. Don't be done.

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wouldn't buy your wealth be grateful to Allah. And they didn't just say Be grateful they actually showed him how to they actually told him. And this is a complete advice which we'll see in the next aisle. You know, it's very easy to say don't show off. But then you tell the person what should they do? Right, give them an alternate. So what did the people say to him? They said we're better hurry and seek. Go ahead.

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Yes, they're his people, the people of Korean meaning the people that he was related to the people that he was from that he belonged to and who are they? Many slaves over here Bani Israel are advising and meaning some people from the Bani Israel advised him Don't show off. Right? And then they continue beside and seek FEMA attack Allah who, through that which Allah has given you, whatever Allah has given you, what is it that you should seek through it? a barrel, the home of the Hereafter? You see, money is not bad in and of itself. Its use is what makes it good or bad. Right? It's about how you feel about it that makes it good or bad. So the term seek the home of the

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Hereafter through this money that Allah has given you. One of them sir, and do not forget dancer from this yarn. Moon senior do not forget Missy Becca, your share in a dimia of the world in the world. Meaning just because you're pursuing the hereafter. Don't completely leave worldly pleasures. Right? Remember to have fun over here too. That's Hello, right in the halal way. Use the money that Allah has given you.

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What I sin, the third thing they say to him as asin that do X and meaning be good. Come on, just as some Allah who like Allah has been good to you, meaning Allah gave you so much. So you should also give to others be generous towards those who have less than you. In the Quran. Allah tells us Wolfie gladly and happily Sadie will mahalo in their wealth is a share for who for the question. I mean, the one who asks, and the one who was deprived, went up the hill for cyber fill arts. And they also said to him, do not seek facade in the land. Do not desire corruption in the land. Why? Because in Allahu Allah you have been moved sitting. Indeed, Allah does not like those who calls corruption, a

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beautiful balance to start over here.

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Four things I mentioned over here.

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The first is use what Allah has given you to earn the home of the Hereafter what but they'll a female attack Allahu Daro,

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meaning whatever money, whatever strengths, whatever blessings Allah has given you over here,

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what is it that you should be seeking through that? Jana? Allah's pleasure? Because this world is ultimately the Missouri of anchorites farming land, right for the hereafter. So use this to gain profits were in the hereafter. Use this money in the right way you have such an amazing opportunity to earn the home of the Hereafter through what Allah subhanaw taala has given you.

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Because if a person does not have money, can he give charity?

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And if he cannot give charity, how can he be of those people who will be given 700 times more than what they spend in the way of Allah? He can be of those people, right? This is why the Sahaba who were poor the winter the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and said that y'all sort of love these people who are wealthy, they've gone ahead of us, we can under catch up with them. And the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he advised them to do certain of God. Right? So use what Allah has given you to earn the home of the Hereafter. The Prophet sallallahu sallam said, there's a hadith in Bukhari, that the wealthy persons would have little reward on the Day of Resurrection, except upon whom Allah

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conferred goodness. Then he dispensed his wealth, meaning he gave off his wife do his right to his left in front of him and on his back, just as the wind diffuses fragrance,

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wind, right, what happens, for example, Wildflower or something like that, you put it up on your wall, and you enter the room. In fact, you enter the house and it smells beautiful, the whole house, not just the area around that candle or whatever it is, but the whole house smells beautiful. So just like that, if a person has been given money and he spends to his right, left, everywhere, whatever opportunity comes, then this person will be fortunate on the Day of Judgment. Otherwise, because of his money, you will be more hardship on the Day of Judgment. Because he managed to disobey Allah subhanaw taala more with the money that he had.

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Over here I would like to make you aware of an opportunity Alhamdulillah our new screen is here 100 Allah, I don't think it's been installed yet. I don't know the screen is here because remember the screen was broken. Alright, so hunger Allah the last time when I mentioned to you in the ledger and Masha Allah whatever money was brought in with that 800 Allah a new screen was purchased and what is left now is the projector. Okay? Because we want a better view right? Once you like it if you are sitting somewhere in the middle or in the back and the view was just crisp, you know, clear. So then you're not wondering if that's a.or that's a fad, right? So inshallah the projectors are needed and

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the cost for that is $3,000 100 Allah will be collected last time in one day was a little over $1,000 and and Hamdulillah that covered the cost of the screen Baraka low FICO May Allah reward you abundantly for whatever share you put in there. And insha Allah the projector is what needs to be bought now. So whatever you would like to contribute for that, please make sure you take an envelope or piece of paper or something, label it, okay, Masjid projector, and then Inshallah, because whatever money it is that Allah has given us, you know, for example, $20, you could spend it, you could just go away like that.

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When you when you fill out your kids pizza lunch order,

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right for the month or something close every, like 1517 $20 easily for just two months or something or maybe one month. So usually, you know, $20 could go like that use eat it and colorless. But if you put an equivalent amount in a projector, because of which people are learning the Quran, that is worth it, you're seeking the whole of the year after through that, because you're not going to get to enjoy pizza, because of that $20 You're gonna get to enjoy rewards, eternal rewards in the year after. So seek through what Allah has given you the whole of the Hereafter use this money to earn Jana, don't just think about pleasures over here. Enjoyment over here, think about later also.

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Second thing they say a one attend Santa Ceiba coming up dunya do not forget your share of the dunya meaning don't just give all of the money that you have, you know, in the way of Allah to for example, if I know his $3,000 I've managed to save up $3,000 For my you know, fees next time. So $3,000 gone, and now January you're struggling, where do I pay?

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Right? Well, obviously we're coming at dunya you know, be bounced over there. You're living now. So you have to take care of your life now. But remember, you also have to live later.

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So make sure you spend for that also, while attend Sun asleep, we're committed dunya Thirdly, they say what are some colors and Allahu La, be good just as Allah has been good to you, meaning give to others, bring delight to others, as Allah has brought you delight,

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bring joy to others, bring comfort to others, just as Allah has given you comfort. Why not? You know, for example, a really nice phone. Right? However, it's described the screen, like really sharp picture, okay? You see it so comfortably. You don't have to strain your eyes to look at it. Don't you want that people should also be able to look at a screen on which Quran words are displayed. And they can see it without rolling their eyes.

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Right? Assume cannot act on a lower lake a longer view, what are you going to give to others.

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And this teaches us that whatever good Allah Subhana Allah has bestowed us with, we must bring that to others also, if it's money, share it with others also give to others also, if it's knowledge, then give to others also, if it's, you know, the ability to do something really well share that with others also share the joy, the skills, the strides that Allah has given you with others. In our bodies. We learned the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, in Melilla, he acquirement your tassel will be near me Lima and every bird while you can even fee her more better Lulu Fay them and Nizar Herman home for Hawala, her Illa lady him, Allah gives special blessings to some of his servants in order

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to benefit his creation through them.

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You understand? Allah subhanaw taala chooses certain individuals, he gives them extra blessings. Why? So that he would give to his creation through these in

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you understand? This is Allah's plan? Because if Allah wanted, could he not have given equal amounts to every single person

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going to you could have very easily. But why is it that Allah has given more to someone less to some, because Allah is giving an opportunity to the one whom He has blessed with more. Alright, the through him.

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Allah is providing others. So as long as he spends, meaning this person spends on others, his blessings remain safe, meaning he has them. But if he withholds them, then Allah takes it away from him, and gives it to

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others, someone else.

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So if Allah subhanaw taala has given us any kind of Nirma, any kind of blessing, whether it's financial,

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whether it's in the form of a car, whether it's in the form of good strength,

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good skills, whatever it is, as long as you shared, you're protecting it, the moment you hold it, you're gonna lose it,

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you're gonna lose it sooner or later.

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Then the fourth thing they say is, well, a tiny little facade of will or do not see corruption in the land, because Allah does not like those who cause corruption. How would a person cause corruption in the land through his money?

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I don't think you need to reflect much on this, it's pretty obvious.

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That first of all, by hoarding,

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right? When they hoard when they keep everything to themselves, and this creates such a big imbalance in the society.

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Right? And when you want something, it's gonna go bad,

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isn't it? Like, for example, you get this big box of dates, really nice, fresh dates, okay. And you're like, yum, my favorite type, and I'm just gonna keep it to myself. Like, should I give to somebody else? No, no, I am deserving of it. I should enjoy it. So what happens? You keep them keep them? How much can you eat? How much can you eat, it's gonna go bad. Right? Then especially those soft dates, what happens to them, they actually turn really hard, really hard and you don't enjoy eating them at all. So then, what do you do them, if Allah gave you such a big box that you cannot fit in your tummy, it means that you are supposed to give to others. So when you will keep it to

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yourself, you're causing facade, you're destroying, you're wasting resources, aren't we wasting resources, then we're wasting them, too. This is a form of facade. Likewise, when a person has a lot of money, and he's only concerned about his own pleasure, his own enjoyment, then he would come so selfish in pursuing his desires, that he doesn't even think about the consequences. Right? We don't even think about the consequences. Here, for example, it's a very small thing. I watched his documentary recently addicted to plastic. I watched a portion of it, addicted to plastic. And this is a reality that we as a nation are literally addicted to plastic without even thinking about the

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consequences of this thing of this plastic.

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You know, somebody told me recently that their son is now I think, maybe 30 years old or something, maybe over 30 that back home, when their son was a baby, you know, her parents house big property. And she said that she happened to be there. So the baby's diapers. Okay, you know, basically, there was a part of their property in which there was a big hole. So they threw the garbage over there uncovered it up. It was their property, they could do whatever they wanted to, and buy their garbage was also dirty diapers. Okay, now, after like 3035 years, they dug the whole thing up to build something on it. And they said, when we dug it up, the diapers were still there.

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You Exactly. Taylor still there.

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Just think about it, you know, we had so easily we take plastic wrap out, we cover our dishes with it, put it in the fridge, take it out the next day, take the plastic off, throw it in the bin, this plastic that we just conveniently tossed in the garbage can could actually kill a bird. It could actually kill a whale, it could actually kill sharks, it could actually kill so many animals. Do you even think about the consequences? We're just thinking about our own convenience, aren't we? We could take a container that has a lid and put the food in that and that put it in the fridge as opposed to just putting everything plastic wrap plastic wrap plastic wrap, just because I can afford

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it you know, I can afford it. Just because we can afford things it doesn't mean it's okay to do it. We have to be conscious we have to be aware of the consequences also, what are the side effects fill in Allahu Allah had been off city.

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We don't really need to do a lot in order to change these habits. Just become a bit more conscious.

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So for example, every class would have plastic bottles over here and hamdulillah there is no plastic bottle. Because somebody in this class was after me, why do you drink from plastic bottles I said, because I forgot to bring my own bottle. So you bring it for me. So now a bottle is brought for me every Saturday and Sunday. And because of that, Al Hamdulillah I am saving two plastic bottles per week.

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You know what I mean? It's just changing your habits and realizing that this is something that needs attention, how much pollution we cause just because we can afford to

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went out the window facade, the fill up, do not cause corruption in the land. And then also excessive indulgence. In the Quran, Allah tells us walk on your wish lover when adversity for eat and drink, but do not be extravagant because we're going to be extravagant. And we're going to cause imbalance.

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You know, we want so much food that is cheap. And because of that, we don't care about what consequences it has, for you know, the lands or the animals or the birds and our health even, we're not going to enforce either Phil or don't be so selfish, just concerned about your own pleasure, pleasure of the tongue. And because of that you're causing so much chaos in the land.

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Allah, what was Peru's response, he got mad, irritated, he said in the mouth, indeed, only ot two I was given it Allah and men are in the due to knowledge that I have. In other words, basically said, I have no need of your advice. Thank you, but no, thank you. This wealth I have is because I deserve it. It is the result of my own knowledge, my own skills, my own efforts, this is because of me. So you don't need to advise me to thank Allah to take care of the people to be careful. Keep your advice to yourself. And this is sad, because today also, you know, for example, when we get something when we achieve something many times we want to give credit to ourselves. Corinne said I

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have this because of the my honor, in my own knowledge, my own skills, I earned it. Allah says our M Yalom. Did he not know and Allah that indeed Allah by the Halacha? Certainly he destroyed then probably before him before who before our own Minotauro any from generations floor have come, man, those who who are he was a shed do stronger mineral than him then who then come to what an instrument will act follow Gemma and more numerous in gathering in accumulation. The Korean forget that before him so many people who are much stronger than him much more resources they own they possessed Allah subhanaw taala destroyed them. What does he think this arrogant statement is going

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to let him continue as he is? What are you selling loo and he's not asked, and then we'll be him about their sins. almajiri mourn the criminals. What is being said over here? That what happened in the past? Think about it. People who showed arrogance? Were they allowed to continue as they were? No. So how can you say such an arrogant statement? Do you think you are the best people before you were better than you? What happened to them? What are you saying? Think about it? And what is mentioned at the end of this idea that the criminals are not asked about their sins, what does it mean that on the Day of Judgment, Allah will not ask the sinful about the sense that they committed?

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Just right now we learned that Allah will say, well, are those Shoraka that you associated with me? Then we read that? Wasn't that a question about their sin? So what kind of questioning is this? You see, sometimes you hear that someone has done something wrong and you ask them, Did you do it? Why do you ask them did you do a to verify? Right? So this is what is meant over here that on the Day of Judgment of criminals will not be asked did you commit the sin because Allah needs verification? May Allah already knows about how guilty they are? What seems they've committed, so much of them to do different sins will be displayed they will take a physical form. And so the Rihanna 39 We learn for

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your maiden name is Edwin Bambi in Salah John, no human no general be asked about the sense that he has committed

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into the Rihanna 41 Allah says you're awful moody Mona Bisi. Mohan, the criminal duly recognized by their marks. So what's the lesson over here? Thinking that we are independent of Allah is pure foolishness.

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Because of our money or because of our knowledge, or because of what we have achieved thinking that we are independent of Allah, this is pure foolishness because we all what we are because of him. We have what we have because of him to look at the people of the past. So what happened for how Raja he came out on our own on our colony

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he on his people fi zenity in his full adornment, so this was his belly. Now he really wanted to show off. Okay, he was told don't show off. He's like, Yeah, you're telling me don't show up. I'll show you what it is. So now he really showed off his wealth. What did he do? He came out before his people fi Xena. Tina is full adornment, meaning with all of his wealth displayed, displaying his wealth. Okay, to basically show the bene Israel I don't need your advice.

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And what happened eventually? What do we learn? That padrone was actually swallowed in

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into the earth?

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Because Allah subhanaw taala does not like such arrogance, that a person becomes so arrogant that when he is advised,

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instead of accepting that good advice, she becomes even more haughty. He becomes even more arrogant. You know, one of the biggest sins is that a person is advised it tequila fear Allah and he says, mind your own business. Don't advise me. So a Roman he is displaying his wealth. What is he saying to the Bani Israel? What is it communicating with them? Mind your own business. I don't need your advice. I will display my money because I earned it. And this kind of pride is something that Allah hates in fact pride arrogance is something that Allah hates in his servants because it doesn't defeat us. So the earth swallowed karoun And that detail inshallah we will study in our lesson

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All right, we will listen to the recitation

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in Nepal

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comi moves further on

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what he all Allah

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Allah law had

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me wanting to tell the female

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come along down on

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Santa sweet back I mean dunya will ask sing

00:32:29 --> 00:32:33

along really well.

00:32:35 --> 00:32:43

Fill in a lot. You're gonna move CD color in

00:32:47 --> 00:32:47


00:32:49 --> 00:32:52

noise the hour

00:32:55 --> 00:32:55


00:32:57 --> 00:33:02

Probably means Neiman Domingo

00:33:05 --> 00:33:06


00:33:13 --> 00:33:21

Foreign Gianna oming if he's in it all and Uri dune l higher

00:33:27 --> 00:33:29

ball in

00:33:30 --> 00:33:36

how we now the wall ball and levena

00:33:39 --> 00:33:41

longing for you will leave

00:33:44 --> 00:33:44

the house

00:33:50 --> 00:33:52


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