Moutasem al-Hameedy – Freedom From Distractions

Moutasem al-Hameedy
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the distraction caused by negative behavior caused by comparing with one another, which can lead to evil behavior and distraction. They stress the importance of serving one direction and avoiding distractions to avoid loss of natural attraction to Allah. The upcoming month of 101 emphasizes avoiding distractions and focusing on the natural traction of life to avoid dangerous activities. forgiveness for one's actions is also emphasized.
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Allah subhanaw taala says,

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and how can we

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hit Zeus to the Mojave?

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Increasing in worldly matters, has distracted you except you preoccupied. You're busy getting more wealth, more money, getting a family, getting your house, getting a car,

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building more businesses, building a following, and a reputation getting more lights on social media. All this is at the heart of the customer is competing with one another to try to get more only get more than you get on have more money than you have ought to have a bigger accounts, bigger bank accounts that you have. I want to have more likes

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more retweets on social media than you ought to have more relations.

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I want to have a better house, I want to have a better car than yours. More expensive car years. I want to have more luxury in my life than yours. I want to be known and respected by more people than you are.

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All of this is a takaful, you're competing. We want to get more of this life more than others.

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What has this done, it has kept us distracted it has it has consumed our attention.

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Because humans as a system, we are goal oriented creatures. Our minds are goal oriented. Our hearts are goal oriented. We specify a goal and we go for it. This is how human behavior works. You need to define an endpoint, you need to get somewhere I need my business to hit the $1 million mark in sales. I want my Facebook page to get 100,000 likes or fans.

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I want to get 10,000 retweets on the streets.

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I want to get more people to subscribe, I wanted to get more views on my youtube

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I want to buy a house of this kind of value, which is this kind of number of rooms with a with a swimming pool, and this kind of acreage, I want to live in this neighborhood.

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All of this is unhealthy to cover these are goals that keeps us preoccupied because we are goal oriented. What captures us as humans is goals.

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And when we specify a goal and we get attached to that goal, we keep going after it we have a sense of direction, and direction and the English language is called traction.

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Traction is you pulling a movement towards one specific direction. And that's why things that take you away from your direction are called this tractions because they violate and they interrupt your traction to your goal. They become distractions, they become false goals, secondary goals, false goals that dilute your focus on your main dish, your main direction and your goal and they will waste your time they waste your energy and they slow you down and they took a point they might take you completely completely away from your direction. So Allah says and it have come up to cancel.

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Increasing and competing in matters of the message of this world has distracted you has preoccupied you has kept you busy, busy from what

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from the purpose for which you were created, the direction that you are meant to take. And that's Allah

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because the ultimate goal is Allah

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and within anything other than closeness to Allah, that's what general needs

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that's what gender really is and everything else details in Jana. The reality of German is closer is closeness to Allah.

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So anything that takes you away or distracts you from your purpose and your foundational goal and that's Allah subhanaw taala is a distraction and by definition, the distraction is harmful is not good for you.

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And it doesn't have to be a sin.

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It has it doesn't have to be advice doesn't have to be alcohol, or drugs or crime that is distracting from Allah. It could be

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Something that is seemingly good. If it takes you away from Allah.

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It stops or ceases becoming good. It's not good anymore if it takes you away from Allah.

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So Allah says unhaggle nota katha.

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Earning money,

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providing for your family. Having a decent life for yourself for your spouse or your children. Having more resources is a good thing. The Prophet SAW sentences to kind of interview us all the Allahu Ranganna he says in NACA, and he does a lot that's

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how you're gonna interrupted automatically the customer will come pick up before us. The fact that you leave your children behind you having enough wealth, enough assets to live a decent dignified life is better than you leave them needs where they have to ask people for help.

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I'm gonna go to Allah so the Allah who enrolled

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the Prophet Susana gave him advice and he said net melon mango sod he said, I have a lot of money. What should I do with it? He was thinking or considering giving it all away for the sake of Allah, the Prophet SAW said and said net another man was solid, you emphasize? It's good to have good money by a good person is good. So how do we reconcile how do we bring these two things together?

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Everything that is naturally that is me that is naturally good in this world. But resources, wealth, money, talents, skills, gifts, connections, social capital, in terms of followers, you are followers for social media. That's by definition, not bad. But when they get so point where it takes you away from Allah distracts your heart and your mind away from your progress to Allah, it becomes a distraction, it becomes evil. Now, it's a situational judgment. It's in relation to your goal. And this is why the prophets, I send them save time on the house, it's good. For a good person to have good wealth, like pure wealth, it's good. Why? Because this person is going to use this wealth as a

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tool to advance their progress to Allah to serve the ultimate goal.

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And it won't be a distraction.

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It won't be a distraction. So let's just inhale Kanaka cough and there's something beautiful about the Arabic language here because we have two words for being preoccupied and busy with something and distracted by it. We have an in hat which is an have come at the cost of what Allah uses here. Allah also uses it in another verse about something that's actually good. Allah says, Yeah, you know, naturally, it will come. What do

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you believe don't let yourself meaning seeking it, and holding it, investing, you're spending it, don't let it and don't show your families, your children, your own children.

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That's a great thing to have children a great thing to raise your children says something that brings you closer to Allah Allah says, Don't let these things distract you. They don't have to do in half for you teach you away from a lot. That's what I'm gonna do come and Dequindre from the remembrance of Allah and the remembrance of Allah here is not limited to Subhan Allah Subhan Allah hamdulillah remembrance of Allah is that your heart is mindful of Allah and that you are seeking Allah throughout your life. So this is one way or the other because you didn't have there's another world which is shown

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both of them are distractions more than our engagements, four of them are pure, both of them are preoccupations. So what's the difference? This causes the difference they say in hair is when the heart is busyness is distracted by

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whereas surely, is when your senses are preoccupied with something or physically you're engaged with something but your heart is not necessarily busy with it. So for example, you can be on the treadmill right, but your attention is somewhere else.

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You can be cleaning the house and your mind is with Allah.

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So even her is so the hearts were as Shan

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Shan is for your external experience your physical engagement or your sensory engagement and that's why Allah describes the people in paradise the believers remains as protests Allah says in us have an agenda that in yoga fee shown in vacuum. The people of paradise today are insurable. They are an engagement, engagement of lots of all of the pleasures of this life. Why didn't Allah say that I was thinking because the hutzpah with Allah

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Enjoying paradise are engaged with Paradise, they are preoccupied with the beauties and pleasures that Allah has bestowed upon them in front of us, but their hearts are with Allah.

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So we can have shown the dystopia we can engage with this dunya, you can work, you can make your business you can earn as much profit as you want as long as it's done.

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And you can put so much of your energy and effort and resources for your kids to raise them with your family to take care of them.

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This is Shawn, but you do all of that.

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To serve one direction, that's your progress for last time was.

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And that's what we want.

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So we don't want anything to keep us away from Allah.

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And there is something there is because it has, and surely this kind of distraction can only happen. Like if there is a personalized and envelope person who has nothing to do they have no engagement, they're completely idle, then useless. They don't have any kind of goal. You come and provide a purpose for this person, you say, what do you have to do? Nothing? What are you doing nothing just kind of time said, can we help you with this?

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If this doesn't start to help you out and they are preoccupied with it, this is not in

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use, this is not a distraction. Because you can only have a distraction. When he takes you away from direction from traction, this traction, it severs you disconnects you from your direction, if you already have a goal. So someone was idle, they don't have a goal. So will you be occupied with something is not a distraction. And this is what I love to strike this road and everything in it, that it has the potential even the good things to become a distraction. Why? Because you are born with the direction. Humans are not idle, humans are not empty, you're already you are born the dishes with a with a direction, with a purpose. It's built in you and it functions within you.

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And it makes you to Allah, that's your that's your heart. It seeks Allah, Allah. And that's why people ask, What am I? What am I doing here? Why did I come into this world? Where am I going to? What's going to happen? What's the meaning of life? What am I supposed to do with my time, all of these are going to come from the system of football. And what you find about your world today is that it has no shortage of distractions. It keeps you busy in a sense of urgency, there's always the next game, there's always the next trend, there's always maybe a danger to keep you in a state of survival to fend off all of these harmful things to protect yourself.

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It's either something that attracts you, or something that you want to repel. So they keep you busy. There's always make more money, make more successful business, getting more followers, buy this next car, buy this software, this next device and do this travel to this destination, this holiday that holiday by this new gadget always keeping you distracted. Why? Because without these distractions, that you know, natural human attraction to Allah subhanaw taala would wake up. People start asking what is life about?

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What am I doing with my time?

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That's human nature, human nature is drowned in all of the distractions we have around. So what should the muscle do advise us on what should we do? Remember, we today go back home today to read this saw, assaulted the cathode, it's an in just under one of the shorter saw that happen with the cathode.

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You are distracted, you're preoccupied. You're busy with all these distractions that are taking you away from your Ultimate Direction.

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You're busy with that you you don't even allow the moment of waking up. No wakefulness, you come to you in a slumber

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until you visit the grace and actually go to the grave and you're dead.

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That's when you wake up to the reality of your life when it's too late. And that's why one of the greatest of Italian in

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Allah, He said, And then so suka

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become the dunya. What are our Kurama

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in Luffy mascot in Makkah, people in this world are intoxicated with this life, recycling toxic he White's unstructured issue away from your natural direction to Allah. So you're always busy. You're not waking up to that angst inside of you that tells you hey, you're not doing the right thing in your life. You're supposed to get closer to Allah that's what we're here for. It keeps pushing you but if you drown their voice with so many distractions with games, video games, social media, making my business dangerous, etc. Next series on TV, next next Netflix thing, all of that stuff

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You find our voice you listen to it, but when you die, you realize I wasted my life. So he says people are intoxicated with the alcohol, with the with, with the wine of this life, and they only become sober the moment they join.

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So we don't want this one to distract us away from Allah. Keep keep the main trashing towards Allah. That's what your life is about. And it's not something you manufacture, it's already built in you, all you need to do is pay attention, this

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eliminate as many distractions as you can, and take time with yourself Alaska unless the province or sooner to tell the people of the calculation once in a while can be lucky that already may not know for either method. I'm advising you to do one thing, stand up because individuals who appear to think contemplate,

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contemplate think the laundry gives you so that break from any distractions, any engagements, that natural traction to Allah is going to surface

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and it will be so evident and so compelling that you can't ignore it. And it's so satisfying, and it's so purifying, but we are busy outside, it has no chance of coming up to the surface, as it's our only chance to make it to Allah and see what subsequently we're holding our stuff will allow us

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to have heavily rely on himself.

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While he was Toby, he, as you know, even more valuable so the national state of humans is that if they get themselves a win from external influence, that would be driven to Allah naturally.

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But the thing is, we are all caught up in this space of life. And it has become so natural, you don't realize it's not natural. You don't realize it is a context that is keeping us in a trance whereas the original state of humans is that we gravity to Allah, naturally we search for Allah when you see Quran naturally. So what you want to do is detox, detox from all of all these distractions most of us overthink about our finances, most of us overthink about children, most of us overthink about all of it we want from this life and we overestimate the dangers are not come away.

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And that keeps a hots in the sequel, you don't have that. And now, though, Oh Ha. So starting from 100 that means that our natural traction to Allah is kept under the surface is kept in the closet, underground, that it never sees the light and never,

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it will never do its work in our lives. And that's the only chance of survival that we have in the hereafter. It's the only assets and what the Quran or the Sunnah of the process have been doing, they activate that they try to remove away all these distractions and sort of give the spark of life to awaken that built in capacity and tendency within you. And these times are actually good times that this is the month of 101 and the profits are low. So as Chris and Heidi are looking at us, he never sought a media point of fast in a month, more than the month of may have one that is often one on one. So it's a month the profits are certainly increasing fast. And you have the passion out

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which is tomorrow, that the prophets have said accuracy were on the line you could feel something now via the Prophet SAW sentences in Hadith conducted by a non Muslim, that inshallah it will wipe away the sins of the past year. It's a great month, one of the secret months, so it's time as well, again, and by the way, this is a little bit subtle, but sometimes even good things is worship keeps away from Allah sometimes we focus so much on the technicality of worship, to the point that we forget the wonder of worship. These are tools that bring us to Allah. Sometimes we get so much pre occupied with the details and the technicalities to the point that we we forget that we are doing

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definitely seek of Allah.

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And because we're robotic, we don't want anything to distract us from Allah Allah Allah so this is something can do I would recommend you fast tomorrow.

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It's a great there's a great reward is a great explanation and atonement of sins. We are supposed to forgive our sins. And we asked the last content except for deeds Allah forgive me on atoms to VMs not long for No, no, no, no, it's fine swath and if you haven't read along the food that already well, you know even I'm helping Halina along other to do the heavy lifting post press with the robotic, where you'll definitely hear the Masoretic wherever you carry as soon as you leave us alone or even send them along more quickly. Most of them won't be equally long. I have to be honest with you. You have a general sense of how difficult it is.

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We'll sit down and we'll see

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